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on 18 August 2005
By far the best debuet uk album of this year shangulli style. Oldtight Trim, Wiley, Breeze, Brazen, Jet Li, Riko, Flowdan, Scracthy, Manga, Roachie, JME, Skepta, Target, Danny Weed, Maximum, Karange and all the E3 Mandem. I've been waiting for this album for time and when i used to listen to roll deep way back in da raskit and creeper days most of my friends started to slew me coz that was the time garage like so solid was big and grime was unknown. Now they are begging me 2 make copies of this and other grime albums. Grime is the new music of this generation artists like roll deep, kano, d double e and many many others will bring this music into the same league as hip hop and rock. This album is simply amazing there are mainstream tracks like the avenue and shake a leg and some tunes for the underground fans like the brilliant wen i'm ere, poltergiest and the outstanding heat up. This album combines many styles of music and rolls them into 1 jawside package. Roll Deep are rolling der boat and no one will sink them
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on 8 June 2005
Now theres been hype about this album and the 1st time I heard it I was disappointed! But the second time it started to sound better and each listen is even ruder now! Roll Deep have a unique sound which crosses UK Garage, Grime, Hip Hop, Ragga and some strange 80s samples but it works perfectly! One of those albums you just let play the whole way through, apart from one tune (14. Good Girl) which has an annoying Kayne West type sample in it, not feeling that
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on 23 August 2005
Excellent Album. I was unsure about this album before i bought it, I had assumptioms that this album would be a work off a few hours off bedroom music. I was shocked as this album is really proffesional and the sounds are fresh, fresh sounds in a saturated sound market does give you a breathe of fresh air and lets you enjoy music to your ears. I am a listener off mainly indie music, but since Dizzy rascal opened my ears to grime i have kept my ear out for more grime albums and this one follow's suit as a great album, not just a great grime album. Best tracks off album are Heat up and When im here, Both have "grimey" beats and "sick flows". Buy this album iff you want to hear fresh and amazing music.
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on 19 June 2005
You will not be disappointed if you buy one less round in the pub and get this new release instead.
The much hyped album is from the East London Crew who brought you Dizee Rascal and Wiley, and they are going places with this new single 'heartache ' which is a definite hit.
Alex Mills sings beautifully on three tracks, especially 'remember the days'.
The album has a real eclectic feel to it with cross-overs into many genres, from grime to garage to more mainstream.
I love it.
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on 16 March 2006
Top album from Wiley, Scratch and co.
Stand out singles for me are flying away, heat up, good girl (with Kano), remeber the day, when im here, shake a laeg, show you and let it out.
Overall, well good album, bit different to their normally heavy grime/garage/hiphop style which they are big on, on the underground, im sure this album will introduce them to the commercial side.
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on 6 June 2005
When you hear the words 'Roll Deep' you think of Dizzee or Wiley. Well i did! For months i associated Roll Deep with underground London rap or 'Grime' with not much variation and not much invention. I heard many early collaborations by the crew and was less than impressed with the collective skills on show. Don't get me wrong, I have always appreciated Dizzee as an inovator and creditted both him and to some extent Wiley for the emergence of the London underground. But for months Roll Deep were a one man crew. No longer can that be said. The new album is both inovative and original. It is a reflection of the talent of the underground scene and its potential at a more comercial level. Not only am i impressed at how much Roll Deep has come on over the past year or so, I am impressed with the complete package this album brings to the table. No longer do Dizzee and Wiley carry the London scene alone. This album is only the start of a whole host of rappers ready to take the limelight. Look out for Kano, Lethal B, Taz and Sway in the near future! The album itself is well worth the 4 star rating i have given it, with tracks such as 'Shake a Leg', 'Heat Up' & the excellent 'Let It Out'. This album combines the pure Grime of the London streets with the Dizzee electronic feel and in some places almost an old skool feel. To all Grime fans this album should be a must, i assure you that its worth the investment.
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on 22 October 2010
Great album, full of unique beats from Danny Weed, Target and Wiley himself.
Favourite tracks 1-5
1. When I'm 'Ere
2. Good Girl
3. Remember the Days
4. Heat Up
5. Show You
When I'm 'Ere has to be one of the greatest grime tunes ever, and it's just a shame that they have sold out to the charts with some poor songs like Good Times.
The only song I didn't like was Shake a Leg, even The Avenue is better than that.
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on 30 January 2009
Innotive album, with some amazing beats and lyrics. Roll Deep push the boundaries and it pays off.

Still grime, but it has a touch of something else in a lot of songs.

I have had this a while but it is still a frequently played album, a must have for urban/hip hop fans.
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on 11 August 2005
Brilliant debut by the boys. I just feel that the only reason Roll Deep as a whole gets less recognition than Dizzee is totally lyrical. The crew prefer to big themselves up and talk about the ghetto (so old now) rather than tell stories and make it more interesting as a listening experience. Dizzee takes you through adventures,(jezebel, dream, graftin') wheres Roll Deep stay mostly in one spot, (when im ere, heat up). Saying that, they know what good tunes sound like.
Best tracks on the album - Flying Away, Where I'm Ere, Shake a Leg, HEAT UP (gotta be a number 1) and the Poltergiest remix.
I say adults should have a listen also, as you will like the avenue, flying away (maybe) and definately shake a leg! I think Roll Deep should deserve more recognition because they are veering away frmo the badboy grime days (for example being just Roll Deep now, instead of Roll Deep crew) and trying to set new standards within the genre.
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on 6 August 2005
Damn I was suprised at this album. It is really, and I mean really good. I liked the way they weren't scared to experiment with some different sounds. The production on this album is crazy!! The lyricism by Roll Deep is also very grounded, real and impressive. Its an easy listening album which is the last thing I was expecting. A great step for UK music.
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