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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2013
I purchased Late Registration years ago on its release, but as I grew tired of Rap and Hip Hop, I sold many of the albums I owned, releases from artists such as Eminem, Dre, 50 Cent, Game and indeed Kanye. But while I still don't like the direction that West has gone in since Graduation, I was pleasantly surprised when I returned to this album recently. I remembered that what stood out about Late Registration was its soul and classic RnB elements, as well as its ability to tell stories. So, I repurchased it and I'm glad I did so.

As the title says, this album is a genuine achievement.
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on 16 April 2016
Just right for the girls of St Trinian's and for those at collage
A Great album.. wanted this for a while now. Found it to be funny at times
got some nice tunes on this album , and that every one should give them a spin
Not sure how many in this set but got 3 up till now as follows...
Late Registration
College Dropout
Late Orchestration
All by KanYeWest with other singers as well, fantastic stuff just right for students
One has just got to give this album, 5 Gold Stars and for the fun CD cover's brilliant
Now is the time to do your home work , and search out these great albums for your
Hope you get to enjoy them as well...
review image review image review image
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on 7 September 2005
On first listening, I didn't think too highly of this album. Songs like 'We Major', 'Crack Music', 'Celebration' and 'I'll Be Late for That' really blew me away though and over the week and a half of release I've now realised that I've listened to Late Registration over 20 times and - when I'm not listening to it - it reverberates in my head.
College Dropout probably had a more complete and coherent feel to it, but LR has taken 'Ye to another level, especially with the orchestration and musical proficiency of John Brion.
A classic? Nearly. Something feels a little incomplete or forced about it, but - as one review stated - only a hip-hop artist could have made a pop album like this. And Kanye West is probably the only hip-hop artist who can.
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on 29 May 2006
Although I'm a massive Kanye fan, this album didn't really "click" with me as quickly as his last -- but after a couple of listens it definitely packs a punch... and a mighty one at that. 'Gold Digger', 'Crack Music', 'Roses', 'We Major', 'Hey Mama', and 'Gone' are by far my favourite tracks, though the rest of the album ain't half bad either.

Roll on album #3.
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on 2 March 2006
This album is wicked. I loved College Dropout but Late Registration just beats it hands down! His lyrics are innovative, funny and meaningful....all at the same time lol. His beats are catchy, funky, jazzy and completely different. For me, the best tracks on the album are Heard 'Em Say, Touch The Sky, Drive Slow, Roses, Addiction, Diamonds and Gone. Can't wait for the next album!
The skits are funny as well
Oh yeah....i totally recommend you see him in concert...he is AMAZING!!! He is great with the crowd
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The one thing I admire about Kanye West is the fact that he raps about real issues and important things that actually matter.

In my opinion, Hip-Hop/Rap - whatever you want to call it, has killed itself over the last few years because the artists are just repeatedly telling us about all the women, guns, drugs etc that they own.

Quite frankly, Im bored of it.

Kanye West has real talent, and this, along with The College Dropout, proves it.

"Gold Digger", "Roses", "Diamonds...", "Hey Mama" and "Gone" are among the highlights in this exceptional collection of bright, fresh and innovative songs.

In my humble opinion, this is what Hip-Hop should be about, not the glamorous bore it has rapidly become.

If you want real talent, real music and just damn good tunes, you'd be well advised to purchase Kanye's work.

This, along with the previous album is what Hip-Hop has needed all along.

Long Live Kanye
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on 5 September 2005
I was converted to a Kanye West fan after I saw him do an amazing performance of Diamonds a few months back. I bought the single and loved it. I bought college dropout and loved it more. So, I was awaiting the release of Late Registration eagerly...
Well, I bought and listened to it.. and... it's pretty good. But not great. College Dropout was one of those rare albums where you can play it from the first track to the last track and feel as though you have listened to something special, every tune on their was a winner.
The trouble with Late Registration, it just isnt like that. There are flashes of brilliance, beats that get you moving, samples you find yourself humming, and also, lyrics that are fresh and original. But these are flashes. I find myself listening to album, and pressing the 'skip' button more often than I'd like.
The verdict. Buy it, it is good, but it feels like a minor disappointment. Still well worth the cash though.
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on 6 September 2005
I was proved wrong yesterday when I continued my ongoing proclamation that The College Dropout was the most amazing album ever made. This album fell into my hands.
I was sceptical before putting it into the stereo, thinking nothing could ever top the masterpiece that is The College Dropout. Looking into the booklet and seeing notes like "contains samples from the Curtis Mayfield recording 'Move On Up'" made me worry, as this is a classic song, and it to ruin it would be disastrous.
I was blown away. Kanye's ability to mix samples is just out of this world-he truly justified 'Move On Up', along with the classy uses of 'Diamonds are forever' and 'I Got A Woman'.
My expectations were reached and then exceeded when I heard the supporting artists-Adam Levine provides a cool alternative to the usual rappers, and Brandy just sounds amazing on any track she does. Jamie Foxx brings a classy sound to 'Gold Digger', seeing as he seems to be Ray Charles reincarnated. The obvious collaborations of Jay-Z, Common and Nas weren't repetitive as I had feared, instead showing their experience and their ability to bring power to a record.
I also liked Kanye's cheekiness in stealing lines from his hip hop counterparts-like "Forever? Forever-ever? Forever-ever?" from Outkast and "Unless you gon' do it" from Nelly.
I hoped that Kanye would bring a touch of humour to Late Registration, as I had loved listening to his satirical take on the college system. I was not disappointed-I loved hearing the Broke Flat Broke fraternity, commenting on how 'poor blacks' in America view their input to society. Hilarious-"Do you remember when we had to eat our cereal with a fork just to save the milk? Do you remember at Christmas when your mama walked in the room pretending to be the Christmas tree?"
My favourite tracks are most definetly "Heard 'Em Say", "Gold Digger" and "Bring Me Down", although this is subject to change as I listen time and time again to this amazing album.
Usually I hate it when I'm proved wrong, but this is an exception. Late Registration is a production masterpiece that should be noted as just, well, amazing.
Well done, Mr West.
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on 10 January 2008
There are some great tracks on here that obviously have been created by a musical genius. A fantastic album that to me is one of the best hip-hop/ rap albums i've ever heard. My favourite tracks that i'm still listening to 2 years after buying the album: Gone, My way home... Actually I listen to every track regularly theyre all great.
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on 6 September 2005
I have been waiting for this album ever since 'College Dropout' dropped into my cd collection, and I am not disappointed. Overall this album fails to hit the heights of Dropout, as his beats on that album were just so original, but I feel that this album is changing the mould of hip-hop today. It is hard to find songs like 'Jesus Walks' and 'Through the Wire' but they are still some great songs. When Curtis Mayfield wrote 'Move On Up, I bet he never dreamed that a hip-hop artist would cover it, but Kanye surpassed expectations with the cover, and i truly believe that he is the only man dead or alive who could of done that with 'Touch The Sky',which in my opinion is the best song of the album. The other songs that excell are Hey Mama, Roses, Addiction, Diamonds Are Forever, Gold digger, well basically every song is amazing, but I found his collaboration with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 refreshing and of course we are treated to skits which are commonplace on Kanye's albums and once again he can entertain us with the simplest things. This album is truly fantastic and I would encourage any fan of music as a whoel to get it, Kanye has the ability to surpass the standards set by the hip-hop greats like Jay-Z, Nas, 2pac, Snoop, Eminem, Dre and become the greatest!
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