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4.4 out of 5 stars28
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2006
Although I should have written this review long ago, I just never found the time to tell you what a great show it is. Angel, the Buffy spin-off, surpassed its sister show and more in its 5 year run. No other show evolved as well in its run, with Angel getting to the point where every season fits...somewhere. Its just works perfectly on every level. Its a wonderful show, written and acted perfectly, so much so that it makes me terrified that heartless networks can cancel them so firmly in their prime. Then again, maybe I appreciate it more since it was cancelled at that time.

Angel is about a vampire with a soul, on a mission to acheive redemption. Combating the complicated, beautiful but troubled city of LA and its nasties, Angel fights with his friends with an almost forgettable goal, at times. he's a manpire against the odds, a stallion of good that sometimes even forgets what he is fighting for, despite him attempts to overcome all evil.

Angel is the ultimate emotional and action hero, played by David Boreanaz with near-perfection by the end of these 5 seasons. You see his character evolve to his peak, so much so that you feel crushed by his mounting troubles by the end of this apocalyptic series.

I can't ruin anything, but this boxset will provide you with all the comedy, drama and emotion you need after being saturated by reality TV. Angel fights against all odds, an important message for people who work in bore, depressed by their lives and their work ethic. Angel teaches you the important aspects of friendship, and the ability to be free.

This is the ultimate boxset. Around 18 episodes have commentaries on these discs(I own all boxsets in original forms), and they all hit the spot nicely, but the picture quality justifies the real lack of extras on these DVDs. Trust me, you won't need them. The quality outdoes the idea of the DVD on every level, a rare feat.

Please invest in this, all I can do is give you my word that this is the best show ever made. Unless you live the experience yourself, you'll never believe me. Buy this set, and discover real entertainment.
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on 3 November 2005
People interested in buying this limited edition box set should know that, just like the previous limited Buffy boxes, it DOES include a letter from series creator Joss Whedon, a episode guide booklet and are individually numbered. Like many people, I've been waiting for this Angel release since the Buffy boxes appeared last year. I received mine yesterday and it’s been well worth the wait!
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on 10 September 2007
I was always a Buffy fan and I liked the character of Angel. However, when Angel became a spin-off, my viewing of the series was only sporadic. I don't think, at the time, it captured my attention. Consequently, I did not see the entire set until I purchased this boxset - and I have found it worth the money and now realise how good Angel really was. In fact, I feel seasons one-three could even have surpassed Buffy.

For me, the first seasons were the best. They certainly set the scenes and introduced new interesting characters, while maintaining plenty of humour and the sense that good will ultimately overcome evil (essentially what I always considered a fundamental part of both Buffy and Angel). Importantly, these seasons really allow the characters - Cordelia and Wesley in particular - to grow and mature to become very likeable and integral parts of the tale.

However - and this is where my mixed feelings come in - seasons four and five are much darker and more intense. In some ways this makes the show stronger - you quickly learn that no matter how hard anyone fights, evil will always be there. This may add a bit more realism to the show.

Yet, there is something about these two final seasons that makes me unsure. You do have some brilliant episodes - like the one where Angel becomes a puppet in season five - and the toll of the fight is clearly evident on the development of the characters. I felt this was handled very well.

BUT, certain aspects just didn't jell. One example is to do with Cordelia. By the end of season three, her character has really developed into one of best of the group and her relationship with Angel is one based on deep respect and affection (which eventually becomes love). Being a romantic at heart, that's a lovely storyline. In fact, Cordelia seems to be Angel's main confidante and their friendship/love comes across as far more mature and deeper than the impression I ever got with the Buffy/Angel relationship.

Yet, by the end of season four, Cordelia is in a coma and is rarely mentioned until the wonderful episode 'You're welcome', which does her character justice,and in which she dies. The thing is, I never really got the sense that she was mourned - considering how much she had become part of the group and maybe even second to Angel's character, the lack of grief I really found noticeable, particularly when compared to the mourning surrounding Fred's death. In earlier seasons, Angel often said he 'needed' Cordelia's friendship and love, but even while she's in a coma and certainly after she dies, he just gets on with things and it doesn't come across as if he's inwardly grieving.

It was things like this that were evident to me in the last couple of seasons, and as I said before, didn't quite jell. It may have been because the show was frequently under the threat of cancellation. Even so, to be fair, Angel was a decent and enjoyable programme.
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on 17 August 2005
Having the Buffy complete DVD collection, I've been looking out for an equivalent Angel collection. Naturally, it comes out shortly after I give in and buy a couple of seasons on individual season DVDs.
Although details seem a little scarce (if anyone has extra info, please post it!), this should be a great little box set. For those of you who don't know, the Buffy box set has a lift-up top, and a fold-down front. Inside each season's in its own little folder. There was also a guidebook and a letter from Joss Whedon, but it remains to be seen if they do exactly the same with the Angel box set.
It's quite a bargain - at the current price of £112.49, it works out at £22.58 a season! It's likely to be snapped up pretty quick, though - by appearances it's a limited edition, most likely of 10,000 or so. My advice would be to pre-order, and look forward to the release date!
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on 28 March 2013
I really liked this series, I didn't want it to end.
I have to be honest.. I don't like what happened to Fred twards the end.. or Cordi.. That made me unhappy. At times you wanted things to end up different. Darla shows up a few times! So does buffy!! Fun show.. just wish it could have had happier moments for poor Angel.
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on 6 December 2006
Angel is a brilliant spin-off from Buffy with it's harder edged stories and action. Angel a once very evil Vampire named 'Angelis' has been given a soul by a gypsy curse during the 1800's. Thus he tries to fight evil from then on mostly alone and to be human again to be given another chance. After a life in Sunnydale he moves to L.A to fight evil leaving Buffy to do the rest. During the five series he goes from Detective which for me works best to heading up Wolfram & Heart. It's a shame it was axed after the fifth series as it would have been good to see if he finally becomes human. Joss Whedon hasn't forgotten the dark humour of Buffy and there are still some in jokes to laugh at. The Dvd's have commentaries and some behind the scenes footage which just adds to this great set. And as a special bonus there is a hand signed letter from Joss himself to the fan.
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on 10 July 2007
I'm one of those people who'd be first to admit that Buffy the Vampire Slayer did quite well for the first half and got quite silly after early season 4. Where Buffy fails in maintaining the premise of a show about a small group of people fighting against tremendous and horrific odds, Angel succeeds beautifully.
The vampire with a soul is one of the most incredible protagonists of any sci-fi/fantasy series in recent history, and the willingness of the show's writers to take him in directions which would be impossible in the Buffy setting is just one of the factors which makes Angel so very worth watching. Throughout the series we see some truly incredible development concerning all of the show's characters. We see what begins as a motley bunch of ex-Sunnydale heroes undergo lessons in life which leave them stronger, smarter, more sympathetic and more real than anything which the parent show ever achieved. The overriding theme is one of the necessity of compromise; the realisation that evil is simply far too prolific to be beaten, and that every decision we make in life must be for the greater good, even though people will inevitably get hurt.
Seasons 1 and 5 stand out as the best in my eyes, in particular season 5 where the premise shifts from being the small-time goodguys 'Fighting the Good Fight' to sitting on top of the world's most powerful and evil law firm, where the fight against corruption from within is far more perilous than that against the monsters walking the streets. Even though the show had many more seasons' worth of potential, the finale of season 5 alone makes the whole story worth watching.
In short, I definitely recommend this to any and every fan of vampires, monsters and all things creepy, as well as anyone who just wants to watch a brilliant and dramatic story.
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on 21 April 2015
Bought this for my son. Every episode has been watched back to back over a period of 2 weeks. It was very entertaining. If you liked Buffy you will like this
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on 27 November 2009
I brought this item for my daugher as a birthday present and she was extremly pleased with it she said the quality was excellent. Thank you
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on 23 January 2013
Great, this was a present and was well recieved. The DVD's have been watched several times and were enjoyed very much.
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