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4.7 out of 5 stars442
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Video GameChange
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on 25 February 2008
Well, I never thought Nintendo would do it, but they've created a kart title worthy of rivalling the 1992 SNES classic. I loved that game, and Nintendo have pulled off a great feat on the DS.

Having bought a DS a few weeks ago, I had to choose a title to go with it. I naturally gravitated to a choice of New Super Mario Bros, and Zelda's Phantom Hourglass. But my eye kept getting drawn to the Mario Kart case. I tried to convince myself not to buy it, that it'd only let me down, like Mario Kart 64 did all those years ago. I think I made the right choice.

Mario Kart DS is a very racy game. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, we all know about the various missles, power-ups and other things that can get in your way, but for me, my favourite pasttime on the SNES was getting those personal best times down. MK DS recreates this feeling once more, more so than Mario Kart 64 or Double Dash. It's fun to try and get those times down.

But Nintendo haven't gone all serious on us, no. That's just the 'boring' comparison stuff out of the way. It's an incredibly fun game with an excellent replay value. Hooking up with friends is easy, and the varied tracks, cup and unlockables will keep you entertained for ages. The bottom screen is great. You don't use it for touching anything except the menu choices, yet believe me, it's essential. It gives you a topdown faraway view of the action, and you will find yourself using it a surprising amount of the time. Multiplayer was seamless too, I've never dropped connection once, and it's fun to race against people from all over the world. My only gripe is with people cheating in races. It's not in every race, but common enough to annoy you. I recently had one guy send three blue shells after me, after I had the cheek to overtake him. After he'd been cheating by using invincibility before even hitting a ? block, when he thought I wasn't looking. Hm.

All of your favourite racers are back too, so I don't need to bore you with the details. Many are unlockable, and I still haven't unlocked them all. The graphics are great for a DS. Better than the n64, but not quite as good as the Gamecube. Nintendo have impressed me in other ways though. The animations are great, you can tell the developers put a lot of time into them, and the 60fps also contributes to the fast clean pace.

This is a game I can't recommend highly enough. It's fun, and takes some characteristics from previous kart games, (including tracks) and meshes it together. There's nothing I can really fault it with, and it's great for kids and adults alike.

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on 25 April 2006
To put it short, it's a brilliant game! The Best Mario Kart game to be released since the original Mario Kart back on the SNES


Control of the karts are perfect. Its what you should expect from a Mario Kart game, proper control to win the race


= 32 tracks (16 new and 16 classic)

= 8 cups to win in 4 different difficulties (32 in total)

= For the first time, battle mode with computer controlled characters (6 battle stages to choose)

= New Mission Mode (e.g. collect 30 coins in 15 seconds, beat this character, etc)

= VS (quick race)

= Multiplayer (DS - DS and WiFi)


Best I've seen on a DS, better than the N64 Mario Kart game. Touch screen is used as a course map. There are 2 versions, a zoomed in map which show where objects are placed and there's a standard map, which shows the outline of the course


Race against up to 4 people from various places around the world. Limited number of tracks to select, but there are some good ones to select (my personal favourite: Rainbow Road). The only negatives are people quiting the race halfway through, and some jumping around but the good points overshadow the negatives


Cups won't take too long to complete, but you still have mission mode to complete (make sure you get at least 1 star for every mission) and, of course the WiFi races


What's stopping you? Even if you don't have WiFi, you'll still have loads of fun, get it now!
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When my brother had Mario Kart DS for his N64 I was addicted to the "balloon" battle mode - and it was the first thing I played when I got my hands on this.

The DS version is, if anything, an IMPROVED version! Before you could only battle mode against other 'human' players, whereas now you can do battle against up to 7 CPU controlled players.

There are tracks galore and more to unlock, lots of different characters to choose from and again - more to unlock.

There are new weapons too and for each character you select you can choose different vehicles. Some are faster, some are easier to handle, etc. This makes this classic game bigger than ever before. Once you complete all the tracks in 50cc mode, you can move to bigger engines. You can also play with different characters, select a different car (there are several for each of the CC modes - each individual to the character you choose).

I have played over WiFi via the Nintendo WFC service, and I performed pathetically compared to the international super-players I pitifully tried to beat! But I'll improve!

I have also played the DS to DS two player mode with just one game cartridge (Download play) and this was phenominal! I was beaten this time round too by my good colleague Marc - but I'll soon get him back. You can play Battle mode this way too, which is great - as we both have a DS, but we only have one game card between us!

This looks and sounds fantastic on the DS. The touch screen allows you to change the track view which comes in handy on battle mode. Whether you want to spend a good session on your DS, or a few minutes - this game is perfect - and so much fun on your own, or with others.
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on 30 June 2007
I love this game, it is really fun racing agaist all of the other characters! As you win tournoments you unlock more characters and you can race on more tracks!! I also love linking up with other people and racing against them, we all enjoy playing it! You can even link up even if your pals dont have the game, but you get more tracks to race on if the other person has the game aswell! I would recomend this to all mario lovers and to everyone else who is thinking about buying it!!!!!!!!!
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on 29 November 2005
There may never be a perfect Mario Kart game, but this is close enough. Personally I love the coin-collecting and insane extra tracks of Super Circuit on the GBA, but there you're stuck with the same drivers and cars. Double Dash looks and feels fantastic but is short on courses. The SNES and N64 versions were classics, but are now showing their age against the multi-featured followups.
Mario Kart DS has almost everything going for it -- the only drawbacks are that eventually, I would guess, the tracks will prove a little easier than in most other versions -- and there's still no coin collecting ... or is there?! MKDS has a fab new 'Mission' section, kind of a story mode without a story (relief!), which involves guiding all the drivers through coin-collecting, box-breaking, poky-bombing and boss-bashing challenges of increasing nastiness. Watch out for the sneaky insertion of bosses from elsewhere in the Nintendo universe (no spoilers here).
The tracks themselves might be a little more straightforward, but the driving is harder. Both the start boost and the power slides are tougher to pull off, and veering into walls and verges will hurt you much more than in any other Mario Kart game, even in the lighter cars, so be warned. What it lacks in novelty of circuits (which isn't much, as some of the unlockable tracks prove) it makes up for in sheer skill required.
Again without wanting to spoil things too much, you'll probably be satisfied with the unlockability of MKDS: extra tracks, riders, cars, it's all there. I haven't mentioned WiFi because I haven't tried it yet, but I'd guess you'll be pretty pleased with the game even without the wireless dimension. A final nice touch is that you can play battle mode on your own against the CPU, which for some reason you couldn't do in Double Dash.
Another excellent MK game with plenty to keep you interested. Even if you're not sure how much you'll use WiFi, you should still definitely go for it.
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on 5 January 2006
Being a Mario Kart fan myself, this is the one game that persuaded me to fork out £100 for my DS. The series has always provided me with a satisfactory level of entertainment, but when it comes to the crunch, the original on the Super Nintendo always seemed to be the superior game, and I wondered if Nintendo would ever recreate the magic they started with.
Mario Kart DS not only equals the original but, for the first time ever, betters it! It has everything you could want in a Mario Kart game and throws out all the rubbish aspects piled in from Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash. From Double Dash it has kept the ability to change what karts you use for each character (with obvious limitations) and has removed the character specific items whilst adding 2 totally new ones (although the Wario/Waluigi Bob-Ombs are still in there, just available for everyone). Plus, with 8 characters to start with and 4 to unlock, there's plenty of choice in racer/kart combos by the time you're finished!
Usually, this is where all the cool features end, but Mario Kart DS has added tonnes more for you to play around with. Time Trials now have unlockable "Staff Ghosts" and Battle Mode is now not only playable in single player, but has blow up balloons using the DS mic (nice touch, many people hate it but I personally think it's brilliant). Nintendo have also added Missions and an extra multiplayer/single player mode called Shine Hunt.
The game is fantastic with just what I've written here, however, I've saved the best 'til last. You can now use a Wireless Router, a Nintendo wifi USB plugin or hotspot to connect to players all around the world and build up a roster showing people just how good you are. It's so simple to get on to too. Ok, it's no XBox Live, but it's much better than the chaotic services provided by Sony's PS2 at least. You can even create your own emblem to display on your karts for people to recognise you by.
If you're a fan of Mario Kart, then you have no reason NOT to buy this. It is by far the greatest Mario Kart game ever made, and if you own a DS, it's definitly worth a look as it's probably the best game on the handheld. It's beautiful and suits the DS down to a tee, taking advantage of all it's functions. My only two grudges are that they've kept the blue shell as an useable item and that you often get people who drop out of online games because they're losing, but these minor points are overshadowed by the game's absolute brilliance.
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on 30 November 2005
Buy this now!!! If you don't have a Nintendo DS, buy Mario Kart DS and a Nintendo DS now!!! This is an incredible game. The gameplay is flawless and there are three engine sizes as normal with a Mario Kart game (50cc, 100cc and 150cc) with 16 new race tracks + 16 classic race tracks from the previous Mario kart games (even 4 from the Gamecube version of the game!). There are a couple of new weapon pickups and the sparks-boost from the Gamecube version of the game is a welcome addition. Also, the ability to make your kart 'hop' when power-sliding round corners (or to get more height from jumps) is another thing I'm glad Nintendo brought back. It doesn't stop there - battle mode is back and the courses are as well-designed as the N64 and SNES versions of the game. One-player mode is great, but the game is even more fun in multi-player mode - racing and battling. You can connect with other players that are within a 10m radius without the need for extra cables and you can play the game against anyone else in the world from one of 7,500 wi-fi spots in the UK free of charge!! In short - this is the best game for a portable games console ever!!! Thanks Nintendo!!
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on 27 November 2005
Mario Kart since the day of the SNES has always been great, every single Mario Kart game thats been releaesed has been fantastic! But this Nintendo DS game is prehaps the best! With brand new tracks, plus old tracks from the SNES, N64 and the GBA games, but in 3D, the game offers alot and thats only the tracks! 2 Different types of karts for each character and they all have their own abilities and weapons. Also in the game are the weapons you pick up from the track like the red. green and blue shells and many more! The courses are 3D and they are beautiful to look at!
There are mission mode, challenge, time trial, and the mutiplayer battles or the on -line accss gameplay, as long as you ahve the WiFi though! The gameplay is fast and smooth and I cant actually pick a fault with the game. I do wish there was more laps on some tracks like but overall this is a brilliant title! There are lodds to offer in the game which people will play and come back to for years!
Classic already!
Go and BUY IT!
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2009
I am not a great games player in both senses of the word. I just don't have the time to play very often and more pertinently I'd rather spend my time doing other things . Plus i ,m just not very good at them. But when I find a game I enjoy and am actually pretty good at then I do tend to become addicted. Just lately I have become addicted to Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS.
Both the game and the DS for that matter belong to my seven year old son but the little blighter has had to cede possession of the thing recently as I whiz round the numerous tracks racking up victory after victory coming fifth after being splurged with vision clouding ink-spots by a ghost.
The options for the game are -32 cup races/ 8 cups to be won in four difficulty settings/ Battle modes / Time trials/Mission modes/ VS mode / Plus there is multiplayer WiFi mode if you are interested in that kind of thing which personally I'm not .
You can chose differing tracks ( some are very easy to negotiate, others require practice) and race as different characters working your way up in skill level from 50cc to 150cc. There is an array of outlandish weapons to blast or trip up your CPU opponents with or you can just buffet them off the tracks .The graphics are pretty good ( though not as good as Mario kart on the WI) and most importantly the game play is responsive and accurate (unlike the WI).
The racing is fast , varied and exciting. For myself I found the battle mode becomes tedious pretty quickly but the time trials are weirdly addictive. There are hours of fun to be had with Mario Kart -easily the most all consuming game I have encountered since the original Burnout on PS2 or the similar Crash Team Racing - Platinum (PS) on PS1.Goddamm you Mario I have a pile of books that need reading and dozens of CD,s that need listening to. Release your hold and let me get on with my life.
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on 26 December 2005
Mario Kart DS is a madcap racing game in amazing 3d that features many tracks, cars and game modes.
But then, you probably knew that- this is one of the games with the hugest hype around it. I played, and didnt hugely like mario kart 64 so I was wondering what I would think of this game- well, its fantastic. The graphics blew me away and the controls are so simple I didn't need to look at the instructions. It has a huge range of tracks sekected from every mario Kart game ever, and they are all fantastic fun to drive with their hazards and bonuses.
One of the most widely publicised parts of the game is Wi- Fi play with real people. Over 50,000 people signed up for Wi-Fi in the USA so I connected easily using my home network expecting people to be queueing up for races. Not so sadly, It took ages to find one opponent who then exited during the race so I didnt get much racing for the half hour wait. Apparently peple who turn off their DS if they are losing the race, so depriving the other poor guy of a win. These people are known as quitters and the problem is widespread. Its not much, but it is very annoying!!
The main grand prix part of the game is a little short- 2 championships of a few tracks on 3 different difficulties. I was slighly disapointed but the 150cc or hardest races are hard enough to keep you slogging away at them for a long time.
The only other major problem with the game is that it gives me a headache when ever I play- even if only for a short time. Im not sure why this is but it does dampen the fun a little, knowing you will be in pain for the rest of the afternoon after a championship
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