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on 26 August 2011
WWE Judgment Day 2005 Review

MNM vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas (WWE Tag Team Championship) 3/5

A very good opening match, that the fans were really into, with both Hardcore & Haas completely dominating MNM for most of the match.

It was just that one mistake where Hardcore went into the ring post and Haas receiving the Snapshot by MNM, who walked away still the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Carlito vs Big Show 1/5

This is for sure, the worst match of the night.

I mean this match didn't get going and Carlito was messing around with the Big Show, e.g. going under the ropes and Carlito's bodyguard Matt Morgan got involved in the aid of Carlito picking up the victory.

Chavo Guererro vs Paul London (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) 3/5

A very competitive match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, and a very enjoyable match all round.

Chavo Guererro was in control for most of this match, and was very close on winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but it was Paul London who hit the 450 Splash, to remain the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Kurt Angle vs Booker T 4/5

These two know how to do a great match, and this for sure will be one of their best one on one matches, with the story line having a good build up e.g. Kurt Angle targeting Booker T's wife Sharmell.

The match was good and featured total non stop back and forth action. Plus the ending to this match was funny, when Sharmell finally got her hands on Kurt Angle, who was handcuffed and she gave him a rightful beating, including a kick in the you know where.

Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich (WWE United States Championship) 2/5

Not a bad little match, before the two big main events, but have to admit that it won't be memorable.

Heidenreich before the match, chose a girl at the beginning of the match, to be his friend and she was treated to a front row seat and a poem.

It was Orlando Jordon in the end, who completely dominated most of the match and he was able to pick up the victory, to remain the WWE United States Champion.

Eddie Guererro vs Rey Mysterio 4/5

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this match, and a great match to start off the much too personal rivalry between these two.

Eddie started off the match with some huge domination over Mysterio, but Mysterio didn't back off too easily as he managed to fit in some domination, with some high flying moves to add.

Just shame about the ending, when Mysterio hit the 619 on Eddie, and then Eddie struck Mysterio with a steel chair in mid air, which led to the referee ringing the bell and declaring Mysterio as the winner.

JBL vs John Cena (I Quit Match for WWE Championship) 5/5

Match of the night for sure, and possibly one of the best I Quit matches in WWE history.

The match was so brutal, with both JBL and Cena punishing one and other. Both superstars bled lots of blood and plenty of weapons were used e.g. steel chairs, announce tables, car doors, televisions, you name it, everything you could imagine in an I Quit match.

The ending to this match came down to the point, where JBL uttered "I Quit" and John Cena still the WWE Champion.
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on 28 April 2008
May 2005 and judgement day wasnt without its controversy,but retained a good quality of wrestling and kept storylines going and interest levels high thereafter.
The event opened with the tag titles being up for grabs,the champs MNM went up against charlie haas and hardcore holly,this match was a solid opener and nothing more,it wasnt that the teams didnt work well together,they did,it just wasnt that class,although the finisher is always good to see with regards to the team that won.
Next up was carlito who brought matt morgan to help him against the big show in a match that doesnt last long in the memory,with the exception of matt morgan giving an impressive f5 to big show,carlito acts like the naughty schoolboy at times here but this is mildly amusing,morgan now earns a wage at TNA but lasted only a few months with the wwe after this event,i wasnt mad on him but he did bring some excitement to this contest nonetheless.
Next up was a cracker of a match,it was that good,the cruiserweight champion paul london went up against chavo guerrero in a high octane,more skills than a match between brazil and real madrid,it was immense and the finisher was out of this world,hard to beat,hard to follow,cracking.
Booker t went up against,at this stage an extremely evil and vile kurt angle who was trying to have an affair with booker ts wife,storyline of course,but angle was as evil looking and sounding as he had ever been.This match was good,scratch that,it was very good,but the ending was messy and i think a mistake occured with the three count,the look on angles face is almost testament to that,who else agrees with me hey?,weird ending but great match.
The united states championship was up next,the champ orlando jordon went up against heidenreich,this match was dull,it took a week to get going,i almost fell asleep,heidenreich had to pick out a friend from crowd to cheer him on and read letters and this was the man that was an evil psycho earlier in the year,it made me want to reach for sick bag,when the match got going,one thing was clear,jordon was 100 times better than his rival which begs the question,why did heidenreich get repeated title shots against the undertaker,i didnt like this match at all,you will use your fast forward button,rest assured.
2005 was the year eddie passed away but for the most part of it,he spent in a war with rey mysterio and death threats were exchanged,this was a violent feud,here they battled like lions,beat the life out of one another before the match got too violent for the ref not to react,but this was a great match,you knew it would be in truth.
The main event then,the WWE championship,the champ (is here)john cena went up against JBL,they had a dodgy enough match at wrestlemania 21 prior to this,but this time it was an 'i quit' match.
This was a very brutal match,very brutal indeed and among all that it was very good,it went one way then the other but for the most part cena was in control,a concept i didnt quite grasp or feel comfortable with,i think this enviroment would suit JBL better but he didnt do that well here,and the ending seemed a little odd,a little forced almost,in trut,i didnt buy it,but i have my reasons for saying that,anyway this was jumbley enough event and three stars serves it well.
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on 5 February 2006
WWE Tag Team Championships - MNM vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas - 4/10. An emotional performance from Charlie Haas as MNM steal another victory, thanks to the Snapshot.
Big Show vs Carlito 5.5/10. As expected Big Show dominated the matchup, but there was a twist to things. Carlito brought his BIG BACKUP down to the ring. That being Matt Morgan. Whilst the referee was knocked down Matt Morgan showed his unbelievable strength and F5 the Big Show!!!Carlito then covered the big man to win.
Cruiserweight Championship - Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero 5/10 Paul London successfully retained the title after some breathtaking high flying moves.
Booker T vs Kurt Angle 7/10. Booker T gets his revenge on Angle after Angle had sex with his wife Sharmell. A ngle also called her a gutterslut.
United States Championship Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich 6/10 The match takes a long time getting underway as Heidenreich takes a while choosing his friend and reading his disasterpiece. After Orlando Jordan talked a load of trash his picked up a shock victory.
Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero 9/10. Usually rivalries end at PPV's. This time it kicked it into a new level. Rey Mysterio battled well with injured ribs. Eddie Guerrero gets a chair after getting frustrated with several 2 counts. Then Chavo Guerrero appears on the scene distacting the referee for a long time, but long enough for Latino Heat. Rey Mysterio blocked several chair shots knocked Chavo off the apron. Only to turn around to get smashed with a steel chair. Eddie Guerrero loses the match via disqualification. He then loses the plot and hits Rey Mysterio several times with the chair.
WWE Championship - "I Quit" Match John Cena vs JBL.10/10 JBL brought down his limo and John Cena brought down a lorry. It didnt take long for these guys to beat the living hell out of each other. John Cena was busted open badly after a steel chair shot and a steel steps shot.After taking 3 clotheslines from hell he hit JBL with the FU. JBL was ready to powerbomb Cena through the announce table. Cena reversed it put JBL through the table instead. Then they left the ring and JBL started bleeding after he went through a TV. JBL's limo was destroyed soon after. Smashed windows and doors snapped of their hinges. Then it was time to introduce the lorry. Jbl was put through another table, then scurried away whilst Cena snapped of the exhaust pipe of the lorry.Jbl then snatched the microphone out of the referees hand and said those humiliating words "I Quit". Hoping Cena would stop there and leave was wrong. Cena hit JBL with the exhaust pipe and he fell through the Judgment Day Sign
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on 17 October 2014
If I have a favourite moment from this entire Pay-Per-View Wrestling event it would have to be when wrestler Matt Morgan unexpectedly F-5s The Big Show. Main event featuring John Cena vs John Bradshaw Layfield in a rather bloody 'I Quit' match for the WWE Championship is memorable.
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on 9 April 2006
Most of the undercard is very enjoyable and overall this is a good show, however the main event is worth buying this DVD for alone!
The match goes all over the arena and both guys bleed almost literal buckets- Cena is covered from head to waist in his own blood and JBL isn't far behind!!! These guys make liberal use of the (sometimes gimmicked) set, JBL's limo (including one of the doors being pulled off it's hinges) and a huge truck complete with DJ decks that Cena makes his brilliant entrance on. Just when you think this match is over, they pull somthing else out and this match totals an impresive 30+ minutes. I won't give too much away as the "what's going to happen next?" factor is half the fun of the match. This match is one of, if not THE, greatest matches I have EVER seen. For all the cena haters out there, if you haven't seeen this match before it might change your opinion on him. Buy this DVD now!!!
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on 5 October 2014
A great buy at a great price.
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on 17 October 2014
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on 4 August 2014
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