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3.8 out of 5 stars13
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2005
This has gotta be my album of the year. The album works great as a whole, it is written in the style of being split into two different sections, 1-7 and 8-12. Standout tracks for me would be -
Ode to the Sun - this song starts off very ominously, the guitar gives me a feeling of the end of the world being near, but that's just me. You can hear the singer singing part of the lyrics before the song even properly begins. Great rhythms and tight guitar and drum work, a really anthemic song!
Zebra Skin - this song is cool, took a while to get into but is very funky, very kinda city lounge music, smooth.
Sang Real - well I don't know what to say about this really apart from that it's arguably the most beautiful song I've heard in my life, the slide guitar and the piano hemiolas and the drums, you have to hear it to believe it really, but personally I fell in love with it immediately and couldn't stop playing it back to back for a good few days. The title means 'holy grail' in latin. One of my favourite all time songs.
Jamais Vu - this feels like it continues along the same lines of sang real, it's just a really beautiful and emotional song, the sorta stuff you'd put on when you're depressed and cry to, but at the same time uplifting because it's so damn good. Jamais vu is kinda like the opposite of deja vu, where the familiar feels unfamiliar. I particularly love the lyrics in this song.
Hungover on a Tuesday - this is just a fantastic song. As you can tell I'm not good at writing reviews, I just wanted to put in my opinion on how awesome this album really is. Feels rhythmically similar to ode to the sun at times.
I think altogether this album is just, for me anyway, perfect. The musicianship is great, the vocals fit perfectly and the actual songs themselves are breathtaking. I only got into dredg after I met someone who had their album cover tattooed on his leg and I can't believe how I lived without this band. I very much recommend this album and hope you enjoyed my review.
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on 20 November 2005
After discovering el cielo last year and really growing to love dredg, i was eagerly looking forward to catch with out arms, and equally alarmed when i read some of the amazon reviews slating this album, however after much consideration i've considered that its totally personal taste rather to prefer leitmotif or el cielo to this, but it seems strange that it could be dismissed as poor in anyway. the criticism seems to mostly be over its lack of "progness" as its a farmore straight album of solid 4 minute songs. But here's the thing, apart from a couple of exceptions the songs are excellent. the imediacy really suits them and the songwriting is stronger than el cielo(although el cielo is outstanding in a different way), theyve clearly tried to pin down a definate sound of their own on this, and despite wearing their influences on their sleeve it really works for them, the quality of these songs on their own really doesnt need 9 minute interludes to bridge them. Its epic, melodic, i really like the production, and its very accesible, it only gets 4 because there are a couple of weak moments-zebraskin and matroshka("cough U2")can be avoided, overall if you like your rock big, melodic and inventive, then you cant go far wrong with this album. play it loud
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on 22 June 2005
This is one of those albums which you don't come across too often where all of the tracks are really, really top quality. Dredg have really made a great effort with this release and have shown us, again, a totally different style from their earlier works.
All of the tracks stick out from each other, and, unlike previous records, there are some feel good tracks on there. So no more crying in a dark room! Some fans might be dissapointed to hear there are no instrumental tracks. There are noises and some weird stuff at the end of some tracks, but nothing of the sort of being heavily instrumental. Think of this album as being Leitmotif, except without the instrumentals and screaming.
I can't really do a review on each and every track, as all i would be writing is how powerful, creative and passionate each track is.

If i was to make one complaint about this album, it's that Gavins voice is too high to sing along to. His voice has improved so much since his slow attack, over reverb voice from El Cielo.
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on 16 October 2005
Very surprised why this album is getting such bad reviews. This is an incredible album and definitely my favourite by Dredg. I loved Leitmotif, but it didn't have the edge. I loved El Cielo, but it seemed to drag on for too long. This is the best Dredg album. Every song is different, that's what so great about it.
However, I still feel Dredg can only get better and better. This isn't a perfect album. There are a few tracks that bore me a bit (well, it's only the title track I don't like but sometimes I'm not in the mood for half the tracks) but the other tracks make up for it. I hope with future Dredg releases they will get better and better. If you're new to Dredg, get this album as El Cielo might bore you towards the end as it does drag on a bit and they haven't mastered the art of concept albums yet.
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on 24 June 2005
I'm a huge Dredg fan and perhaps I'd built this album up too much in my head but last night my hopes were shattered by an over produced, formulaic shot at the mainstream. Some people will love this album. Its beautiful, uplifting soundscapes have been crafted into 4 minute verse/chorus mini anthems. But loyal fans who have journeyed through "Leitmotif" and "El Cielo" will find the lack of any real challenge on behalf of the listener frustrating and the over produced instrument sounds quickly outstay their welcome thanks to an over reliance on building swirly,delayed,fast picking quitar noise. I cannot help but feel like a management meeting was called after "El Cielo", perhaps the band were asked to pick a direction and stick to it in order to attract a wider audience? By choosing one path for a whole album they have lost that eclectic mix of styles and influences that made the first two albums so special and unique.
On the plus side of things "ode to the sun" opens the album perfectly and shows that the band is in no hurry to hide its origins."the tanbark is hot lava" also stands out as being in touch with the creative and quirky sound blast that was "Leitmotif", and "sang real" is simply heart wrenchingly beautiful in its message and execution.(so much so I'd put it top of the playlist) All's not lost yet and I'll put this down to that "tricky third album" thing. I just hope the Dredg boys switch back to whatever mindscape crafted two of the finest cd's to grace my hi-fi.
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on 16 August 2005
This album is pretty cool, but not really what I'd expect from a band like dredg. Their second album 'El Cielo' was quite a masterpiece, and I was hoping for more of the same from this one, but alas, like so many other bands these days, they've gone for the more 'commercial' vibe, and whilst it's still a good album, I feel it could have been better...
There's some really great tracks on here; 'Bug Eyes', 'Zebra Skin', 'Spitshine' etc but overall I think it could have been better if they stuck to their old sound.
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on 8 July 2007
This album is simply amazing! There aren't enough superlatives to describe it fully, mixing fast paced beats with soft sensual nuances adds to the diversity of this record creating real feeling and depth. I'd heard of Dredg, as I mix in the progressive rock circles, but never gave them the time of day, I regret it now, they really are an impressively tight band. The vocals are soaring and distinctive without becoming predictable. At this price it is definately worth buying!
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on 10 July 2006
Why are so many people slating this album? Yes, it's different to the others. But isn't that part of what Dredg are about? Catch Without Arms is a masterpiece, from the first track to the last, stand-out songs being Ode To The Sun and Jamais Vu, but the entire album is fantastic. One of my all-time favourites!
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on 30 June 2005
I would agree with most of the review by Mr A I Willans. I rate both Lietmotif and El Cielo as two of the finest albums i have ever heard, they took me to emotional extremes that i didnt think music would be capable of. Both flow perfectly as albums and are best listened to in one sitting, they are simply masterpeices. As a result I didnt think Dredg would ever be the type of band to write an album like Catch Without Arms. It only contains remnants of the original and unique sound achieved on the last two records and gets nowhere near the emotional heights. It seems that Dredg have introduced musical boundaries where there were none before but having said this I still think great album and liked it the more I listen (hence the four stars). Its just not in a Dredg flowing masterpiece and its not so original, perhaps the most disappointing thing. I think in time I will enjoy this album but first I will have to overcome the reality that Dredg have changed and might not be that special unique band that nobody in England has ever heard of anymore, not if they make another album like this anyway.
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on 4 January 2013
In the words of Shania Twain: That Don't Impress Me Much. Was recommended by a friend but I didn't find it all that good.
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