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4.8 out of 5 stars272
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2006
Wallace & Gromit seem to have been around forever. They've been catapulted to fame from three wonderful, oscar-winning shorts and now here comes their movie. No pressure then... It certainly doesn't feel like it.

This is an effortless film, full of visual and word puns. The films are a celebration of all things English. Our two heroes are not only on a par with great animated characters, like Bugs and Daffy, but are two of the great comic characters in film, alongside Laurel & Hardy. We're very lucky to be around while Nick Park makes films. He is a cinema giant making films that will be watched many years from now.

That said, the pair, like the aforementioned Stan & Ollie, do work better in the short format. The film, while never stretched, demands a lot from our trusted pair... Mr. Wallace is often off screen as the plot requires so it's up to his trusted friend Gromit to rescue both him and the film. Has he let us down yet?

It's a wonderful film for adults and children. The best that can be said for it is that it deserves a place on your mantlepiece alongside the three other charming shorts.
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on 1 February 2006
Another sucess for Nick Park and co, this movie is yet another jewel in Aardman's crown. With a wide variety of characters and more visual gags than you can shake a stick at (or in this particular case, shake a carrot at) this is Wallace and Gromit as you've never seen them before. Since A Close Shave, they are now running a veg protection business called 'Anti-Pesto'. With the Giant Vegetable Competition only days away, a huge ravenous beast is on the loose, threatening to spoil everything. Can Wallace and Gromit catch him? This DVD will contain the following extras:
Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
English DD5.1 Surround
English subtitles
Cracking Commentary with Nick Park and Steve Box
Deleted Scenes
How Wallace and Gromit Went To Hollywood
Behind The Scenes Of The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
A Day In The Life At Aardman
How To Build A Bunny
The Family Album
Games such as: Anti-Pesto SWAT Team, Victor Quartermaine's Guide To Cool, and Style With Lady Tottington.
DVD-ROM Printables
Making of the Were-Rabbit
All 10 'Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions' shorts
The Amazing World of Wallace & Gromit
Stage Fright
5/5. A truly wonderful Wallace and Gromit movie.
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on 8 June 2006
I absolutely love this movie. And i see it at least four times a day. My little three year old insists on watching it all the time.

I took her to the cinema to see it with my sister and my cousin and we are all different ages and loved it as much as the kids!

I would like to say i cannot believe there is one reviewer here who doesn't like this film! Impossible. What kind of stick in the mud are you?

Wallace and Gromit are fantastic and there should be more of them. And but for the intricate animation process i believe there would be.

This movie is flawless in it's creation and attention to detail. Even down to the adult aimed gags like the middle aged spread jar and the name anti pesto. There is a lot for the grown ups in this movie which proves that the audience has been considered thoroughly. There is nothing worse than sitting through inane kids films that fail to keep their attention never mind the parents.

Wallace and Gromit: the curse of the ware rabbit is brilliant and hits every spot. The humour, the plot, the perfect animation all put this film at the top of the list as far as i am concerned.

Those who don't get it should get in touch with their inner child and grow young. Obviously life has taken over somewhere along the line.

Brilliant movie and a special mention of my favourite character goes to the Vicar who makes me giggle every time i see him.

Well worth the money, the time and the effort on behalf of Nick Park and the Dreamworks team. Even those without kids should buy it and enjoy 100% entertainment.
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on 22 May 2006
An eagerly awaited full length feature film from Aardman starring the award-winning animated duo, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit lives up to expectations by having a good story, humour for kids and knowing wit for adults.

The quintessentially English duo have a job catching and looking after rabbits to ensure that nothing is spoilt or eaten for the forthcoming annual vegetable show. All is going well till one of Wallace's eccentric inventions gets into the mix with catastrophic results though it all, of course, turns out fine in the end.

A charming film with strong characters and Gromit's silent stares expressing more than any words. Well worth seeing.
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on 22 November 2005
We bought this soon after watching the film, as we all thoroughly enjoyed that. The DVD Game continued that enjoyment being packed with many original and fun mini games. The 3D characters are really brought to life and compare very well to the film's plastercine versions. The games offers something for everyone, being varied and great fun. DVD Extra is a great idea, letting you play games on your DVD player, I really hope more titles come out as good as this one!!!
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on 10 May 2006
Not much to say about the movie itself - it's great. But: Best of all, this 2 disc special edition contains ten otherwise unavailable shorts, the "Cracking Contraptions".

So if you have to choose between the single and the two disc edition - buy the latter one!

Since in Germany only a one disc edition is available yet I bought this SE as addon...
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on 1 October 2008
As the annual vegetable competition draws nearer, Wallace and Gromit are in charge of protecting the town's vegetables, but a vegetable monster is causing havoc for the famous British animated characters.

Audiences were treated with some wonderful animated shorts involving a barmy inventor and his faithful companion in half an hour adventures, and then after 5 years in the making, we were treated to a visually stunning, fun and clever film.

The animation and visual effects are as wonderful as you could hope for, even outclassing a number of Pixar films, and those 5 years weren't wasted as Wallace and Gromit won an Oscar for Best Animated film.

The plot and humour, though not perfect, are thoroughly enjoyable and contribute largely to the overall feel good entertaining factor, which makes a wonderful family film. The physical comedy and the "cracking" catchphrases are all perfect fun. Though funny, the comic technique is repetitive which can be slightly annoying if you don't like that particular style.

The whole narrative is amusing as Wallace and Gromit are again a great leading duo and carry the plot with their dialogue and comedy. Their relationship has developed into a heart warming portrayal of loyalty and love and is hard to imagine one without the other. Gromit is perhaps more funny in the film, but Wallace is more interesting to watch.

There are plenty of jokes to amuse the younger generations but watch out for a couple of adult jokes which will stay in your memory long after you've finished watching.

As with the animated shorts, there is mystery and a great sense of excitement behind the plot which will keep you hooked right to the dramatic and thrilling climax.

After a couple of views the film starts to wear off, and flaws can start appearing.

Nevertheless, it is still funny and has plenty of quality to entertain and dazzle the family.

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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2005
This has to be the best and funniest film i have seen! The characters alone make you laugh because they look so funny and cute. The storyline is fantastic with some brilliant and clever twists. It's got edge of your seat action, side splitting comedy and even some touching moments! It also has some subtle jokes for us adults to make us giggle.
It has to be the best film of the year, as a big wallace and gromit fan im delighted there's been a film finally, big well done to the creators! Its a must-have, my kids have seen it nearly everyday at the cinema they cant get enough off it so this'll be the perfect present for yours, and even yourself because i'll certainly be watching this dvd over and over!
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on 17 January 2006
I was looking forward to this film ever since I heard it was in the making ! So just 5 years to go ! Was I going to be disappointed after such a long wait ? or could Aardman deliver another gem ? From the opening sequence of the photos on the wall this is pure gold. The story is totally daft and ridiculous and pretty unique ! There are so many 'moments' of detail and film references and charm that for me was THE film of 2005. One reviewer mentioned the Bright Eyes music on the radio, did you spot M U T T on the radio buttons ? - course you did ? I loved the window sticker in the van 'Eat cheese - ask me how' But the dog-fight with Gromit and Philip was a high-light among so many jewels this film offers particularly when Philip hold his purse. I highly recommned this film to anyone pf any age. Children I went with loved it and I scoured Amazon for the DVD release after returning from the cinema. A cracking DVD with the 2 finest heroes ever made (from plasticine).
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on 31 July 2006
I have always always been a huge fan of Wallace and his trusty friend Gromit and this film doesn't disappoint. The detailed animation is fantastic(well worthy of the Oscar received earlier this year),a whole lot better than any computer animation. The storyline is daft but you don't exactly watch this type of film for an intellectual viewing. I can't give it enough praise, Nick Park is a complete genius.Keep up the good work.
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