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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 14 October 2006
In 1998/1999 After a Succesful world tour for "Back From The Dead" Obituary decided to go on a very long break or even "split up" you may say. While Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation where still bringing the brutality to the world Many people wondered what the hell is happening with Obituary!

The members where doing things outside of Obituary most visibly guitarist Allen West enjoyed a lot of success in Six Feet Under and Other Guitarist Trevor Peres Forming His own Band Called Catastrophic!

Eventually In 2002 it Happend! Donald Tardy being the Drummer for Andrew W.K's Band! was playing in Ozzfest! John Tardy, Donald Tardy, Frank Watkins & Trevor Peres Started jamming Obituary songs during Andrew W.K setlist during the ozzfest and it snowballed from there!

By 2003 The band announced they where Reforming with the "Classic Line up"

that was on the The End Complete, World Demise & Back From The Dead albums! The Line Up is John Tardy, Donald Tardy, Frank Watkins, Trevor Peres & Allen West!

Constant Writing in 2004 while consatntly touring showed us that the Obituary reunion was not just a side project band. This was a Full Time commitment!

In early 2005 The Recording Began and In Summer 2005 "Frozen In Time" was released to world! The band still had a contract with Roadrunner Records to do One more album and so this was it!

Track 1 Redneck Stomp being an Mid Paced Instrumental proved to be a heavy cathcy riff

allowing all fans can tap along/ headbang along etc! Good thing it the duration is 3 and a Half min becuase it would of been boring if it was to last 5-6 mins! After the warm up of Redneck Stomp its time to kick things into full force with "On The Floor" after 8 years we get to hear the growls of John Tardy and the brilliant drumming of Donald Tardy and the Signature guitar tones of The Guitarists blasting full force! The whole albums sounds like a full force assault with songs like Insane and Lockjaw pounding your ears constantly!

As for solo's theres not to many as I though there would of been on this album which I think is a bit of a let down considering Allen West is a Lead Axeman Guitar God and I feel he did not do his full potential on this album!

If your trying to compare what album it sounds nearest to then there is not really a particular album that you can do! Some songs sound like they should be On "Slowly We Rot" and some songs sounds like they Should be on "World Demise" so its a good mixture! Obituary have not changed there style or playing since the 90's and and to me thats a good thing because its what they do best and why everybody loves them for that!

Not the best album but not the worst in their discography!

Ladies and Gentlemen and All Obituary/Death Metal Fans

Obituary Are Back!

Heavy! Heavy! Heavy!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 17 April 2007
Obituary split in 1997,for differing reasons and reformed in 2003 and this 2005 is the fruit of that toil,an album that blends their earlier faster,death metal stylings with their slower,more accessible sounds that featured in their last album before they split in 1997.

Vocalist John Tardy always had a lower death growl than the majority of death frontmen and here his vocals are,while angry,are very far removed from corpsegrinder of cannibal corpse for example,they are still death vocals but not that harsh so there will always be a window of opportunity for obituary to pick up a few new fans along the way.

The album is 34 minutes long so the average song is just over 3 minutes so thats a great idea,bands like dying fetus can just outstay their furious welcome with 7 minute death metal epics,this is a better all round length of song,of course this album isnt perfectmsounding both old and new at the same time and for that a little messy,songs like 'on the floor' dont work while crackers like 'insane' and the albums best track 'stand alone' do ,obituary are also tapping in to a more hardcore sound at times ,something not unlike hatebreed on the odd song either.

While death metal purists may find bones to pick out of this,it must be said that this isnt a bad release and while it cant wear the cloak and crown of their seminal classic 'slowly we rot' this isnt a bad comeback album at all,and this years follow up could well place the florida giants back where they belong.
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VINE VOICEon 2 April 2006
'Frozen In Time' is certainly an appropriate title for this album, as after a whopping 8 year gap Obituary return with their 6th studio album, and they don't sound as though they've been away a day. This is both a blessing and a curse: on the one hand it's the 'classic' slow to mid-pace Death Metal heavy Obituary sound, but then as every album they've ever made has stayed true to the same formula (with the possible exception of 4th album 'World Demise') it could also be argued that the band are going through the motions. Had this been released back in 1998 I've no doubt more people would be slagging the band off for releasing an 'Obituary-by-numbers' record, but thanks to that 8 year lay off absence has made the heart grow fonder and this is trumpeted as a 'return to form' - go figure. Make no mistake, this is still a very good album - hence the 4 stars - but if you are a long term Obituary fan you will find nothing on this album that doesn't sound like a variation on one of their previous songs: with a title like 'Redneck Stomp' I was hoping that at least the 1st track might show some signs of progression, but Obituary solidly stick to the same old formula, and not a single riff on this album would feel out of place on their 1989 debut. Good yes - but very formulaic.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 June 2006
As the saying goes 'If it's not broke, don't fix it'. How true in the case of 'Frozen in time'. I have read reviews complaining how Obituary are the same, I have also read how bands change and die-hard fans don't like that either. As John Tardy's lyric 'I just don't care' suggests, the band are quite happy doing what they do best and pleasing fans of simple, powerful, no-nonsense metal. Good on 'em.

Frozen in time is actually one of Obituary's more 'intellectual' productions. John's lyrics are getting more thoughtful by the album. The music is very haunting and melodic, as metal goes. Nevertheless, it continues to tear at your senses in every way. Tardy's vocals are still up to scratch, churning out some of the most evil sounding noises on the metal scene. In addition, the music, although similar to previous prods, has progressed with the age of technology and has not 'Frozen in time' ;->

Not much more to say really, only that if you are an existing fan of Obituary or are just in need of some no-nonsense metal, you will enjoy 'Frozen in time'.

An after thought - my only gripe is that it is just 35 mins long :-<
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on 24 July 2005
What can i say about this album the title frozen in time says it all this is a band who seem like they have been as this is as good as any of there previous albums. i was stunned to hear this album an how good it was its like they have never left us. a great return to form from a legendary band i aint been this excited about obituary since first hearing slowly we rot. my stand out track was a track called insane which just summed the album up superbly. raw an hard sounding just like obituary do it. other breat tracks are slow death, blindsided and stand alone. this album is one best i have heard this year an blows the balls of megadeths comback. i recomend this album to any of the older fans of obituary and would also recommond this to younger fans of such bands as chimaira, slipknot, trivium etc. is this one best ablums of the year most possibly it could be. i havant been greatly shocked on how good an album has been this year since i heard triviums fablous debut but this has really put it up there with it an could maybe become one of obituarys greatest albums. 5 outta 5 aint enough go buy it now
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on 3 August 2005
Is their any sensible reason for the brilliance of this album?
That's the question I ask myself every time I press play with this album in my CD player (which just so happens to be at least four times a day.)
For the uninitiated Obituary could seem like nothing more than a bunch of tired old metal heads from Florida trying to reclaim their glory days. How wrong they'd be. This band are quite frankly, an unstopable behemoth of face grinding riffs, and crushing beats, on their way to rightfully reclaiming their throne at the top of death metal, which has so long been occupied by inferior pretenders.
There's not a single bad track on this album, every time one finishes you know there's going to be an even better one waiting just round the corner, ready to hammer at you until you submit to it's undeniable genius.
Obituary aren't just some old band putting out some new album. They're a mindblowinglg good batallion of musicians, placing yet another anthemic album into the world of metal, smashing its landscape forever, all over again.
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on 18 August 2005
Couldn't wait to get my paws on the new platter from the greatest cooks in the kitchen. The very long awaited album from the what surely is the best death metal band of all time. What I hoped for was a return to the classic obies, an album to show these newer bands/fans how it's done. Forgetting about the first track "Redneck Stomp", which I hope was a soundcheck as it's truly awful, the rest of the tracks are solid. John Tardy's vocals are there usual bowel wrenching best but I can't help thinking some of the riffing lacks some the imagination of previous releases and sounds a bit forced. Not up to the standard of the awe inspiring Cause of Death or Slowly we Rot opuses but a decent obies album none the less. Bring back the old guard. Let the games begin.
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on 31 July 2005
Obituary are the perfect example of a death metal band! They have been there,done that and given the world some AWESOME albums! They return with Frozen in Time which to me is their best one yet! It has everything from the famous rifts you've come to expect to the growling lyrics. Insane is a stand out track! It just makes you remember that this band have managed to produce a better album than their back catalogue which is impressive!
This is for any death metal fans and Obi fans will just lap this up and beg for more!
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on 29 July 2005
How long has it been since the last album?? 6 years 7 years ??
And what a album to come back with.!!
grinding vocals and haunting guitars all played and sung with speed , just they way metal should be played.. buy this cd and crank it up to 11..
this is prob one of the best cd's this year along with trivium - ascendency , buy this or miss out on a great album at your peril
Obituary are back at their best..!!!
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on 21 July 2005
what can i say? wow, its been a while aint it guys?
but they're back, with more metal bone-crushing riffs than ever!!! definately a must for those with a passion for hearing how a guitar should really be played, WITH SPEED!!! a personal reccomendation to anyone who enjoys the melodic sounds of nile, slayer and throwdown.
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