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I don't think the Urban Legends series gets the attention it deserves. The quality of the films goes down with each sequel (with the third having nothing at all to do with the first two films), but it's still a darn good trio of horror movies. This is a great buy for those who don't already have all three films (especially the first two) in their DVD libraries.
Most of my high regard for the series is due to the original. Far from being a Scream clone, it is one of the most impressive slasher films of recent years, in my opinion. The suspense is sustained throughout, the identification of the killer is handled superbly, and the ending is well-nigh perfect. A serial killer who constructs his/her kills on urban legends - fantastic. Maybe it's not a wholly original idea, but no film had ever taken the premise to the extreme the way Urban Legend did. Among the talented cast, Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart give particularly impressive performances. Gayheart in particular really expanded her acting repertoire with this film. The less talented cast members, as it turns out, were pretty much the first to be dispatched, and this works out well. It's always nice when a particularly annoying character you expect to have to deal with until the end gets offed in the first half hour. All told, I actually consider Urban Legend to be a much more original, shocking, effective film than any of the Scream movies it is invariably compared to. The final revelations of this film, as I have already mentioned, took me completely by surprise, and that really doesn't happen all that often.
Urban Legends Final Cut is a movie about a movie, basically, and this little twist to the classic horror formula plays out rather well. At the country's most distinguished film-making school, the Hitchcock Award for best student movie is the ultimate accomplishment, all but guaranteeing the winner a quick jump to a directing chair in Hollywood. The protagonist, Amy, decides to break away from her documentary roots and produce a horror movie, one in which a serial killer patterns his murders on urban legends. As Amy begins filming, several of her fellow students are murdered, and eventually the killer comes after her. All told, this is a better-than-average slasher film, combining good acting, great special effects, and an actual storyline that doesn't reveal its most important secrets until the very end. The special effects are pretty good, and there is a nice variety to be found in the urban legend-based murders. The movie has its lighter side, as well, obviously not taking itself too seriously. The movie could be considered rather Scream-like, but it has enough character of its own to succeed in its own right - but it's not as good as the original.
Urban Legends - Bloody Mary was a direct-to-video release that really had nothing to do with the first two films. While the film falls far short of its predecessors, Urban Legends - Bloody Mary isn't all that bad, though. It has some definite weaknesses, but it also has a nice sampling of blood and gore. There are many variations on the old Bloody Mary story, but it makes for classic urban legend fare. Look in the mirror, say Bloody Mary's name three times, and she appears - and then the fun begins. Apparently, a mirror isn't actually required after all, as young Samantha Owens conjures the restless spirit without one after hearing the story of a local girl supposedly killed back in 1969 - and disappears until the next day. Those responsible for Samantha's disappearance start dying, in rather gruesome ways, which makes Sam and her brother David (whom some blame for the murders) exceedingly unpopular at school. By about the second murder, the whole urban legend m.o. is applied rather loosely, but there's still the Bloody Mary connection. Samantha comes to believe that the killer is the ghost of Mary and that she is killing the children of those responsible for her death. There's no denying that Urban Legends - Bloody Mary is an exceedingly predictable little film. Mary's killer might as well have walked around with the words "I did it" on his forehead. There are some decent-sized holes in the plot, as well. Still, I enjoyed this movie. The special effects for Bloody Mary herself are pretty good, and the deaths are reasonably gory (although we sometimes only see the aftermath of them). You really have to judge this film on its own merits, though, as it really has next to nothing to do with the first two Urban Legends movies.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 February 2015
The first thing about this box set is that the DVDs in it are exactly the same as those sold separately –I know as I’ve got both types. The box set has a strong open fronted outer card case and the individual DVDs are each held within their own DVD case. What follows is a general overview, for more detail please see my individual reviews of the films.
The first two films are very similar in style and consist of a number of Urban Legends held together by a basic storyline. In effect each murder almost works as separate act or scene. They quite comfortably fit into the slasher/gore school of shocks and provide some good jumpy moments. The third film was a direct to DVD and does not suffer too badly from its low budget, holding its own against the others, but its more a supernatural detective story with some scary moments.
All come with much the same extras; Language selection [English & either German or Spanish, depending on the disc], subtitles [14 dropping to 5 on the last –almost all being European], scene selection, play and some other extras being mostly making of or commentaries.
Overall each film gets a **** rating, but that doesn’t mean they are all as good as one another. It all depends on your preference, whether it’s shock/horror or storyline/shocker you want. If you like being scared, get them, but try the box set as it will work out cheaper -especially second hand as its usually the outer card box that will carry any damage/wear.
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These films (well, the first two at least) are very similar to Scream, I know What You Did Last Summer etc. They're fairly decent for what they are and the first one (especially) is probably nearly as good as the first Scream. The second is very similar, though not quite as good and the third one is more a supernatural horror (but still fun and worth watching).

Not worth the £20 Amazon are currently charging (especially when you can watch the first 2 on LoveFilm), but well worth a fiver if you can get it 2nd hand.
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on 27 December 2015
Disc 1 was alright.
Disc 2 was the best among these 3.
Disc 3 has completely nothing to do with the first 2, great actresses but might due to the low budget, or the director, so it turns out a bit crap. Could have been better, one thing worth mentioning, the theme song "I Will Always Be There" by Niki Harris (friend and backing vocalist for Madonna) was good.
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on 19 April 2009
first let me say i love all the urban legends equally and i love them so much even the 3rd.
these films are my favorite!
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on 18 April 2012
An absolute must for any fan of horror/slasher movies... Although I had already seen all three movies it was useful to have them all in one Classic Boxset... Maybe will only replace when I can afford the blu ray version!
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on 19 February 2014
still jumpy as hell love them all, the first still gives me nightmares....enjoy....don't turn on the light...goodnight, godbless, whatever...goodbye..and what theres someone in the back...
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on 26 December 2015
Great service and received them in reasonable time. Well recommend . I have loads of dvd's off them
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on 2 December 2015
Great film pristine condition
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on 5 December 2010
ABSOLOUTELY love these films, they are just amazing, worth every penny i paid for this. The 3rd one dont really link on to the 1st and 2nd but its still a bloody good film.
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