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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2004
Snatch is a criminally underrated film, partially because superficially it's pretty similar to Lock Stock, Guy Richie's debut. Critics everywhere leaped on it for lack of originality, but in my eyes it's more similar to Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction than Lock Stock. Everything is here- gangsters, guns, cross-wiring plots and characters, loads of famous faces and a platinum script with top-draw dialogue. There are even more literal links between the two films, such as rigged boxing matches, corpse disposal and something precious causing hassle (in this case an 84 carat stone, in Pulp Fiction a briefcase full of gold).
It's impossible to describe the plot to Snatch in one sentance, but it basically involves a diamond that everyone wants, and a boxing match nobody wants. There's also a fantastic twist at the end, that thankfully nobody has given away. There are some great characters in the film- Turkish and Tommy, the lead characters enjoy loads of dry banter. Brick Top, the lead gangster, is brilliantly malicious "No thanks Turkish... I'm sweet enough". It also boasts one of the best ideas in cinema history- superstar pin-up actor Brad Pitt as an incoherant gypsie with a leather hat. Pitt pretty much steals every scene he's in, making even the crackling Cockney dialogue seem dull in comparison.
Sure Snatch isn't all that original, but it's a damn fine movie. There are dozens of funny and catchy one-liners, loads of mouth-watering dialogue, the plot is excellently managed by Richie, and there are some smart directorial tricks thrown in. And the soundtrack is brilliant, fitting the film perfectly. One of the finest films, British otherwise, of recent years, and ranks up there as an unmissable film.
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on 22 August 2002
Guy Ritchie strikes again with another cockney crime caper with a hilariously twisted plot, very much in the same vein as the fantastic Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. The main difference here is that everything is bigger, better and faster; the budget, the stars, the locations, the editing, the endlessly quotable dialogue and the music. The ball starts rolling when Franky Four Fingers (Benico Del Toro) steals a huge priceless diamond from Antwerp and brings it to London on route to New York. Cue murder, betrayl, mayhem, strong language, thievery and a dog that'll eat just about anything. Endlessly watchable and entertaining. The best British film in years. Where else are you going to see Brad Pitt and Frank Butcher in the same feature?
The DVD is a corker too. Boasting many fantastic features including a commentary, deleted scenes, a documentary, interviews, trailers, TV spots, storyboard comparrisons, photo library and some absolutely hilarious hidden features.
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on 31 October 2001
There are inevitable echoes of Guy Ritchie's other
work,but this movie(at least in my opinion) is not
"Son of Lock Stock" by a long way.Brad Pitt is in
great form here,and backed by a strong supporting
cast of British talent and the always-watchable
Bernicio Del Toro.Even a cameo role for Mike Read
(imagine Rabbi Frank Butcher to get the flavour!)
fits in well with this enjoyable comedy drama.The
best way to appreciate this film is to just watch
it without analyzing it too closely - some of the
comic moments are simply sublime!All in all,a good
effort all round.
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on 13 June 2001
Snatch is a perfectly designed and constructed film from the one and only, Guy Ritchie. Even though many of the characters from "Lock Stock.." were used, (which to me didn't seem such a good idea) a new range of stars such as David Farina and Brad Pitt, not forgetting a more substantial role for Alan Ford, have complemented the film thanks to their acting abilities. I do not feel, however, that they were used just, what Guy Ritchie said, "to put bums on seats". As DVD have numerous special features which let you take a closer look into the minds of the crew and the actors, the movie doesn't just feel like a movie, but an experience and I have to say that this is the first film that I have watched all of the "Makings of.." and "interviews". Many observant people would have noticed that "Snatch" has been rated an 18 and this is for 2 reasons: the violence and the harsh swearing. But the prblem is that there is too much repetition of the same word which, after a while turns into just that, a word, not a curse. Overall, "Snatch" is one of the best movies that have come from the British film industry. Well done Guy Ritchie!!!!
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on 1 March 2003
British director Guy Ritchie's follow-up to the hugely entertaining low-budget Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is simply excellent. Lock, Stock was largely ignored by the British Film Institute (which is peculiar because it's the first decent British film we've seen in years), so it's probably a good thing that this sequel is more americanized with the involvement of Columbia Pictures.
As well as the best actors from Lock Stock, Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones, this sequel includes Brad Pitt and Dennis Farina in excellent performances. It is not directly related to Lock, Stock, as both Statham and Jones play different characters in this film, but the influences are still extremely apparent. Guy Ritchie has made it just different enough to make it a great and entertaining film by it's own rights.
The DVD features a decent commentary with director Guy Ritchie and producer Matthew Vaughn, as well as a 'Making Of' with interviews, some pretty interesting deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, TV spots, trailers, and some interesting hidden extras. Pretty much all you could ask for other than commentary from the cast themselves. For this price, it's an excellent DVD...
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on 8 July 2016
Bad men doing bad things to other bad men accompanied by bad language: if you like that kind of thing you'll love this film. The screenplay is fresh and intelligent. The one-liners keep on coming. The acting is superb. (Brad Pitt plays the part of an inarticulate gypsy bare knuckle champion and makes the most of this unusual but inspired casting.) The pace is relentless. Every scene is the right length. Although - as in all crime movies - there are a some cliches, there is also plenty that's original and some genuine wit. Some of the scenes are hilarious - my favourite was the one in which three men try to hold up a bookie's shop and get outwitted by the woman behind the counter. Their fat getaway driver probably gets the credits for the most laughs for sheer incompetence: he can't park in a space large enough to land a jumbo jet. The gypsy dog performs well and steals several scenes. Overall this is a great movie. Possibly a classic movie. Definitely cosmopolitan with Londoners, Irish travellers, Jews, West Indians and Russians battling it out for the 84 carat diamond. Sure it's not Shakespeare and there's no profound message about the human condition (well there is a message but it's not profound), but strongly recommended for anyone who likes black humour and non-stop action.
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Watching "Snatch" again - but this time on BLU RAY - I'm left reeling - I really am. It's clever, it's ballsy and it's just so ludicrously entertaining. But most of all - it's easily the funniest film I've seen in years. I mean when you're not laughing out loud (for all the wrong reasons of course), you're sat there giggling like a fool most of the time.

Writing wise too - "Snatch" is kicking like a mule, it's confident and beautifully constructed. It feels like a sort of updated modern-day Ealing Comedy - so good and so irresistibly English. I'm reminded a lot of the 1969 original of "The Italian Job" - another gem on BLU RAY (see review) that works its way into your heart and stays there. This is seriously impressive stuff - and especially as it was only Guy Ritchie's second movie.

But the really great news for fans and newcomers alike is the PRINT; it's RESTORED - and for about 95% of the time it looks immaculate in every frame. Very occasionally there's some blurring, maybe a few lines, but that's just the rough and tumble way it was filmed I suspect - and those shots as I say are very, very few indeed. Most of the time, it's looks fantastic and the clean up also seems to have brought the film so much more to's a real pleasure to watch.

The extras are there too, which is great - and it's very reasonably priced.

You also forget about the sheer size and quality of the cast - Benicio Del Toro as the mumbling gambler Frankie Four-Fingers - Alan Ford as the fantastically crass and violent Brick Top - Rade Shelbedgia as the unkillable Russian Boris The Blade - Vinnie Jones as the man hunter Bullet-Tooth Tony - Dennis Farina as the Jewish American Diamond broker Avi, Mike Reid as his English equivalent Doug The Head - the gormless trio of Post Office robbers, Lennie James, Robbie Gee and Ade - Stephen Graham as the hapless sidekick Tommy who thinks too much about dairy products and what they do to the digestive system - and of course, the movie's trump cards - the pairing of Jason Stratham as Turkish and Brad Pitt as Mickey the bare-knuckle Irish boxing champion. Great stuff. Throw in hip music, choppy editing, apt locations and a dictionary of slang to work out what everyone is saying - and it's as chipper as a bulldog who's just swallowed a squeaky toy...

Having recently seen "Sherlock Holmes" at the cinema (and been seriously impressed too), I can feel the need for a Guy Ritchie spending purge coming on...

"Snatch" on BLU RAY is brilliant fun - a winner to look at - and reasonably priced too.

Way to go guys. Recommended - big time.

PS: see also my review fro "Rock n Rolla" on BLU RAY

PPS: for other superb restorations on BLU RAY, see also my reviews for "The Italian Job", "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning", "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner", "The Dambusters", "Quo Vadis", "North By Northwest", "Cool Hand Luke", "The Prisoner - The Complete (TV) Series In High Definition", "Kelly's Heroes", "All About Eve", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", the "Back To The Future Trilogy" and "The African Queen"
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Snatch seems to be one of those spunky British gangster films that critics are divided on, yet it's loved by the target audience. Guy Ritchie has done a Sam Raimi, he has remade the first film that put him on the cinematic map. Where Raimi remade The Evil Dead, and just called it Evil Dead II, Ritchie cheekily tries to get away with remaking Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and calling it Snatch. Sure the circumstances in plotting are different, and there's a big American star brought in to beef things up for the global market, but it's the same movie and without doubt it's lazy film making. But it still - like Evil Dead II - Rocks!

Snatch in story terms is concerned with a big diamond that stitches together a number of threads involving the London underworld. Some rough and tough Romany types join in the fun, headed by a purposely illegible Brad Pitt, while Dennis Farina, Benicio Del Toro and Rade Serbedzija add more cosmopolitan meat to the crooks and gangster stew. The British cement holding the building up comes in the twin forms of Jason Statham and Stephen Graham, with Vinnie Jones once again turning up to frighten the masses. Everything from bare knuckle fighting to bumbled robberies - to dog fighting and shifty arcade empires - are here, with Ritchie writing characterisations that positively boom off of the screen.

As with "Lock-Stock", the beauty is in the way violence and humour are deftly blended. Scenes are often bloody but also bloody funny, a pearl of dialogue is never far away from a perilous situation. The comic tone is more close to the knuckle here, Ritchie having fun toying with ethnic and machismo stereotypes, while he brings his bag of visual tricks before it got boring. The narrative is deliciously complex, but much credit to Ritchie for the way he pulls all the threads neatly together in a whirl of scene splicing and cocky literary assuredness.

So it's "Lock-Stock 2" then! No bad thing if you happen to be a fan of that sort of wide boy malarkey. If you don't like it? Then jog on sunshine. 8/10
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on 21 June 2004
This is Guy Ritchie's finest hour-One of the best british gangster films of all time with a magnificent ensemble cast(vinnie,brad,jason statham,dennis farina,benicio del toro,that guy out of the ribena ad..)a hilariously witty script,and ,surprisingly,top notch sound editing.(witness the brutal boxing matches)
I'm not going to waste time with the plot which is obviously the least important part of the whole film and really just an excuse for all the characters to get together,cross each other's paths etc,but I will say that Snatch is shot with an eye and understanding of the target audience that has not been so clear in gangster movies of late.excellent stuff.
the superbit DVD is the definitive version,at an unbeatable price with enhanced picture and sound quality,also.A must-buy!
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on 15 October 2015
An hour and a half well spent. This movie has great pace a good dose of British humor and a cast list of top actors. Other reviewers are right about Brad Pitt stealing the show. Underrated ? I don't know why that is, I loved it. It very cleverly ticked all the boxes, leaving one satisfied on all fronts. One small criticism is the audio level was not consistent throughout, too loud some moments then dropping out at other times. It would probably be better in a cinema but easy to manage watching in front of a computer with a volume switch at hand.
I'm a big fan of Guy Ritchie . I just wish he produced more work.

Recommended viewing.
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