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4.2 out of 5 stars30
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2005
Sheryl Crow has yet to make 2 albums that are similar, she is constantly keeping her fans on their toes. For that reason when a new record comes out some fans will ultimately be disappointed. So guys if you liked the upbeat pop sheen on C'Mon C'Mon you probably wont like this so much.
This album harks back to The Globe Sessions (My Favourite Mistake, Anything But Down, The Difficult Kind) with lush string arrangements along with some of the smart bitter lyrics that peppered that 98 release.
The lyrics this time are a great improvement on C'Mon, with a greater depth and sometimes with a simplicity that makes you think you've heard the song before.
The highlights of the record are: I Know Why, Perfect Lie, Good is Good (with references to George Harrison, listen to the fantastic slide guitar) and Where Has All the Love Gone, a sweet number at the end of the record which sounds like it could have come from any Beatles record.
There are times when Sheryl misses the mark, Letter to God lacks drive, I Dont Wanna Know is too repetitive and Live it Up while being incredibly catchy, is too pop for this record.
All in all a change, and one that was needed, with this record sheryl has moved herself into rock status territory, right up there with Neil Young and Emmylou Harris, with the current beats of Beck and Ryan Adams.
Highly Recommended, if you like this you will also enjoy The Globe Sessions and Tuesday Night Music Club
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on 17 October 2006
I really do like this album. Musically sophisticated, its subtle, well-crafted tracks just drift into each other, and it's terrifically easy to listen to without being bland.

Yes, it's not the blatantly feel good, happy go lucky, Sheryl Crow of old, but is it really reasonable to expect an artist to produce the same stuff year after year? I'm pleased that she's decided to try something different, with such a high degree of success, and there is still the odd bit of slide guitar for die hard fans, with a couple of more toe-tapping tracks - notably Live it Up and Lifetimes, with (for me) I Know Why the other standout track.

I wasn't a huge fan before and bought this album for my girlfriend, but I have new respect for her scope and variety after this work, and as M Saxby says, can you go wrong for £4? Worth a listen.
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2006
Different good or different bad?

Well, that's difficult to say. If like me, you've always liked Sheryl Crow's easy going rock style, then this will, initally, seem a little too different.

The album is very 'love, peace, summer days and flowers' in its style, with little sign of Sheryl's sassiness in the tunes or vocals. If it wasn't Sheryl Crow, I might love it, but I know she can be sharper and I miss that.

Give it a chance though and Sheryl's class shines through. She knows how to craft a good song and there are some interesting lyrics (especially given her recent split from Lance Armstrong, which the album predates by some months), so you'll probably not recoil in horror.

What you might do, though, is wonder if this Sheryl is as good as the one from her earlier albums and wonder if this is too different for you...

Nothing stands out as really great, the way All I Want, Leaving Las Vegas, If It Makes You Happy, Everyday is a Winding Road and loads of others do and I didn't even know she'd released this album until 2006.

I'm sure, though, that anyone new to Sheryl Crow will judge it differently and there's no doubt that she's a class performer.

For £4 it's worth a punt, isn't it?
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on 23 December 2005
This album is a departure from that good old american rock chick attitude we know and believe it or not, it's refreshing.
In a general manner, it takes quite some time to warm up to all the songs, but patience will eventually bring you an enjoyable slice of pensive pop. Wildflower lacks any instant hit, but every song is relevant, though some will find the album a bit bland, mainly because of its perfectly handled production free of any daring sound.
I know why: thoughtful and sad. The melody takes time to unravel its true potential.
Perfect lie: good lyrics, slowly burning.
Good is good: the song's good but this is maybe the only bland moment of the album, because the lyrics are a little predictable and the music reminds the listener of past material.
Chances are: Gut-wrenchingly beautiful. A dream song coming from the cracks in us.
Wildflower: i wish there was a more elaborate instrumentation, for the melody is stunningly beautiful. But then again, the fact that it is kind of stripped is relevant concerning the lyrical content. A bonus pop mix would have been a cool idea.
Lifetimes: You think it's gonna be groovy, but it's not. It does have a slight hint at her past efforts. An interesting moment.
Letter to God: maybe the most compelling song. It is a perfect fusion of her past influences and her newly-found spirituality. It does remind me of Osbourne's "one of us". Great lyrics.
Live it up: somehow this song doesn't fit, because of its commercial side. It is good, but not very interesting.
I don't wanna know: simple and moving, but you wouldn't put it on repeat though.
Always on your side: a very beautiful piano-led song. Really that's all one can say.
Where has all the love gone: well, i do like it, but you have to be in a certain mood, plus it's a little clichéd.
Overall this is a fine record, but these new ideas need improvement. Oh, and i wish there was more songs: this is why I put 3 instead of 4. Forget about the rocking, this is all about introspection now. The next album will be perfect if the flower really gets wild this time, meaning a more daring production and the introduction of new instruments perhaps. Enjoy. Thanks for reading this.
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on 13 October 2005
I have always been in love with Sheryl Crow's music and how each of her songs are uniquely more beautiful from the one before. When i heard she released a new album i was drawn to get it and read some people's reviews on Amazon, which i usually do before purchasing music for some backup on what its like. I was so disappointed when some people said it wasn't as good as her old stuff, but i totally disagree. It was such a nice suprise when i listened to it. Her riffs are so creative and each song is a "looking out of bedroom window at rain, hugging pillow" song! BUT IN A GOOD uplifting romantic way instead of a "feel sorry for myself" sense. unless you enjoy feeling sorry for yourself that is. but it is very pretty and i recommend this album highly.
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on 3 October 2005
As with previous Sheryl Crow albums I found that Wildflower requires a few repeat listens for the songs to seep in. At first everything tends to blend into one to give the album a particular theme i.e. as with the raw studio sound of The Globe Sessions and the big sumptuous full-on sound of C'mon C'mon.
My initial impression of Wildflower is that it has a softer and more melodic flavour to it, which is most apparent with the beautiful title track. But then of course, as with the last two albums, after a few more listens the tracks define themselves in your mind and stand out more and more, and now they won't leave me alone!
The album contains many wonderfully enduring listenable songs. This CD will happily sit unmoved in my stereo for a very long time. I especially have the words and melodies of 'I Know Why', 'Good is Good', 'Lifetimes' and 'Live It Up' waltzing through my head continuously. The latter is the most radio friendly of the lot and really ought to be a single.
For those who were disappointed with the 'big noise' polished sound of C'mon C'mon this album can be considered a return to form. For those, like me, who love all of her albums equally, well, you don't need to be reading reviews; you know you're going to love this one as well! Wildflower is yet another great album.
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on 27 November 2005
Way better than C'mon C'mon, I'd say. The album takes a more relaxed approach and overall it comes out as more... Sheryl. C'mon C'mon wasn't a bad album or maybe it's cos it followed the fantastic Globe but overall, I just found it a bit bleh. The mood of this album works better and more admirable than that of C'mon C'mon. Despite 2 sort-of-clunkers (I Don't Wanna Know and Always By Your Side), this album is great. Favourites include Perfect Lie, Chances Are, Letter to God and Where Has All the Love Gone.
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on 13 October 2005
Don't buy this album if you are expecting another 'Globe Sessions' or 'Sheryl Crow', this album is quite different from those rockier efforts. However, this is beautiful, pensive, melancholic album; more slow than fast and certainly an album that grows on you (no pun intended). The lead single 'Good is Good' is a worthy indicator of the album's style, and each song proves to be strong and thoughtful. Having been a fan of Sheryl's since the outset, I was highly disappointed with "C'mon C'mon" and the live album, and whilst this is a different sound (though still guitar driven - but more acoustic), for me it's a welcome return to form .
A sedate album, with beautiful melodies and instrumentation.
And the bonus dvd: A beautifully presented acoustic performance set in different locations and beautifully stylised, and the glorious 'Good is Good' video The only complaint being that you can't play all at once, you have to select each track separately.
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on 5 November 2005
I've been a huge fan of Sheryl Crow for some time now, but I wasn't sure about this one at first. It's miles away from any of her other albums, but after listening to it a few times I have come to realise Sheryl Crow wasn't sticking to the recipe for success and writing the same songs just for the sake of it. Good on her. She has grown as a songwriter and some of the tracks have a lot more depth to them then her previous hits. I'm not so sure about the so far released singles, and out of all the tracks the ones I love the most are Perfect Lie, Wildflower and Always on your side. Everyone raves on about Where has all the love gone, but I think I overdosed on that theme with the Black Eyed Peas' Where is the love. Either way, if you're a true fan, you're bound to find a song to fall in love with.
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on 11 September 2006
Okay if you like Sheryl's older stuff like Leaving las vegas, change would do you good and there goes the neighbourhood then you wont like this. Most of the album is very slow. Some of the songs are alright. Its very dissapointing! I was hoping for another briliiant album like cmon cmon or global sessions!!

If I have to choose a song that I like itll be "letter to god" but thats it.
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