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4.5 out of 5 stars45
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2006
I sold my iPod Mini in December to get the cute iPod Nano. I chose to get the white version as I'd always wanted one of the full size iPods but I thought a mini slimmer version of it would be cuter! First things first , you need to get a case. Your cute shiny Nano will soon turn into a deeply scratched Nano. The pouch you get with the Nano won't protect it while you are using the Nano. I would recommend the Agent 18 Nano Shield or the Apple Tubes (I own both). Both of these excellent cases are availible on Amazon. The Agent 18 Nano Shield is a good durable hard clear case that comes in two seperate pieces that you snap on to the iPod. The tubes come in five different colours - pink , purple , baby blue , lime green and white. On Amazon they are only £19.99 which is good value for 5 stylish cases that don't add much bulk on to the Nano. The bad thing about the tubes is that they don't come with a screen protector but you can easily make screen protectors out of plastic. Now back to the iPod. The iPod Nano is so slim and easy to hide! I love the clickwheel. One of the reasons when I sold my iPod Mini - I got the Nano because I would miss the click wheel too much if I ever got rid of it. When I first got my Nano. The first time I switched it on the best thing I noticed was the screen. As you will know the screen has colour. The colour is great. What else is great? Being able to store photos on my iPod. I have about 100 photos on my Nano and you can view them as slide shows! So just sit back. Switch on your Nano , put your favourite song on and watch a slide show! The iTunes software it is really easy to use. You can buy songs from the iTunes store , download them from CD's or transfer them from 'My Documents'. When they are in your iTunes library , plug in your iPod and the songs will automatically go on to the iPod. So easy! I hope this review was helpful to you. If you need help with your iPod Nano please email me on
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on 5 October 2005
The ipod nano is stunningly bueatiful weighing only 42 grams, pencil thin and holding around 500 songs. The ipod nano has a crystal clear 1.5 inch colour screen, which is ideal for viewing the photos the nano can hold or just the album artwork of the song you are currently playing. The ipod nano's memory is flash memory therefore there are no moving part's so the nano is completly skip free. The ipod nano has a 14 hour battery life from which you can get 80% capacity from with a 1 hour fast charge. The nano comes with 4 inbuilt games ideal for thise boring times on the bus. The nano is pc and mac compatible. Inside the box you get a usb lead, software, dock adaptor and the traditional apple white earbud headphones. Unfourtanatly like the ipod mini and the shuffle before it you do not get a mains charger with the ipod. Therefore when you buy the ipod the only way of charging the nano is throught the usb2 port on your computer, If you dont have usb2 on your computer or want a wall charger one of these will set you back around £19 pounds. Team the nano up with the many accsesories around such as the lanyard headphones, nano tubes (protective case for nano) or of course the nano dock and you'll never look back. As usual with ipods the only thing's i can criticise with the nano is the lack of fm radio and lack of wall charger. If you can over look these things and want an mp3 player that is easy to use, has good sound quality and is stunningly attractive then the ipod nano is for you.
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on 25 November 2005
I got my nano last week and think it could have been one of my best buys.
I had a 20Gig 3rd generation ipod and it played up so much. i sent it back three times in the first year. so i decided i get an I-river H320 which is a very good player and does everything an ipod does and more.The Probelem was is that it was too big as i played sport.
I saw the nano's and have seen loads of bad reviews about screens, batteries and scratches very easily, but was impressed by the size so i went and had a look to see if apple had improved.
The Ipod in general are so good on paper, but its little things like batteries and the software that give it a bad name.
I was told that apple have sorted out the problem with the screens, so i got one and also got a 5 year cover from the shop where i bought it which i would strongly recommend as if the do go wrong your covered after your year garantee from apple. They are Fragile but i bought a cover for it and i think its so good. I think the battery life is around 8 hours but is ideal for me.
i love my nano and would recommend it to anyone.
hope this helps everyone out if they are debating weather to get one or not.
Happy Shopping
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on 15 May 2006
Fashion is painful, and so is true with the ipod nano's body which gets seriously scratched up for no reason at all. I would heartily recommend getting a case to keep it protected.

Other than that its a wonderful little thing, big enough to store my fav songs and keep me happy for 4 or 5 days before the battery goes a bit low then I'll charge it up in a few hours.

I love the colour screen, the layout on it is superiour to other MP3 players aswell - simple, beautiful but fairly powerful if you learn the order of button pressing to do things.

It only gets 4 stars because apple really need to address this body breaking down problem.
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on 3 November 2005
Had one of the original Creative 64mb MP3 players when they first came out and it was complete rubish. So it took a long time and the Ipod Nano to convince me to buy another player.
Its expensive and yes the screen scratches but you're paying for a fantastic piece of technology, incredibly easy to use, unbelievably small and light (it'll fit in a wallet) and with terrific sound. If you're still using a cd walkman, throw it out now and get one.
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on 11 September 2005
Well I have always been a fan on music on the go- I have a creative labs zen that has a back up of all my music and held off on buying an iPod as I couldn't really justify the expense. Along came the mini, then whilst on business they released the nano. I bought one on the release day! Wow!- music quality is incredible, the click wheel is fantastic for quick navigation. Apple also have useful other applications such as world clock, contacts, notes and calendar, games- such as bat and ball, and the cracking colour display that can show album cover art. Absolutely stunning. Again apple have let us down on 2 small points- the ear buds and the lack of a case. Its small, slim and very sexy- shouldn't everything be like that?! ;-)
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on 6 March 2006
I bought a Nano for my son, and so far, it goes everywhere with him, so much so, that it was washed in the washing machine, as he forgot to take it out of his pocket before putting the clothes in the machine! I thought that the Nano would never work again! But much to my surprise it works perfectly (after it had dried out). So thanks Apple for making such a great piece of kit.
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on 30 September 2005
I've had a 20GB ipod for a long long time, i always loved how small it was and even how light it was!
I had all my music on this ipod which was annoying because i was always skipping through loads of songs to finally get to one i liked, this was obviously running the battery down very quickly.
So when i heard about the ipod nano i thought it was perfect, i loved the way it looked on the adverts and the size was perfect!
When i actually saw the Nano i was truly shocked at how small it was and that was nothing until i'd actually held it and felt how seriously light it was.
This ipod is amazing, there is only one downfall and that it the panick when you feel your pocket to check the ipod is still there and can hardly feel it because its so small!
I give this 10/10 and i recommend it to anyone!
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on 17 May 2006
I really wasn't sure about purchasing this little mp3 player after reading all of the bad reviews for it (not many). People saying that they wer having problems with software etc, I really wanted one but I wasn't sure especially because of it's price.

Anyone who isn't sure, please don't worry, the 2GB iPod is unbeliveably simple to use and the software which comes with the iPod is really cool and really easy to use, I've had mine for two days and I've copied loads of my albums onto it already and have downloaded about 30 tunes! It's amazingly small, light and stylish, I'm in awe with downloading all of my favourite songs from my favourite artists.

The screen display is really cool, the name of the artist, album, album art and song are displayed when a song is playing! The menus are very easy to use, the songs and albums are easy to locate, it's all going fine for me at the moment. This little gadget is unbeliveable, bag yourself one now, if you can afford it that it is, you will not regret it!
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on 16 October 2005
I recently got this and so far it's been excellent, when I opened the box it was much smaller than I imagined. It looks amazing, not only that but the sound quality is superb for something so small. I got the 2GB because 500 songs is more than enough for me. It may be amazing but its not without its flaws - it feels delicate so I'm constantly worrying about it breaking or being scratched however contrary to the problems regarding the screen breaking I haven't experienced any problems like that. I've purchased a case for it to stop it from being scratched so if you think you're just going to be paying for the Ipod Nano you'd be wrong because you will need a case for it.
Another problem is the battery life doesn't seem to last long, I charged it on Friday and its now Sunday and the battery is already running out despite the fact that it's meant to last 15 hours though admittedly I didn't charge it for the recommended 3 hours, I only charged it for around 1 hour but it said it was charged so I thought the battery would last. It's not as easy to work as you think either because it took me a while to work out how to add songs and when I referred to the instruction guide for help the instructions there were hardly written so I had to guess. Another minor issue is the dock connector because as you try to pull it out of the ipod it feels like it is stuck and won't come out, you have to really pull hard and I was worried about damaging the ipod when I did this. Also the neat box it comes in may look nice but once you take everything out you won't be able to put it back neatly. But don't let these problems put you off - it is excellent and probably the best ipod out of all the ipod family. It's ideal for when you're on the move because it's small and very light, I'm extremely impressed with it thus far.
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