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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2006
I have only seen the first four episodes of this series on DVD (I saw them in one sitting last night in fact), and I have seen series 3 but not the first series; however, I can say without fear of overreaching that this is the best thing since sliced bread - even if you take into account different types e.g. wholemeal, crusty, baguettes etc.
The novel feature about this comedy is that we have access to the thoughts of the two leading protagonists and such thoughts tend to be in conflict with what they actually verbalise. Aside from this novel feature,
the comedy works because it very well scripted. It's actually a very clever idea: two late 20s/early 30 yr olds living together, diametrically opposed personalities - so that most in this age bracket can relate to at least one or the other - and ostensibly different characters except that their Machiavellian motivations and thoughts are revealed to us and we appreciate that the core of their being is essentially that of any human - self-serving and cynical.
Yes, this comedy series brings unbridled cynicism of the human condition to the fore and delivers witticisms in a manner unseen on these isles since the good old fashioned Shakespearean 'aside'.
I think this series is arguably better than the third. The discovery that Mark's new friend is a Nazi; Jez and Mark's desperate attempts to impress their new prospective girlfriends by sharing a hippy-love spin-the-bottle induced snog; Mark's stalking of a Dartmouth Uni student bird and subsequent failure to pull her.
All the characters are strong and very well performed and not just the two central characters. Sophie is a very believeable and well acted part, for example, Super Hans is a fine creation, too.
Ultimately, it's comforting to know that great British comedy does exist, after years in the doldrums. I was always a big fan of 'niche' comedy shows like "The Mary Whitehouse Experience" and "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" from the more 'surrealist' comedy era, and also the more well known "Blackadder". A new era of comedic 'realism' has swept the nation, from "The Day Today" and Alan Partridge, to "The Office" and now "Peep Show". I suspect that "Peep Show" will fail to get the recognition it deserves but as a testament to its cult support it has had three series released at least. May there be many more.
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on 6 January 2006
Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong really have created (along with David Mitchell and Robert Webb) a work of comic genius. It's no coincidence that the unique asset of hearing the protagonists’ thoughts is the funniest thing about the show, along with two caricatures as the leading roles.
Jeremy certainly makes progress with his character, and his relationship with the unorthodox and confused Christian Nancy ( played brilliantly by the stunning Rachel Blanchard) is fantastic, and their constant intent on breaking taboos is not only amusing in itself, but also the reaction it ignites from Mark who is a complete conformist! There is also the realisation that he is simply not talented at music, and his idiotic friend Super Hans rejects him many times.
Mark affably spies on Sophie, and woos a self-conscious and shy student (a female Mark basically), and the last thought of the episode where he unsuccessfully tries to "make the move" is so well-delivered it's simply genius. Mark seems a lot more likeable due to his friendship with the fascist (that makes him look better), and his eventual defeat of the unpleasant Jeff.
But, crucially, both are still unsuccessful in all that they strive for, and Peep Show is well known for being a "loser comedy" with awkward situations, ridiculous statements, and unworkable relationships. It can be compared to the office in this light, but what better an influence?
The extras are a lot better than the last DVD: three commentaries, along with behind the scenes films that give an insight into how difficult it can be to film the programme.
The hard work has paid off though, and in a world of unfortunate catchphrases (Catherine Tate, Little Britain), it is fantastic to have this comedy to inspire and delight, and in Armstrong, Bain, Webb, and Mitchell, the world of comedy is safe for now.
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I agree with one of the other reviewers - five stars aren't enough for this brilliant comedy. I missed the first two series when they were shown (like most people, I suspect) and catching up with them on DVD has given me six hours of unadulterated pleasure.
The characters make you cringe with embarrassment in a way that recalls the best moments of 'The Office' and some of the one-liners made me laugh more than anything I've seen for a long time. This series is definitely on a par with 'Father Ted' and 'The Office' and stands head and shoulders above programmes like 'Little Britain'.
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on 8 February 2006
Peep Show is not one of todays better known comedies, which, in my opinion, is a shame. Following the lives of Mark and Jeremy, two men with very different outlooks on life. With brilliant actors playing the two characters and a very good supporting cast the show is brilliant. Its' comedy comes from the writers using real-life problem and sometimes painfully embarrasing situations. In this Peep Show manages to relate even to the most 'normal' of us out there, whether it's by having similar problems (even if you do not like to admit to them!) or because you know a Mark or a Jeremy whom you can sypathise with. The thing that makes it brilliant is the quirky way of seeing the world from other peoples point of view and hearing the very plausible thoughts that run through their minds. The DVD itself is also very good, with some hilarious extras with brilliant commentries which makes it better than the DVD of the first series. This show is an understated masterpiece. I had been missing watching a good comedy program until this arrived on the screens which before had been dominated by repetitive and tasteless shows. This is a must see!
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on 25 November 2005
Just when you're starting to feel you've finally grown up, that you're getting old and you think there's nothing funny being made these days, along comes Peep Show and makes you remember how you used to laugh all those years ago. So I will say only this - buy Peep Show and feel young again - even if you're 18! There's more to life than Little Britain... (Please note that I wrote this same review for series one as well - both series' are equally great in my view).
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on 30 December 2005
The Peep Show is just so brilliant, i can't stress enough how important it is for you to watch it - just buy the DVD and see for yourself! Mark and Jeremy are just such amazingly created characters, in some ways I think 'Oh God are there really people like that?' and in others you think 'Oh God I KNOW someone like him...' That doesn't make much sense does it?! Mark is 'a 50 year old trapped in a 20 year old body' and Jeremy thinks he's a musician and a 'sexer'...
Basically it's an absolutely hilarious comedy and this series shows just how good it is. In my opinion all 3 series are equally good which is unusual for a TV show. 10/5 stars ... One of my favourite aspects of this series is the relationship between Mark and Sophie: Mark hacks into Sophie's emails and finds out she thinks he's uptight. So throughout the series he is trying to prove just how un-uptight he is by getting himself involved in all kinds of situations (like a Rainbow Rhythms class!) It's so cringe-worthy watching somebody so deeply 'uncool' and geeky attempting to let himself go. Also in this series Jeremy helps out with the homeless in an attempt to impress his kind-of girlfriend Nancy with hilarious results. The Peep Show is one of those comedies that sounds rubbish if you try and explain it to somebody but watch it and you won't be able to stop laughing.
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on 9 February 2006
Peep Show is a situation comedy akin to the office in its uncompromising approach to embarassing social situations. It is filmed from the perspective of (and occassionaly narrated by) the central characters. These are Jeremy (an overly confident young, unemployed wannabe musician) and Mark (the socially self-conscious flatmate of Jeremy). Their failures and successes in various enterprises (dating, employment, business, and even their own friendship) are portrayed with hilarious takes on the characters' reasoning and emotions. The show also doesn't fear showing the more sensitive moments accurately, whilst staying true to how these are perceived by all parties in any given situation. The support characters are excellent.
All in all the comedy works excellently, and the back cover's claim that it is "devilishly clever, sick, rude and very funny" are all true, although to that you could add "sensitive, subtle, meticulous and unusual".
This second series is a wonderful follow up to the first. There are some new characters and ideas, but the general mood and all that is good about the show is maintained. This is observational humour at its best. It tackles some of the most apt situations of British life.
This second series has 6 episodes and a documentary about how the show is made as one of the extras on the disc. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this and the first series. Brilliant comedy. Really.
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on 14 May 2007
series two of peep show takes off where season one ends and delivers killer moments the like of this world will ever see.The show is genuinely laugh out loud funny but also creepy and surreal and dark at times but constantly great.

The basic idea behind this show is that we get the inner thoughts of the characters which allows us greater insight and indeed the truth,they speak of course but we hear what they think around that and there are lots of point of view shots to give us further insight as well.

During the six episodes here we learn more about mark and jeremy who are warped in their own ways,we also get greater knowledge about the minor characters of series one such as toni and the brilliant super hans,and we understand more about sophie and marks love rival jeff.

A new character appears in nancy,a hippie who takes a shine to jeremy and vice versa but heartache is sure to follow.The show as usual is cringe worthy and desperate at times in its portrayal of the main characters but thats the beauty of it.

I laughed my loaf off when mark was trying to befriend his arch enemy jeff to get closer to sophie by taking him for game of pool and acting macho and saying that he was a great pool player and then hit the crappiest shot in the world,i guess that kind of humour appeals to me and this show surely delivers and more,five star brilliance.
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on 15 October 2005
well what can i say, the 1st series is fantastic, and i must admit i thought the second had a hell of a lot to live up to, does it do it? well . . . . yes is the answer. this is a must have dvd totally original and has a higher 'cringe' factor than programmes like 'The Office'. The 'El Dude Brothers' get up to some capers on this dvd i can tell you, if you havent seen it, then i cant rate it highly enough and if you have seen it then you know what i'm on about. i'd love to put 10 stars but it wont let me. you will not regret this purchase.
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on 23 November 2005
This is one of the funniest and clever comedies I have seen in years! It uses embarassment to a level that even surpases the Office and I'm Alan Partidge and I havnt seen a bad one yet - Iam currently watching the 3rd series on C4. Its total adult humour in places and picks up on things most humans won't admit exist in their every day lives. The two lead characters Mark and Jez are flat mates that seem to be the exact opposite of each other - Mark is the middle class one who has a good job, and goes by the book on everything, whereas Jez is a big kid who takes nothing seriously and thinks he can make it in a band still. Add to this great extras and you have one of the best shows (ever?)
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