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3.3 out of 5 stars9
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 2006
I have loved pinball for a long time and over the years have owned a number of real tables (in fact I nearly bought Black Hole, one of the tables emulated here). I was enticed to real pinball by computer pinball and my feeling is that this is a good solid collection of pinball games, put together well.
Yes, there are issues. The main cause of concern is the camera view. I personally don't find I have a big issue with it. You might change your preferred view depending on the table and it's possible to misjudge a ball when it speeds down the center of the table but given the format and limitations I think what has been done works well.
However, the really nice thing is that you don't just get all the tables to play at once. Instead a few are available for 'free' at the beginning and you can earn credits and make other tables free by achieving high scores and completing certain goals. Personally that makes me focus on a particular table (learning it in depth) rather than flitting aimlessly around. It gives the game that 'just one more go' mark of addiction.
Perfect? No. Good fun? Yes.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 February 2006
I was looking forward to this game as Pinball seems an ideal way to while away dull moments on the move. I'm giving it three stars because there's a generous selection of tables (10 in all), and because the developers have rightly gone for emulation of an actual pinball machine in an attempt to capture the fun of the real thing. Pinball is all about skill, timing and accuracy, and tilting a little but not too much. The underlying game engine is probably OK, but I've yet to find a really playable view. The problem lies in how to display a 3D view of a pinball table without wasting most of the screen space. System 3 has resorted to a panning camera in an effort to overcome this, but a panning camera in a pinball simulation is just horrible. Half the time you are trying to aim at targets you can't even see, and the sensation of a moving table is enough to make anyone feel seasick. However there is one fixed camera view; unfortunately this makes the table look faraway; it's very hard to make out the detail and lots of jaggies don't help the situation. I appreciate the problem, but I think it could be done better. I would recommend having a try with this before parting with your money if possible, to see if you can live with the camera. I don't think I can.
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on 13 September 2007
Used to play black hole and genie the real pinballs as a kid and saw this game and thought WOO HOO !!

Whilst the game has fantastic graphics and the gameplay in terms of ball movement is quite realistic and fun, it's nothing like the real game. With Genie, the outcome of way too many shots are way too predictable. You get 4x up and if your target shot to bring it to 5x doesn't plonk your ball down the middle, it'll casually be lost in either of the sides, or trying to catch the ball on either flipper rolls the ball backwards, over the red rollover button, over the top and down the sides for yet another ball lost.

Genie is fun to play but its predictability and poor game play means its novelty value wears off quickly, even amongst the most hardcore pinnie enthusiastasts like myself.

Also played BLACK HOLE - this one's also rather predictable. The sound effects, whilst remotely similar, are just not the same. Another game that loses its novelty value quickly too.

All in all, over-rated but still fun.

Wish somebody would being out ADDAMS FAMILY as a PS2 game :) ,
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on 21 June 2008
I saw this game (aka 'pinball hall of fame' = US version?) and as a pinball fan of old, having taken many machines round the clock in my misspent youth, I just had to get it. There are 2 different play modes (Practice Arcade & Gottlieb Challenge), 11 tables, and a few novelty games. You start with a few tables to play, but you can unlock the others as you achieve the various table goals, or else earn tokens to spend (but these soon run out!!). I never played any of these games in reality, as they are old & may be rare to find, but comparing them to the real thing - the buzz, adrenaline etc. is just not that plausible. However, the tables are awesome, with supeb graphics and excellent instant pick-up playability. You can enter codes for all the locked games: LIS for Black Hole table, HOT for Love Meter game, UNO for Ace High, BIG for the Xolten game, NYC for Central Park (a very hard table), HEF for Playboy (a VERY early pinball game with no flippers!!!), PGA for Tee'd Off, and PBA for Strikes & Spares (10-pin bowling fun!). The other tables (the ones you start with) are: Genie, El Dorado (qite difficult), Big Shot, Goin' Nuts, and Victory (my fave - on a racing car theme). Loading times can be a bit annoying, as can running out of credits when you've not yet unlocked your current favourite table! (Hence the unlockable codes). With the codes you can play your fave games or just earn credits on the novelty games, then play the machines again without using the codes :)
One of the main attractions to this game is the fact that it is a no-nonsense pick-up & play type game, great for diving into for half an hour here or there, and absolute value for money here at under a tenner new!!
If you like pinball games (whether on consoles or the real thing), or if you're just into a quick adrenaline fix, I recommend this game! Super visuals, gr8 gameplay, and top endurable fun!
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on 28 July 2006
And that's mainly down to the table selection.

The only real problem with this game, camera choices aside, (after a bit you'll probably end up using 3 & 1 on rotated)are the actual tables they've chosen to emulate.

The tables are emulated perfectly - no quibble there, but they are older 'classic' tables. And thus are not generally over burdened with multiballs, features and extras.

It's a very good game and any pinball fan would be happy with it. BUT, both pokemon pinball and sonic pinball on the gba are much much better. Hell if you're a pinball fan it'd be worth buying a gba for those 2 games.

I can't help but feel if more recent tables had been included - and this game takes up less than 300mb on the 1.6gb umd - so space wasn't an issue, it would have been worth 5 stars.
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on 17 August 2011
Great pinball game! Loads of real tables to play on plus a few mini games! Very realistic to play i love this game. I highly recommend for those who love a laugh with mates trying to beat each others scores : )
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on 6 March 2006
people who say ths game is not good are seriously mental
as I found out this was the best pinball game I ever played
I hand no problems with the camera angles and found this game highly addictive!
Peole who are big fans of pinball should go for this one
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on 17 February 2006
A great range of tables; all renditions of "classic" designs, every drop target, every rollover, every spinner faithfully reproduced.....and that's the root of the problem. To view such a detailed table on a widescreen like the PSP you either show the whole table at once, in which case the detail is lost, or you allow the camera to pan and scroll (often in half a dozen different modes), in which case you can't see the whole table and shooting/ball trapping become very much harder. What about turning the table 90 degrees so that the image echoes the aspect ratio of a real table? Excellent idea except that the image of the table is exactly the same as in widescreen (they simply pad the top and bottom with detail of the outside of the machine) and, because it's "stood" on the right hand side of the PSP the nudge control (analogue stick) is at the opposite end from the flippers which renders it almost useless.
Some simpler tables, specifically made for the PSP, and visible with a simpler, scrolling camera point of view, would have made this at least a 4 star game. How about some downloadable content, System3?
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on 22 February 2006
The very poorest representation of any pinball game I've ever seen. None of the 12 camera views are good, views ranging from like playing the real thing when you were 6 standing on a milk crate, unable to see the top of the board, to like trying to play with bits of tape either side of the screen being unable to see flippers or where your ball is! The rotating screen feature makes it slightly better but again the most detail is on the name gottlieb and the dead space behind the flippers. This one is going back to the shop, for me I'd give it a big ZERO.
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