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4.3 out of 5 stars49
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2003
Agnetha's second international English-language solo album builds on the strong points of her debut and delivers what is still one of my favourite albums of all time.
Great songs and consistent production result in a well-rounded collection. There are no hits to speak of but the lead single, 'I won't let you go' is a storming pop track which deserved huge success.
There is a good mix of songs on this album from emotional ballads such as 'We move as one' through to chugging pop tracks such as 'One way love' and dramatic 80's pop rock like 'I keep turning off lights'. But even with the changes in tempo and style from one track to the next, the whole album hangs together superbly.
There are songs on here which, given the right promotion and radio play, would undoubtedly have been big hits. However, in many ways, the fact that this album is something of a forgotten gem makes it seem all the more special.
If you want a taster of what Agnetha can do outside of Abba, choose this album.
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on 13 August 2003
Diverse views surround this album. I think it Agnetha's best solo venture overall. This has ballads but there is a greater mix of styles. This one borders pop/rock moreso than her other english solo albums. The album opens with the excellent One Way Love. Agnetha's own composition and fans favourite single I won't let you go is here. We Should Be Together is another good one and was covered in the 80's by Paul Wellers protogee Tracey Young. But there are many other gems in the ballads. The Angels Cry written by Moody Blues Justin Hayward is reminiscent of that bands style. I won't be leaving you is a lovely ballad and the album ends with a soaring torch song We Move as One.
Buy this album - if you like Agnetha's voice you won't regret it.
Favourite Track? The Angels Cry
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on 16 October 2001
Agnetha's second post-ABBA solo album has quite a hard but very distinctive production quality typical of a lot of mid-eighties recordings. There is a lot of reverb on the vocals but they do also sound a little hollow and sometimes drowned out by the music - not the best showcase for Agnetha's fantastic vocal ability.
Highlights on this album are "I Won't Let You Go" - uplifting uptempto track, dodgy production though, "Angels Cry" - sorrowfull balad similar to "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" from the first album, "Click Track" - 80s sassy, uptempo track, vocals unusual for Agentha in that they are almost spoken on the verses (great video too!). The last two tracks on this CD are fantastic - "I Keep Turning off Lights" and "We Move As One" wouldn't have been out of place on any ABBA album - again with Bjorn and Benny on the mixing and production desk they would be even better. A very classy album, nice pictures and stylish inner sleeve.
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on 23 November 2001
Agnetha Faltskog is a wonderful singer but her choice of songs have always been rather safe. This album is different. Listen to "click track",
Ï keep turning of lights" etc. This album is pure pop/rock. That's why I like it this much.
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on 19 January 2014
It's official, she's managed it, she's matched Frida's five star "Shine" with one herself. For someone reason unbeknownst to me regarding the rabble, this seems to be less held in regard as the other two 80s albums that it sits between, yet neither of those, whilst having a sizeable amount of delectable material, deliver on the height of consistency that this album managed so effortlessly, and I think the main reasons for that are bravery of vision, acquisition of eclecticism and a rousing much-needed rock approach to dilute the rather candyfloss pop melodies and rather sugary-at time-lyrics that pepper both the heavily soul/Motown base of "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and the MOR Californian rock of Cetera on "I Stand Alone". With Agnetha herself happily (at the time anyway) singing a stinging amount of truly great tunes as perfectly as she has ever sung anything (as always she is exemplary in the vocal department) one part of this truly winning enterprise, I bow to 10cc star, songwriter, producer and engineer Eric Stewart for collecting together and honing to perfection a unique passel of songs Agnetha could never give us again. The stats speak for themselves-unlike a dozen at most of standouts that initially sink in at first listen o the other albums, the following on this collection hit me full on at once-: 'One Way Love', 'Eyes Of A Woman', 'The Angels Cry', 'Click Track', 'I Won't Be Leaving You', 'Save Me (Why Don't Ya)', 'I Keep Turning Off Lights' and 'We Move As One'-and that's most of the album!

You really can't fault an album that totally eschews the rather twee simplicity of generality of the other albums, and dumps the rather 1-2-3 "I love you" stuff for the deeper, darker musings on relationships and life, whilst telling a story at the same time ('Eyes Of A Woman', 'Just One Heart', 'Click Track', 'I Won't Be Leaving You', 'I Keep Turning Off Lights') to make things even more effusive; likewise the driving but utterly melodic rock powering the title track, 'Save Me', 'I Keep Turning Off Lights' and 'We Move As One' results in the same awesome power resulting in an utterly pleasing result the 80's can be proud of like no other decade so consistently when it comes to artists and their music. And it's pure skill that turns what could be a run-of-the-mill song like 'We Should Be Together' and 'I Won't Let You Go' in someone else's hands and voice into necessary additions both instantly hummable and deeper than you'd think on first listen, but Agnetha's voice can never be shortchanged for that.

I've never known such an utterly captivating album from Agnetha that boasts such a far reaching palette, yet never loses cohesiveness, or owned an album by her so full of potential sparkling singles, which would never be fully utilised in an unhelpful narrow-minded singles market, plus don't forget 1985 was the year that talent-free hoe Madonna appeared to envelop the easy world like smog, sadly putting female singers into a very different and utterly non-artistic template to end the decade and continue to this day and so on. But this changes nothing, as when this record's on, Agnetha owns the world, she really does, with all bases covered on one CD. There's the empowering masterful 'simple' pop fulfilled with 'One Way Love', the self-penned 'I Won't Let You Go' and 'We Should Be Together', the plea for compassion in a broken society on the intriguing Calypso tune 'Just One Heart', the yearning vocally unmatched hurt and tenderness of her best ballads in the epic complexity of 'I Won't Be Leaving You', the utterly beautiful power-ballad of Justin Hayward's 'The Angels Cry' (perfect to lament loss in a TV series like "Angels In America" or a film like "Longtime Companion") or the rousing finale 'We Move As One', which, like several songs on this album, plus some other fine picks from the other two, could easily have been an Abba song. As if that weren't, we get more rousing forays into rock from one album than she would ever comfortably give, added to a lyrical precision of intelligence to match with the title track, 'Save Me (Why Don't Ya)', the rather menacing 'I Keep Turning Off Lights'-complete with thunder sound-effects, and best of all, an utterly startling quirk of rock oddity 'Click Track', which a video was done for, but sadly never became a single. I can't BELIEVE she's singing these words, SHE probably can't believe it, there so not the Agnetha we know, but shouldn't pop surprise now and again? Yes, today she'd conveniently forget it or gasp in horror, but stuff it, it's fun, kind of dirty, different damned fun and on an album like this, were quality mixed ingredients make the dish of the day, this, for me, is the red-lit cherry on top to pop.

This remastered CD serves up four extra tunes, plus an extended 'I Won't Let You Go'. The two b-sides were correctly left off the album, as neither suited it. 'You're There' is another Agnetha written tune, but it's classical simplicity, while nice, is not "Eyes Of A Woman" quality, and other b-side 'Turn The World Around', while more upbeat, wouldn't merge either. The remaining two are the A and B-side of 1986 single, the sublime power-ballad 'The Way You Are', duet with Ola Hakansson, that became another massive Swedish No.1 for Agnetha, even if it failed in it's job to promote a Swedish city as a possible host for presenting the 1992 Olympic Games, and 'Fly Like Eagle' is a quaint, but much weaker duet from the pair aswell.

Evidently long-time Abba fan Elvis Costello submitted a track called 'Shatter Proof' for this, her best album, but Agnetha passed on it, perhaps a pity as 12 tracks would have been lovely. Did she do right, what would it have been like, I wonder, another 'Click Track' oddity perhaps, which could have been too much for the Eyes and Ears of our lovely Woman?
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on 21 January 2010
I was reluctant to give this album 5 stars, and what tipped it for me, is purely her voice. Most of the songs are of a high standard, some even bordering on excellence for example the unusual, clever and catchy "Click Track" with it's spoken passages and crackingly infectious choruses, the beautiful melody of the title track, (Sounding very much like an ABBA pastiche) and the brilliant poppy E.L.O composed "One Way Love", with it's crunching synth into: perfect to open the album and persuades you that this album is gonna be a pop killer. The only grudge I have is that it all sounds very under-produced and veers into the "safe" lane. If this album had been produced by Bjorn and Benny, it would have been a stormer, as they would have given their special "magic" production treatment, which has always remained timeless. I would also add that had maybe Agnetha herself had more production input - it would have shone with that unique scandinavian style. However criticism apart, this is a good album and Agnetha never sounded better. She is an artiste who has the knowing that sometimes "over-singing" a song can ruin it. She just slightly holds back in the right places, giving her voice that beautiful vulnerable charm; a trick that not many singers have the knack of controlling. Yep of course there's some fillers, but the aforementioned goodies make up for the low spots, plus the lovely "The angels cry" and "We move as one", the album closer, which ends on a very strange minor chord; an unexpected close to this type of anthem ballad. The note seems to hang in the air for ages changing into an echo until it's gone like an uncomfortable presence. I like it more for that; it's experimental and innovative, proving when risks are taken, they can work. I think this is one of her best solo efforts, but this Pop-Goddess could have done so, so much more in the world of pop music, with a voice that has moved millions to tears on some of her ABBA work. Maybe less is more but no-one needs reminding of the bitter yearning in "The winner takes it all" and the played down irony in "The day before you came". There's still time to record an album with a couple of your ex-band mates producing. Imagine that collaboration!I Stand AloneAgnetha Faltskog Albums: Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus, I Stand Alone, Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Agnetha Faltskog, Tio AR Med Agnetha
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on 25 November 1999
Anyone who appreciated the girls singing ability in ABBA need to own this album. The tracks are every thing you would expect from any one who had been a member of ABBA one of the best groups we have ever had. This album was given to me 3 years ago and is one of my most played, where ever I travel it goes with me.
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on 16 January 2008
If you're a pop fan like me (especially the 80s) then you'll love this album. In my view, Agnetha's best solo album. Of the four English language albums, it's the one that show most diversity in all the different styles it contains.
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on 11 October 2013
Back in the days of Abba's high popularity, I did like the Abba sound and I have to say Frida was my favorite,but not any more,(see also my review of Frida's Somethings going on) this was my first purchase.Frida's CD is very good and has some very nice tracks.I appreciate of course everyones taste in music varies but this CD is Fantastic!! Agnetha's voice has got richer over the years,but make no mistake this is not an Abba sound,far better in my opinion as soon as the first track," One Way Love," started I was hooked,and just keep playing the whole CD over and over.The arrangements of each track are uplifting and Agnetha's voice is superb,unlike most of the pop of today which is shouted rather than sung and one or two lines repeated over and over.I am not going to give away my age but my teen years were in the 1960's when pop music was much more melodic and perhaps why I enjoy Agnetha's voice.There is only one track which I am not so keen on is track 6," Click Track",but the other 15 are I have to say "Beautifull". I now have purchased four more of Agnetha's CD's which I might review later. A tip, if you listen to the Mp3 track samples first,which I did then you can see if it is your taste.
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on 7 July 2000
Being an ABBA fan from day one, I was reluctant to buy an album featuring any one of the girls singing solo, I was afraid my dreams of ABBA would be shattered. I recently took the bull by the horns and sent for this one from Amazon, I have been more than pleasantly suprised. The sweet vioce of Agnetha has given me many hours of pleasure, it will not be the last one I buy. Well done Agnetha!
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