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VINE VOICEon 9 June 2006
Very impressive game indeed. I guess the great improvement in NFS game series started with Underground, which was not that excellent, then came the great Underground2 which was very nice and addictive. I decided to get NFS Most Wanted because I was sure it is gonna be something, I was right, the game hits you from the start with a good story line, you were a racer, lost your car and your girl, and now you gotta get your revenge by climbing up the Blacklist.

The graphics, and the audio are excellent, the game feels so realistic, and attention to details is really good. It is so nice as well, to be able to race again under the sun.

Selection of cars is so cool, you can have the Mercedes MClaren, and the super nice Carrera.

Career mode is very good, although you can play some tricks to get to challenge the blacklist driver faster than usual, but that does not mean it is easy.

COPS, yeah, cops are back, so cool. You can feel the thrill when you are being chased by five cop cars, and you are trying to escape. Definetly an excellent idea from EA to bring back the cops. The only bad thing is that the audio, as far as cops are concerned, is not really that great.

There are some annoying things, like for instance, I could not combine a control system in which there is a button to change camera, and one for acceleration. I do not want to accelerate with the 'R' stick on my PS pad. It is much better to accelerate with 'X'.

Anyways, the game is super, very addictive, very nice, great graphics, great idea and definetely worth playing.

Way to go EA.
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on 18 April 2007
This is possibly one the best if not THE best arcade racer out for PS2 at the moment. Ignore Carbon as frankly its a step back from this game. It makes the most out the Need for Speed series by giving new races, added amounts of pressure and frankly a very long playabilty option.

You start by losing your ride a frankly stunning BMW GTR M3 to Razor- Head of the citys driving crew's, Of course theres a beautiful lassie to help you get back on the tracks and win your ride back.

Its broken up by 15 bosses (The BlackList) you must work your way through each drivers set requirements to challenge them and possibly win their ride and move onto the next person.

These requirements are broken upto - Bounty - Race Wins and Cash owned.

Bounty is the brilliant new addition to the series,Basically it involves driving round like a lunatic,avoiding the police and racking up the list of driving offences. Sounds easy huh?. - NO. With each offense and the length of time you spend avoiding police it goes into heat levels. 1-3 are fairly easy but it quickly goes up to 4/5 or even 6 from blacklist member 8 onwards. These levels are brilliant - masses of tension, a real threat of trying to escape and brilliant done by NFS.

You can lower your heat level by changing your car details/ i.e colour/mods etc.

Race wins,Pretty simple either timed races,laps or sprints

Cash owned - Win a race get cash- simple.

With each Blacklist the challenges for each requirement goes up and up..I reckon by Blacklist 2/3 you should;ve racked up about 30+ hours in the game.

It a big game no mistake a good vast free roaming race ground with plenty of cars to chose from and mod.( about 30ish).

Also theres the new challenge series where you must compete in set races the game gives you, plus multiplayer. It really is a fantastic driving game- Yes its not as quick as Burnout, but the police chases really gives a set tension that no other game can match.

Great graphics and ever changing music adds to this game.The hilarous FMV's .Cheesy as heck but soooo funny are worth watching alone.

Add this to I believe the first NFS to be set in DAYTIME!!! makes it an essential purchase. Ignore the average Carbon pick this one instead you wont be disappointed in this racer.
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on 2 January 2006
I eagerly went and bought this game thinking that it was going to be awesome with the name most wanted. No. I've had nearly all of the NFS series and this didn't seem to be very exciting. The cool idea that was you could again participate in police chases but often they are either too easy or too hard. The police cars are pretty much easy to outrun. The only things to watch out for are suvs which try to ram you head on and they will stop you and spike strips - go over one of these and its game over and you're busted. That is REALLY ANNOYING. They throw them out and you only see them at the last second especially if you're on the motorway. Apart from this awesome cars to mod such as the McClaren SLR and Porsche Carrera GT. The graphics are awesome and the cars look amazing. The only problem we have then is that you cant go into much detail with modding your car. NFSU2 was much better for this - you could nearly mod everything to do with your car. Just small things such as not being able to change your exhaust tips or choosing which front bumper you want are missing from most wanted. Hopefully they will sort this in most wanted 2!
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on 8 January 2006
Wow! Well, where to start? There is about 63 different cars in the game ranging from the Fiat Punto to the Lamborghini Murcielago. When you first start a career, you start in a BMW M3 GTR, but that gets tampered with and then you can buy a car worth up to $30,000.
Be warned though, as you climb the Black list the pursuit gets harder, with the cops using heavy SUV's, spike strips and helicopters! Also, as you progress up the black list, you will be surprised at how quickly you can get into a pursuit with the cops!
The graphics of the game are amazing, with and without nitrous (at least I think so) and there are other modes you can choose to play other than the career.
These include Challenge Seris, Quick play, custom races and there is a section called 'My Cars' where you can add a car to the list and tune it up to how you like the look of the car.
Remember though, you don't just build your reputation on how the car looks, but how fast it is and what the driver is like. Although this game can be quite easy in places, there is a lot going on to keep you occupied! This is a must for anyone into street racing games!
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on 4 December 2005
This game is the ultimate for all the wannabe chav racers in the world today. the thought of purchasing an Aston DB9, slamming a phat body kit on to it and pumping it full of NoS would make any racer drool.
Not only has the game retained the brilliance of the underground variants of chavving up your racers, but its cleverly matched it with the hot pursuit style cops. Building up your wanted level by smashing through roadblocks and turning the roads into carnage lets you encounter the very best the MW police force has to offer. but dnt get caught out by these supped up policemen, they're sneaky and wnt hesitiate to smash your finely tuned racer into a wall.
Buy this game now and get blown away by high speed racing and high speed chasing.
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on 12 December 2008
"Well, it is immeasurably good", writes my son. "The story is truly excellent. You are a racer with a really great car - you race number one on the blacklist - Razor. He messes with your car and takes it. The objective is to climb your way up the blacklist.The graphics are very good - nothing wrong with them.The car selection is cool as so many cars, including the super-fast porsche carerra GT and the Mercedes SLR Mclaren.However, I am saving the best bit till last. The best bit are the cops - they are amazing, especialy Condition 5 and 6. They are fast Chevys undercover version in condition 6 and unmarked versions in condition 5. Condition 4 are unmarked Vauxhall Monaros. Condition 3 are marked Vauxhall Monaros. Condition 2 are unmarked Honda Civics, as well as condition 1.

"Roadblocks also make this game good. I have some useful info on roadblocks - if they block the whole road, look for the sawhorse to ram through, and if they don't block the whole road, go through the section where it is not blocked. Pursuit breakers destroy the police vehicles if you smash them or they will force the police to stop and call for backup. Spikestrips are deadly! If you go over one, your car won't be able to move and you will get busted, so keep your eyes open. Seargent Cross is the most skilled police driver ever, he will appear in mid-condition 5 heis very deadly - he directs the strategies to surround you and bust you. Police helicopters are deadly because they really affect your visibility. I recommend you to buy this game immediately!"
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on 22 January 2006
this is a great game that is apealing to all gamers. there is career where you race against 15 blacklists to try and get your BMW M5 back. Allso you try and get away from the police on some levels which is really fun.

graphics 9
fun 9
gameplay 10
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on 3 January 2009
A great game. Probably the best nfs yet. Loads of tracks, and different varieties of the types of races. But if like me you dont just want to race you want to have car chases it is fantastic. Unlike nfs carbon it is easy to get in a car chase, you can even select police chase mode from your safehouse, (your garage). So addictive when you are beating memebers of the blacklist and getiing closer to razor, the expert racer who stole your wheels. Such a good game, a role model to all racing games, love it!
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on 5 December 2005
If, like me, you were blown away by the quality of the NFS series, then you won't be disappointed with the sheer excellence of 'Most Wanted'. Build up your wanted level by beating drivers on the 'Blacklist 15'. True, there isn't as many mods for your ride as the previous games, and there's no drifting action but the mix of roads, hiding places, and pursuit modes (try evading the cops for 28 minutes!) I have and I can only tell you that playing is believing. You have all the exotic cars available of 'free race' but the real deal begins in the 'career mode'
Race through a stadium or on a golf course, I'm only 14% thru' the game but i'm hooked.
If you only buy one game this winter, get this one and drive em like you stole em!!!
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on 24 January 2008
Initially when I saw another "Need for Speed" game released in Blockbuster/Asda/Game etc I used to think "Not another racing game! I'll stick with my Gran Turismo" This was before I knew what NFS was all about. Having recently bought this title I am definitely hooked on the series. Underground 2 is next on my "Blacklist"!!
The most addictive part is the Pursuit - trying to dodge the Cops and get safe - even in the Tollbooth section - is awesome. I was in career mode last night and I was being pursued for about 20 - 25 minutes - nearly Busted a couple of times but managed to drive my way out. Ended up with about $86,000 worth of Bounty. Adrenaline levels considerably elevated I think.
If you don't buy any other Racing game then this one is a Definite Must-Have. Graphics, handling, playability, music - it's all there and all excellent.
Go on you know you Need to have it!!
Well Done EA
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