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4.3 out of 5 stars16
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2005
Stick with me on this...
Well - on first listen, I wasn't overly impressed. As I said, stick with me - I gave it 5 stars. It sounds absolutely nothing like Thrice's previous output. I find it hard to find a single track on Vheissu that has that "Thrice" sound. I was disappointed. I listened to the album and found that it has mellow and soft bits that are mellower and softer than Thrice usually does. It also has some grindingly heavy stuff that is heavier than anything I've heard them do before and again I wasn't keen. Also - the lyrics seemed bleaker than normal. While Thrice have normally seemed to have quite a degree of "Righteous anger" in their lyrics, this album seemed fed up with the world, and instead of wanting to instigate a change, wanted it to be over with. Also - the lyrics seemed a little more full of biblical imagery and phrasing than normal.
It was only when I re-looked at the lyrics to "Like Moths to Flame" that something seemed to make sense. When I'd first listened to that song, I'd thought it was about a girl. The last line about betraying my king confused me. Re-looking, I realised this is a song about Peter denying he knew Jesus at his crucifiction!
From then a lot more of the album made sense. The biblical imagery isn't just imagery but quite often retells Biblical stories and messages. The album suddenly seemed less bleak, and more looking to what is to come AFTER this world rather than simply waiting for this world to end and be done with. I'm curious to know whether one or more of the band has become, or has become more openly Christian. I'll go and find out in a mo.
As for the album - it's grown on me a lot from that first listen. They try so many new ideas in this album and do have shades of Muse about them. The album seems more about atmospheres and sounds and moods, and less about technical prowess. The guitars and drumming are an awful lot less fiddly and more mood-inducing. The band seem (as the album cover suggests) a lot more reflective. The racing energy of Artist In The Ambulance seems to have slowed a little as the band have taken the time to explore different concepts. I really think this is almost unrecognisable as Thrice. Almost. They are still as inventive as ever and the lyrics are still beautifully poetic. The new ideas are fascinating and there is so much to listen to. These boys are definitely talented. I don't think there is a bad track on here but stand out tracks for me are "Music Box" - where the epic harmonised guitars balance nicely with the delicate music box that plays throughout, and the previously mentioned "Like Moths To Flame" for it's heavy but pained almost lovesong chorus.
I would reommend this to Thrice fans for the inventiveness and talent they have always shown, but would warn that it is a new sound they are playing with so listen with an open mind and listen more than once.
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on 18 April 2007
I bought this album after seeing the video for "Image of the Invisible". I'm not a fan of Hardcore and until I had heard the track that's what I thought Thrice was. However I was found to be wrong. Vheissu is definably one of the best albums I have ever heard. The music is so intricate where many bands would of simply wrote a good melody and left it at that, Thrice have gone back and added more complexity which works amazingly well. You find something new every time you listen. Vocally this album is flawless too. The shouted parts of songs are done with dignity and are not over used which doesn't leave you looking for the pause button because you need a rest. Personally I like the lyrics to all the songs my favourite being "Music Box". However the Christian themes to the lyrics on this album are perhaps over done going so far as to actually quote the bible a few times during the album. I suppose you can try and make your own interpretations but I find that they are too blatant to be anything other than what they appear to be. All in all a very, very good album. Perhaps it could be a classic but if the band evolve like they did from AITA to Vheissu on their next album then who knows how good they could be?
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on 22 October 2005
Its hard to compare Vheissu to Thrice's previous albums because its so different. Dustin's lyrics are still excellent but there's no more fast chugging guitar riffs and quick drums, which is probably why it took me a couple of listens to get into it. I've had it nearly a week now though and i think at some point at least 6 different songs have been my favourite on the album, there really isn't a weak track on it. So I'd advise thrice fans to not expect this to be like their older stuff, approach it with an open mind. Its slower, darker and not as many catchy riffs but definitely worth buying, easily as good if not better than their previous efforts
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on 24 October 2005
A truely uplifting epic album, with incredible depth and creativity. Ive not heard an album this good in a long time. It is Thrice but their sound has evolved since `Artist and the Ambulance`. There are definate shades of Muse crossed with U2 here but there should be enough to keep the die hard fans happy.
Have to say I didnt like every track on the album but ill give it a 5 purely because of the attention to detail and the care that has gone into every track making this album the masterpiece it is.
My Favs have to be `Red Sky` and `Of dust and nations`. Absolutely brilliant.
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on 1 April 2006
I bought this album after hearing "Image of the invisible" clearly one of the albums most stand out tracks. I hadn't heard much of Thrice's music before so was unsure to their sound. Needless to say I wasn't dissapointed! They write very interesting well thought about lyrics and their music is experimental but shows their talent as musicians. Vheissu has a mix of tracks with some ranging from quiet tracks to very loud screaming ones. This is what I liked about it. It has a bit of everything!
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on 17 September 2011
First of all, I realize there are a lot of Thrice fans disappointed by this album, but I find this to be their best album to date -

I found Artist In The Ambulance good, but generic. In my opionion, Vheissu separates Thrice from being a generic metal band, similar to the likes of Atreyu, and displays a much more mature, self-reflective brand of music. There is a lot of experimental stuff on here, but I love every track personally, and I think this album hits the perfect mix of metal and experimentation, with some of Thrice's later albums lacking the former.

This is a great album to buy first if you are getting into Thrice.

(I do not dislike Atreyu, however that genre is full with very average music)
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on 12 November 2005
Ok, so Thrice's new album is very different in a lot of ways, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best around, and there's no reason why most music fans shouldn't like it. Admittedly, if you are a die-hard hardcore fan, then you probably won't like the majority of this album, so if you need music to be heavy to enjoy it, probably don't buy it. Aside from that, I cannot fault this album, listen to it and let yourself be taken away by it all. In a lot of ways this is like 'The Artist In The Ambulance' in the sense that songs like 'Image Of The Invisible', 'The Earth Will Shake' and 'Music Box' have a real atmosphere about them, they sound immense and powerful, and as always it's a credit to the band's immense writing and playing abilities. The opening track, 'Image Of The Invisible', is my favourite on the album, I think mainly because of Dustin's ability to shout at the top of his voice and still be singing. As for the so called 'Experimental' tracks, yes they are different, but they sound good, songs like 'Between The End And Where We Lie' show their ability to compose new, different material, and do it well. 'The Earth Will Shake' is another of my favourites, great guitar, great lyrics, and the acoustic chorus with the gospel choir is excellent, it's all part of Thrice experimenting and finding new areas to dabble in. Another stand out, 'Music Box', is almost my joint-favourite with 'Image Of The Invisible', the combination of a delicate music box melody throughout, and Teppei thrashing away is nothing short of beautiful. I can't think of any other band that would be able to combine two such opposite things and come out with such an incredible song. Thrice are an incredible band, and are an example to rest of the bands in their genre to aspire to.
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on 15 November 2005
Ok, this album is different from their previous outputs. I'm glad that Thrice is trying to take their sound in a new direction, since 2003's "The Artist In The Ambulance" was a little too poppy and uninspired (yet still good!) for my tastes. Vheissu is a lot darker and more atmospheric than before. It is clear that they are trying to redefine themselves in their artistry. This new take on their sound is very evident on "The Earth Will Shake", "Atlantic", "For Miles" and "Like Moths To Flame" for example, and these songs blew me away. However it seems they are afraid of straying too far into new territory, as most other tracks seem to borrow from the "TAITA" sound. This isn't necessarily something bad since that album had some rockin' tunes, but you are left feeling like Vheissu could have been something much more than it is. This is definatly a solid album and worth the money, especially if you're a Thrice fan like myself. It seems like Thrice could go anywhere from this album, which is a positive thing. Bands should evolve in my opinion. Vheissu is a good effort, but hopefully next time Thrice will have the guts to go all the way. This album is worth about 4 stars, but I'm left hoping for more, so it gets a 3. Can't wait for their next installment after this one!
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on 23 February 2008
It's covers so many different genres and techniques it's scary. The songs alone might not be the best but as an album it's absoulutely crushing. Great mix of melody and heavy parts. Dustin Kensrue's voice might not be the most interesting there is bu't the way the band sing the songs is excellent! To you it might not be the best album ever. But it opens doors to so many other bands and types of music. Masterpiece!
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on 14 January 2006
In my opinion, this is Thrice's most musically accomplished album. However, the Christian rhetoric is getting a bit too strong for my tastes. Not that there's anything wrong with that in principle, but as an atheist I've never been overly enamoured of Christian rock, and it does seem that Thrice are heading that way. There are quite a lot of direct Biblical references in this album. For this reason, I give the album four stars instead of five. You may disagree, of course!
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