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4.6 out of 5 stars37
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 30 May 2009
He is without doubt the WWF/E's most famous and reliable performer. He is not only a timeless gimmick, but the most talented `big man' wrestler of all time, and a true professional in and outside the ring. There has never been a wrestler like the Undertaker and may never be again. Ever since his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, the Undertaker has remained one of the sport's biggest stars. While his character may have evolved over the years, he's still the same terrifying mountain of a man, the bringer of destruction, a renowned multi-time world champion, a huge, huge draw, the master of chilling, brilliant promos and a phenomenal wrestler. From 1990 to (now) 2009, there is plenty of evidence to support the Undertaker as perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time.

The longevity of the Phenom is perhaps the main reason why he's so revered. With the possible exception of Ric Flair, no other legend has bridged generations together like the Undertaker. He has warred with so many of the greatest stars the business has ever produced, put them over and triumphed over them in spectacular feuds. Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Diesel, Mankind, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, JBL, Randy Orton, Batista and Edge: they've all come at him and all failed to bring him down, only to be on the receiving end of the Dead Man's wrath.

Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker is a three-disc-set that was released in 2005, chronicling his career from his debut at Survivor Series 1990 to his return at WrestleMania 20 in 2004. It was one of the WWE's biggest selling releases and to this day still stands as one of the greatest DVDs to come from WWE Home Video. Presentation-wise, it's absolutely excellent, providing the viewer with the perfect insight into Taker's career and evolution. The man behind the character, Mark Callaway, isn't interviewed at all throughout the programme. Instead, it's extensive narration pieces expertly put together, weaving in and out of the twenty-one matches collected here. This is all done as a means to protect the Undertaker character, which I don't have a problem with at all, because the presentation is faultless.

Many great things are touched upon here, such as Undertaker's Survivor Series debut, his scary heel-status, his affiliation with Paul Bearer, his year-long undefeated streak, the unforgettable WWE Championship victory over Hulk Hogan, the alliance with Jake Roberts that would eventually transform him into one of the WWE's greatest heroes, his bizarre disappearances and frightening returns, the white-hot wars with Paul Bearer, HBK, Mankind and Kane, the forming of the Ministry of Darkness/Corporate Ministry, his humanisation into the American Bad Ass and eventual rebirth as the Dead Man we all know and love. As I said earlier, the Undertaker has always remained a fascinating character and a reliable performer. The chronicling of his rich history honours the man and will please all loyal fans, as well as amaze newer, younger fans who don't know the full extent of the Undertaker's longevity.

Match-wise, Tombstone is just as phenomenal, thanks to the awesome storylines and the fact that Taker VERY rarely misses a step. His WWE Title win over the immortal Hulk Hogan kicks things off, which is such a historical contest. In terms of quality, the bout is rather passable, but the significance of it and the unforgettable outcome make it essential viewing. A casket match against Yokozuna from Royal Rumble `94 (despite suffering from a really ridiculous ending featuring too many heels) is a fantastic showdown with great chemistry and brawling. There's also a solid showdown with Kevin "Diesel" Nash from WrestleMania 12.

However, things REALLY kick up a notch when the programme moves onto the Undertaker's bouts with his greatest rivals. The Buried Alive bout with Mankind is a fantastic, action-filled funfest, and the WWE title match between the two is a violently good brawl. Of course, the legendary Hell in a Cell from the 1998 King of the Ring is included and is still perhaps the most frightening and horrific fight in both their careers. It's absolutely amazing and one of the highlights.

The Bret Hart bouts from SummerSlam `97 and One Night Only both feature excellent storytelling and won't disappoint at all. Taker's war with Kane at WrestleMania 14 is a true battle of the titans that is simply awe-inspiring, and their unique Inferno match from Unforgiven 1998 is a visually-stunning and exciting conflict that surpasses even the WrestleMania bout. The feud-ending match at WrestleMania 20 is another fun spectacle to watch as well. Plus, there's a good WWE Championship brawl against the Rock and a VERY good First Blood match against Steve Austin to boot.

But it's the feud against Shawn Michaels that rises above all others. Their first encounter at Ground Zero is brilliant and the awe-inspiring Hell in a Cell is simply the greatest match in both men's careers. Revolutionary, horrific and violent; it's a timeless classic. An awesome showdown with Triple H at WrestleMania 17, a good WWE title rematch with Hogan from 2002, the bloody classic Hell in a Cell against Brock Lesnar, a fantastic encounter with John Cena, a one-sided, yet entertaining Buried Alive match with Vince McMahon and an awesome SmackDown! battle with Kurt Angle round off things brilliantly. There's also some superb promos and segments, all completing an essential package.

Tombstone: History of the Undertaker is still a necessary purchase for all fans. It honours the man's legacy and does him true justice. But now it also makes one yearning for more. Disregarding Undertaker 15-0, another collection is definitely in order, featuring his later, more recent wars with Ric Flair, JBL, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Batista, Edge and most recently, his ultimate WrestleMania 25 showdown with HBK. Let's hope we get one, because if this DVD teaches us anything, there are still more chapters in the Undertaker's story to tell.
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on 22 July 2011
This dvd is mostly just matches involving The Undertaker, there is a short intro leading to each match to explain what happened next, It's not that detailed but doesn't really need to be.

The matches:

vs Hulk Hogan (Survivor Series 1991) - This match happens one year after his debut and is his first WWE championship match, nothing amazing but as entertaining as Hogan matches during this time get, with Ric Flair getting involved. It's mostly here for historical reasons I think. 5/10

vs Yokozuna (Royal Rumble 1994) - This is a casket match, It's a basic big man match since those are the people Undertaker would mostly be put with during the start of his career. Loads of people get involved in this match, all on the side of Yokozuna. Not great wrestling wise but entertaining. 6/10

vs Diesel (Wrestlemania 12) - This was Undertaker's first match at Wrestlemania that I think was good, Undertaker definitely improved as his career went on. Diesel gets in a lot of offense in this match, and even looks like he has Undertaker beat at times, but he pulls the Undertaker's shoulder up himself so he can inflict more damage. A good match here. 7/10

vs Mankind (IYH Buried Alive) - This was the first ever buried alive match. Mankind was the first great opponent of The Undertaker who gave consistently good matches. Undertaker gives out a lot of punishment to Mankind here but Mankind takes it all. After the match a load of other people come out to help bury the Undertaker alive. A very good match here. 7.5/10

vs Mankind (IYH Revenge of The Taker) - A huge brawl here, Mankind again takes a lot of punishment from the Undertaker but gets in some offense too. This is just an ordinary match but they get away with more than would usually be allowed in a regular match. This one is better than the last in my opinion. 8/10

vs Bret Hart (Summerslam 1997) - This is a very good match, Shawn Michaels is the referee here again, the stipulation was that if Bret Hart lost he wouldn't be allowed to wrestle in Canada again, and if Shawn Michaels was bias against Bret he wouldn't be allowed to wrestle in the US again. It's a very entertaining match with a good ending. 9/10

vs Bret Hart (IYH One Night Only) - This match isn't part of the main program, it's a bonus match in the extra features, Just as good as the previous match they had, the ending isn't great but the rest of the match is great quality. 9/10

vs Shawn Michaels(IYH Ground Zero) - This match has a six minute brawl before the match even starts, and when it does start it is chaos, they get through a load of referees and Triple H and Chyna get taken out too, a really good brawl. 9/10

vs Shawn Michaels (IYH Badd Blood) - This is the first ever Hell in a Cell match, they are put in the cell because of how out of control the last match was. It's a great match with Shawn Michaels taking a huge beating while wanting to put space between himself and Undertaker. The match even goes outside the Cell at one point and onto the roof, It also marks the first appearance of Kane. 10/10

vs Kane(Wrestlemania 14) - A great brawl between these two, they are very evenly matched here and it goes back and forth, Kane even kicks out of two tombstones which I don't think anyone had ever done up to this point. 8.5/10

vs Kane (IYH Unforgiven) - This was the first ever Inferno match, it was a decent fight with some good moments like Undertaker diving out of the ring over the flames. 8/10

vs Mankind (King of the Ring 1998) - This is their famous Hell in a Cell match, it is mostly remembered by the two huge falls that happened during the match, they were amazing and don't get boring however many times you see them. The rest of the match is very good too, and impressive that Mankind even managed to continue the match. 9/10

vs The Rock (King of the Ring 1999) - This is another brawl, which was usually where Undertaker worked best, it was very entertaining from beginning to end. Undertaker was WWE champion going in to this match. 8.5/10

vs Stone cold Steve Austin (Fully Loaded 1999) - This was a first blood match where if Austin won Mr McMahon(who was in takers corner) would leave WWE tv and if Austin lost he never got another WWE title shot again(the stipulation didn't really matter though since Austin's had title shots since this and McMahons been on tv since) Undertaker had already made Austin bleed leading up to this match so he had stitches in his head which Undertaker went for. This was a very good match. 9/10

vs Triple H (Wrestlemania 17) - At this point this was the best match either had had at Wrestlemania, it wasn't no DQ but it might as well have been since the Ref was knocked out for a lot of it and they went all over the arena and used lots of weapons and there were a lot of near falls, very good. 9/10

vs Hulk Hogan (Judgment Day 2002) - Very similar to their first match the dvd started off with, but wasn't quite as good since Hogan couldn't do much here, the feud was good though. 4.5/5

vs Brock Lesnar (No Mercy 2002) - This was a Hell in a Cell match, Undertaker was going in to this match with a broken hand/arm so Brock would work over that, there was a lot of blood and powerful moves here in a great match. 9.5/10

vs John Cena (Vengeance 2003) - A very good match here, John Cena did very well since he was so new to the WWE and Undertaker was impressive too. 8/10

vs Vince McMahon (Survivor series 2003)- A decent brawl, McMahon got no offense in though, Vince was busted open in the first few seconds of the match and went on to bleed all over the arena, this was the last match Undertaker would have as the American Badass. 7.5/10

vs Kane (Wreslemania 20) - Not as good as their first match, the entrances to this match took longer than the match itself, Kane didn't get to do much here, they've had better matches. 7/10

vs Kurt Angle (Smackdown) - This is a bonus match, Kurt talks before and after the match about the Undertaker. This is a great match with some good wrestling by Undertaker, one of the best matches on this set, it was very back and forth and full of good moves. 9/10

The dvd also has bonus promos about Undertaker's opponents and things leading up to matches. Overall this was a great dvd about the Undertaker full of great matches. Worth the money.
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on 27 December 2005
Great dvd, Iam a huge undertaker fan and to see some of his best matches on dvd, is just awesome. My favorites include the Hogan match[SurvivorSeries91], the Mankind matches, Bret Hart matches,HBK matches[HLAC the best] and the Kane matches.How can I forget the brawl at WrestleMania17 with HHH, which was awesome.Rock match was good. Lesnar[HLAC] and Cena matches were okay. The only match that should not be on the dvd is the Vince,buriedalivematch. Sid vs Taker[WrestleMania13] was better. Iam glad first blood with Austin is on it, but "Cold Day in Hell IYH" should be on it. That was a great title match between Taker and Austin with the Hart Foundation at ringside lead by Bret Hart. Overall, a must have for all Undertaker fans. "The Dead Man Lives". Rest in Peace
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on 28 November 2005
Today is Monday November 28th and last night was WWE's 19th annual Survivors Series Pay Per View. Besides having one of the best and most brutal matches of all time with HHH V Ric Flair (last man standing) it marked the 15th anniversary of legend and icon The Undertaker! He returned to the WWE in a bad ass entrance bursting out of a burning casket that was set on fire by one of The Undertakers trademark lightening bolts. He then proceeded to lay the smackedown on half the smackdown! roster! And as the PPV went off air Michael "I've never seen a naked woman" Cole remarked "It is the beginning of the end!"
So the WWE celebrates it's longest running and most successful gimmick and star with his very own 3 disc DVD set. Unfortunately it doesn't have Mark Calloways (Takers real name) personal story and past it's all about The rise of the Undertaker at the 1990 Survivors Series to exactly a year on where he dethroned Hulk Hogan to gain his first of 4 world titles and moves on through his classic battles with Bret Hart, Yokozuna and Diesel all the way up to the first ever hell in a cell match with Shawn Michaels to the legendary hell in a cell that really made hell in a cell famous against Mick "Mankind" Foley.
Although it's got some great matches this DVD is a little dissapointing with the choice of matches they have decided to put on the 3 disc set. All matches are in their entirety and dont get me wrong, decent matches! But where's the Hell In A Cell with Brock Lesnar? Or the classic buried alive match against Stonecold at Rock Bottom 99, the casket match at Royal Rumble 98 and of course one of my all time, and unexpected favourites, against Jeff Hardy on Raw Undisputed Championship ladder match? So this DVD is missing some of the greatest Undertaker matches of all time but when you slice it down Taker is a legend and 95% of his matches are above par! I was also a little dissapointed that the Armageddon 6 pack hell in a cell wasn't on there. Not because it was particularly a phenominal match but because it was a great match and I dont have it. Plus it is missing some key Undertaker non-match moments.
If you're a WWE fan you'll know who Undertaker is and if you are a fan of Undertakers this DVD is definately one for the collection. It could have been better but it's still a great piece of WWE history as Undertaker is no doubt going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.
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on 7 November 2005
The most mixed WWE/F DVD I ahve bought in a long time. This DVD is littered with tonnes of matched and interviews and does a sort of timeline between each match with what the Undertaker was up to. There are (I feel) really bad matches in this DVD which should have been replaced, or at least cut down a bit (btw, all matches on this dvd are in their full). For example, King Of The Ring 99 against The Rock, could have easily been left out and replaced by Undertaker vs Randy Orton from WM21, and I dont understand why Undertaker vs John Cena is in there, which could have been Sycho Sid vs Undertaker from WM13, or what I thought was a kick ass match was Undertaker vs JBL in the Last Ride Match at No Mercy 2004, but sadly it was left out. There are good matches though, like Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Ground Zero and Badd Blood, and Undertaker vs Bret Hart at Summerslam and One Night Only. Aswell as a Bonus match against Kurt which was on smackdown, which kicks ass until Brock comes in. There are some good extras, especially since Paul Bearer cracks me up, but there is still something missing. Anyway, I would recommend this DVD if you are a Die Hard Undertaker fan, like me, just to get matches which arent on DVD yet.
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VINE VOICEon 10 February 2006
First i wanna thank the WWE for putting this DVD out, it is not a DVD with a story of the Undertakers life this is merely a collection of all his greatest matches from the start to finish of his career (although it isn't finished yet).
My favourite Undertaker matches i will talk about here one by one so here goes.
Undertaker vs Mankind Hell In A Cell Match King Of The Ring 1998: Who doesn't know about this match? wether you were a wrestling fan or not around this time you will of heard about it because it was just crazy. This match not only overshadowed Micks past career as his most death defying moment but it set in stone the character of the Undertaker as a cold hearted evil man who will go to any lengths to hurt somebody.
The first throw off the cell is unbelievable and i genuinly thought mankind might of been killed at that moment, luckily he wasn't and he was actually still able to go through the top of the cell down to the ring via a chokeslam. This match is very slow, mainly because of the huge falls Mankind takes but it is also the most entertaining match in the set.
Kane s Undertaker Inferno Match Unforgiven 1998: This year was Takers best year because not only did he have the most memorable match in history with Mankind and had people believe he would kill his opponents if he had to but now the WWE decided that if the Undertaker was this dangerous in a cell, let's stick fire around the ring, remove the cell and put him against his brother.
This = Excellence as it is again one of Undertakers best matches, him and Kane fail to put on a bad match in my opinion now considering the size of the pair of them you would think this wouldn't be a very quick paced match, but you would be wrong. The entire ring is used well and when it comes to Underakers classic dive over the top rope and that brings the end of the match which is so cool you wouldn't believe.
Well they are the 2 of my favourite matches but trust me there are alot more of Takers classic matches, the only bad part of this collection is that there is a serious lack of his matches as the biker Undertaker but none the less buy this collection as it provides hours and hours of entertainment.
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on 14 January 2006
I must have around 130 dvds and this is the best set I now have.
I've been a huge Undertaker fan since his first appearance in the wwf and have waited for a great set such as this For too long to mark his history and total domination of american wrestling.
Whatever you have seen in the past of Mark Callaway, nothing quite prepares you for the Biggest, and most certainly brutal wrestling matches you will probably ever see that he were a part
of. If you like any of his style, phenom/american badass/deadman approx 10 hours of brilliantly edited footage, THIS SET ROCKS!
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on 26 October 2005
If you are a wwe fan or more specificaly a Undertaker fan, then you must own this dvd! 3 discs of non stop Undertaker action including the first ever hell in a cell match against HBK, the famous inferno match against Kane, the Foley hell in a cell match and loads more. As well as there being lots of old school Undertaker matches its also good to see some classic fights from his American Bad Ass persona like the classic brawl he and HHH had at wrestlemania 17. A must own for any fan!!
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on 9 December 2005
The Undertaker has been dominating the WWE for over 15 years and is truly perhaps, just behind Hulk Hogan, one of the greatest in ring performers. This fantastic 3 disc set commemorates the legendary on-going career of the deadman.
The entire DVD focuses on thhe Undertaker's Career and storylines leading up to battles. There is nothing about Mark Calloway's life or career. However that isn't a bad thing- this DVD compensates with full length, classic Undertaker battles with Hulk Hogan, the buried alive and Hell In A Cell VS Mankind, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold Steve Austin. There is no doubt about it- the dvd compiles the Undertaker against the greatest superstars in history and could read as a Hall Of Fame.
The only negative thing about this set is that it's last match is against Kane at Wrestlemania 20, when the Phenom returned to battle his brother. I would have liked to see more up to date matches (Vs Randy Orton Wrestlemania 21, Vs Dudley Boys at The Great American Bash) or some which were left out (Vs Psycho Sid for the WWE title).
However, if you know the Undertaker as the Deadman, American Bad Ass or the Phenom, there is something for everyone on the DVD. 5 out of 5.
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on 8 January 2012
If you are a wrestling particular WWE and The Undertaker..this, what I call the PHENOMenal collection volume 1, is an absolutely must!

Volume 2 being: WWE - Undertakers Deadliest Matches [DVD] is just as fantastic as this one.

If you looking out for collection of unrated, uncut matches of the Demon from Death Valley, these two collections are what you need.

Other related PHENOMenally collections to check out:

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Satan's Prison: Anthology of Elimination Chamber [DVD] [2010] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

WWE - The Greatest Cage Matches Of All Time [DVD]

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Mick Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses Hardcore Edition DVD (3 Discs)

The Twisted, Disturbed Life of [DVD]

WWE - The Ladder Match [DVD]

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WWE - Armageddon 2000 & No Way Out 2001 [DVD]
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