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on 22 March 2006
Wow, I don’t know what I need to type to make people buy this, but as an anime fan I suggest all the Macross Saga Robotech DVD’s as a must. As a young boy I watched a video called Codename Robotech, an utterly baffling Japanese cartoon film about aeroplanes transforming into mech warriors and an invading alien race. Some twelve years later I discover that the film was an amalgamation of a long running TV series in Japan, recently released onto DVD in Europe. Each twenty minute episode is presented on a two disc DVD that lasts for over four hours, and explains completely what has made me confused for the latter of my teen years. The first disc of the anime series explains the story of how a new form of technology, that crash landed into earth, has been harnessed by the human population and advanced their own technology in the process. Unfortunately for the United Earth Council (a banner for the nations that have rallied together to explore the technology), the aliens that misplaced the ship are on a quest to get it back, in order to discover the mysterious power of Robotech. Coupled with great aerial action sequences, and fantastic characters, Robotech is a series that realty invokes emotion on an epic scale. I recommended this series to a friend who is now completely hooked (Captain Farrely), I only wish I could escape into this world for real (mainly for Lisa Hayes)!!!
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on 28 July 2006
I was 14 when I watched this series after school and thought it was "Cool".

Now over 20+ years later I bought the first series, Robotech the Macross Saga. When I put the first disc from Robotech Vol. 1 in and watched it with my 13 year old son he said his first thought was, "Cool."

The whole idea of fighting a race of beings that are actually clones, and having space fighters that can turn into robots controlled by the pilots were great.

One thing that made it popular in the US was the fact many people refused to show cartoons where people get die in a battle. This did show that people died (While keeping it a G (or in UK a U) rating) in war and how the characters dealt with death.

They also showed how people dealt with other things like, love and hate.

If you like Science fiction or Manga, this is a very excellent series to watch. The only reason I only gave it a five star rating is because the Amazon tool wouldn't let me give it an eight star rating.
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on 6 December 2005
I was only 1 when the first episode of Robotech was aired in the states and very young to remember the reruns on Saturday Morning TV, Boobytrap the first story always stuck out in my head and when I heard the show was released and remastered on DVD I had to purchase it at all costs.
I suppose the reason why Robotech sets itself apart from every other show is the rich interesting storylines and character development indigenous to the series. I have seen some Next Gen episodes but for me Macross was Robotech, the one that started it all off, one look at the SDF-1 and your blown away. The Veritech Fighter squads impress even the oldest of fans among us and the interweaving storylines of heroism, bravery, courage, adversity and love add that glow we've all come to know as Macross.
In short quite simply the best Anime you are ever likely to see until Rocotech Shadow Chronicles airs DVD in 2006!
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on 16 October 2011
In the first volume of Robotech you get the first 12 episodes dubbed in english.

Its about Rick Hunter, a civilian who gets dragged into a war when Aliens attack (Zentradi). The Zentradi are after an Alien Space Fortress which landed on earth during the third world war (this is explained more in the books), this unified the Earth under one goverment after realising they were not alone after all.

The Dub - Hard to believe it was dubbed back in 1985. It sounds great after being restored for the dvd release, the voice acting is really good and believable.

Video Quality - As for being remastered it looks really good but you can still notice Pixelization is some scenes which rarely happens.
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on 28 December 2005
I first saw macross 7 years ago and it was the first anime i ever watched and it griped me into watching anime and manga alike and i could not stop watching i have been searching for near enough 7 years for it and have finaly found it I hope u find it as enjoyable as i did.
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on 29 May 2014
Ok bit of time wasting for the young ones. Missed this series when I was a wee boy and kind of wish now that I hadn't.
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