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4.5 out of 5 stars60
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2009
Season 4 just like with Charmed and M*A*S*H is where Smallville receives a huge makeover. And I, for one, think it's fantastic. In this season there are no stand-alone stories as all 22 episodes provide a piece of the puzzle which is finally revealed in the finale. Tom Welling transcends his previous work on the show as he begins to build his most successful on-screen partnerships - with Allison Mack's Chloe who returns from the dead to become privy to Clark's powers and takes the inital steps towards becoming his sidekick and confidante, and Erica Durance's Lois Lane who crashes into his world and turns it completely upside down. There are sparks aplenty between Welling & Durance - her face when confronted with her naked co-star in the opening episode is priceless - but the enduring Clark & Lana storyline continues to flare so the viewers have to make do with their hilarious banter and feigned dislike of each other. The only lowlight as far as Welling is concerned this year is Clark's bewilderment that Lana could possibly move on from him - a trait resumed in Seasons 5 and 6 as Lana moves on yet again and Clark remains stuck in the "Clana mud". Annette O'Toole also shines this year as Martha Kent steps into the spotlight to save her son. The rest of the cast also continue to shine and the calibre of guest stars keeps on rising, particularly in the season premiere when actress Margot Kidder cameos - ironically in the same episode Smallville's incarnation of Lois Lane is launched. Favourite episodes: Crusade, Gone, Facade, Devoted, Bound, Pariah, Recruit, Krypto, Lucy, Blank & Commencement.
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2007
Ok admittedly season 4 had its faults, but I'm not sure it's the worst season of the bunch; for me that was season 3, I was bored senseless!

But it's a subjective thing and while there is a lot of fluff and quite a few episodes that don't hit the mark, the addition of Lois Lane as a semi-regular character breathes new life into the series, and thus some vitally needed witty humour is injected into the often earnest show. It's a joy to watch her making degrogatroy remarks at Clark's expense whilst helping Chloe out with some investigative journalism, I do wonder how they ever did without her. Though I know with regards to the superman mythos Lois was never meant to be in Smallville, but there's no reason one has to accept this as canon and besides Smallville is just one of many versions of the mythos and even the comics have taken liberties at times! So at the end of the day, this season is easier to enjoy if you just accept that Lois is here to stay (especially since she gets added to the credits in season 5!) The writers also do a nice bit of foreshadowing in relation to Clark and Lois's future relationship, which is even more ironic when we see them really not getting along.

Besides the wonderful Lois, I know another problem people had with this season was the Lana-Isobel witch arc. Now I didn't have too much of a problem with it, it was in the background for me thus I could more or less stand it. But I do feel that magic and vampires etc have no place in Smallville, but these writers do tend to take a lot of artistic licensing; so much so at times that I think the producers just literally make it up as they go along... this is evident this season. It's quite obvious they did not have an overall plan for the season, they just went with it and saw what happened; the result was a lot of light-switching and muddled storylines. Some characters did an entire one-eighty within the space of only a few episodes, most notably Lana. But to be fair they were always consistent with her feelings for Clark, so I can't complain about the sudden change too much!

So while the season is a bit confused, the addition of Lois adds some interesting interactions between all the characters. And the search for the stones could have been very good had the witch arc been dropped, as quite often the search for the stones was pushed to background while there were whole episodes devoted to Isobel; due to the wide dislike for the arc it was dropped without much resolve during the finale; not soon enough for some. However, this left a large amount of unanswered questioned hanging over they events of the season... my theory is that when Isobel's purpose was completed and she thought all of those who had her burned at the stake were dead she could move on and her possession of Lana ended. I think it's also easier to assume that she was being controlled by outside forces (Kryptonians?), thus once all the stones were found she did not seek the Fortress of Solitude. It's a complex one, but some bits of the story are detailed quite nicely, like when blood was spilled on the stone (the air stone in this instance) the meteors were called.

Another redeeming factor about this season is the finale, `Commencement' probably the best episode in the history of the show and the extra ten minutes in length help to steady the exciting pace without losing any momentum. The season opener `Crusade' also gets credit for being one of the best episodes in the whole series; with Kal-El taking flight and Lois meeting him in the middle of a thunderstorm (foreshadowing) whilst stark naked (Kal-El that is!)

Other highlights include: the final scene of `Façade', `Unsafe' and `Pariah' which sees the return of Alicia, `Run', `Transference', `Krypto' because its funny, `Sacred' and `Lucy' where Lois's sister comes to town. Worst episodes of the season are `Ageless', `Spell' (though it's not terrible) and `Forever'.

Underrated because the larger faults overshadow some brilliant episodes! Worth buying.
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on 2 November 2005
I'm not gonna lie to you. This season was good, but in places VERY weak, which is a first for Smallville. It started off with 'Crusade' the premiere, where Clark emerged from the caves embracing his Kryptonian destiny with the ability to fly, Lois Lane arrived, and it introduced us to Black Kryptonite.
An average episode sadly, but the flying was incredible.
Black K lacked any real purpose, and it seemed very slow paced.
Erica Durance adds a comical, witty and sarcastic spin to the Lois Lane character, but this has pros and cons. In my opinion, she should have been left out of Clark Kent's youth as the painful references to their future together are wearing a little thin. She also fizzles out after the 2nd episode and doesn't bring anything to the show.
Jason Teague, Lana's new boyfriend, is another bizarre introduction. >The final thing that I disliked about this season was the witch arc. The good parts.
We had great special effects as always, Clark and Lionel switching bodies in 'Transference', The Flash stopping by in 'Run', Lex's decline into darkness in 'Onyx' where he is split in two- The evil Lex we've been waiting for and a more friendly Lex, Michael Rosenbaum's (Lex) acting being superb, The Kryptonian stones arc, and the amazing season finale 'Commencement'. This season is the worst yet, but still exciting and fun to watch- I say this to any one who disliked this season- Don't give up hope on Smallville, Season 5 is absolutely amazing and surpasses this season so much it's unbelievable. But I still bought this series to add to my collection, and there are some great episodes, despite there being more bad ones than any other season. Just enjoy it and I'll see you at the Season 5 DVD.
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Maybe now that Smallville has ended, I can start getting caught up. I recently made some strides in that by watching the fourth season set. Since I know so little of the Superman mythos outside of the movies and other TV series, I come to this with little in the way of expectations. I found it enjoyable but not quite as good as the previous seasons.

Season four picks up three months after season three ended. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) is lying in a hospital in a comma while wife Martha (Annette O'Toole) hopes that he will come out of it. Even more, she hopes that their son Clark (Tom Welling) will return to them. No one has seen him since his Kryptonian side took over and he disappeared.

That is until he suddenly appears naked in a cornfield just outside of town. And who is it who finds him? Lois Lane (new cast member Erica Durance) who is in town to investigate the death of her second cousin Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack).

But if that isn't enough, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenaum) is trying to track down some ancient crystals with mythical powers while his dad Lionel (John Glover) sits in jail after being convicted for murder. And it isn't long before Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) returns to town from Paris with new boyfriend Jason Teague (Jensen Ackles) and they become drawn into the mystery of those crystals.

But this is also senior year in high school. Clark goes out for football, trying to keep his superpowers under wraps. Prom is interrupted by a vengeful spirit. And graduation day just happens to be the same day as another meteor shower heads for Smallville.

As you can see, there is lots packed into these 22 episodes. Every character has a story arc and even the stand alone episodes have something that plays into that arc. The most interesting arc involved the Luthor family, which isn't much of a surprise because these are still the best characters on the show. While in prison, Lionel starts to see the light and turn from the path of darkness he's been on for some time. Meanwhile, after repairing his relationship with Clark some, Lex starts to slip further into evil. Lex and Clark have an uneasy relationship in this season, and watching that play out was very interesting.

Not quite as interesting was the crystal storyline. In the commentaries and extras, the producers talk about how this was partially their attempts to draw Lana into more of the action. From that standpoint of things, it worked, and this seems like the season where Kristin Kreuk has the most to do. However, overall the story falls victim to much of the myth of the show. It's interesting, but the reveal in the cliffhanger left me scratching my head. Okay, so we probably won't really know more until season 5, which I haven't seen yet, but so far I am left feeling like there was no point really to that storyline. And once again, some of the twists and turns this story takes seem rather abrupt and forced, like the writers wanted it to go some place but didn't have the time to work it all out.

Among the more interesting episodes are one where Lionel and Clark get stuck in each other's bodies. The acting from Tom Welling and John Glover is amazing in that episode. You can easily see the other character in how they behave, but it doesn't feel forced or mimicked, just real.

Probably the most interesting character arc involves Chloe, who learns Clark's secret part way through the season. But instead of rushing out and telling him, she keeps it to herself. Her hints to Clark that she knows are fun since we get to see him be clueless for a change. Yet she slowly comes to understand why her friend may have been keeping those secrets all these years. The episode that really plays with this is "Blank" which finds Chloe helping Clark deal with his powers after he develops amnesia.

One of the highlights of the season is the addition of Erica Durance as Lois Lane. She brings a much needed dose of humor to the show with her sarcasm and spunky attitude. She and Clark trade barbs when they are on the screen. While she's not in every episode, the ones she is in are that much more fun.

The acting is uniformly great. Most of the cast has had a few years to get into character; they know these characters and it really does show. Erica and Jensen are the new kids on the block, but they don't stumble either and are great additions to the cast. Jane Seymour shows up a few times in a fun small role, and the Christopher Reeve movies' Lois Lane, Margot Kidder, appears in two episodes as well. We also get a one episode visit from Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen, the future superhero The Flash.

All 22 episodes from this season, including the extended finale, are presented on 6 discs in widescreen and stereo sound. Extras include deleted scenes on over half the episodes, commentaries on three episodes, interview clips with most of the women who have played Lois Lane over the years and how they interrupted the role, and a look at the writers room and how they create a story. This last one features lots of stuff from the final two episodes of the season, so be sure to save it for last.

While the season's main story arc could have been a little better, it's a minor quibble for me. Overall, I enjoyed season four of Smallville and am looking forward to see where things go next.
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on 12 September 2012
A mixed season to say the least but the introduction of Lois Lane breathes new life into this series and without her I would say I would have stopped watching. Erica Durance is Fantastic and every episode with her in is a thrill to watch, she has amazing chemistry with Tom welling and just the promise of scenes with them together is enough to keep me watching. Other storylines such as the Teagues and Isobel were very uninteresting and boring however it is worth watching just solely for Lois and Clark.
Highlight episodes;Every episode with Lois Crusade (Mainly for the flying), Gone (one of the best Lois Clark episodes this season), Facade, Devoted,Spell,Pariah,Recruit, Krypto, Lucy( adds character to Lois and a great moment at the end),Spirt,Blank and Commencement ( Still one of the best season finales of smallville). Other episodes that were good not including Lois were; Transference (One which really showed how much Tom Welling has improved as an actor), Scare and Onyx.
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on 11 September 2013
Yes my favorite smallville season are 1 -5 , and this despite loving the 10th season , just bought on amazon and seen . This season is on fire with great buffy , superman , dawsons creek , X files episodes in there style . Lois played by Erica Durrance is hot , funny and amazing modern empowered chick with a great maturity , but naivety together with great rack etc .The luthors are on fire in this too with Lionel in prison and overcoming his liver disease , losing his company , transforming to humanitarian and then back working at Luthor corp .Great stuff and the witches episode rocks .Best seasons 4 me 1-5 .
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on 29 September 2010
season 4 and its senior year for clark, lana and chloe which brings the age old question. what will happen to them?? so as they figure that out over the course of the year a lot happens for the gang. Lois Lane arrives as a regular guest character which brings a darker humour to the show and ruffles clark's feathers a bit and it looks like she is here to stay to annoy clark. lots of random episodes. i didnt watch this season when it was on tv and only got it on dvd last year so going back to this season after seeing bits and pieces of later episodes and see where the show has gone it doesnt seem to bad.
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on 30 November 2008
For me small ville keeps geeting better and better every season. I loved the idea of another main character having a story line because sometimes the ""demon of the week" theme does get a little worn out.

I also LOOVVEE the thing going on with lex and lana because its really sweet to see their relationship get stronger every episode... AND LOIS!!!! She really has become one of my favourite characters but it was a little disapointing for her to have such a small part because her and clark together are HILARIOUS!!!

Anyways buy this season its great... a lot better then the last three!

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on 6 September 2012
Fantastic season. Lois lane is indroduced and brought with her some humour that the show needed. Great episodes. My favorite episodes are,


This series introduces three new characters,

Lois Lane - Erica Durance
Jason Teague - Jensen Ackles
Shelby - Bud the dog

Fantastic series, one of the best. Highly recommended.
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on 23 July 2007
Following the trend of humpety dumpety style openings, the writers manage to putt smallville back together again, with the character back into their original places. Lana returns, Chloe comes back from the dead *coughs* hiding, and back to Earth naked in a field. The introduction of Lois does being some much needed comic relief, and adds a new dimention as Cark is not the hero to her.

The main plot of this season is that of gaining three Kryptonian crystals, which grant the sum off al Kryptonian knowledge to it's possesser.


This season is GREATLY spolied by the addition of a witch (and her two cronies in Spell), this degrades the entire season, as it's very difficult to except, or even take those episodes seriously. This continues throughout the season, dragging on and on.

Season four does however have some great episodes, such as Devoted, Run, Transference, Spirit, and Commencement (the finale). These are diamond in the rough however, as near the end of season four the characters obsessision with the "stones of power", becomes mind-numbingly frustrating.

If the witches were to be removed this season would have been far better, as it is they help to drag down the (arguably) weakest season.

However there is some hope in the form of a second meteor shower that this reviewer hoped would wipe out the irritaing stone plottline once and for all.
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