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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2007
I bought this with the original THE CROW & THE CROW: SALVATION and I decided to watch it last night in bed. I was disappointed with this entry as it was all about Voodoo magic and don't get me wrong I like some films about voodoo (THE SKELETON KEY) but in this film it just felt it didn't do the film any justice. There is some really well known names in this film (Edward Furlong - (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, AMERICAN HISTORY X), Tara Reid (AMERICAN PIE, VAN WILDER), Danny Trejo (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN TRILOGY, DESPERADO).

I wasn't really expecting much out of this film so I got pretty much what I expected and there wasn't as much violence in this as there was in the previous films.

Just as ex con Jimmy Cuervo tries to straighten out his life, he and his girlfriend Lily are murdered in a satanic ritual by a renegade biker gang. But payback is at hand and Cuervo rises from the dead with the power of The Crow to avenge Lily's death and reunite with her in the afterlife.

In the year 1993 Brandon Lee created a very memorable dark and brooding character The Crow, the film had and exceptional script, smart direction, smart photography and a smart cast. Its one of my all time favorites. Everything from the look of the film, the characters (especially Lee as The Crow), the soundtrack and the overall story of love being stronger then death.

CITY OF ANGELS I haven't seen yet so I can't comment on it.

SALVATION I really liked and the film wasn't as bad as people made it out to be.

And now THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER. Unlike the other films this one takes place in the desert. I must admit I was impressed with the cinematography on this film. The desert scenes and the flashback scenes were all done well and looked great.

The film itself?, The direction?, The acting?. For starters the direction of this film was sloppy most of the time. It appeared more times then not the film was confused of where it wanted to go. The characters seemed stuck into scenes with little or no direction and carried the scenes with no skill. Each scene seemed under rehearsed or under developed.

Edward Furlong is by No stretch of my imagination an acceptable Crow, he looks too much like a gay goth groupie instead of a vengeful angel sent to make wrong things right. His costume appeared to steal too much from the original. I thought his performance was bland and tasteless and there was no emotion displayed by his character. I was also not convinced that his love was so undying that he could be brought back from the dead. Boreanez is wasted in this film and if he was directed righthe could really pull off the bad guy look. However in WICKED PRAYER it never feels like we are 100% sure of what he is doing and why. O.k. we get that he is performing a ritual to become the devil but why and what is his motivation, the film never tells us.

THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER is a step down in THE CROW series after the decent enough SALVATION. I also don't think Edward had the slightest clue about the torment behind his character.

I fear now its too late for THE CROW series to pick itself up. I appreciate that they tried something different and tried to change the formula somehow by moving it to the desert and filming in daylight but they failed. Some of the script wasn't delivered by the actors with any emotion behind what they said. The only thing that the film has going for it is the cool name. Its woth buying from a bargin bin for people who want the whole collection of THE CROW films.

All in all its an o.k. film but don't expect a masterpiece.

Thank you for reading my review.
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on 2 January 2013
Obviously this is nowhere near as good as The Crow that we all love, it's not even close but nothing ever could and nothing ever will match up with the masterpiece that is the first and only real Crow film.

That's not to say that this film has nothing good to offer but any analysis of the film can not be done in comparsion to the original as it simply doesn't compare in quality. Therefore this is reviewed in terms of a straight to DVD B-movie. Wicked Prayer is well edited with quick flash cuts to surreal or horrific images that have happened or are still to come. Sets and locations are quite nice, bringing the Crow to the dessert with it's dusty and decaying churches and rusting trailer parks works quite well and is a nice contrast to the urban enviroments we are used to seeing The Crow in.
The cast is above average for this type of film and though some of the acting is poor none is unbelievably terrible. Boreanaz does his evil Angel thing that he's good at though he does overdo it towards the end. Furlong sadly comes across more as a teenager doing an impression of the Crow and never really fits into the role or puts his own spin on it. A surprise cameo from Dennis Hopper is fun but he's wasted in the role and Macy Gray may as well not be in the film she has such little screen time or significance. It is Tara Reid and Emmanuelle Chriqui who are probably the best performances making their pretty poorly written characters a lot more interesting than written. Special effects aren't great but are passable, it's only when they start to fly around the screen at each other that you start to cringe.
However, for a straight to DVD movie most of it's aspects are above average, sound design, lighting, OST, directing, sets and constumes are all better than I expected.

The real problems of course lie in the single most important aspect of any film no matter its budget: the script.
The story is quite messy and all over the place, they show that Furlong and Boreanaz had a relationship before he killed him but instead of developing character and motivation it is poorly done and confusing, at first I thought they might be brothers (poor use of the phrase "Bro") but then they're not and it's all very messy and unclear. It is also unclear why the girlfriend's family hate Furlong when he saved her from getting raped. These two scenes are flashbacks and I believe the problem is that they were extra scenes shot later and inserted into the film to flesh it out but they just confuse things.
Where the third Crow film (Salvation) had a mystery that was slowly uncovered running through it this is too simple, Crow comes back, hunts them down one by and one and kills them. It is all mapped out early on with no real twists or surprises and it becomes quite a slog to get through even though it's only 95mins. It would have worked better as a road movie and the film in general needs a shot of adrenaline.
Having said all that, the film is a lot better than The Crow: City of Angels which was just a poor imitation of the original with absolutly nothing new to offer. This at least tries some new things by placing the plot in the new location and bringing a dose of Southern Gothic to the franchise. The original is a masterpiece, City of Angels has almost no good points whatsoever, Salvation is the best sequal becuase it tries something different and does it well (it's trashy but well made trash) and this by default becomes the second best sequel. In conclusion, it's poor, unfocused script is from a 1 star film but some nice visuals, surreal images, costumes and locations manage to push it up to two stars.
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on 28 November 2009
First of all I have to say that I am a massive fan of the original The Crow and I will admit at first I judged this film against the original thinking it was just a remake, but after the first few minutes you soon understand that its not. However this by no means makes the film any better after it doesn't try to be a remake. I find it difficult to put into words just how bad this film was but I will try in order to help others avoid a similar waste of 2 hours of your life.
Now there are some big big names in this film - Tara Reid, Eddie Furlong (I think thats right), Dennis Hopper etc etc but if I were them, I would seriously regret being involved in this film. I think many of the actors did as well as they could with a very dubious script that lacked the same depth and darkness that has been seen before, but they all still seemed very rigid and one-dimensioned.
The characters themselves had no depth to them and despite what another reviewer says here, they are not developments of the previous characters since the previous characters are all dead! You never really got a good feeling for what these guys were about other than a very shallow view.
The film seemed very sporadic and lacked conviction in what it was trying to show along with inconsistencies on many aspects, including the powers of 'The Crow' and others.
As a character the Crow was acted in such a cringe-worthy fashion it made the film irritating to watch. He was neither dark, nor creepy, nor gothic.....just a very poorly acted version of a previously strong character. He did not give the impression of hatred or anything like that that another review said, instead he just made you think of a kid who got dressed up and thrown into the film and told to walk like a zombie, which coincidently he did even before he became the Crow.
In terms of the other characters Tara Reid and many of the others seemed pointless. For instance there is a scene right at the end where a bunch of mexicans go out to what I interpreted as a cross between a church and a strip club/brothel trying to take revenge on the Crow and end up shooting at another character from a hill, then stand and do nothing shortly after for no reason at all....very random and pointless! Tara Reid is her usual self as she is in everything else she has acted in, cardboard and pouty.
Overall the film was a massive letdown and I would hate to think that other people who may have enjoyed the other films would put themselves through this one.
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on 24 August 2008
As has been stated earlier this is a truly awful film that combines some of the most wooden acting you're likely to see, abysmal casting and a storyline with more holes than a fishing net! Let's just hope that there are no more sequels in the pipeline and that Brandon Lee's memory/legacy is not tarnished any further...
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on 17 April 2015
This was the first crow film that I ever saw (out of the four) but that being said, it does stand out if you see it as an alternative take on the story - instead of an imitation of the original or previous three films.

With this one however, I felt that they molded the story/town/enemies around a mythology of the crow instead of focusing on the pivotal characters of it. (too much back-story, not enough reaction to the present situation)

Don't expect much (frequent) violence like the others, but to be honest when it comes to this version, the best parts are when the character interacts with others - bar scene, aftermath of the raven fest with her brother, ending fight dialog.

Overall though, it is a memorable film and completely worth watching.
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I really wanted to write a review on this film and to be honest its taken me quite a while to calm down enough to write it. This film is not only dire, its downright diabolical, theres a new circle of hell being constructed where those condemned will have to watch this for eternity, in fact, whilst watching it, it felt like it was on for an eternity instead of 95 minutes.

The acting is awful, the script stupid and whilst I loved the first two Crow films I really wish someone hadn't been paid out to make this. Save yourself the time, the money and your sanity and avoid like the plague. The best way to sum this up is "I wasted 95 minutes of my life that I wish I could claim back.
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on 13 March 2006
Of course my all time favourite film is the original 'The Crow'(see my review) All of the other Crow films so far have been devastatingley rubbish and have not yet even tried to surpass the original.
However the cast of David Boreanaz(angel), tara reid(american pie) and Ed Furlong(the kid from terminator2)made me think this film was actually worth watching
This film has a dumb plot to it, the baddies are pathetic and i cant really explain-but the film is really light/sunny there isant the dark, gothic, always raining horror film vibe to it that was the unique factor of the original.
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I had no real desire to watch this movie. I saw the original Crow movie years ago and, although it was a darn good movie with a great soundtrack, I have never gotten around to watching any of the sequels. Then I saw all the comments about how awful this film is, and I just had to go ahead and watch it. Just the fact that Tara Reid is in it is pretty much the kiss of death, and - to no one's surprise - Tara proves once again that she can't act a lick. The real mystery here, though, is why on earth David Boreanaz signed on to this film. It's not like his career is teetering on the edge; this must have come along before the offer to star in TV's Bones, or maybe he just got drunk one night and signed the deal without knowing what he was doing. I suspect, though, he just wanted the chance to play an unambiguously evil character. For awhile, it looked like he might come out of this relatively unscathed, then he made a complete fool of himself in the movie's final scenes, taking atrocious dialogue and actually making it worse than it already was. Dennis Hopper's appearance, I can understand. He seems to jump at any chance for a cameo, especially if the character is a spaced-out loony. Ah, but what of The Crow himself? Edward Furlong? I'm sorry, but old Eddie makes for the least intimidating Crow of all time. He looks like a Culture Club reject who could be blown away at any time from a stray puff of wind.
We all know the story. A guy gets murdered, and the proverbial crow, rather than taking his soul on to wherever, restores him to life (or unlife) long enough for him to exact revenge on those who killed him (and, more importantly, killed his woman). Jimmy Cuervo (Furlong) made the mistake of falling in love with an Indian girl, and that doesn't go over well on the reservation. In fact, it leads to a necktie party for two arranged by an escaped con and his gang of Satanic cult tag-alongs. Luc Crash (Boreanaz) isn't just an evil guy; he has designs on the role of AntiChrist. He also has the ultimate trashy girlfriend in Lola Byrne (Tara Reid). Anyway, he and his gang of Four Horsemen go around committing mass murder without the cops even noticing, while Eddie (now The Crow) slithers around and gets his butt kicked on a routine basis. Then we get into some increasingly silly business with devil worshipping, spell-casting, virgin-sacrificing, Satanic mumbo jumbo which gives us - who else - but Satan himself. And, wouldn't you know it, Satan fancies himself quite a standup comedian. (Why do they always portray Satan in such a ridiculous way?) Trite, trite, trite - and silly. Maybe a halfway impressive Crow could have salvaged something from this movie, but I doubt it. I just don't see Crow enthusiasts (or anyone else, for that matter) getting anything out of this movie at all. The Crow: Wicked Prayer is just like Tara Reid - hopelessly confused and increasingly unappealing.
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on 1 April 2013
This is a poor entry into the fanchise , the storyline is predictable , the acting is more like a high school production than an attempt to resurrect a franchise.

Sadly for me this is FLOGGING A DEAD....... THING.

What was worse for me was that NO.3 SALVATION was actually in my opinion a valiant effort and I thought that they may be able to get the franchise back on the right track, but instead,we were left with this rotting corpse of a film.
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on 31 July 2015
The Voodoo aspect was a nice touch for this entry and I always love seeing Danny Trejo in anything,but Edward Furlong is just a really Weak lead in anything he does and was a poor choice for the series especially seeing as He follows in the Facepaint of Brandon Lee.Another wasted opportunity for a series that caught lightening in a bottle with part One and should now stop with the Sequels.
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