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on 18 April 2007
After my mum was complaining that I was always using her TV I thought it was about time I took my 360 to my bedroom. The only problem was that I couldn't play online as my xbox was no where near my wireless router. So I had to take the plunge and splash out £50 to have the convenience of wireless. At first I thought the price was extorcionate but now I have no regrets. I can play on xbox live as much as I like now virtually lag free considering my router is at the other end of the house. If you are considering buying one just do it.
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on 14 January 2007
Wireless is fantastic. I have a phone point and router a fair distance from my 360 and this was the only option for xbox live unless I installed a new phone line or moved the existing one (which involves a lot of cable). I had a cheaper version of wireless adapter which would fail to work every time I started up the console. I plugged the official version in and it works like a dream. I have absolutely no connection issues. It is tiny and fits to the back of the console perfectly. Apart from the aerial which sticks out at the back, it is hard to even see once plugged in. My only problem with this (I hope you are listening Mr. Gates!!), is that I fail to see why this couldn't be built in to the machine. Come on, I had to pay an extra £[...] to get this piece of kit which comes as standard on most new computers (and the 360 is just a stripped down PC). It is a lovely piece of hardware which is easy to install, works well and does exactly what it promises. It is just a shame it is overpriced and not a standard feature on this otherwise excellent console.
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2007
Not going to ramble on for hours about this one but the 360 wireless bridge is a really neat, simple and effective way to tidy up one more cable in your living room! To set up it is as easy as clipping it to the back of the console, navigating to the system blade on the Xbox Dashboard and entering your WEP key against your wireless router (I use the BT Home Hub which works fine). Once that's done you never have to worry about it ever again! I've not noticed a difference in connection quality or speeds and it's made my living room look a lot tidier!

The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is the price. For a simple piece of wireless technology, I can't help but think MS are taking the mickey a bit with charging (......).

Overall though this is a neat little solution for freeing up an ethernet port on your router and for some hassle free wireless gaming. See you on Xbox Live!
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on 2 October 2006
Right, not meaning to sound arrogant but I know the ins and outs of a pc and the stuff that goes with it.

This thing was so unbelievably easy to set up that I just breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't have to think about anything. Brilliant.

I set up my Linksys router, didn't need to install that - plug and play. Plugged in the wireless bridge, no installation required. I didn't have to configure anything. As soon as I switched on my Xbox a message popped up saying "Rollamoff (my username) signed in to Xbox live".

I mean that's just amazing! I didn't have to do a thing!

Only bad point which is why I didn't give it 5 stars, if I want to connect to a Windows XP SP2 pc I need to use Windows Media Connect and store the settings on a flash drive, mp3 player or whatever. I plugged it in hoping to stream media and it completely over-wrote my wireless settings and I could not for the life of me connect my PC to my Xbox 360.

So if you've got Wireless LAN built into your PC or got a USB wireless hub then you'd probably be fine. But I think you'll find some difficulties or complete incompatibility.

If you don't want to stream media, then this thing is so unbelievably easy to use and I've noticed that I've been able to download faster than when I used a wired ethernet connection (weird I know, but it's true)!

£60 very well spent!
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on 21 February 2006
On a whim I bought the wireless xbox 360 bridge. I didn't really need it as I could use my pc and internet connection sharing to connect to the network in my house - although the guilt over the power usage nagged away at me!
My network consists of a Linksys BEFSR41 router (which is connected to my NTL cable modem) and a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point. You must also take into consideration that the house I live in was built in the mid 1800s. The significance of this is thick stone walls that obviously impede communication.
The WAP54G, for logistical reasons, is based upstairs. The room that I am currently in (due to my ususal one being re-decoarated) is downstairs. And yet I have played upon XBox Live without any real lag issues. And I should also mention that my Linksys USB network card struggles cannot gain a connection unless I place it outside the room.
I have seen that you can buy other wireless bridges - in fact I did have a Linksys WGA54G for my original XBox - but the beauty of the Wireless Bridge for the XBox 360 is a streamlined product that does not require an external power socket (unlike the WGA54G). The design is minimal and clean - apart from the ariel you wouldn't know it is there.
As for setting the device up, the XBox dashboard makes the whole process quite simple. Once I had added the MAC address of the bridge to the WAP54G permissions list and also set up the WEP key, that is.
So, in summary, this is a great device. Clean, unobtrusive design, and an uncomplicated set-up should sway your mind over and above the percieved (by some) high cost. As a friend of mine is fond of saying:
" You buy cheap, you buy twice"
This won't be a factor with the XBox 360 Wireless bridge.
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on 7 November 2006
i bought this because my dog ate my ethernet cable and had been meaning to upgrade to wireless for a while anyway.
i didnt realise how easy it would be, (or how small!) you simply plug it into the back of the 360 and turn your xbox on and you're nearly done, all that was left for me was to input my wep key and i was downloading demos within minutes and playing online shortly after.
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on 10 September 2006
I have a wireless set up at home running a desktop PC and a laptop, I have a Belkin wireless Router and had a hell of a job getting it to work with my ISP AOL (yeah yeah i know!!!)so I kinda got myself ready for an afternoon of grief when I wanted to hook my Xbox 360 up to go live, but I have to say it was easy, and i mean very very easy, you just plug the Xbox 360 Wireless Bridge into the port at the back of the console find your Network, pop in the keycode and your off and running, this is a must have product for anyone wishing to play live games and the ease of use far outweighs the cost.
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on 7 January 2006
This is a dream to fit and configure.
There is a dedicated section at the back of the XBOX where this snaps in with USB port to match.
As long as you are familiar with wireless setup, you will find the menus intuative.
I had absolutely no problems with this setup. OK its very expensive for what it is...but can you live without it?
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on 25 March 2010
===Introduction ===

It is hard to believe that in this day and age where wifi internet connections are the norm, that the Xbox 360 console, does not ship with a built in wireless network adapter. The Playstation 3 has this built in and even the Wii manages it too, so why have Microsoft decided to omit it from the Xbox? In my opinion, the answer is simple, it is hard work to bridge a connection from your laptop and the majority of Xbox users will not have their console in close proximity to their router. Therefore, the only other alternative is to buy the Microsoft Wireless network adapter. Microsoft have been cute here, there are plenty of wireless USB wifi internet dongles on the market, however, none of these will work with the Xbox, meaning the only choice you have is to purchase Microsoft's official adapter. I was a bit reluctant to buy this item as I felt I was being forced down a one way street by Microsoft but my daughter was getting fed up of me borrowing her laptop to bridge the connection each time I wanted to play online so I had no choice but to take the plunge.

===Installation ===

Installation of the adapter could not be simpler. With the Xbox turned off, plug the adapter into a spare USB socket and its job done, it really is that easy. The adapter clips nicely onto the back of the Xbox to prevent it from getting damaged. This literally was a 20 second job and is not too taxing for anyone with limited technical know-how. The final stage of the installation requires you to turn on the console, on doing this, the Xbox will know you now have the wireless adapter installed and take you through a series of screens in order to connect with your network. If you have a secure network, you will need to know the security key or passphrase at this stage. Once you have provided this information then the Xbox will attempt to connect to its Live servers to confirm a connection has been made. Although I was able to connect after going through this setup, my Xbox was still complaining about being able to get through fully. After some googling and reading of forums, I found out that I had to forward some ports from my router to the Xbox in order to make a full connection. Although the solution to this problem goes outside of the scope of this review, anyone can contact me if they are having a similar problem.

===Encryption modes ===

The Xbox wireless adapter supports the 2 main wireless encryption protocols, namely WEP and WPA. My wireless network was originally on WEP encryption but the Xbox adapter was struggling to get a decent signal so I changed to WPA and got an almost perfect signal although it is worth mentioning that the encryption protocol shouldn't normally make a difference to signal strength. You could of course, connect wirelessly with no encryption if your wireless network was set up this way, but I would advise against this as anyone in the vicinity could use your network.

===Stability ===

I have been really impressed with the stability and signal quality of my wireless adapter in the four months I have been using it. The connection has never dropped and lagging has been kept to a minimum. As well as playing online games, video streaming is also seemless and can normally be viewed without the need to constantly wait for the content to be buffered.
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on 25 December 2008
I say pointless as these days were typically expect the wireless capabilities of a gaming console to be built into it, not as a very overpriced add on. However, what you do get for your money (if you have a good internet connection) is quite decent.

Using the wireless bridge is quite simple, essentially taking it out of the packaging and plugging it into the back of your xbox, where it can sit quite happily. If connected properly a red light should appear on the device, and when the xbox is switched on you are automatically prompted to configure it. This process is also quite simple. It is also easy to find the mac address of the device, something that I find frustrating to locate sometimes.

Once configured you're in, and should sign into xbox live successfully.

Playing Gears of War 2 online was great, with very few if any lag even with 10 players in the match. Occasionally it would disconnect, however it would automatically reconnect, and after one week of owning the product I can confidently say that problem has ceased.
GTA4 online was also successful, though for some reason up to now the single player (unranked) deathmatch mode doesnt work, claiming connection can not be made. However all other modes including ranked single player deathmatch works perfectly, aside from all the noise you get in your headphones from frustrated players being killed.

So it works, and works well.

The pricetag is a bit much considering you have to buy xbox live gold to get the full experience, but the service provided lacks many of the flaws presented by other console's online experiences, such as ps3's annoying disconnections, and the wii's SUPERlag.

I do recommend this product highly though you may wish to consider shopping around for a smaller price or any package deals with xbox live subscriptions.

And now im off to play Left 4 dead online. Merry Christmas.
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