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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 5 December 2005
Trust me, if Family Guy is your thing, you'll love this. The comic writing is as incredibly hillarious as it as ever been -- Alex Borstein is the Newton of fat jokes; just wait 'til you see the bathtub scene! The 'movie' is also surrounded (start and end) by stuff that highlights it's a movie. At the beginning the Griffins turn up in a Limo at a red-carpet premiere -- it's hillarious: Lois gets out drunk slurring, "When they said I was gonna be in a movie, I was, like, f*** yeah!!". True, there are a few F's than most episodes of the show, but I doubt that will put anyone off because Family Guy has never been the humour (regardless of mature content) of under 17s -- it has a lot of references to 80s culture (movies, TV, music, etc) that youngsters don't understand.
Buy it, it rocks.
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2006
I was introduced to 'Family Guy' Season 3 a few years ago and I've been hooked on it ever since.

Although an in-depth knowledge of seasons 1 through 4 is not necessary to enjoy this movie length feature, it probably wouldn't hurt as some of the jokes are interrelated.

This 'Untold Story' focuses on perhaps the most entertaining character in the Griffin household, little baby Stewie. However don't be expecting light-hearted gags and innocent jokes because this, like the majority of family guy material can sometimes get quite close to the bone and they don't seem to care who or what they have a go at. Indeed the makers seem to have cranked the level up a bit for this movie.

I'm a big fan of most comedy genres, and this is no exception. It is simply hilarious from start to finish and you will probably find yourself rewinding the action back to find out what you missed while you were laughing.

Check it out!
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on 6 August 2005
Film Spin-offs from TV programmes... all except one... The Family Guy Movie!
This is an absolutely hilarious showing of what Seth and the Family Guy crew can produce.
The film is mainly about Stewie, trying to find where he belongs, after a near death experience.
The films opening goes on the same lines as Road to Europe and Road to Rhode Island (which happen to be my 2 favourite episodes).
With this film being very newly made there is a lot of current topics being made fun of (britney spears fatpregnantstate being one of them), and the fact it is less censored due to its DVD state means there are a lot more F's flying about.
A lot of crazy things happen in this film, leaving you with much anticipation for the 5th series of the show.
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on 30 June 2010
This DVD boasts extra segments at begining and end that were not aired, an interesting commentry by Seth Mcfarlane et al and a fabulous cast of diabolical characters. Set out in three parts for TV, this is a much better, smoother ride. If your a fan of Stewie especially then this is a MUST! But fans of other characters will not be dissapointed.
The film in total is divided into 3 parts. The red carpet feature before the advertised film, the film itself (which is in a further 3 parts - 3 episodes) and then the "audience reaction" to the film where the characters from the series comment on their thoughts. I thought that the red carpet sequence was absolutely hilarious and fit the Family Guy humor 110%. The first episode-and-a-half of the advertised film also gets my 2 thumbs up as it's full of the Family Guy wit that makes the series so successful.
"Rude, provocative, satirical...Brilliant" Says The Mirror, and they were right. Packed full and overflowing with humour that'll have you laughing long after, I highly recommend this to even those whom, like myself, saw most, if not all episodes when they were aired. Genius
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on 18 September 2006
This is the first FAMILY GUY thing I have seen so that means I haven't watched anything FAMILY GUY related before this.

My friend kept on going on about how good FAMILY GUY was an how funny it was so I picked this up expecting great things.

I wasn't dissapointed as I was laughing at most of it.

Now I have watched this I have to buy the season box sets now.

The story is: Stewie, the maniacal baby genius, is distracted from his plans for world domination when he sees a man who looks just like him on television. Convinced that this man must be his real father (after all, how could he possibly share genetic material with the dimwitted Peter?).

Stewie sets off on a cross - country road trip to find him.

But his incredible journey leads him to discoveries far more vile and shocking than anything found in his nappy.

This film/extended episode is 88 minutes of pure comedy, ok some of it is too near the knucle but that's why it's a 15.

It was similar to the adult comedy of BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD in the way it was crude.

The asian news reporter was hilarious and the part where Brian gets Stewie drunk and Stewies crashes the car in the wall of a pub... them are just a few of the things that are funny.

All in all a funny film that should be watched by everyone.
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on 24 December 2015
An amazing feature length episode. Featuring the entire Griffin family but focusing on Stewie as he embarks on an adventure to discover himself after a near death experience. Plenty of laugh out loud moments this makes light of the shows previous cancellation and despite being a one shot special also contains some very unique and lasting jokes that carry on into the main season. Introducing Al Harrington and Stewie's first time travelling experience this coupled with its low price are a fantastic experience.
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on 1 February 2006
This film isn't actually about Stewie growing up - he'll always be more fun as a diabolical infant! What I mean is that the tone of the humour is more adult than ever It's funny though and a must see for the Family Guy Fan. Why do I give it 4 stars rather than 5 then? Well if the film has a down side it's purely due to the comic timing. The usual Family Guy episode is around 20 minutes and this is a good period to pack in the cartoon punches. This film is over three episodes long and this allows one to become slightly immune to it's irreverant / observational style of humour. It's still good though and I even enjoyed listening to the additional commentary by Seth Macfarlane, et al.
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on 15 April 2013
I was so excited when I heard this existed, I bought it straight away! The first two main plots are hilarious and full of that random Family Guy silliness we all love. When it moves into the third main plot sequence, things go a little downhill and everything seems a bit forced as if they just had extra time to fill.

Here's a brief outline about each main plot sequence.

First Main Plot - Funny antics at the Quahog swimming pool/Stewie begins drinking (very funny ^^) with Brian. Meanwhile, Peter joins Channel 5 News with his "grind my gears" show in which he rants about things that make him angry (this could have been SO funny and I was SOO disappointed with how boring they made it)/ Stewie finds a man on TV with the same face as him in san Francisco and hopes to find him as he could be his real father.

Second Main Plot (My favourite) - Quagmire buys a winnebago (or a Wanna-bang-o ^^) to go touring and sleeping with women in various states of America/Stewie and Brian go with Quagmire (funny scenes ensuing, particularly with Quagmire strapped to a bed)/ Stewie and Quagmire steal the winnebago and go San Francisco, where they find the Stewie-lookalike who turns out to be Stewie from the future (Stu). Meanwhile Lois and Peter are involved in a rather dull and pointless subplot as they try to get Meg and Chris out into the dating world.

Third Main Plot - Here's where things get a bit tiresome. Stewie goes to the future with Stu. He is a romantic hopeless and a failure, Meg's a man, Chris is married to a complete cow/ Stewie teaches Stu a few things, like sex, ect but all of this trailed on a bit. I DID like however, the trip to the retirement home where Joe, Cleveland, Quagmire (still alive!!), Lois and Peter are all worn and aged/ Stewie goes back to the past to change his future.

Overall, this is worth buying if you are a huge FG fan like me! It's not their best work and in one of the Season 6 or 7 episodes, (Road to Rupert) Lois does pick up a copy of this DVD, commenting on what a load of crap it is and how it will end up in the discount store.
I've watched it three times now, and I still love it! Not their best work but nothing I particularly hated about it. It's fun and pretty safe humour.
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on 23 June 2014
Some FG specials, such as Road to the North Pole, do appear in the regular season boxed sets, and some, like Blue Harvest, do not. This is one that does not.

It's only about 1/4 the material of a standard box, so logically should be about 1/4 the price. I paid £1.73 plus postage and on that sort of basis, can recommend this as good fun.
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on 25 October 2005
I am a huge FG fan, and love all three series. I will be the first to give an honest review, its ok. There are a few funny moments but nothing as truly outragious as on the TV version, there are a few more 'f' words flying around, but at the age of 23 it takes more than bad language to make me laugh. The jokes are simply not as clever as on the TV version, its more like three ok episodes stuck together. Don't get me wrong its not bad, it just doesn't live up to all the pre-emptive reviews people have been throwing around since the project was announced.
If you are new to FG start with the series, if you thing the show is ok rent it, otherwise one for completists only i think.
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