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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2006
...Will Beckon the Thaw; a very long and intriguing title I think you will agree. In 2005, Pelican have expanded and broadened their sound; given their songs a little more variety. March Into The Sea, a shorter version than the EP appears here, which had a huge acoustic second half which was more experimental than cohesive, and the experimenting has payed off. The untitled track; `-' is entirely acoustic and is quite wonderful; filled with excellent picking and soloing. As for the rest of the album, well, you bought a Pelican album and you're going to get a Pelican album.

Long instrumental tracks that spiral, mutate and bewilder with heaviness and intricacy. The playing is indeed a lot more intricate on here; track six, Aurora Borealis is all flowing electric guitar melody and lacking the extreme brutal heaviness Pelican can exert. Autumn Into Winter, my favourite track at the moment, is more riff based chaos, and does contain some mighty riffs. There are two riffs in this track that sound too familiar; one is like a sped up version of that awesome riff from `Celestial (The Tower)' by Isis, and another is very similar to Drought from their previous album but again, sped up. The first track also has a familiar riff; the Red Sparrowes album released earlier this year, another instrumental band have a tune called `Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes' and their riffs are similar too. Is this the production of somekind of sumbliminal appreciation for other's riffs or a mere coincidence? 3 riffs in one album may be a little too close to call, especially as all three bands are closely related. I don't care really, even if they are `stolen' riffs , I like Pelican's take on them!

The lack of vocals in Pelican's music forces them to focus on instrumentation and arrrangement to keep the soungs interesting. They never fail to do so. Every song keeps you on your toes, you'd think an eleven minute song was repetetive wouldn't you? Well not here; each track evolves towards it's goal beautifully and efficiently without retreading ground or going off into self indulgence. Quite an achievement really. The closest band you can compare them to is Isis, without doubt. Isis' tracks evolve in a similar way and their sound is also quite similar,.Pelican are a lot quicker though and more intricate, whereas Isis tend to groove slowly and let their instruments breathe, Pelican never let you sit back unless a mellower section comes in, even then though the instruments are tightly wound.

The sound quality is obviously going to be good; all Hydra Head products are presented excellently and that goes for the artwork too. The guitars are amazingly clear, they are the focal point after all, the bass is mixed too low for my tastes and the drums sound great.

I'm definately going to have to let this album sink in with several thousand more listens. Like Isis' Panopticon album, it didn't grab be right away and took quite a few weeks to appreciate the intricacies and work that has gone into it

Listening to Pelican, it must take weeks and weeks to write their tunes; no riff is repeated and everyhting is different. I need to see these guys live to see how they pull it off.

Pelican are quite a special band; instrumental without being dull, heavy without being repetitive, intricate musicianship without being horrible and pretensious.
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on 4 September 2005
Awesome. Simply magnificent and utterly awesome. This album is beyond a doubt a sublime masterpiece. In these times when musical mediocrity( i wont name) is paramount, something like this comes along that defies space and time. on par with there first full length "australasia" the fire in this collectives throats (or rather there instruments) would thaw the both north and south poles after being subjected to the abject blast. At once majestic,melodic,bleak,uplifting,serene,passionate and indeed awesome. buy this. now.
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on 22 December 2005
I recently saw Pelican at the Cavern Club, Exeter and have to say what an awesome bunch of guys they were. Amazingly talented and brutally heavy on stage while amazingly friendly off stage. The songs on this album really cant be compared to much. Most purists would compare them to the likes of Isis, Old Man Gloom etc. Bad choices I think. This is a very uplifting and melodic band not just a big crashing atmospheric crescendo band like the aforementioned. This album is ridulously beautiful tracks like Aurora Borealis and Red Ran Amber can lift your spirit and take you to a new place. In the stressful, exhausting life that I lead, I always have this album on hand so that I can escape from modern life. Some may say the lack of vocals makes it dull, but really it just adds to the complexual beauty of the album. Buy this now and relax.
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on 20 February 2006
some reviewers go on about the heaviness of this album,i dont see in that way,it isnt really that heavy,it just rocks and when it rocks it is hard but i leave the word heavy for bands that deserve it like mastodon and napalm death,pelican wouldnt want to be in that company so lets not kid ourselves
anyway this is a brilliant and almost moving album,it aches of emotion,there are no vocals and somehow this doesnt matter,the songs almost tell a story,they build and go in directions that take you with them,it is a pleasure,it is superb,get it and lie down and relax and let this album take you wherever it wants you to go
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VINE VOICEon 2 June 2006
Pelican's music has always been an experience for me, since their brutal EP I have bought every release. On their latest `The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw' the band branches off from their metal roots experimenting with new ambitious passages.

The first half of the album is superb in every sense (except vocals). The opener `Last Days Of Winter' builds its way up to a wonderful climax of ethereal guitars and crashing drums. The same style and structure is applied to `Autumn Into Summer' and `March To The Sea', the latter my personal favourite on the album. They churn through some lovely riffs and stomping double bass drum playing. Then the first experiment comes in, the untitled acoustic song, and, I believe it works very well acting as a break and contrast from the heavy progressive styling.

Unfortunately the album never quite picks up after this, three rather forgettable tracks wander by, which is a real shame considering the beauty and power of the opening four tracks. This is the reason for my four star review, had they cut off maybe one of the tracks, or even condensed the three into one the album would seem more rounded off. Despite a weak ending, this is a must have buy this year for any appreciator of progressive music.
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on 18 October 2006
From thundering avalanches of sound to soft, glistening melodies, Pelican's 'The fire in our throats will beckon the thaw' is a perfect, and very dynamic album.

Sure this is not as 'heavy' as previous releases.. but heavy is definately not what Pelican is all about. Pelican is about soundscapes.. and the soundscape painted with this release is a of grandoise scale. It seems to capture the ocean-like swelling sounds of newer Isis, but is less repetative and more entertaining.. even without vocals. Yes the repetition is still there, (as always will be with 'soundscapes') but there is more 'variety' to the repetition if you will. I know that doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but you have to listen to this masterpeice in order to understand. This is not only a very atmospheric piece, but it is also very cleverly crafted in the sense that nothing sounds out of place, overdone or overly accented.

An entrancing journey to say the least.
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on 1 June 2006
Why everyone keeps on about how this album is heavy I just don't know! I don't deny that it rocks and is jam packed full of riffs (the intro to 'March to the Sea' makes me want to headbang for the first time since I was a teen) but I defy anyone to listen to the beginning of 'Autumn Into Summer', the untitled 4th track or 'Aurora Borealis' and say that they aren't beautiful, beautiful peices of warm, gentle music.

What do Pelican sound like? Imagine both Helmet and Black Sabbath in reflective moods and getting together on a mountain top overlooking a vast, panoramic vista to play Godspeed You! Black Emperor cover versions!

Or maybe not...
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on 25 January 2007
The beauty of post-rock is that it sets new ground for music and sadly to say although this is a good little album, its not original. This is a decent post-rock album, but formulaic in places, the gem on the album is the simplisticly titled '.' which is essentially post rock on Spanish guitar. There are however better albums of its kind out there, for more inventive material try listening to Red Sparowes, God Is An Astronaut and Mono. For fans of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and alike you still can't go wrong here.
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on 4 August 2006
I've read so many great reviews of this and I'm not sure why. I loved the last album and the EP, they were heavy, thats why I liked Pelican. This is just like the 4 members passed a Mogwai album between themselves and said "yeah lets try to do this instead", which they do far, far worse. Christ, Mogwai's heavy moments are heavier than this, its just tame. 'March into the sea' is the only decent track and the EP version was longer and better anyway, so whats the point. Pelican have changed from an awesome heavy band into a very average post-rock one, which all these people seem to lap up using wankish terms like 'soundscapes'.
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