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4.1 out of 5 stars62
4.1 out of 5 stars
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 27 October 2005
When you buy Fahrenheit I suggest you book a few days off work. With 15 minutes of playing you simply don't want to turn it off, as it's like your watching a movie.
These days I usually only play my PS2 for about 30 minutes at a time. The day I got this game I found myself playing it for 3 solid hours, stopping only because the game froze at one point!
I'm guessing you've read the story, and the fact you play three different characters etc, so I won't go in to that.
I'll start with the Graphics. Overall the game could be more nicely polished. The main characters look great, but some of the sub-characters look like demonic beings. The environments however are excellent and the animation excels thanks to motion captured effects.
The gameplay is simple, you'll use your two analogue sticks to participate in Shenmue style QTE's which are great fun, you'll use your triggers to get through scenes which require speed or strength, and finally you'll move your character(s) around to examine things and interact with people.
The actual controls for moving your character are a little sloppy. You kind of walk and run like a robot and the controls get a little confused when the camera changes angle.
This brings me on to the camera! Very annoying in tight spaces, you can swing the camera around, but only about 120 degrees, and it sometimes gets caught up in the environment.
Sound in the game is exceptional, sharp music for the paranormal cutscenes and the voice acting is some of the best I've ever come across. You really feel like your playing in a movie.
I completed the game in about 9 hours, which is pretty short, and could have been a little longer since the end chapters of the game seemed to be a little rushed. But once you complete it you unlock all the chapters and can play from anywhere in the game, this makes for great fun, like annoying other characters, making funny responses to people and making yourself so depressed that you commit suicide!
Everything you do within Fahrenheit affects your emotion meter, drinking water makes you feel better, staring at a photo of your ex-girlfriend makes you feel sad and you lose points.
So all in purchase this game, a fantastic, original game, which although very simple, really makes you feel part of the story.
Graphic/animation: 8.5
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 7.8
Lifespan: 8.0
Originality: 9.0
Overall: 8.9
Summary: Purchase this brilliant game, it may be short, but the money you spend on it will be saved by not going out socializing with your friends whist your immersed within it!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 16 May 2009
Like many people I usually research a bit into a game before buying it. I was looking for more 'investigative' type of experience because although I like a challenge, I dislike boss fights round every corner. For this reason Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy really appealed to me.

The reviews already written on Fahrenheit vary greatly. Some people totally praise it while others are disappointed. I can honestly say, I know exactly where both parties are coming from. I agree that the game has great atmosphere and I enjoyed playing it. When I first booted it up I was really impressed because it is totally different. I like the concept of using the analogue sticks in a 'Simon Says' kind of way for fighting and playing the many mini games thrown into the storyline - it didn't take much getting used to at all and worked well.

However, it was only after a few hours into the game I realised the storyline couldn't plausibly go any further. As one gamer put it: "There's a big chunk where it seems like the developer went from point A to point C without writing in a convincing point B". I would rather say 'the developer went from point A straight to point Z'. It was the shortest game I've EVER played and that's what makes it disappointing. I LOVED what there was of the game and the developers deserve praise for it, they really do. But there just wasn't enough storyline to perpetuate the experience and it was over before it really began. For this reason, I can't give it full marks but as long as you don't pay huge amounts of money for it (the original 'Indigo Prophecy' is still quite pricey), just enjoy it for what it is. I hope the developers read the feedback and return with a phenomenal, longer-lasting game because that would really be worth having!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 6 July 2007
This game is one you won't find very often. It's totally original and sees you playing as both the killer and the police, trying to escape but at the same time trying to catch the culprit. It is highly story led and you get totally involved in the characters- you must make choices which affect their mood; get too depressed and it's game over. The choice that you have in the way the plot spans out reminded me of the "choose your own adventure" books where your decisions affect the future story, and this is reflected in the game as there are multiple endings depending on how well you perform in the last section of the game; I played it multiple times to see all of them.

I particularly liked the multi-screen sections, where, for example, you are racing against the clock to hide from the police, and you can see them coming down the corridor to find you. It definitely adds to the tension.

One major downside to this game is the awful controls. At the beginning I guarantee you'll be walking into walls in no time, because they are based around rotating anti/clockwise and going forwards in that direction- a total pain. But once you get used to them they become easier, and you can concentrate on the great gameplay.

Another downside is how short the game is. It took me around 10 hours to complete, and aside from the short final section, it has no replayability.

However, if you look past these flaws, you have an excellent game with a fantastic story that didn't receive anywhere near as much recognition as it deserves.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 6 July 2007
This game is really impressive. It's just like a murder/mystery movie, only you are in full control of what is happening all the way through. This game is very interactive in the sense that you have to make the corect decisions in order to affect how the game turns out.

You start off the game as Lucas Kane who has just committed a murder in a men's bathroom. From then on you have to make the correct decisions for you to move forward in the game. For example, if you don't move fast enough to hide the evidence by cleaning up and hiding the body then you may get spotted by the cop who'll stop you at that time and the game will end. You could hide the body and clean the blood off your clothes, which may give you some more time to get out of the building but just about or you could do all that and hide the murder weapon and creep out quietly and get out completely unnoticed. That's what makes this game your movie and your story.

After the first scene, you're introduced to the other two main characters of the game, Carla and Tyler - the two cops hired to solve the murder. Then you play as them. Fully interactive features allow you to freely roam the crime scene and take the story at your own pace with the abilty to switch from Carla to Tyler at any time and search around for clues and question witnesses and cops.

Interactive scenes when talking with people allow you to choose various answers and questions which also affect the outcome. For example, a scene with Lucas in his apartment, a cop knocks on the door and you're given a time limit before he's going to break the door down, you must hide evidence before you can answer the door, but when you do, you'll get to speak with him and depending on which options of answers you choose to answer it will affect how suspicious he becomes and whether or not you'll be busted or get him to leave.

Each character as their own apartment and we get to see their workplace also. The police station for the two cops and Lucas works in a bank. They have desks and computers and in their homes you get the ability to watch televison, shower or bath, go to sleep, change clothes, open cupboards and even go the toilet if you wish! You can access their computers and belongings for clues and when you make the right decisions you'll progress through the game and the story will continue.

The story itself is just like out of a blockbuster movie. Something strange is happening with Lucas and it appears he's been posessed to kill someone and he's on a journey to find out what. The cops on the other hand are trying to find their killer and will eventually be led to Lucas. The game also includes some fun mini-style games and missions such as playing basketball with Tyler or polishing up your shooting skills with Carla or even get to have the two work out in the gym together and have a boxing match. This type of gameplay resembles the gameplay in games such as GTA San Andreas.

The controls may take a little getting used to when you first start but you will soon get the hang of them and also there are alot of interactive cut scenes where you have to push the right buttons in time to pass through. The controls are like no other game you've seen before and really give you full advantage of control when playing the characters of the game.

The characters themselves are really great and actually interesting unlike alot of characters in games. You'll even get to go back in time and play as Lucas as a young boy which results in a fantastic mission that is one of my favourites of the game. One mission I loved was taking Carla down into a basement to find a tape to do an identity check but it's dark and confined and she is claustrophobic so you have to keep her breathing regular while operating wheels to move bookcases all while the lights are turning on and off.

The graphics are great in this game and the characters move very fluidly. There's also some great shadow/light effects which come close to next-generation games of the PS3 and 360. It looks great for the PS2 and it's compatible on the PS3 also. Cut scenes are very movie-like and dramatic and the whole look and feel is very realistic.

You will love this game as it offers so much and you will not be dissapointed. I really hope that a sequel will be made for this game. The game is developed by French studio Quantic Dream who deal in motion capture from real actors for games who are planning a ground-breaking title, reportedly named Heavy Rain for the PS3 next year. I hope that title will be like this game, it's truly amazing. This is possibly the best game I've ever played and you definitely get you money's worth. 5 stars!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 14 July 2006
I bought fahrenheit quite a long time ago but didn't decide to try it out until very recently.

This game introduces a completely new genre of game which everyone can enjoy. The use of new controls and the way in which the game is presented is exquisite.

One of the new things is that this game actually plays out like a movie with a great crime story which will keep you captivated until the very end.

The way in which action sequences are played out use a special use of the right analogue stick with the left analogue stick to control the players or the use of repeatedly pressing the left and right triggers and whilst you press these buttons the action churns out in a cinematic scene right in front of your eyes.

This is a great game which only has one downside which I am sure everybody has mentionned. The game time. I finnished it in 6 hours and went through every secret corner and finnished the full story to get the happy ending... It took me 2 days to finnish.

And once you finnish there is not much value in still keeping the game since you only get to unlock a few short cutscene's, and see a few nice art pieces in the "gallerry". No multiplayer adds to the fact that there i not much value to the game... The story could be played again quite enjoyably but even then you would find it a piece of cake the second round through since you know everything which has to be done unlike in some epic RPG's such as final Fantasy

Overall, this is an absolutely great game which introduces a new type of game which has never been done before and hopefully the genre will flourish in the new few years with longer stories to tell...

This is probably one of the best games anybody could rent, and many people will not be dissapointed to have spent 40 euroes on this game.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2006
I didn't know what to expect when i brought this game, but this is an incredible experience to those who love stories and those who love computer games.
The story follows Lucas Kane, who murders another person during a trance, he wants answers. The story also follows two cops who try to find him, and Lucas brother, Marcus. Because there are four characters you play with, you see the game from a number of perspectives.
The graphics are incredible. Atari give you the game from a number of camera angles that all enhance the mood. Locations are always vaired, including cemetaries, offices, creepy old houses, the morgue etc. Characters are all detailed and different, meaning that there is a lot of variety. However, it is, like with many games, the gameplay that sets this apart.
A reinvention of the "Point-click" genre of gaming, you use the right analogue to investigate, and you can investigate anything, from you wardrobe, to boxes, to cupboards, and along the way, there will be many decisions to make, ones that will change the game entirely, such as whether to save a child and be risked being caught by cops as the murderer, to whether or not to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, Tiffany. Along the way, you will also get action sequencies, which create movie like scenes, such as running and fighting by tapping the left and right analogue at the right time, a fresh and unique element to computer gaming.
The sound is brilliant with some fantastic tracks and some eerie backdrops and wonderful voice acting. Add to this the ability to collect bonus points along the way to unlock making of videos and artwork, and you've got a brilliant game.
Problems? Yes, a couple, sometimes the camera angle makes it difficult to work out what direction you have to push the stick in to move in that direction and also its quite short, (7-10 hours to complete depending on familiarity.) A great game to anyones collection.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 31 March 2007
David Cage and Quantic Dream have teamed together to produce an utterly atmospheric adventure game from start to finish, complimented by a fine cast of characters. This rollercoaster of a game is incident packed: from ritual murder to steamy adult content to a strong spiritual theme to adrenaline fuelled action sequences.

You play the part of Lucas Kane the paranoid, melancholy, moody action hero. Fahrenheit opens up with a brutal murder in a diner. You find yourself in control of the murderer Lucas as he comes to his senses knife in hand, drenched in blood with a mangled corpse at his feet. He has no recollection of what has transpired, you must engineer his escape and to try to resolve the real truth before the police catch up with him. In addition to Lucas you get to play the part of two other major protagonists: Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles; the New York cops assigned to investigate the ritual murders. Later on you get to control a priest, Lucas's brother Markus. Markus is torn between the love he has for his brother and his religion, when trying to determine loyalties. This provides an interesting spiritual contrast between priest and murderer. The voice acting is impressive throughout and both minor and major characters have well developed.

The story is divided into chapters and is multi-layered, events that occur in one chapter can influence and effect the storyline in subsequent chapters. Some of the action sequences can literally take your breath away. Three of the best for me would be: Lucas's escape from the cops near the beginning of the game, the Angels sequence in Saint Paul's Church and the excellent Matrix style fighting with the Oracle on the roof top. Fahrenheit utilises two segemented circles on screen that light up in sequence. Success or failure is recognised by your ability to mimic the correct sequence on your control pad. It seems a strange premise and can take a while to get used to, but is something that actually functions really well. If you succeed you progress to the next scene whereas failure is punished by the loss of a life.

The graphics are really good and the characters look crisp(especially Carla)and the fact that virtually the entire game is set in a Winter Wonderland lends Fahrenheit considerable personality. Despite being an action/adventure game in large part, Fahrenheit has no inventory, instead you interact with items on screen, utilising them immediately as opposed to carrying them around with you. Often, when interacting with characters you are offered dialogue choices, up against the clock. This means you have precious little time to deliberate as to what would be the wisest selection.

Fahrenheit incorporates a stress system whereby your actions and dialogue choices can impact upon your mental wellbeing. If your mental health declines too sharply, you character can reach break point, equating to game end. Another good feature is the use of a split-screen to augment dramatic tension. For example, in chapter one Lucas is in the Diner toilet striving to conceal the grisly murder. If you take too long to cover your tracks a split-screen appears whereby you see the cop in the Diner start to move in your direction. Further depth is provided by the boxing, basketball and ice skating mini games. Additionally, progressing through the game chapters results in you acquiring bonus points, which you can spend on unlocking game secrets.

To conclude, there is nothing quite like this on PS2 and to allow yourself to be drawn into the world of Fahrenheit to experience its rich storyline, innovative game engine and weird and wonderful characters is certainly a choice well worth making in my estimation. Kudos to David Cage.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Thought I'd finally try fahrenheit after remembering there was quite a bit of hype around it on it's release.I have been dissa pointed that it's basically just a movie that requires the player to rapidly press a certain button or perform other mundane tasks and I got bored after about 20 minutes so I've sold it on ebay and managed to get back roughly what I paid for it.3/10
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2013
This game looked really promising but my god it is amazing how something so good can turn to complete crap.

STORY: The story is very intriguing for the FIRST HALF of the game as you switch between police trying to investigate a seemingly random murder in a diner and the murderer himself who not only has to dodge the police but must unravel the supernatural events that led to the murder in the first place. This first half of the game is brilliant and does well in creating a haunting atmosphere as a crime investigation begins to evolve into a supernatural nightmare. However at exactly the halfway point of this game it falls apart in a matter of seconds, characters are suddenly fighting like they're in the matrix movies and the story goes from a serious drama into a goofy anime rip off with completely nonsensical plot twists. The second half gets gradually worse to the point that it looks like the developers just gave up on it entirely. SPOILER ALERT a personal highlight of the second half is the sex scene with a dead person.

GAMEPLAY: Sadly the game play is just like the story, at first very unique and creative but turns into a chore as the game progresses. The way you interact with the world has effects on your characters sanity which at first is creative in the sense that you're constantly trying to make the right decisions for them, this is the only game mechanic that doesn't become frustrating but that's mainly because less emphasis is on it in the later levels. Decisions also have a supposed affect on how the story changes but these differences are only subtle and only really change certain lines/actions that NPC's say or do. For the action sequences you must play a game of Simon Says; this is a big problem because the Simon Says pads (yes two pads; one for each analogue stick) obscure the action on screen by sitting right in front of it, you can't tell if you're doing well in the game because there is just a bunch of colours flashing on screen which is really distracting. The worst of all are the few stealth levels which are completely scripted and will punish you for not going down a pre-determined path which makes absolutely no sense then you are automatically caught even when no one is even close to you.

Fahrenheit is the biggest missed opportunity in my opinion, the two stars is because of the great first half of the game which does a great job in creating a unique gaming experience however that second half of the game completely ruins it all. Just like the crap Matrix movies (2nd & 3rd) it so desperately rips off the game gets more ridiculous and infuriating the longer you play it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2011
I decided to give this game a go after hearing about the new direction the developers were trying to take. To be honest it was a pretty good first try too.

Plot: Fahrenheit begins with you killing someone in a restaurants toilet room. After killing the guy, you wake up from a trance like state looking down and seeing what you've just committed. You have no memory of why you've just murdered someone, all you know is you've woke up on top of a dead person and it's up to you to try and find out why.

Not only do you play as the murderer, you also play as the two police officers hunting him down. This gives a good overall view of the situation.

As Fahrenheit is such a story driven game, I'm afraid I can't say much else without spoiling it although I will say that after such a great beginning half, the plot does begin to crumble. The brilliance of it all was still there but hidden by such huge plot holes in the game.

Graphics: The graphics are starting to show their age now and Fahrenheit is definitely not one of the hardware pushing games out there. However, they do their job well enough and don't affect the game too much but I can't help but feel things like expressions and emotions would have been better if they had of been clearer to see.

Controls: I felt the section let the game down a bit. They are supposed to be designed to give you a feeling of immersion within the game but I feel that if anything they only distance you further from it.

The pulling of a trigger to open and close doors worked well but when you keep getting given a constant stream of QTEs (quick time events) at times, it is more frustrating then anything. Occasionally they fitted with the events on screen but most of the time it felt like they were only put in to give the player something to do while watching a sequence.

Lifespan: Fahrenheit took me just under 8 hours, which I thought was a bit on the short side. However, I think if they had of lengthened the plot, the plot holes would only of got bigger or more of them created.

Overall: Considering it's a new genre to try to create, I think they did a good first job especially with the first half of the game. If they just tweak a couple of things, it will improve the next game on their list immensely.
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