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on 15 September 2011
I might be subjective, but then it's a personal review. Watching the 1973 movie again made me buy this anthology in hope to see a rounder story. I gave good time to watch the five movies to make sure they can sink in, and to avoid making a marathon of this. Still, my conclusion is - Some things are better left unsaid.
My disappointment in the 1977 movie can be summed up like 'A glazy gazed Richard Burton walks through the scenes as if he's reading his lines from the storybook, seemingly with no attention - or at least, no ears - to what the others say around him, that is most of the time.' This is not to underestimate his play at all. Also I couldn't believe this movie was produced by John Boorman whose version of Excalibur I love so much. And then the story, the conception is just great - the implementation... I wonder where it went all wrong. While the main characters were played by the same actors, I simply couldn't get even close to that feeling The Exorcist gave to me.
In my opinion the 1990 follow up is still much closer to the original story. However it's a bit hard to understand for me, how could William Peter Blatty, who was also the author of the book The Exorcist, not make this novel of his any better as the director. I did recognize some jokes, and a few lines from his 1971 novel, used again in this story. Though I haven't read his book Legion, I'd find it somewhat surprising if he deliberately mentioned those again word by word. Once again the idea is grand, and I could only wait to see the realization being equal to it... right until the end. Is Blatty a better writer than a director? Maybe so, I'm not the one to tell, neither if that was the reason why I felt cheated with this movie, too. But it left me longing for something more.
The Prequel and Dominion seem to have a touch, going somewhat deeper into the original story. Even though they're twins, not Siamese though, I loved them both. One's more theatrical, the other more realistic. In a way I prefer not to see too many miracles.
That's what I love in The Exorcist, apart from the violent self-abusing part, I think it keeps to the style of thriller. And all those intimate and intimidating things happen in a microcosmos, no earthquakes, no Biblical plagues. It's all very everyday-like even with those few 'mirabile dictu' scenes. Everyone seem and act so real and human, so they make you believe the unusual, too. It makes one think, expect, hope, and doesn't give everything self-made in your hands. I feel that this is the key to its success. At the same time, I don't think it couldn't have been made in the sequels and prequels.
In other words my advice is, so you don't have to consult your ouija board, for this user friendly price, it definitely worth to see all the movies. Even if you'll find in the end that The Exorcist which might also make you buy this anthology, is hard to beat, but it was a great inspiration for quite a few other movies.
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on 30 November 2015
Great set. Managed to get this in the lightning sale for £10.99. 6 discs (5 films) for the price of most single discs. Already owned the first film,but this was such a bargain,I couldn't resist. Nice to have the complete set on bluray.
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on 14 March 2016
This is not a review of the films. Only of this boxset which is woeful, for lack of a more fitting term. The discs are stored in what is essentially a cardboard sleeve which with repeated viewing will undoubtedly lead to scratching. That I got this on a Black Friday flash deal for a fraction of the RRP is the only saving grace. The transfers are the same as you'll find on any of the previous releases and special features are lacking immensely. Especially considering the impact of the The Exorcist on not only the horror genre but film as a whole. Very disappointed.
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on 3 September 2011
Ordered this for a mate who loves these films. At the price paid was a steal and would recommend this box-set if you collect DVD's for a form of DVD library.

Plus my mate was delighted it was delivered so quickly!
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on 8 July 2009
I have to confess i had actually only seen two of the five films contained in this box-set when i purchased it, those being The Exorcist(1973) and The Exorcist 3(1990), but being as i had enjoyed both of those films and the copy i bought was a very good price(£5 brand new!), i figured i wasn't really losing anything even if i didn't like the other 3. Here are my opinions of all 5 films in year release order:
The Exorcist (1973)-*****
True this film may now be over 35 years old but it has lost none of its power to shock. As(Director)William Friedkin says in the introduction, it is a film about the belief in evil and the belief that evil can be cast out. It is the story of a young innocent girl, possessed by a demon and the priests who are called upon to try and cast the demon out. Brilliantly atmospheric, geneuinely scary and startlingly realistic, this has to be considered one of(if not, THE!)greatest horrors of all time. A classic.
The Exorcist 2: The Heretic (1977)- NO STARS
Oh, my god, what happened here?! This must've seemed like a sure 'fire-hit' on paper. True, both the author of the original(William Peter Blatty) and Director(William Friedkin) had nothing to do with it but still, a cast that boasted 6 time oscar nominated Richard Burton, Oscar winner Louise Fletcher, James Earl Jones, Ned Beatty and even Linda Blair reprising her role as Regan MacNeil from the first film, coupled with a more than competant director(John Boorman, DELIVERANCE) would've been able to have produced at least a fairly decent film, right? WRONG!! This film is a total disaster. In fact, it is frequently refered to as one of the worst sequels in film history. Its hard to say where the problem was as every aspect of it is DREADFUL. The storys a complete mess, for starters. It begins with Regan MacNeil, now 16, suffering from nightmares about her exorcism 4 years previously. Is the demon trying to re-possess her? She then meets Father Lamont who has been ordered by the vatican to investigate the mystery of Father Merrin's death. These two are naturally brought together by their situations but then the story gets so convuluted and complicated that you are left wondering what the hell is going on. Linda Blair said in an interview that the script was written and re-written several times and boy, can you tell!
Next, there is the dialogue. Its terrible. An example,'I flew here on the wings of locusts'. What the hell?! The acting is hammy and at times, unintentionally hilarious and the sets(especially those used in the African Settings), look cheap and tacky. In fact, it was so bad, John Boorman pulled it from the cinema after only a few weeks, re-editted it, cut it and re-released it to try and retrieve some dignity, but to no avail. Of course, it was a massive box office dissapointment. Both Linda Blair and Louise Fletcher blame it for ruining their film careers. Based on my viewing and the viewings of most people, their accusations are certainly well founded. A terrible picture.
The Exorcist 3 (1990)-****
After the massive failiure of The Exorcist 2, The Exorcist 3 emerged 13 years later. This time, The originals author, William Peter Blatty was at the helm, directing(and scripting) from his own sequel novel to the original Exorcist novel, LEGION(according to Blatty, William Friedkin, director of the original, was supposed to direct from Blatty's script, but dropped out over conflicts with Blatty over the story). It bears no resemblence, or ties to The Exorcist 2. Taking place 15 years after the original, Georgetown is now being plagued by a grisly serial killer. Lt. Kinderman from the original film is investigating and realises that the manner of the murders is very similar to a case 15 years previously. The catch? The murderer was caught and executed. Is it a copy-cat? or are there more sinster forces at work? I really enjoyed this film. True, it is in no way a return to the genuinely disturbing original, but it is a MASSIVE improvement on the second. It plays out more like a modern-day slasher film than a tale of demonic possession, but that takes nothing away from it, with good turns from both George C. Scott as Kinderman and Brad Douriff, amazing as the psychotic Gemini killer. A good sequel.
Both the prequels, Beginning(2004) and Dominion(2005) are ok, best viewed as independent films, both with very similar storys but with a different outcome of each so as not to spoil the end for someone who wants to see both. Stellan Skarsgard plays a young father Merrin in both and his experiences of demons and demon possession, first in east Africa (Dominion) and then in kenya (Beginning). Here, we get an insight into the origins of the evil which would come to fruition in the later Exorcist films. Both films-***
In summary, not a bad box set at all, one masterpiece, one good sequel, two enjoyable enough prequels. And as for The Exorcist 2.......... well, judge for yourselves. I know my opinion.
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on 9 June 2014
Excellent dvd pack at a fantastic price. We are waiting to have a complete weekend to view the whole pack. After reading other review, i won't go into detail, other than, buyer beware and keep the lights on.
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on 17 May 2013
Six films from the Exorcist franchise are included on this release. They include: The Exorcist, Exorcist II: The Heretic, Exorcist III, The Exorcist: The Beginning, and Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist. In my honest opinion the films were very interesting and were pretty good, but of course the original is always the best and the one masterpiece that cannot be compared. Obviously with a collection of this nature, the quality of each individual film varies wildly. Presentation-wise, the box and DVD menus are all fantastic. The first film is an undeniable classic, the second an unintentional comedy, the third a good slasher (of sorts) film and the two prequels interesting as an experiment in how much an individual director can bring to a movie; Dominion is simply stunning, and the Beginning is entertaining enough. In all, a worthy purchase for any horror fan.

The Exorcist is considered to be one of the best horror flicks, if not the best, period. Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) is a famous actress making a movie in the Washington D.C. area. She has brought her 12-year-old daughter Regan (Linda Blair) along for the shoot. When the child starts showing signs of some very disturbing behavior, Chris has a battery of medical and psychological tests done. Stumped by whatever's causing the problems, the doctors suggest Chris seek out the help of a priest. They believe Regan has convinced herself that she's possessed by a demon. Chris contacts Fr. Karras (Jason Miller) and asks for his help. After investigating the claims, Karras is convinced that Regan is indeed possessed. The Church then calls on Fr. Lankester Merrin (Max Von Sydow) to perform the exorcism ritual. Nominated for several oscars during the 70's, not only is it a great fright flick but it was also a cinematic masterpiece.

The Exorcist II: The Heretic. It's been several years since the strange case of Regan MacNeil and the Georgetown possession. The church, desperate to clear up all questions surrounding the death and reputation of Fr. Merrin, asks Fr. Phillip Lamont (Richard Burton) to investigate what happened during Merrin's fateful encounter with the Devil. He seeks out Regan, who is currently seeking psychological treatment from Dr. Gene Tuskin (Louise Fletcher). While she has no real memory of the events, Regan still is haunted by mystical visions and involuntary actions. Considered to be the worst of the bunch and I have to agree, although it can be quite laughable and amusing at times.

Exorcist III. Lt. Bill Kinderman (George C. Scott) who investigated the Georgetown possession several years back, now has another notorious case to deal with. When a young black boy is found murdered in a gruesome, ritualistic fashion, the cop sees all the signs pointing toward a past nemesis. Georgetown was plagued by a series of killings 15 years before, and the perpetrator--an enigmatic criminal named Gemini--was eventually caught and executed. However, with the strikingly similar M.O. and a sudden resurgence in faith-based crimes, Kinderman thinks there's a possible connection to the MacNeil situation. With some great performances from the cast (especially from Brad Douriff as the Gemini killer) and a nice spooky atmosphere, I thought it was a great and underrated sequel.

Exorcist: The Beginning. During World War II, Fr. Lankester Merrin (Stellan Skarsgård) was witness to an unspeakable act of brutality by the Nazis. His part in the crime has now driven him from the church. During this lapse in faith, Merrin finds himself in Africa, overseeing the excavation of a long-buried church. It seems that this desert site is rumored to be the exact location where Satan fell once he was expelled from Heaven. Dominion basically had the same plot with a few difference here and there, it also had some awful cgi scenes, but overall they were an interesting watch.
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on 27 February 2011
When i received this box set, i was surprised at how nice it looks. In my opinion, this looks quite classy as it should for such a classic series of films. I think its great the way that all the films are in order of how its ment to be watched, not in the order they were made and the picture quality on the Exorcist 1, 2, and 3 is brilliant with a few little touch ups but nothing that takes anything away from the originals. This box set is uncut so i must warn you that the crucifix sceen in Exorcist 1 is there which i still find very disturbing and the reason this film was banned for so long in so many countries. However, all in all, this is a great box set and i do recommend it to anyone (over the age of 18) that wants the phycological rollercoaster that these classic films provide. If its a gore fest you want, this isnt really for you. If you want your body to tense and experience the rush of true horror, you really need to see these films.
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on 19 October 2013
I ordered this to get the complete set especially for the prequel films to get more on the back story of Father Merrin. I already have the first film which is a classic but for the price you can't go wrong, I've already watched the first prequel film so four more to go so looking forward to watching the rest of them.
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on 30 January 2016
cheaply released no art work on discs and weren't in the right order but all fitted in slimline box with inserts holding the discs cheap cardboard, like the James bond 50th set, was hard to remove to get to the discs so now i have a damaged box

you get what you pay for? but us fans deserve better than this
USA it's not cardboard style
Warner bros
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