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4.5 out of 5 stars13
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2005
Ok, so you've probably- like me- spent ages looking for an mp3 player that you know won't leave you feeling depressed once the next ipod comes out. well i believe this product won't leave you feeling like that. for a start don't take amazons product descriptions at face value. go to the samsung website ([...]) and download the user manual. do this for any mp3 player you are considering purchasing its the only way to know for sure what you'll get. i did this and i descovered that this player does a whole lot more. i was also considering the creative zen which is only £10 more but doesn't have half as many features.
Things you should know:
>this only works with windows XP (what a surprise)
>it doesn't play MPEG4 files, instead it plays .svi files. but it doesn't matter because they supply you with the software to convert virtually any media file into .svi
>The navigation system is much better than any touch system out there
>you also get some games with it
>you can record in variable bit rates audio from any hi-fi including the music channels through your tv
>software is not bulky and provides the trusted 'drag and drop' functionality of any storage device.
>screen quality is excellent and its very comfortable to watch movie clips on.
>you can read .txt files and write notes/alarms/calendars etc.
>you can plug most cameras/usb memory sticks/ mp3 players into it and copy files accross
>pretty good headphones (and all other desired cables)
needless to say amazon marketplace and advanced mp3 delivered it in two days without a scratch on it.
if you don't believe me visit any dixons/currys and look at it for yourselfs. then buy it here
i'll post any problems i find with it when i find them.
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on 12 March 2006
I spent ages looking around to decide which player would suit me best. The Apples and Sonys (despite being well designed and functional players) were straight out of the window because you have to convert all of your mp3's and WMA's into their own file formats. This means that you have to fiddle around with converting software and whilst itunes is OK, the Sony software has the reputation of being truly awful. The Sony and Apple systems also mean that you cannot get your files back off the players if you want to restock your media library following a crash. There is no guarantee that they will not start putting more anti-sharing software into their updates in the future - thus rendering the files unplayable on any other player, even if it is owned by you.
The Samsung allows you to drag and drop mp3's and wma's onto the player via 'my computer' where it appears as an external drive. You can get any file you put on back again to use however you want. They do also supply an 'itunes-style' program which you can use if you prefer this method (although you do not actually need to use their software unless you are transferring avi or mpeg video files which must be converted into samsung's own format called svi.) If you do use the software you can still get the files back if you need them. The fact that it appears as an external drive on your PC also means that it is an excellent way of backing up and transporting any type of file or folder eg powerpoint, excel etc or even programs.
However i transfer all of my music straight from Windows Media Player using the 'sync' function on the program - very very quick (1-2 seconds per song) and if you have made a well organised music library on your computer then it really is a matter of just clicking a button and leaving it for an hour.
So to the player itself: Aesthetically actually very nice - much smaller, thinner and more modern looking in real life than one would expect from looking at photos of it. Build quality pretty good, although there is a 'hold' slider on the side which feels slightly lightweight. The screen is quite small but has a very good range of colours and can reproduce films very well.
You will not be wanting to watch all of your movies on this player - the screen is just too small - but it is a really excellent way of whiling away the hours while stuck in a departure lounge or train station. I have put a couple of my favourite movies on the player - you know the ones that you love to watch again and again - and it is cool to know i can start watching them at any time if public transport screws itself up like normal.
Sound quality is excellent. The player comes with a range of settings including a fully customisable EQ. Also there are some sound processing effects such as SRS, trubass and WOW which you may be familiar with from Windows media player. Now i can take or leave these effects but there is an extra one called HD which i have never come across before. It makes a real difference to the sound of my mp3's making them sound fatter, crisper and warmer all in one go. I only use this setting now - try it and you will see what i mean. The downside of this is that i suppose that the battery life will suffer from the extra processing required.
The headphones i threw straight in the bin as i dont get on with in - ear ones very well. I got some folding Sennheisers (PX200 i think) which are brilliant and i suggest you give them a try if you are not worried about having little cans on your ears.
Battery life - with maybe an hour of video playing and the rest being music on HD setting the battery will last me about 12-15 hours. Playing video runs it out very quickly and if you watch a couple of movies i suspect that the battery will be almost flat.
There is a voice recorder which i use to record lectures on and which works ok.
The FM radio is ok but is analogue so quality is a little variable in my experience.
Things that are there but i havent tried: Recording MP3's via line-in from eg vinyl. Text reader. Games. USB host function.
Niggles: On two occasions in the last 3 months the player has totally frozen whilst playing music. The music continued to play but all of the buttons stopped working. On both occasions the battery was close to empty and i had been watching movies just before. I just let it carry on playing until the battery died and then recharged it. Both times things were back to normal after this and think it was something to do with the juice being low. Obviously longer battery life would be desirable in any player but i only have to charge this once a week which is fine by me. Photo viewer - i have placed a couple of family photos on the player but the screen is very small so not fantastic to view photos on.
Overall i think that the sensible choice for me was either this player or one of the iRiver or Creative products. I think that this one ticks more boxes than any of the others and so i bought it. I have been very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone - as long as you can find one - they seem to be out of stock all over the place in the UK.
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on 29 November 2005
This multimedia player is fansatic! Was between another and this and i chose this as it was the slighty cheap option...However im so glad i did as it is such a good player! Even though the LCD display is quite small the picture quality is sharp and clear! Fantastic for viewing photo's and video clips! Music playback is very good quality and also the FM tuner is very handy! Great Samsung...Definatly Worth Buying! 10/10
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on 15 November 2006
I've had this player for 9 months and just can't stop listening to it. The sound is fantastic especially on the HD setting in the SRS Menu. With this setting, the sound delivers tremendous base and cristal clear treble.

I recently upgraded the headphones to the superb sounding Sennheiser PX200's. This combination really gives a 'HI-FI inside the head' sound.

All my friends who have listened to the Samsung YH-J70 have been amazed and all the people that have tried it and already have MP3 players of their own ALL said that the Samsung sounded better than their own.

I still haven't got round to using the video and picture functions yet but the samples that come with the player look awesome.

The Samsung only received 3 stars in the review pages of 'What Hi-Fi' mag. I'm sure they didn't review the Samsung on the HD setting. They don't know what they've missed.

It's a shame it didn't stay on the market for that long. If you're looking for a great sounding player with a decent memory and some great features, this is the player for you if you can still get one.
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on 6 February 2006
I had the choice of this or the 20gb ipod. Wasn't hard to chose after comparing the two.....I chose the Samsung. It has double the features and is about £40 cheaper! Very easy to use, loads of features, its quick, has well laid out music files and can be used with Media Player so you can just syncronize all your music that is already arranged straight to the samsung. So simple! It automatically converts all your music too. The software is easy to use making it easy to edit or erase unwanted songs. 1200 songs from media player took about 45 mins to convert and syncronize to the samsung......not bad eh! My girlfriend had the ipod equivalent of this, and the Samsung is much more user friendly and overall better to use. Save your money and time and buy this MP3 player instead of the ipod!!!!!!!
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on 23 October 2005
Previouly owned Iriver H320 which provided a number of frustrating/irrating niggles. Replaced with YH J70 which provides a rich array of user friendly formats, simplicity at its best, 10 out of 10.
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on 7 December 2005
It is everything the H10 was but better, with a better screen; built in line-input (no expensive dock required!); more space; games to play on the train; and it plays video. Just don't expect the battery to last more than 10 hours if you play tetris constantly while listening to music!
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on 8 December 2006
I got a YH-J70LW (the white, 30Gb version) from Techsplosion through Amazon Marketplace, and it's a very nice bit of kit. I found the navigation a little confusing at first, but it's actually quite intuitive once you've got used to it. The sound quality is very good - though obviously it's nothing compared to a hi-fi with a decent headphone amp - but you will need to change the headphones if you're an audiophile. It drives a pair of Grado SR-60 very nicely, but it sounds pretty good even with just a pair of Sennheiser CX300s.

Ogg support is fine - there are reports out there that it is buggy, but I've had no problems at all, and most of my music is in high quality (~256kbps variable bit rate) ogg format.

The really great thing is that you don't even have to use the Samsung software. The player connects by MTP by default, but you can override it to connect as a standard USB mass storage device, so it is recognised by all modern OSs as a portable hard drive. To do this, when connecting the player, turn the hold switch to "on" and hold the "record" button. Thanks to this trick, it means you can use it with Linux and MacOS without any problems. You can also very easily downgrade the firmware to version 2.07, which doesn't have MTP connection capability (though this isn't recommended by Samsung). To do this, download the appropriate file (easily found by google), extract the .bin file and copy it to the root directory of the player. On restarting the player, it will find the new firmware and update itself.

All in all, it's a great bit of kit. It's small enough to carry around everywhere, looks good and sounds great. The support for open-source software (in the form of ogg support and linux) is a real bonus.
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on 10 November 2006
Spent a number of years putting off the inevitable MP3 player I knew I'd have to buy, spent a good few weeks fathoming through the detritus before deciding this is the ultimate player.

Probably does anything any other player can. Huge range of functions. Admittedly, wouldn't bother with the games and the radio doesn't provide the greatest of sound quality but it's definately a handy function.

Note that you can drag stuff straight onto the hard-drive unlike with other programs and the battery life is good. Also, another noteworthy function is the potent volume output, nothing worse than reducing your musical enjoyment with a measly output.

Some complain that the buttons are a bit fiddly and the player complicated to use but lets get down to the meat of the thing. The sound quality. Don't know why some are saying they don't think the SRS (surround sound) is that great, after applying it to Placebo's 'hang on to your IQ' and basking in the immense stereo separation and clarity of the symbols and drums I nearly had to throw one off in tribute. Brings the music alive and I now use it on just about everything unless I decide to try some of the vast range of EQ presets. The headphones are spectacular. Make my phillips £20 in-ears sound pitiful and also put my phillips headphones to shame. They also don't fall out which is great as this normally stops me using in-ears.

Essentially this player is hawesome, don't know why more people aren't buying em. Get yourself one and give IPOD a slap in the chops.
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on 22 April 2006
I bought this player as it seemed like good value for money and i didn't want to follow all the other iPod sheep by purchasing the latest from Apple. I was very impressed when it arrived the day after i ordered it and it looked a lot smaller and sexier than the photo. The software that came with it was ok, although i have since stopped using it as it seems pointless - it is easier just to drag and drop really. You do need Samsung Media Studio to transfer videos onto the player though, as they are converted into a .svi format.

The sound quality of the thing is really good - especially in hd mode, my music was really clear and the volume gets very high with no distortion. The phones that came with the player were more than acceptable and i have felt no need to upgrade them.

I have a few video clips on the player, to be honest i see that feature as something of a gimmick as the screen really is too small and pixelated for a long movie viewing. I guess if you really were bored on a train or whatever it might be a useful feature but to be honest i would be content with listening to my music and looking out of the window. Something that they didn't mention in the instruction manual is that you have to connect the player in usb mode rather than mtp in order to put video clips or movies on.

The photo viewer again seems pointless to me - i put a couple of pictures on there, just because i could really, but they take ages to load and also the player renames them which is quite annoying. I have since removed them as i didn't really see the point.

The screen's colour system is beautiful and very clear. Brilliant to look at to check which track you are on, but inferior if you want to watch movies or view photos.

Overall, i would say this is an excellent bit of kit and have not regretted buying it. It is sexy, easy to use and excellent value for money.
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