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3.9 out of 5 stars11
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2008
A lot of the reviews state that if you enjoyed the original you will enjoy this but I am not sure this is strictly true.

I loved the original and not only is the sequel very similar but the essential ingredients are still there - the sounds that put you on edge (both games relying heavily on the use of sound for scare factor), the flashing images, the transformation from man to beast. However, a few tweaks have ruined rather than enhaned the experience.

Firstly, you could play the first game without transforming from man to beast. This game forces you to turn to beast and they achieve this by regularly putting you into battle with a hoard of enemy. Rather than putting a chill down your spine this has the result of constant frustrating as you die several times before finally escaping the other end intact, just, and searching for xodium to replemish your diminished health. The game kind of gets round this by letting you save at any stage (which the original does not) but even so saving right before a large battle still does not take away the fact that survival is often luck rather than skill. And there are a lot of battles to do with anything up to 20 or even 30 enemies in one go.

The game often takes you out of horror mode and you will find yourself on the streets doing gun battle with the army or shooting down helicopters, gun battles on the docks, again with heavily armed expert marksmen. Rather than add variety this takes away the genuine scare factor that was so good about the original.

I gave up before completion. After defeating a particularly difficult boss I promptly saved the game. Then I was forced to contend with every beast I had confronted throughout the game with approximately 50 M16 shells under my belt. Not going to happen, even with beast mode.

So I was disappointed with the game, the original was a genuinely frightening and unsettling experience when played with the lights off and this is exactly what this type of game should do. This one didn't seem to know if it was survival horror or a FPS, but the combination of both didn't work for me. The fact that it was so frustratingly difficult at so many stages just made the whole experience even less enjoyable.

Have a look by all means, but for me I would rather play the original again. With the lights off, surround sound on, wearing asbestos pants.
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on 4 November 2013
With the sequel to the Suffering I was expecting a little bit more originality, but unfortunately that's not what we got here. What we got instead was a bit of a washed-down version of the original with more of a emphasis on the choices you make.

Unlike the first, you now only have a limit of two weapons and you can see them on the character which I guess is cool, but it's a pain that you can only have two weapons, but they could've been trying to be more like Halo as that brought in the whole "two-weapon only" club of games and this was sometime after it's release.

The monsters are the same as the first, but instead of a old book filled with scraps, describing the creatures and their possible origins you have detailed reports, talking about how the city you are in is one of those filled with crime and many of them mimicking it. For instance, the blade creatures are now meant to be related to knife-crime and the creatures with the syringes in them are now a reference to heroine addicts who die of overdose instead of the lethal injection.

Much of this is based on memory so there might have been a few unique creatures, but I remember being so disappointed that the only difference I saw was the creatures with the needles had a glowing orange liquid in the syringes and not green. Plus we continue with the whole "Did Torque kill is family? Didn't he?" discussion which makes no sense if you completed the first game as it's already been resolved right? Storyline it's lacking, but actually asks for how you ended the first game to continue the narrative from that one.

I don't recommend this game, but the first one was a lot of fun.
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on 24 March 2016
...... All Perfekt ..... The Game is Super...
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on 5 September 2014
Perfect for a rainy day
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on 10 December 2014
highly recommended
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on 31 January 2006
this game is not too original being rather an extension of the other game except this time your on a different place but you still play a large part of the game in a prison as well
it is a fast paced shootemup which can be interpreted in first or thrid person( you can switch during gameplay) which i think is amazing. The controls are very simple allowing you do to duck, jump, melee attack, shoot, sidestep. The character is very flexible.
for those that know the graphics are just slightly better than before but still basically the same. for those that dont the graphics are very good with lots of gore and the shade of darkness is perfect. The torch also is exceptional reminding me of doom 3 (very effective)
the length of the game will last quite a while with not much replay value for people looking for extras but the chance to play it on harder modes, use cheats etc.
the ai is very good with you being able to choose a path of good or bad with this changing the beast you turn into at will!
The bad guys and monsters are typically the same as the first game- with a few extras added in.
the storyline is difficult to grasp i think especially when you have forgot or havent played the first game but the new bad guys- blackmore and the creeper(so freaky!) are damn good.
the weapons variety is so good i think as you can only carry two guns round (shotgun and axe look so cool) which makes the game more real and playful.
so defintely buy the game if your looking for a scary fastpaced game
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on 30 October 2008
Good game, worth a look at for soething a bit different,

Its pretty scary, and the story line is good, play it in the dark alone...prrrrrrrrrrrrp
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on 12 November 2005
Once again become the troubled inamte Torque, a man who may or may not have killed his family, as he re-emters the suffering.
This time Torque moves from Carnate Island to his home of Baltimore, as he fights new and old enimies through the streets, sewers and the prisons of trhe city. Searching for a person who may have the answers to his families deaths.
Once again the Suffering has its morailty sacle which determins Torque's end fate. But this time the storyline is much more in dept and the foes are more varied and challenging.
For those who from the first game a bit too short, a bit weak on storyline, or a bit too easy. The makers have lisened and responded.
To all fans of survial horror this is a must play, that you will want to play again and again
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on 1 January 2006
More intence, more weapons, more creatures and more all the ways. I must name this game "More Suffering".
If you are seeking some horror survival thrill, just go for this hell of a ride. If you have played its first part "The suffering", then you will certainly buy this, like I did.
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on 5 February 2006
If you enjoyed the first suffering you will deffinatly like this game which in my opinion is as other people said just a follow on from the first game. If you have not played the original game and you are thinking of buying ties that bind i would advise you to buy the first game so that you no the story behined the suffering.If you have the first game and enjoyed that definatly bye this game.
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