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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2012
This model is for induction hobs. It's quick to make your morning hit of caffeine and it's easy to clean it. Have tried making coffee at very low heat and at medium heat and at medium-high heat and it doesn't seem to make any difference to the end result which method I use. The only thing to ensure is that you don't leave it on the hob after the water has been used as you could get some coffee grounds in the prepared coffee. It is well designed and the water container is raised in the centre of the base, which leaves a moat-like area round the outside which retains a little water, thus helping to prevent you burning the base because the water has gone.
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on 25 November 2012
The Bialetti stainless steel espresso stove top coffee makers are excellent quality - I also own a 4 cup in Australia. I would never use an aluminium one because I've seen how the internal stems gradually dissolve over time...into your coffee! I purchased this larger one for an extended stay with family in the UK. I was worried about this being able to work on an ordinary electric stove top as I have gas in Australia, but have discovered that it works fine. I've been using stove top coffee makers for years and have developed a 'method' for the coffee we like (I make strong coffee to which I add hot milk latte style). Bialetti advises putting the coffee in the funnel without pressing it down (tamping) but I have found that if you want a strong, rich brew tamping the coffee lightly helps. Use coffee that is roasted and ground specifically for espresso making (or if grinding yourself, do not grind too fine). Using boiling water from the kettle instead of cold improves flavour. Be careful though as the pot gets very hot - use a cloth or oven glove to screw the top back on to the boiler. Brew on a medium low heat and do not 'over brew' as the coffee will burn and taste bitter: remove from heat when you hear the 'gurgling' sound. Another thing to remember is to prime your new expresso maker by brewing coffee in it several times and discarding. In any case, flavour improves with use! For our type of coffee I have found that the 6 cup size will make about 3-4 mugs latte style whereas the 4 cup makes about 2-3.
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on 16 December 2012
The product is great - quick, strong (except the handle, which shouldn't break if used properly), easy to clean and makes great coffee. Here's my tips on getting the best results -
- Warm the base before adding water
- Use boiling water in the bottom
- Keep the lid down while brewing
- Clean without soap

I have found using cold water and not heating the base first means the water spends a long time getting hot - this entire time the water is mixing with the coffee and taking flavour - I personally find the coffee taste bitter and overdone using this method, by using already boiling water, and pre-warming the base for a few seconds, you not only get your coffee much faster (about 1 minute compared with 4 or 5 minutes), but the flavour is perfect. If you think about a proper espresso machine - it forces water through the coffee in around 20 - 25 seconds, by pre-boiling the water you are getting as close to this as you can - leaving it to heat up while mixing with the coffee is more like using this device as a cafetiere.
Keeping the lid down stops a large portion of coffee evaporating as it comes up, I have found the flavour is better as less concentrated.
I have also found using soap to clean this device detracts from the flavour of the coffee, no matter how well you rinse it after. So I just rinse it with water and no soap.

It's down to everyone's individual tastes, but this is how I use mine to get the best flavour out of my coffee.
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on 7 August 2009
A number of reviewers have rightly pointed out that the handles can come off.
Having bought the item, you quickly realise why. The temptation is to use the handle to hold the top half whilst unscrewing the bottom part. It simply isnt strong enough to allow this - especially if the plastic is weakened through the heat of prolonged use.
So long as you avoid the temptation to use the handle as a lever - just hold the two aluminium halves [not when its hot] - it is a perfectly good product and works very well and delivers buzzy strong coffee [hint dont fill the coffee container more than half way up or you'lll have problems sleeping!
Recommendation, unless you live alone and sip out of little espresso cups, go for a larger option. We have a 6-cup and it struggles to fill two coffee mugs - go 8 or 10 - size does matter!
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on 23 March 2016
How disappointing. I've used this type of coffee maker for years, recently moved to a flat with induction hob so needed a new one. This model is the worst I've ever owned. As it's perculating water is running down the handle leaving a big puddle on the hob (see photo). Seems to decrease the pressure and leaves a watery tasting coffee. I have been disappointed by products before but this is the first time I'm writing a negative review - because good coffee is so important. I would like a replacement (in the hope that my model is a one-off glitch) but Amazon only seems to offer refund.
review image
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on 24 September 2009
Had to replace not very old cafetiere as we changed to an induction hob. This model looks beautiful and is very efficient. Lovely cup of coffee from it. Definitely NOT 6 cups, however. More like 4 espressos or 2 breakfast cups. Otherwise great.
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on 19 January 2013
We've had this roughly two weeks and the inside of this, supposedly stainless steel, espresso maker is starting to get little spots of rust every where! What a shame because it does make a lovely coffee but why pay £25 - £30 for some thing that is advertised as stainless steel but obviously can't be if it's starting to rust.

If you're paying this price seek an alternative brand.
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on 29 July 2012
We have been searching for an espresso stove top coffee maker for ages - almost bought one for £50 in France. Fortunately we didn't because we saw this one and it is brilliant! Great price, and works like a dream - fabulous espresso within about a minute! Used it every day since purchase.
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on 31 August 2013
This makes great coffee, no doubts about that. However it is not all stainless steel. I tested it all with a slim magnet and found that the base reservoir is steel, the threads are however aluminum but seemingly chromed. I suspect that the base is therefore regular steel and chromed to match the chrome on the threads and the upper coffee reservoir/jug section. The upper coffee reservoir/jug is not responsive to a magnet so it cannot be stainless steel and is just some non ferrous metal such as aluminum with a chrome plating. The funnel from the grounds capsule/holder is aluminum but the rest of that item is stainless steel. So if you don't mind the fact that your water from the lower reservoir is still going to travel through an aluminum pipe/funnel before reaching the coffee grinds and then the fresh coffee is travelling up what appears to be an unchromed interior pipe to the upper jug then all of the above is an aside, unless you have issues with chrome of course. It sucks that bialetti are selling something that is not as described, wether i can get a genuine stainless steel equivalent somewhere is something that i will look into. How all this will look after a few years of use is anyone's guess but in our throwaway world I guess we accept that this item will inevitable end up as junk.
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on 4 January 2013
Not suitable for induction hob unless you have the correct size ring. My hob has kept bleeping at me and cutting itself off as the area around it is not covered.
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