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WWE - Backlash 2005 [DVD]
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2011
So here we have the first Pay-Per-View after Wrestlemania 21, and as always with the WWE the creative team is a bit worn out and not really focusing completely. I also think that this event acts as both a proponent of removing brand-exclusive Pay-Per-Views and as a reason to keep them. There are some matches on the card clearly there to take up space, yet they are some of the better matches of the night. Maybe hiring a proper creative team would be a better idea? But I digress, onto the reviewing:

Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho

Here we have two of my favourite workers in the WWE at the time, both with such a varied range. Opening the show is a great spot for them, and well deserved. And this is match of the night, despite the lack of support from the creative team or announcers. The crowd are into it, the spots varied and we get a good length match from two great workers. Both men deserve main event spots and major pushes.

Tag Team Turmoil for World Tag-Team Title: William Regal & Tajiri vs Heart Throbs vs Simon Dean & Maven vs La Resistance vs Hurricane and Rosey.

Remember I was talking about filler matches that were actually pretty good? That's what we have here. Looking at the teams, onlt the first and last teams actually belong on a WWE PPV, the rest are usually jobbing teams from Heat and Raw if they're lucky. However, the competitors are really given a chance to shine here, and they do deliver. Tajiri and Regal are two phonomenal wrestlers who just never fit the WWE mould, so we get some good action from them, although I would have liked to see more shoot-style from Regal. The announcers do well at selling the unlikely chances of retaining the title in what is essentially a gauntlet match for teams and put the teams over fairly well too. Heart Throbs have a terrible gimmick and nothing special on the wrestling front, but they can sell and ahve a few good moves, elevating their time above watchable. Maven is an out-and-out jobber, as it Dean, but they both have enough skill to make the exchanges entertaining. And of course Hurricane and Rosey are always entertaining to watch and were getting a push so we get some great competition when they're in the ring. Overall, a better-than-expected match, but could be better.

Last Man Standing: Chris Benoit vs Edge

I have to question booking two gimmick matches next to one another in the undercard, as I feel this would have been much better served to separate the undercard from the main card. It's certainly good enough to have a better spot. In Edge and Benoit we have two great wrestlers who are also adept at hard-hitting matches. And that's what we get here, with Edge showing why he's always so entertaining to watch in a hardcore style (vs Mick Foley, anyone?) and benoit proving he can adapt and will do a lot for the business. Edge proves himself as a top contender here, and deserves the push he eventually gets to headlining a show. Some great spots, with trash cans, ladders and other weapons all involved and a remarkable lack of botches.

Kane w/ Lita vs Viscera w/ Trish Stratus:

OK, so this match does have a storyline, but it's rubbish. Monster matches have neverr been my cup of tea, and thid exchange does nothing to change that. Viscera is surprisingly agile considering he looks like the Michelin Man, but that's not saying much at all. They should have taken this off the card and given the last man standing or intercontinental title matches another five or ten minutes each. That said, it's not a bad match, just standard fare that you could watch on Raw any week you chose. Who actually thinks we enjoy these matches is beyond me, but we must allow Vince his delusions.

Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan vs Muhammad Hassan & Daivari:

The most overrated wrestler of the 80s and 90s steps in the ring with an incredible wrestler in HBK. Going against an incredibly stereotypical team, but they both can wrestle. If you liked Hogasn before, then you won't be dissappointed, as all the trademarks are here. Thankfully, Hogan can only perform in short bursts, so Michaels gets a fair bit of action too, and it is of course these moments that make the match entertaining. I can't help but think WWE wasted Hassan & Daivari though. A good match, provided you can tolerate the predictable Hogan.

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista vs Triple H

After a great clash at Wrestlemania we get the return match that promises to be good. I do have to hand it to the WWE here, the atmosphere and story leading up to the match is well concieved - realistic yet exciting. It is the worst of their trilogy, but that doesn't make it a bad match. A good back and forth, if a somewhat contrived ending (who doesn't love a ref bump? Oh yeah, me.) constructs a good match that serves well to set up their great final match. Hats off to the WWE here, we have a good main event that also has a well told story. Hopefully they'll keep it up.

In concluding, Backlash isn't Pay-Per-View of the year by any means, but it is a more-than-competant example of why the WWE does still have life left in it in 2005. If you like the WWE, then buy it. I doubt you'll be dissappointed.
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on 14 August 2014
WWE Backlash 2005 :) was certainly a very entertaining event just after the success of WrestleMania 21 :).

So many good matches including:

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Championship :)
Chris Benoit vs Edge in a brutal Last Man Standing match :)
Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan vs Muhammad Hassan & Daivari :)
Triple H vs Batista II for the World Heavyweight Championship

Plus the extras you get is amazing :) on the DVD includes:

Viscera & Trish Stratus going out on a date :)
Sunday Night Heat interviews & a bonus match between Val Venis & Tyson Tonko :)
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Backlash was a fairly decent pay-per-view, but as always with WWE in their post-Wrestlemania period, it was clear that their creative team was worn-out of fresh ideas. The show featured Batista and Triple H in their World Heavyweight Championship rematch from Wrestlemania. It also features The Dream Team of Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan teaming up to face the America-despising Muhammed Hassan and Daivari, and also Christian doing a rap dissing WWE Champion John Cena.
Here are my reviews:
Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Jericho 5/5
Despite the fact that we've seen these two go at it before, this was still a cracking match. WWE need to push Benjamin.
World Tag Team Championship
Tajiri & William Regal Vs The Heartthrobs Vs Rosey & The Hurricaine Vs La Resistance Vs Simon Dean & Maven 3/5
A blatant cardfiller but it was a decent-quality match. By the way, The Heartthrobs have the worst gimmick that has ever been put on a tag team.
Viscera (W/Trish Stratus) Vs Kane (W/Lita) 3/5
A rubbish match of coarse but it's the comedy from the storyline that you've got to find the entertainment from. Trish hired Viscera to protect her from Kane, in return she'll give him some S-E-X. The 500 lb Viscera then started to think that he was a super-stud and declared himself the "World's biggest love machine." It was the funniest thing WWE has come up with in years!
Edge Vs Chris Benoit 4/5
Edge dislocated Benoit's sholder during the 'money in the bank' ladder match at Wrestlemania, Benoit was out for revenge. A good hard-hitting match.
Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels Vs Muhammed Hassan & Daivari 3/5
A decent match but I really could've done without all the pro-American non-sense and Hogan's 15-miniutes of glory-hogging.
World Heavyweight Championship
Batista Vs Triple H (W/Ric Flair) 4/5
Not too different from their over-stretched match from Wrestlemania but it did seem to move alot faster.
Not the most memorable pay-per-view, it might be worth buying if you're assembling a collection, otherwise save your money and buy Wrestlemania 21 or patiently wait for the release of Vengeance.
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4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2005
1. Intercontinental Title - Shelton Benjamin Vs. Chris Jericho
The event started with the title match of the year in my opnion, excellent spots during the match and totally blew the over matches out of the water, great start to a ppv. 10/10
2. World Tag Titles
William Regal & Tajiri Vs. Maven & Simon Dean Vs. La Resistance Vs. Hurricane & Rosey Vs. Heart Throbs (Tag-Team Turmoil Match)
Not bad tag match, Regal, Dean & Tajiri were best, but the ending and result wasn't very good.
3. Last Man Staning Match - Chris Benoit Vs. Edge
A good solid match from two good wrestlers the attempted diving headbutt by Benoit into a trash can was good and the Spear out of the ring by Edge was also. 8/10
4. Kane Vs. Viscera
This match was the best it could be Viscera been carried by Kane (which was obviously going to happen) still a good performance by Viscera. 5/10
5. Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels Vs. Khosrow Diavari & Muhammad Hassan
Hulk proving he's still got it but Hassan had to sell alot of Hogan's moves, one last match was given and a good one, but i don't think it will be his last. 7/10
6. World Heavyweight Title - Batista Vs. Triple H
Not as good as the Wrestlemania match but a solid main event, again this wont be the last of this rivalry. 7/10
Backlash was a promising event by Raw and showing better may still come.
Match of the night was Shelton Vs. Jericho, possibly the best Ic Title match since Steamboat Vs. Savage.
The Benoit Vs. Edge match and the Main event were good and give the event a 7/10.
Could be worse Raw could have Cena!
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2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Live from Manchester, New Hampshire we see the aftermath of Wrestlemania 21 unfold with grudges been ended, began and escilated!
Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) v Chris Jericho
One of the few bad points about WM 21 was the lack of a I/C title match because Benjamin was involved in the Money In The Bank Ladder match instead. This more than makes up for it thought as both men put respect back into the almost forgotton I/C championship. Some of the counters are incredable with near fall after near fall. Check out Benjamin as he leaps to the top turnbuckle to deliver a superplex in the blink of an eye. One of the matches of the year! 9/10
World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Turmoil
William Regal & Tajiri (c) v Simon Dean & Maven v Rosey & Hurricane v The Hearthrobs v La Resistance
RAW tried to proove it has some decent tag teams and succedes to an extent although none of these teams are anywhere near up to the standard of the Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian from about 5 years previously.
William Regal and Tajiri make a great team it has to be said, 2 of the most underrated wrestlers of the last decade and they prove it here. Despite the gimmick The Hearthrobes show they have some good moves here. Rosey & Hurricane prove they are more than just an amusing gimmick team. La Resistance are past it now and have become boring, luckily they split of into singles competition now. Simon Dean is a wasted talent and Maven just dosen't get any better. Overall this is a decent match but don't expect anything special. 6/10
Last Man Standing
Edge v Chris Benoit
This match is as good as you would expect as both man perform brilliantly in this hard hitting match. Some great spots including a superplex on a trash can and german suplex from half way up a ladder make for some cringe worthy moments. Edge proves why he is a future champion here.
Kane v Viscera
Suprisingly decent match although nothing too special. Kane gets the best out of Big Vis here and neither stick around longer than they have to. Still filler mind. 6/10
Muhammad Hassan & Daivari v Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels
Hogan shows that he can perform resonbally well for limited bursts here and dosen't get out of his depth like he does a few months later at Summerslam. Michaels hasn't lost a step. Hassan is, despite this incredably racist (more than most WWE gimmicks) gimmick that he is a very talented wrestler. Daivari may not get in the ring too often but he has a lot of ability. This old school v new school match turns out to be one of the matches of the night. Great for modern fans and nostalgers fans alike whether you like Hogan or not. 7/10
World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) v Triple H
After looking like just your regular, run of the mill big man this time last year it would have taken a brave to say that Batista would, in less than a year, become a very credible world champion. Fortune favours the brave and this is living proof. Triple H brings the best out of Batista and this excellent feud really sets Batista up for the rest of his rather impressive title reign and proved to be a far more credible champion than John Cena did on Smackdown!.
This is probably the worst of their 3 title matches on PPV but is still high on entertainment with some heartstopping near falls. Ric Flair makes his presence known again and this match sets up the climax perfectly which would happen in the evil Hell In A Cell a couple of months later at Vengeance. 8/10
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Backlash 2005 followed after wrestlemania 21 and maintained a good run of pay per views in succession in the year 2005.
The event was promoted heavily with the return of hulk hogan for what appeared to be in line with the crowd wanting 'one more match',we all knew he would do more than just that though.
The event opened with a match so good that my mind was cast back to the feud between randy savage and ricky the dragon in terms of quality,this match was for the intercontiental championship and featured the champ shelton going up against chris jericho.This match was stunning,both men bursting a gut to give their all and they worked perfectly together,i could go on but needless to say this was one of the best matches of 2005.
That match would indeed prove hard to follow but a tag team turmoil match kept things moving along nicely,the belts were on the line and the teams were made up of the champs tajiri and william regal,rosey and the hurricane,the heart throbs,simon dean and maven (a terrible idea for a team) and la resistance.This match was good all round really,it wasnt there to kill time,it was there to showcase the brands tag team quality and it more or less did that,there was nothing to cheap about any of the falls and i was entertained so why complain!
A last man standing match was up next as edge went up against chris benoit,this match was good with some manic moves being delivered but it wasnt the most ruthless match i have ever seen,the use of a ladder raised the pulses and there were some great moves but there should have been a taste of blood perhaps,the ending was good but was a little bit too controlled for my liking but this did what it set out to do more or less.
Kane went up against viscera next in what was very much a standard big man match,meaning that it was dull,viscera was terrible here and kane had to back down a bit to make him look good,trish and lita at ringside added nothing to a pure waste of time.
The returning hulk hogan was up next as he tagged with shawn michaels to go up against muhammed hassan and daviri.This match was certainly a kiss hogans ego kinda match but we all enjoyed it,you certainly got the feeling that the match could have been over in a minute but to feed hogans ego we got 15 minutes of messing about,prancing about and overselling of hogans moves but i certainly dont mind that where hulk is concerned,a hero of mine in my youth and today,he is someone that does what he does and i rarely complain.This wasnt a classic,trust me on that but i enjoyed it and the crowd were superb here.
The main event was up next and was for the world heavyweight championship as the champ batista went up against a very arrogant and focused triple h,this match was good but not world class,they didnt really have a world class fight in their feud but there is still much to be taken away from watching this,ric flair was at his best as he tried to swing things hunters way and there was some great moves that looked the part,a fine main event but nothing more.
This event only had 6 matches and there was some diva nonsense and a pointless segment where christian came to the ring to slabber for a while but mainly this was a good event with only one poor match so four stars then,well worth slamming your money on the counter for.
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on 5 October 2014
A great buy at a great price.
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0 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 12 November 2005
Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho Intercontinental Championship: Why are the Intercontinental Title matches always first? If they were all as good as this one they definitely be nearer the end. 8/10
Kane vs Viscera: Not at all good! Some sloppy moves and not much of a rivalry between the two superstars ruined what sounds like a good match. What Viscera did to Trish after the match was funny. 4/10
Tag Team Turmoil match World Tag Team championship: For once Hurricane and Rosey weren’t the worst tag team in the history of the universe. It was quite exciting at some parts but not even scheduled, it didn’t stand out. 6/10
Chris Benoit vs Edge Last man standing match: Not another last man standing match! There was one in January in Smackdown between JBL and Kurt Angle which rocked, sadly this slow and tedious match didn’t. It’s a good thing Edge hit Benoit with that brick coz if he didn’t I would have flown over to the states myself and hit them both with bricks! 3/10
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Muhammed Hassan and Davari: THE RETURN OF HULK HOGAN!! Hogan and Michaels kicked ass in what was arguably the best match of the night! It’s a shame Hulk Hogan didn’t get a leg-drop though. 10/10
Batista vs Triple H World Heavyweight Championship: Much better than their Wrestlemania 21 match! Triple H pushed Batista to the limit STILL lost because Batista countered the 10 punches into a power-bomb. 10/10
It had two great finishing matches but was sadly let down by the others (apart from the IC title match). We all know WWE can produce better payperviews and this one will only be remembered for Hulk Hogan’s last match, but he came back again about a month later on RAW! 3 stars I think.
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