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3.9 out of 5 stars200
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2013
I love it. best items on sale depending on what reason you want it. A very good item to have.
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on 26 September 2015
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on 5 July 2015
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on 8 April 2013
This DVD was bought for son and he enjoys watching them on television. He has lots of science fiction books
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on 10 May 2004
A war between Vampires and Werewolves is possibly one of the greatest idea's ever pitched in movies. It had so much potential. Underworld, i'm afraid, does not come close to the level of potential the idea presented. Its an enjoyable movie, yes, but the idea could've delivered so much more.
Whats good about the movie:
The gun battles are good, but dont belong in the movie at all. The ammo is a cool idea but a little OTT. The fights between vampires and werewolves are generally poor and dont last long. Michael Sheen was excellent as Lucian, by far the best character and the story should've been based more on him. Bill Nighy was also OK as Viktor. Very little CGI and the werewolf suites were quite good and genuine looking.
Whats bad:
Too much, i'm afraid. Acting by all except Michael Sheen is average at best. Action scenes have nothing new about them at all, the story is also quite poor.
Stop reading now if you havent seen the movie. Okay, this is my main gripe with the movie. Viktor and Lucian were the first of their respective kinds to throw blows and start the war. Viktor has a silver sword, and Lucian has a sword on his arm. The end would've been much better if it would have had an emotionally charged showdown between these two. I mean they could even have had a great sword fight and then have Viktor kill Lucian and THEN the hybrid could've fought Viktor. This would've been so much better and would've helped the movie so much more. But no, how do they kill the best character (Lucian), Kraven shoots him in the back while his back is turned and then shoots him again when he helps Michael, but is himslef helpless. Crap, crap, crap, i'm afraid. Lucian gets one action scene and doesnt even turn into werewolf form ONCE. Instead, boring characters like Selene, Michael and Kraven get more screen time and attention.
Could've been so much more, but unfortunately wasnt, i get angry sometimes watching this movie, just thinking of things even i could've done better. But i wont badmouth Len Wiseman, he didnt have the budget that the movie required and hopefully, the sequels they are talking about will get made and have the chance to reach the potential level of the idea.
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on 28 February 2004
The film looked great in the trailer but after watching the whole film, you will have a very different imprewssion of the film.. Kate Beckinsale does a good job as the lead heroine vampire who looks very slick in her costume but after the great beginning opening sequence in the underground station (which does borrow some ideas from the matrix) with a fight between a vampire (Kate B.) and 2 werewolves the whole film just goes downhill. The plot is interesting as it hasnt been done before but soon just becomes very stupid with a rather unsatisfying ending. The acting let the film down a little as well...even though it is an action movie. Also why cast Scott Speedman as the human. There must have been some better actors to choose from. Christian Bale could have done a great job as the bad vampire who switches sides. Overall, the film had great potential and should have been much better. I just hope they make a sequel and include more outstanding action sequences than this one had. Oh, and the bonus disc does have a lot of features on making the movie and 2 audio commentaries. (Though i can't understand why they dont have any subtitles for the film itself...even in english).
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on 17 November 2004
There's barely an original moment in Underworld, and sadly those parts that are derived from elsewhere in motion picture history (that is, all of it), are derived without wit or feeling for their antecedents or the genre.
I have a feeling this film would never have been made were it not for the Matrix. It basically is the Matrix, only with werewolves and vamps, and a blue wash over all the cinematography rather than a green one. So we have a hard-arsed chick in a tight patent-leather cat suit toting a sub-machine gun in each hand in a subway station, driving performance sports cars absurdly fast, performing aerial flips and other acrobatics. Only she's a vampire. With a laptop. We have perpetual rain: we have the trademark Wachowski straight-down shot of rain falling away from the camera onto parked cars in a narrow alley. There's a big final punch-up between two indestructible foes in a great big puddle.
But while it rips off the Matrix's visuals, Underworld has neither the wit - the tongue-in-cheek film noir; the fairly well spec'd cod philosophy - nor any of the style: Kate Beckinsale is no Carrie Anne Moss, having about as much sex appeal as a Tupperware lunchbox, and I'm afraid to say the all-important fight choreography *really* blows.
The bits that are original, sadly, tend to foul up the rest of the picture. To wit: pitting the "lycans" (nice try, by the way, to make werewolves sound hip. Didn't work) against vampires misses the fundamental point of both genres, which is the need-to-sleep-with-the-light-on-afterwards factor: they're supposed to GET US. And DRINK OUR BLOOD. In Underworld they're knocking six shades of hell out of each other (with guns... GUNS?? VAMPIRES WITH GUNS? What the hell is going on?), so rather than being terrifying, it plays out more like a moodily lit feature-length episode of the World Wrestling Federation. You don't really care who wins as long as there is damn good fight. But, as noted, the fight choreography is Woe Ful than Wo Ping.
There's zero chemistry between any of Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy or the other one and Kate - it's understandable, fellahs; it's hard to love an airtight plastic container.
Sophia Myles plays a decidedly plot-functional blonde vamp-girl who pops up at critical moments to push the narrative along, but doesn't end up having much to do with anything. I think she's rather petulantly sent to her room just before the climax, and you never see her again. Since she was about the most interesting part of the picture, that's a pity. For my money, Myles would have been a better female lead than Beckinsale.
A special "opportunity knocks" award should go to Bill Nighy, who's been underachieving in British TV dramas since 1979 or so, never showing up in anything of note, who finally snags a peach of a part in Love Actually, and now you can't get the old buzzard off your screen - a fading rock star there; a sleazy Tory MP in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet; a lecherous 19th Colonel in He Knew He Was Right and a now a thousand year old vampire uber-lord in Underworld, and ALL of them portrayed as exactly the same character! Even Kevin Costner would be impressed with that!
Not sure what he would have made of the rest of the film, however.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 February 2009
This is an interesting film which maintains a fine dark gothic feel, blended with elements of the modern thrown in for good measure as well. They could have just called it "Vampires vs Werewolfs", because essentially this just takes the idea from Aliens vs Predators and transposes it for use with two of the best known gothic horror icons.

Where it lets itself down is the lack of character development. Yes it has plenty of action. You certainly won't be dissapointed on that front. After a while though you know when you see a lot of people walking purposefully, that they are going to end up in one hell of a fight with or without guns and it happens over and over. In the end I really didn't what happened to any of the characters...

One clear influence is The Matrix. The start of the film is almost a direct copy of a famous scene from that film. Many of the characters walk around in long black leather coats which is also a Matrix influence. That said this does have a considerable amount of style and I will be quite happy to watch this again.
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VINE VOICEon 2 June 2004
This is an OK film. It is stylish in an overstated way, the amount of black leather on show is incredible. The actors do a reasonable job although Kate Beckinsale seems to have a very limited set of facial expressions, all of them sullen. The setting is traditional vampire gothic, old mansion, sexy clothes etc. This applies to both the Vampires and the Werewolves (or Lycans as they like to be called) who are so macho and butch it must hurt!
The film starts reasonably enough with some exposition about who is doing what to whom and why. However it then goes against its own storyline. There is great play made about the necessity for keeping the Vampire/Lycan war a private thing and of the need to make sure that the "mortals" ie us, do not find out what is going on. They immediately turn round and start having fire fights all over the city. Sorry but somebody (everybody) would notice the noise if not the body count.
This is a film which could have and should have been much better than merely OK, and it is a pity that it isn't.
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on 8 July 2004
From the outset, Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale [Pearl Harbour] looked like a truly potential werewolf/vampire thriller. However, the casting of Kate Beckinsale doesn't fulfill the potential that the film has- She does not fit the role of a dark, ruthless and murderous vampire and this is where the film sees it's downfall. The film also sees poor performances from supporting actors such as the unexperienced Scott Speedman. On the other hand, Underworld is rescued from its demise with an extremely exciting and captivating plot which is reminiscent of Blade's 1 and 2 as well as stunning special effects. Underworld evidently keeps action/thriller fans occupied throughout the entirety of the movie. Underworld's 2 and 3 are in the pipeline and hope to fulfill expectation... Better acting performances are needed for the Underworld Trilogy(?) to be a huge success at the box office.
The film is a roller-coaster ride- It has its ups and downs...
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