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4.3 out of 5 stars190
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2012
5 on to find out why...

Ok, you may have seen mixed reviews for this product and I too saw those when deciding on purchasing this product. I was a little concerned by some comments about leaking sealed and quality build issues as it had been made in the far eastern countries however as I knew this brand well and having already got the larger version knew it was a pretty safe move to go for it as the large version was excellent quality in every way.

When it first arrived, we tried it out and sure enough, it worked ok but the seal was leaking like some customers have said. The seal felt very rough when tightening it and it just seemed nothing like its bigger brother which we already have and would expect better quality from Bialetti. I decided to return it and request a replacement because it should not leak and I knew the build quality should be higher. Also, coming from an Italian home, I expected better than this as we use these every day.

Amazon were as always very helpful and sent a replacement. This is where the amazement started. As soon as it arrived we noticed straightaway that the box itself was different. It looked more professional, photos on the box were in colour etc. where as I remember the old one having more blander artwork and photos in differnet tones of blue. We opened the box up and even the instructions looked better. As for the Espresso maker, it was a different item altogether. The seal itself was silicon not cheap rubber like the first one we received and when tightening the espresso maker, it was super smooth and did not leak one bit. The inside of the espresso maker had a superior finish/coating and the overall finish of the espresso maker was more polished.

So this straight away raised some questions. Why did we receive two espresso makers that were made and packaged completely different? It was almost as if the first item we received was a counterfeit. I have made Amazon aware of this and they will be investigating it.

So, to summarise, this espresso maker is excellent as should be expected from Bialetti, the overall finish is quality, and had no problems using it on an induction hob. Not sure why the first one was problematic but please be aware, if you receive an item with the same characteristics as mentioned earlier, do not think that this is the quality to expect. Instead make sure you request a replacement from Amazon...Hopefully, there are not many of these dodgy ones in circulation!
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on 31 August 2010
I have had Bialetti coffee pots for years and they are excellent. This new stainless steel version is far superior. It is easier to clean and nicer to use. It also seems to hold more than my previous 4 cup pot, and realistically fills a good mug for one. I read all the reviews before renewing my old pot and it still made me choose Bialetti and now they make it in stainless steel it does not get the residue in the bottom that the old ones did. Excellent purchase and would definitely recommend it. And it works fantastically on my cast iron range cooker hob.
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on 2 September 2011
I purchased the 4 cup version of this mocca pot after upgrading my hob to induction. My purchase was based on the fact that there seems to be a very limited choice of small hob-top mocca pots that work on induction and even then was concerned that some people seem to have trouble getting them to work.
I can say that the 4 cup works fine on my induction hob even though it's base is smaller than the recommended minimum size for my hob, which is a cheap Lamona hob as supplied by Holden with the kitchen. I love my coffee and it makes an acceptable mocca (psudo espresso), provided you don't leave the room. As soon as it starts to gurgle you have to switch off - if you don't, the coffee will immediately start to boil and you get that horrible 'cooked coffee' smell. Unfortunately it never seems to be able to steem the last cm of water in the base, which means you only get two generous portions out of it. If you need coffee for 4 people- buy the 6 cup version.
If I didn't have an induction hob, I would never look beyond the classic aluminium style pots, which are cheap and easy to get hold of.
It should also be noted that the handle is there to pick the pot up: It should not be used as a lever to twist the two sections apart as it is liable to break if misused. I have been using my pot two-to-three times a week for nearly two years without incident.
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on 14 April 2010
I seem to be collecting coffee makers recently.
This is my latest indulgence.

Some useful information -

This will produce around 120 - 180ml of coffee.
It seems to be a bit variable but when there is a bit less the coffee tends to be better (the "bitters" come out at the end).

It stands a little under 18cm tall and is about 10cm wide at the base, however only about 9cm of the base is in contact with the hotplate and centre is recessed.

Mine is definitely magnetic and marked with an induction symbol. I don't have an induction hob so can't say any more than that.

Bialetti is an Italian company - but the pot is manufactured in India.

Generally the stainless-steel vessel is well put together and nicely finished; the parts fit closely together. The top and bottom screw easily together. The lid is a simple disk with a little section removed to assist pouring. My lid has a slight but noticeable twist, not functionally significant but a little irritating. The plastic fittings are sturdier than on other Bialetti coffee makers, though still not strong enough to use as grip or lever when tightening the reservoir to the flask.

Parts seem to be a lot easier to come by than for the expensive Alessi coffee makers I have purchased before.

In use the coffee maker burbles and hisses happily when the coffee is made, what more could you want! The coffee is - if not espresso pretty damn good.
The pot pours well and doesn't often dribble.

If you use the knob on the lid to open the lid and peak at the coffee it will dribble a little hot liquid onto the handle. If you open the lid while brewing it will spit little drops of coffee round your hob.

I think that the more modern safety valve found on Aluminium Bialetti coffee makers is superior (it can easily be cleaned of scale) and it annoys me that it isn't found on these stainless steel models.

Very nearly four stars but not quite. Looks like I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Moka Pot.
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on 23 June 2009
I would like to point out to people that the 4 cup cannot be used on the induction hob as the base is not big enough. I purchassed the 4 cup and the 6 cup not from Amazon i admit but the descriptions for these products are the same as where i purchased mine from. The base of the 4 cup has no induction symbol neither has the box so i don't think Bialetti are to blame it's the sites that sell them. I emailed the site where i purchassed mine but they cannot be bothered to answer. the six cup works up to the point where the coffee has nearly all come up then it keeps flashing F. I have since purchassed another 6 cup in another make which has a slightly bigger base and that works perfectly so all you potential buyers of the 4 cup who have a induction hob please beware!
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on 9 January 2014
I've been using a 6 cup Spanish Valira moka pot for over 20 years, but am fed up with fiddling about with the reducer plate to halve the brew size. Otherwise it's been great. I've got a Dualit m/c too, works well, but haven't touched it for a year because the moka pot is just so quick & easy.
The Bialetti is stainless throughout & looked like the ideal replacement as I do wonder about aluminium pots.
Only issue when received was the sharp burrs all round the top of the inner funnel. I'm sure the seal would be damaged if used in that condition so I carefully stoned them off.
Used twice and no leaks.
In my experience the coffee choice is what makes the difference with these pots. Illy is good, and Waitrose Monsooned Malabar is too.
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on 11 May 2012
This product is great, no damage to my ceramic hob. I prefer this espresso than a Tassimo. Yes you don't get the froth because it's not dispensed like a machine, but taste is incomparible.Easy to maintain & clean.
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on 21 April 2012
Bought this to work on an induction hob. I had read some reviews where the Bialetti doesn't work on some makes of induction hobs. Happy to say it works fine on my Miele. Some reviews advise taking the Bialetti off the heat as soon as the unit starts to hiss. If you do this, it will immediately stop percolating before all the water has been driven from the reservoir. The answer is to turn the heat down slightly and be careful not to leave on the hob too long which will 'cook' the espresso - not nice, believe me. It needs a bit of practice to get right. Choosing the right grind of coffee is essential: too fine and it will not percolate properly and taste burnt, too coarse and the coffee will be weak and tasteless. I use a Dualit burr grinder for a Gaggia espresso machine to get a very accurate grind. The alternative is to buy coffee especially ground for espresso. Why buy a hob espresso when you've got an espresso machine?? Well, when I go away, I can take the Bialetti with me and have decent espresso wherever I am - lot easier than lugging around a Gaggia espresso machine. Finally, the 4 cup model gives you two decent (2 oz) cups of espresso. Bialetti Elegance Venus Induction 4 Cup
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on 26 April 2012
The Bialetti Venus 4 cup stove top coffee pot for an induction hob is FAB. Slight concern on ordering as a review said the 4 cup had too small a base to work on an induction hob but this is incorrect as I have had no problems just Brilliant Hot Coffee !!!!!
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on 8 February 2013
I am someone who loves their coffee. I started with cafetiere coffee and progressed to various and many espresso machines on the market. My last purchase was the Jura bean to cup coffee machine ...Which I now call the "saw you coming coffee machine" The £800 ENA5 Jura machine, which after a few years of standard domestic use had to be overhauled ....twice, and the cost now mounts to over £1200. I use it only once a day now to preserve its life (and because the coffee produced is not hot enough for me, having experienced my loved Bialetti coffee).

The Jura company have you over a barrel once you have spent £800 on the machine. You either pay the huge repair bill, or you have the useless machine sit there and taunt you about how stupid you were to pay such a huge amount on it in the first place. The original guarantee is a measly 12 months. Now I know why.

I have now had two of the Bialetti pots for a few months and I am thrilled with them. I use this one to make two 3 floz espresso cups of deliciously rich coffee. I grind my own beans; a grind between cafetiere and filter grade, which seems to work very well. I put the pot over fierce gas flame and the hot water pressure does the rest. I also bought one for my Mum who has an induction hob and she is equally delighted with the results.

If you have black coffee you may well miss the crema finish you get with the electric espresso machines, BUT, if like me you like a dab of milk, then just use a small cafetiere containing hot milk, and whizz the plunger up and down (in a controlled but energetic way !) ... creates fantastic thick creamy milk ... I use the Duchy, organic, non homogonised, semi skimmed milk ... the semi skimmed and non homogonised in my opinion are the points that help create the best crema.
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