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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 January 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a lot smaller than the Kenwood so makes it suitable for the smaller Kitchen. I know the attachments don't reach the bottom of the bowl, but they don't on any others like this either for example the Kenwoods don't either.

It is a lovely machine, easy to use and clean, as all the attachments you need and can be used as a stand alone hand held mixer.

A lot of thought seems to have gone into the practical & comfort side to using this model and we were well pleased with it.

I know these machines are a little noisy but seemed quieter than the Kenwood so not a problem for me. But you can place on a tea towel to minimise the noise even more.

I see some have mentioned about not mixing correctly, that's what the spatula is for so you can scoop the sides for it to mix well.

Makes cakes light & fluffy and mixes the icing so it is really creamy. And the stainless steel bowl are always better than the plastic ones.

Well worth the price for this great package.
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VINE VOICEon 8 January 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bottom line verdict: I found this mixer very good for mixing cake batters and for whisking egg whites or double cream. I think this mixer would be particularly great if you only have one useable hand or have impaired mobility as the it provides the ease of use of a hand electric mixer with the flexibility of using it with your hands free. It is very noisy but it is very hardworking and dealt with really stiff cake mixes easily and was fast at whisking egg whites. If using flour you do need to roughly mix it in a bit if you want to avoid making a mess of the worktop/ floor. When whisking egg whites or cream you do need to stop and check the peak formation manually as the mixers dual mixing action means peaks are not seen only a monolayer of ingredient.

My finding for making a basic cake mixture was:
There were no unmixed ingredients left in the bottom of the bowl, all were incorporated swiftly and fully. The flour did 'billow' a little and some flour was left on the upper sides of the bowl, but only a light dusting. The mix was stiff but this did not phase the mixer, it dealt with mixing it well. The next time I used it I found it was better to rough mix the flour in a bit first before swtiching it on to save the flour from billowing.

My finding for whisking egg white or cream was:
Very good whisking ability, no areas of egg white or cream were left unwhisked and did not take long to achieve a stiff mix. I found there were no peaks forming, because the whisks and bowl move so well in unison, the egg white formed a monolayer; so I had to stop the mixer and check what level peak formation had been achieved a couple of times by manually creating a peak with the spatula.

My finding for making pastry was:
Very poor, bits of butter, copious amounts of flour over the worktop and on the floor. Using a slow speed did not reduct the rate of spillage/billowing. Regarding the incorporating of butter into flour, the beater recommended for pastry was used, and when this did not work the other beater was tried also did not work; the butter and flour would not incorporate. I do not recommend you make pastry with this mixer.

I did not try making bread with this mixer. As it deals with stiff cake batters I think it will cope, but you will need to rough mix first the flour and water or it will billow as bad as it did for the pastry I am certain.

The spatula is excellent and well matchies the curvature of the bowl provided. You waste little ingredient by using it to empty the mix out.

What would have made it a better mixer for me?

The bowl whould have been twice as high, and the beaters twice as long stemmed, so that all could happen further down in the bowl so none of the flour or butter would have been lost to the kitchen floor/worktop and less mess made. The bowl is a little stingy in size.

It would have been nicer if it was quieter; the engines are really noisy.

I wish it had beaters which worked for making pastry.
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on 2 June 2008
I've only had this a few weeks but I'm really pleased with it. Other reviewers have complained that the attachments don't reach the bottom of the bowl, in my opinion if they did you'd end up with a damaged bowl. For cake mixing I use the spatula provided & hold it at the base of the bowl away from the blades & since the bowl turns it helps turn over the mixture so there's no need to keep stopping & starting.
I was in two minds whether to just get a hand mixer but since the head lifts off from this one it's just another problem solved. At this price you can't do much better. The booklet that comes with it has a troubleshooting guide in case you have problems with your cake not rising etc & some extra recipe suggestions too.
If you're just getting started with home baking I would recommend this above a top of the range higher priced version. Again if you're only going to use it occasionally what's the point in spending more.
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on 11 June 2009
The Breville mixer is efficient and practical. It had handled all my mixing needs without the struggle that some similar sized and priced models have and has turned out some lovely results. (according to the family) I am well impressed.Breville SHM2 Twin Motor Hand and Stand Mixer
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on 15 June 2012
Well what can i say - alot !!

I have my own little cake business and knew i needed a mixer. As I was just starting out I knew I couldnt afford to spend alot so thought I could at least try this.

Very impressed from the moment I put it all together and turned it on. 5normal speeds 5fast speeds plus a boost button. 1fine whisk 1 beater 1 dough hooks and not forgetting the spatula. They way they designed this is great. You dont have to sit there and wait and watch while it mixing as the Stainless Steel bowl turns while your whisking beating ect.

Other reviews that I have read say that the beaters DO NOT go all the way to bottom. Would you actually want a damaged bowl so you can further complain about something else. All i do is put my mixture in as and when according to my recipe leave it to mix for a few minutes then i scrape down the side of the bowl once and the put the spatula to the bottom of the bowl for about 10seconds until i know the sugar and butter have come from the bottom and then leave to mix. There is no need for you to be standing there constantly scraping and moaning about you having to do that. As for the eggs just going round and round. Personally I think your being abit too eager and not letting your eggs incorporate fully into the mixture before adding your next one.

As i said I have my own business as well as a big family and this gets used daily - upto 4 - 5 times a day and being used for around an hour each time. Yes it could be abit less noisy but I have no problem with this (at least it drowns out the sound of my children arguing so I get a slight break in that department lol)

If the people that have left the reviews that are moaning about using this excellent mixer ie too noisy, beats dont go to the bottom, mixture just sits going round. Then I say what is the point in buying this in the first place when you knew almost instantly you were going to moan. You cannot compare this to a kenwood. Obviously the kenwood is bigger (not any less noisy) way more expensive. But if you knew you were not going to be happy then you should of spent the money on something you could have tried to impress with your firiends and family then secretly moaning as you think it does not do the same job you expect it too.

I love my little Breville. Its not too big. I can leave it stood on my side so it is ready for the next lot of goodies I can make with it. Anyone who would like to moan tell them to spend their money on a kenwood while you can be happy in the knowledge you spent considerably less on something that does the exact same job.
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on 8 May 2010
I wanted to get into baking without having to buy an expensive mixer (which to be honest has so many gadgets you'll never use, and are usually quite large to store). I also needed something that stored away using minimal cupboard space as the kitchen is small. I've been so impressed with this and as a result I have even bought one for my friend.

The item is fantastic for occasional baking and the cakes must taste good as I constantly get requests for more. I use mine roughly a couple times a month and couldn't be more pleased with it.

I saw feedback about the paddles not reaching the bottom of the bowl - I've not experienced this at all.
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on 10 November 2009
I bought this mixer over 18 months ago. Like most people probably thought, this would be as good as any other stand mixer, but save some cash. Sadly it is no replacement for the real thing.
The head is just a standard hand mixer, so the bowl on the stand must rotate too. This means two motors running and making one hell of a noise. Even at top speed, the bowl doesn't really rotate fast enough.
The whisks are not close enough to the bowl, so I find that smaller amounts of mixture just end up spread in a disk on the bottom, or along the sides the bowl. I purchased this mixer to free up my hands during mixing, so I can effortly add in additional ingredients, but instead find my other free hand holding a spatula against the side of the mixing bowl during rotation to get an even mix.
I have since given up using the stand and use the head as a hand mixer only, but after 12 months of use, the "HI - LO" speed switch has gone. I now need to hold my thumb against the switch and push it to the "HI" side for it to work at all.
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on 30 July 2009
We have had ours about 1 year now and it is nearly used on a daily basis.
Dough making, whisking and cake mixing. No probs what so ever. Its great as it becomes a hand mixer as well.

I chose this one as the other brands are just to big of a machine, my kitchen is small, and this fits in snug. Its perfect for domestic use.
Can you imagine whisking 5 eggs in a kenwood foodmixer, there would be nothing in that huge bowl.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Other reviewers' criticisms are understandable but this mixer still seems good value, to me.

As a long-term Kenwood Chef user (recently upgraded to a top-of-the range model), I had limited expectations of the Breville, at its low price. Overall, though, it impressed me and I would recommend it to anyone on a budget or with limited space.

It has five speed settings as well as high and low power buttons, so you get a total of ten options, although even the slowest of them doesn't seem slow enough for some purposes, e.g. stirring powdery dry ingerdients like flour. I felt it worked best on lighter tasks such as whisking and whipping. It made excellent mayonnaise when hand-held.

It's noisy and the beaters don't reach low enough. But the noise is tolerable and you can use the mixer hand-held for small quantities, reverting to stand-mounted when you add extra ingredients and the volume increases (not that it copes well with large quantities of stiffer mixes - I don't think I'd try making bread dough with it). Best treat it as a hand-held mixer that can be used on the stand for larger quantities.

Two criticisms though. Firstly, because of all the curves, you can't easily rest the mixer on its heel on a work surface, when you've finished with it or want to add ingredients. And, secondly, it doesn't feel very sturdy. Judging from the comments of reviewers who've had one for a year or two, I'd be concerned about its durability.

Bottom line, then: If you can wait until you've saved up for a Chef or equivalent, do that, as long as you have space for it. Otherwise, at the price, the Breville makes a worthy buy.
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on 16 October 2007
This is a smart and powerful mixer which fails simly because the beaters and whisks are not long enough to reach the bottom of the bowl when it is on the stand.
Small quantities such as two or three eggs or quarter pint of cream turn merrily without being disturbed at all unless it is by the noise of the revolving drive to the bowl. Larger amounts fare little better as there is always a layer of eight or nine millimeters in the bottom which is untouched.
If you just want a hand mixer there are much cheaper makes that do as well or better, some working on a self rotating stand too, but look out for cheapo bowls!
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