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4.4 out of 5 stars36
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2006
1st Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero

A classic feud between friends including a

great corkscrew over the ropes - good opener


2nd Money in the bank ladder match

Jericho v Benoit v Benjamin v Edge v Christian v Kane

A good match although Kane gets up too quickly after getting

hit by a flying headbutt from the top of the ladder- wrong man won


3rd Undertaker vs Randy Orton

A good match in which Orton performed consitently well his dad even came and hit Taker with the cast but in the end it wasn't Orton's night


4th Trish(c) vs Christy Hemme (w)Lita

Not a very good diva match but Trish dus carry it through


5th Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

BEST MATCH EVER!!!! Although i like Kurt i believe Mr wrestlemania,HBK,the icon is the best wrestler ever- wrong guy won


6th Pipers Pit

Wouldn't have been that good if Carlito hadn't shown up. It was good watchin Piper and Steve fight again and drinkin beer


7th Sumo Big Show vs Akebono

Big show did well considering it was his first sumo match but it took a while to start and was quite quick


8th WWE Championship JBL(c)vs John Cena

Although i'm not a fan of JBL he did perform better then Cena and did sum kl neckbreakers outside the ring.


9th World Heavyweight Triple H(c) vs Batista

It just goes to shoow wether triple wins loses or even wen he was in DX he always performs well


There are also hours of extras including hollywood boulevard WWE and a battle royal
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on 10 August 2005
I wrote a review for the american one of this a long while ago so here's a slighty altered version of it
Much more focused and less filler than last year's XX (you could hear a pin drop during the fatal four way tag matches at XX from both respective brands), I think Wrestlemania XXI, although it does have one of two weak matches, It does live up to the hype and shows us that the WWE can still put an incredible show when it needs to.... (as they did again at the also fantastic Vengeance 2005)...
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio -
A fantastic underrated opener, Eddie and Rey completely surprised me with their perfect reversals and near falls and sets up Guerrero`s heel turn perfectly (even though the storyline is now laughably bad and has go on way to long, including Eddie revealing he's the father of Rey's son and 'sweet jesus' actually trying to gain custody of Rey's son, and at the time of writing has done nothing but hinder both men's career's its made Rey look stupid but not weak, they had him beat Christian last week....sigh), its always hard to pull off a face vs. face match but Guerrero and Rey did it beautifully - 8/10
Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Winner gets a contract that gives them a World title shot that lasts up to a year -
Thoroughly excellent, this match delivered bump after intense bump, of non-stop mayhem, Benoit (who after what looked like breaking his arm, did a DIVING HEADBUTT OFF A LADDER to Kane) and Benjamin (who RAN UP A LADDER and clotheslined Jericho off it!) both delivered stellar performances, Kane was in typical "monster mode" and Jericho and Christian both were great as usual, Edge was very good but seem to do much more than the ending.... - 9/10
Funny intermission involving Eugene who seemed REAL excited to be at Mania and provided some laughs, which was then ruined by Hassan and his lil' rambler Davari beating him up before OH MY GOD ALMIGHTY, ITS HULK HOGAN BWAAAH! So the crowd cheered, and Hulk kicked Hassan's and Davari's asses and people are all excited and Hulk Hogan breaks into his VERY long posing routine and I die a little more inside...(sorry, I'm no "Hulkamaniac")
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker -
Great storyline leading up to this match about the deadman's winning streak, good ol' Taker delivered another great performance and Orton finally seem's to have escaped the baby face slump he was in and now as a fully fledged heel performed excellently with a shoulder injury, some great near falls and reversal's (choke slam into RKO? INCREDIBLE!), it had a fairly slow start though and really should have been a gimmick match (Casket or HIAC),good seeing Taker coming out on top though (I was ready to stop watching WWE programming if they chose to end Taker's undefeated streak with of all people, Randy Orton) - 8/10
Christy Hemme vs. Trish Stratus - Women's Championship Match -
The beautiful Trish carry's the horribly green Christy (my god, the women's division in the WWE is practically dead if this is the best baby face women's wrestler they can get)through an actually okay match but in the end Trishalicous beat Christy clean with a swift kick - 6/10
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle -
Man, HBK and Angle are fantastic, what more could you ask for from the two greatest performers of our generation! Intensity fuelled, amazing high flying (HBK did a moonsault to Angle on the announcers table!) technical showcase, this was a blast to watch, it started out Old School as both HBK and Angle applied holds to each other and tried to fight out of them, then it slowly turned to the WWE of today, with each wrestler throwing just about every move in the book at each other, with reversal after near fall after reversal, it was simply poetry in wrestling motion, amazingly paced and both men performed so brilliantly its hard to believe their ages, in a word, AWESOME! (especially seeing the Angle Slam from the top rope!) - 10/10
Akebono vs. Big Show - Sumo Match -
This was...okay, look let's be honest the "biggest match in Wrestlemania history" (Good lord, Tazz and Michael Cole are idiots) never was going to be showstopper (more like a slowslower, or a snoresnorer considering I found it hard to stay awake during those awful promos for this match on Smackdown!) but it was competitive for a...sumo match, even though Show lost (I'm speechless really) - 5/10
PIPER'S PIT, WITH SPECAIL GUEST STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: Hell Yeah! First minutes between the Hot Rod and the Texas Rattlesnake were awesome and then the frankly brilliant Carlito came out to tell the two that they were not "cool", getting a stunner for his troubles, then Piper and Austin pop open a few cold one's and Roddy gets "stunned"!
John Cena vs. JBL - WWE Championship Match -
JBL who after holding the WWE championship for 10 months (in my opinion, a underated heel champ, wrestling god reign) and beating top guys; Eddie, Undertaker, Angle, Big Show, Booker T and more in the most brutal, long, bloody encounters in recent memory, loses the title in 12 minutes to John Cena in an awful match, with no near falls, one reversal (count em' ONE ) I realise they had to cut down the match time because of the (boring) hall of fame ceremony, but come on! If there was one match on the card practically crying out for a gimmick stipulation this was it, this was one sided garbage, barely acceptable on Smackdown! Let alone on the grandest stage of them all at Wrestlemania, the disappointment of the year (they sort of made up for it at jugdement day with their voilent I Quit match) - 3/10
HALL OF FAME INTERMISSION: Uh yeah, this covers the ah..... Hall of Fame induction ceremony that took place the day before Mania and then it brings out all of the guys out on the main stage who all get silence except *sigh* Hogan! Still though it's a nice way to calm your nerve's after that rubbish performance by John Cena and JBL, but it only increases your hunger for....
THE MAIN EVENT: Batista vs. Triple H - World Heavyweight Championship Match -
Feeding off their fantastically intense storyline they had on RAW, Triple H did what many thought was impossible, he carried Dave Batista through a fantastic match that went over 20 mins, filled with power moves from The Animal but crucially proper offence from the Game as well it managed to be absolutely blinding, although it didn't hide Batista's weaknesses he more than made up for it (and unlike Goldberg he seems to know the timing of his move's right) in an absolutely mind blowing finish (The look on The Game's face and reaction from the crowd as Batista powers out of the Pedigree is incredible) the crowd was into it too, showing no matter how Batista fares as the World champ he's definitely over with the fans- 9/10
Now WWE get down to releasing a Kurt Angle DVD, I mean if you can make one for (dear GOD) John Cena, then surely you can make one for our Olympic HERO, just make sure you include loads of his great PPV matches and his pure comedy gold promo's as well!
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on 25 July 2005
There were a lot less matches at this year's Wrestlemania than last year (12 matches at Wrestlemania 20 , only 8 at this event), which I thought was surprising. However, this doesn't manage to lower the quality of the event.
The card is started with a match between then-Tag Team Champs Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero (wasn't this guy main-eventing this PPV last year?). It's a good match, and just what you'd expect from these two. This was the start of the feud between the two.
The Money In The Bank Ladder Match is next (not sure why this is only match #2). You can't go wrong when you stick six Raw superstars and a ladder (actually, quite a few ladders) in a ring together. High spots everywhere. Too many to mention.
The first of two Interpromotional matches follows, when Randy Orton takes on The Undertaker. After watching this a second time, I realised that this was better than I thought. Orton's counter of the Chokeslam into an RKO is impressive.
The fun stops for a bit though, when Trish Stratus defends the Women's Title against Raw Diva Search Winner, Christy Hemme. Nobody expected this to be brilliant, and they were right. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't awful, but the WWE probably shouldn't have put someone with little wrestling ability in a title match at Wrestlemania. Trish has some 'unique ring attire' as JR put it.
Kurt Angle VS. Shawn Michaels? That sounds like a good match for Wrestlemania. Though it starts out a little slow, this match turns into the kind of match you would expect when you put two stars like Angle and Michaels in a match together. Well done to both of them.
After this great display of wrestling, we get...a Sumo Match?? All righty. Former pro sumo wrestler Akebono and the Big Show collide (I mean that literally) on the grand stage. This match was pretty pointless, but seeing Show in a sumo outfit was kinda funny.
The two main events are next. First, JBL defends his WWE Title against John Cena in a disappointinlgy average match. There jsut seemed to be something missing from this match. JBL had held the gold for over 9 months at this point, and the outcome should have felt more important.
The last match of the night is the World Heavyweight Title match between former Evolution buddies, Triple H and Batista. For the second time, Triple H is played to the ring by Motorhead. Both times, they seem to have brought him the same luck... Anyway, the match was better than expected, with HHH even getting busted open during it. A decent finish to a decent Wrestlemania.
This is isn't an event that you should get for just one match. With the exceptions of the Sumo Match, the Women's Title match and the WWE Championship match, all the matches range from pretty good to brilliant. If you haven't got it just now, you probably won't regret it if you buy it now.
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on 1 January 2014
This is WWE PPV Wrestlemania 21!

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero - 7/10

A good match that both men thought the both did great and the luchador Mysterio was able to pull a victory over Eddie,

Money in the Bank match
Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit vs Kane vs Christian W/ Tyson Tomko - 9/10

A very interesting and awesome, match one of the best out of the whole PPV.

Singles Match
The Undertaker vs Randy Orton W/ Cowboy Bob Orton - 5/10

A boring and slow match but has some good parts but of course taker won.

Singles Match For WWE Women's Championship
Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme W/ Lita - 7/10

This was a great match to me I don't see how the critic's seem to hate the match I thought it was okay to be fair okay you did hear Lita say to Christy out - side of the ring get down get down! But apart from that it's an above average match.

Singles Match
Shawn Michael's vs Kurt Angle - 8/10

It was a good match but to be fair it was only just an inter-promotional match but who cares!? It was a great match.

Sumo Match
Akebono vs Big Show - 3/10

A point-less match that wasn't even entertaining

Singles Match For WWE Championship
John Cena vs JBL - 7/10

An above average match which was okay I guess I wish JBL had won though.

Singles Match For WWE World Heavyweight Championship,
Batista vs Triple H W/ Ric Flair - 8/10

A good match enjoyed between me and the fans both superstars did great.

Overall - 9/10
A really great Wrestlemania good job and I would recommend this to anyone who likes WWE,
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on 17 December 2013
This was, for the most part, a very good show. It was let down in a few places but it featured numerous exciting matches and it certainly had the look of a big time show (I thought the stage looked great). This was also a highly significant event since Batista and John Cena, who would both play a major role in WWE for years to come, ascended to main event status.

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero 5/10
The show starts with a babyface vs babyface match between tag team partner buddies Mysterio and Guerrero. This was rather disappointing, it just wasn't anywhere near as exciting, smooth, fast paced or innovative as, say, their Halloween Havoc match from 1997. They were also hampered by the fact that the rivalry between them was too friendly. It certainly wasn't bad but it fell short of the expectations of the fans and the participants (Guerrero was very obviously displeased by the way the match is progressing).

Money in the Bank ladder match 10/10
The first ever Money in the bank match and, I feel, still the best. It was perfectly paced, with just the right number of stunts for the time, and all the participants were on form. Shelton Benjamin, in particular, looked great. The winner was extremely deserving. During Kane's entrance for this match some ladders on the stage are set on fire, amusingly this leaves scorch marks on the stage which are visible for the rest of the show.

Before the next match we were 'treated' to Eugene coming out and cutting a promo, he was then joined by Muhammad Hassan and Davari. Hassan ranted on about how he had been excluded from the show. Hassan attacked Eugene and put him in the camel clutch. Hulk Hogan then made the save and effortlessly battered both Hassan and Davari before posing in and around the ring for ages.

The Undertaker vs Randy Orton 8/10
A very exciting match in which Undertaker made Orton look very competitive before beating him. At this stage this was one of the best matches of Undertaker's streak.

Women's title: Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme 5/10
I thought this was a fairly good women's match, especially considering Hemme's lack of experience.

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels 10/10
Match of the night and the match of 2005. A superb effort from both men, with loads of great moves, reversals and near falls. It built up beautifully becoming ever more dramatic and exciting as it progressed. The finish was also perfect.

Next we get a Piper's pit segment with Roddy Piper and Steve Austin. This segment was quite amusing and Carlito's appearance was welcome even if he was only there to take the inevitable stone cold stunner.

Sumo Match: Big Show vs Akebono 0/10
This was just tedious. They took forever to set the match up and then when it started it only lasted 63 seconds. The sight of Show and Akebono in traditional Sumo attire was quite disturbing.

WWE title: John 'Bradshaw' Layfield vs John Cena 2/10
A really poor match which the fans didn't care about. The finish came out of nowhere, which partly explains the crowd's embarrassing reaction to it. At least it marked the end of JBL's dreadful title reign.

World title: Triple H vs Batista 5/10
While far better than the WWE title match, this one lasted far too long and was sluggish most of time. As a result of the plodding action the crowd were very silent for much of the match, they did come alive for the finish though. The closing few minutes of the match were, admittedly, exciting.

While the world title matches were a letdown, this card had much to enjoy about it. Money in the Bank, Orton vs Undertaker and Angle vs Michaels all range from very good to outstanding.

Special features include the 2005 Hall of fame induction ceremony and the pre show 30 man SmackDown! vs Raw battle royal. Also included are all of the movie spoof Wrestlemania trailers, some of which are actually quite amusing.
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on 6 January 2013
Opener-Match 1: Rey Mysterio Vs Eddie Guerrero
Great start to WM 21, a lot of high flying moves and amazing athleticism to wow the crowd.

Match 2: Money in the Bank: Edge vs. Benoit vs. Christian vs. Jericho vs. Kane vs. Shelton:
The first ever MOTB ladder match, and what a match this was. Shelton Benjamin gave one of his best performances in this match, with brilliant spots being used. Each man gave his all and the ending was pretty sweet too.

Match 3: Undertaker Vs Randy Orton
Good use of drama and wrestling from both men. A lot of hype was built up for this match and the match performances from both men justified that.

Match 4: Women's Championship-Trish Stratus (c) Vs Christy Hemme:
Now I hate to give this a low rating personally because Trish is a talented female wrestler who knows how to get the job done in the ring, but sadly, the same can't be said for Hemme.

Match 5: Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle
Easily match of the night, must have been a contender for match of the year in the 2005 era as well. Both men fought to their very last breath, with high flying moves such as HBK's elbow and cross body onto the announcers table, and Angle's perfectly executed moonsault. Angle displayed his brilliant use of mat skills and technical abilities to ground HBK and showed great spots such as the Angle Slam from the top turnbuckle, Angle Slam into the corner, and more! In the end, the Ankle Lock proved too much for HBK but he was very resilient and took him a fair while to tap out. The crowd were pumped for this one!

Match 6: Sumo Match-Big Show vs. Akebono:
Well, it's not a Wrestling match so can't really give this one a rating. Although, it does add a bit of comedy into the show and doesn't last too long. It's nice to see a bit of variety here and there at Wrestlemania's.

Match 7:
WWE Championship-JBL (c) vs John Cena:
Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be... but I would say average at best. These two didn't seem to have great chemistry together in the squared circle, and the match seemed to end awfully fast. Repetitive moves from Bradshaw, only spot worth noting is a superplex. You probably know the outcome for this one. I have to say that Cena had a lot of respect back then when he wasn't his superman character, he celebrated by jumping in the crowd at the end which is great to see. You can tell it meant a lot to him winning the title.

World Heavyweight Championship-Triple H (c) vs Batista:
I actually rather enjoyed this match. Pretty much a slugfest from both men, but nice spots when they went outside the ring and HHH getting busted open by the ring post. Good use of drama as well with Ric Flair being at ringside assaulting Batista, and then getting a spinebuster for his troubles later on in the match. The crowd were more pumped up for this one than the WWE Championship bout and rightfully so, it was a much better match. Triple H and Batista seemed to have good chemistry in the ring as opposed to JBL & Cena.

Along with the main match card, you have some entertaining extra segments in between matches such as the return of Rowdy Roddy Piper in Pipers Pit with none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin! Plus, the return of the Hulkster who receives a tremendous ovation, and the class of 2005 Hall of Fame ceremony.
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on 17 July 2012
Wrestlemania 21 took place in 2005 at the Staples Centre in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California, hence the tag-line: 'Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood', which actually worked very well for the Company, I might add (more on this later).

Fans are treated to a lovely opening to the event, as WWE's own Lilian Garcia delivers a lovely, 'moving' rendition of 'America The Beautiful'. This performance is broadcast alongside a video montage of WWE Superstars meeting U.S. troops serving in Iraq. Despite all of this, in my mind, nothing shall ever topple Lilian's performance of the same song at the Smackdown 9/11 Tribute Show back in 2001!

The first match on the card features Eddie Guerrero against Rey Mysterio. This was indeed a very unique matchup because both of these men were tag team partners at the time, however, Eddie had to 'prove' that he could beat Rey. On that note, it is Eddie who dominates most of this bout, although you will witness great athleticism from both men. In my honest view, the wrong man wins here (I should also point out that, for diehards, this match is indeed historical because this would sadly be Eddie Guerrero's last Wrestlemania event; he would tragically die in November of 2005, R.I.P Eddie!).

Next up is the first ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match. With hindsight, I had no idea how chaotic this match could be!! You have Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Edge and Kane competing in the first ever match of this kind. This match is complete 'chaos', as everybody 'destroys' each other. A classic Edge and Christian moment on offer here, too. Shelton Benjamin has a 'fantastic' match aswell. However, Chris Benoit should have won this match, watch and see why! Overall, a fantastic match, one of the best!

It gets even better next, as we are given a 'true' Wrestlemania Moment. Eugene (remember him?) enters the ring and talks about how happy he is to be at Wrestlemania, only to be interrupted by Muhammad Hassan and Davari!!! Who saves Eugene, only the 'immortal' Hulk Hogan!!!! A truly wonderful, classic moment here!! You can't miss this.

Next, The Undertaker takes on Randy Orton. Question: Did anybody really think The Streak was going to end here??? I thought not, 13-0 at Wrestlemania 21.

Trish Stratus battles Christy Hemme next. Generally, I dislike the Women's Division and there's no pun intended there. Anyhow, I'm glad to say that the right woman wins here.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle. With hindsight, I can safely say that this match 'literally' has to be seen to be believed! BOTH men steal the show here and ONLY at Wrestlemania will you see a classic bout like this!

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper returns to Wrestlemania and, with that, so does his Piper's Pit Segment. I can best describe this as very funny because Piper's special guest is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin himself. Like many reviews have said here, this segment is going great, that is, until bloody Carlito makes an (unnecessary) appearance! Nonetheless, a classic moment is guaranteed at the end. 'Save The Best Til Last', eh?

Next up is the first ever Sumo Match where Akebono takes on the Big Show. Ok, this is pure filler and it is (very) obvious who wins here. Even so, this is a very interesting match to watch. I say this because, being a Japanese contest in origin, it's all about Tradition, so it makes for an interesting view. Not many will agree with me there, but meh!

In the first Main Event of the night, John Cena faces JBL in a pretty uneventful, boring match overall. Bradshaw dominates Cena throughout most of the match, that is, until Cena 'suddenly' bursts into life from out of nowhere and defeats JBL to claim his first WWE Championship and, in doing so, have his Wrestlemania Moment.

Then in the Main Event of the night, Triple H fights Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. Overall, this match is very much like the former. Triple H dominates Batista until Batista gains momentum and delivers a 'Batista Bomb' and has his Wrestlemania Moment at Wrestlemania 21!

Overall, I felt that Wrestlemania 21 was a very good event and was very enjoyable to watch. If, like me, you are a collector of WWE events, then you should purchase this boxset. It really is great value for money.

Special Features: You are given all of the WWE Produced Promos that were aired on TV prior to the event. These are absolutely must-own TV, so buy this for these!! Also, you get to view the WWE Show on Hollywood Boulevard, in highlight form, that took place a few days before the event. Both of the above Special Features back up the tagline of 'Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood' in superior fashion! There's also a featurette showing Triple H hanging out with the band Motorhead as they play an unplugged version of 'The Game', Triple H's theme song in the WWE. This footage is incredible, really very enjoyable. There are some more special features included. The third disc features the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony of 2005 in its entirety. These are really brilliant to watch and this one is no exception.

Wrestlemania Went Hollywood in 2005!!

Buy this.
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on 6 December 2009
If only the WWE Championship match was good and there was no sumo match this quite possibly would be on the the best Wrestlemania event of all time!!!!! yet its still FANTASTIC.
2005 hosted the 21st edition of the biggest event in wrestling known simply as Wrestlemania, and for the first tiem Wrestlemaniawent Hollywood with a great and unique vibe and some unforgettable parody trailers gave this Wrestlemania a unique feel that will never be duplicated. The staples center in Los Angeles, California hosted the event, and while it wasnt the 70,000 arena that have become a trademark in the Wrestlemania history, this felt as epic and as big as any Wrestlemania i can recall, and it was only fitting the theme of the event was entitled "bigtime" by the Soundtrack of our lives. The event was headlined by the highly anticapted first meeting between Batista and Triple H, John Cena and JBL and of course Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. It also contained the very first Money in the Bank ladder match

A great nostalgia moment would occur in which Mohammad Hussan would interupt Eugene and complain why he wasnt a feature on the show. Him and Diavari would beat down Eugene and then out of nowhere, Hogan appeared to save the day as the crowd went absolutely wild! Great Wrestlemania moment, and notably the last for Hogan, infact the last for all these men

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista vs. Triple H-Wow, i have never seen such a perfectly done turn in my life! The anticaption for this match was through the roof. Batista had turn on his mentor, won the Rumble after eliminating John Cena and after weeks of Triple H trying to convince Batista to challenge JBL on Smackdown, in the contract signing he would make his intentions clear that he is coming for only one Championship, and that was the game, which led to Batista Powerbombing the Game through a table that was the highest rated RAW segment in years. The stage was set for what was arguably the most anticapted Wrestlemania Main Event since The Rock vs Stone Cold 4 years prior.Great entrance by Triple h in which he was played to the ring by Motorhead, and a rather dodgy entrance from Batista! Anyways the match started really bad, and i mean really bad, i was worried this would be the worst Main Event in Mania history considering the limitations of both men, but thank God these two tore it up after 10 minutes of stalling, and from their the match was a back and forth, physical, bloody affair, in which Triple h showed he can put on a great wrestling match. The final minutes were great, Triple H tried to go for the Pedigree, but Batista reversed it in a modified body slam and then hit an emphatic Batista Bomb for the win. Great, not the best Wrestlemania main event you will ever see but far from the worst-8.5/10

Hall of Fame - Class of 2005- great segment. These big legends were part of the period in the 80's when wrestling truly became worldwide and got a reception their great careers deserved, none more so than the immortal Hulk Hogan, the biggest name in the history of the industry

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. JBL-Simply an anti-climatic Main Event. i was really looking forward to this bout, equally as much as Batista/HHH match, mainly because of the superb build and story, and people thinking is this the time JBL finally loses his title after a great and highly controversial 9month reign. Though i knew it wont be a technical clasic, i hoped it would be a great brawl as that is what works for these two men considering their limitations in the ring, but instead we got an anti-climatic, one sided affair in which JBL dominated practically the majority of the match until John Cena out of nowhere won with the FU. However, after second viewing, the match was much better than i remembered, as Cena showed the fighting spirit to counter here and there, that never say die attitude. Maybe when i watch a match with extremely low expectations i tend to be entertained by it more than expected. Not bad, some of the offense from both men was good but could of been so much better, and to top it off i cant recall a single pinfall apart from the one that ended the bout. Yet it was an iconic moment as it was Cena's first of many title wins and he would celebrate with the crowd. Above average match, and damn close to being good, but will forever be a disapointment-6.510

Sumo Match
Big Show vs. Akebono- the least said the better. Not a wrestling match, but i do rate things good if i was entertained, sadly, i wasnt entertained here-1/10 1 for they ended it quickly

Stone Cold Steve Austin on Piper's Pit- great interesting segment. Anytime you get to see Austin and Piper in the ring you are bound to get an entertaining spectacle. Carlito made this even more entertaining and as usual with every Austin segment, he stuns someone, celebrates with a couple of beers with the other and then stuns him. He has done that an uncountable amount of times yet it never gets boring for either me, the live crowd or the majority of the WWE universe

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels- Stunning, perfectly done. The story, the hype, the build up, the promos, the match. I might go as far as saying this is the greatest one on one match in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment company. The common perception of what would go down was a good but disapointing match, as both men were past their prime and couldnt possibly pull of a match as good as they can, but this couldnt be any further from the truth!. The stardown before the start just gave me goosebumps. The 1st 10 minutes was ok, as it was mostly mat based wrestling, it did appear to drag on too long but at the end it was all done to play towards the story, however i almost gave it below 5stars because of that, but once they got out the ring , they pulled out all the stops, and left it all in the ring. Springboard plancha on the table, Angle Slam on the ring post, missed moonsault, Top rope Angle Slam, just some of the amazing moves pulled off by two of the best ever. The ending was incredible, the ankle Lock was locked for 2 minutes until HBK finally gave up. Im not sure if this is these twos best match ( 1st Hell in a Cell and vs Benoit is HBK's and Angle's best matches respectively) but the match was maybe the best match in mania history. Watch this instantly, the 1st 10 or so minutes may disappoint you, but the rest will astound you-10/10 and that is RARE

Women's Championship Match
Christy Hemme vs. Trish Stratus- Not bad, considering christy was in this. Trish was basically wrestling herself, and she showed why shes the best modern day female wrestler. Acceptable, but i wouldnt watch this again. A shame Lita was injured as she would of been wrestling Trish instead and that would of been a great inclusion to the show, but we got this instead-5/10

Legend vs. Legend Killer
Undertaker vs. Randy Orton- Wow, why the hell do people look down on this match, at the time it was arguably the best match of Undertakers Wrestlemania streak, and quite possibly in the top 20 Mania matches i can recall seeing! Seriously. The build up was good, though was clearly thrown together to get these two on the show, and with the way Orton had been built for 2years as the future of the industry, you truly believed the stage was set for him to cement his legacy and become the first man to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania, it wasnt to be but these two tore the house down! the pace was superb, and even though a fair share of moves were botched, the impact of each move was great. Great back and forth physical match that almost stole the show. Orton almost ended takers streak by beautifully countering the Chokeslam into an RKO that had the crowd on their feet and gasping for air when Taker kicked out for a close 2 count. and Orton's Father and Hall of Fame inductee, Bob Orton, who was a crucial part of the story and was begging Taker to spare his son interfered. In the end Taker countered Orton's vain attempt at a Tombstone into a Tombstone of his own for the 3. Superb stuff-9/10

Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match
Christian vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin- The first Money in the Bank in history, a match concept brought up by Jericho and executed by Eric Bischoff. Looking back it was just a chance to get these 6 great upper midcard wrestlers to get on the show and showcase their abilities, but due to the overwhelming success of the match it has now become a staple of Wrestlemania. I think this in my eyes is the est ladder match i have ever seen, and thats saying alot considering the crazy Ladder matches we have seen over the years, no more so than at Wrestlemania. Non stop action from even before the bell rung, as the 5 wrestlers attacked Kane as he was making his way to the ring( great visual during his entrance of flaming tables btw). The match started off at a frantic pace and never slowed down, first they all hit high risk moves onto their opponents( even Kane!) and then once the Ladders got involved, this match reached a new level of craziness. I love Edge how he play his role as an opportunist, as he rarely got involved midway through the match, only to reappear as Benoit was so close to reaching for the briefcase, and was the start of the "Ultimate Opportunist" persona for Edge. Great moments include Benoit hitting a diving headbutt onto Kane from the top of the ladder, and everything, and i mean litterally everything Benjamin did, including astonishingly running up a Ladder to clothesline Jericho! The second best match of the night, the first MITB and though there has been numerous sequels, none have ever topped the original-9.5/10

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio- Great opener, and dare i say a classic match. While it wasnt as good as their near 5star match at Halloween Havoc in 1997, it takes nothing away from the effort these two men put to entertain the crowd with a great straight wrestling match which set the stage of the event. It is notable that this is the first time Tag Team Champions had battled at a Wrestlemania. Some highly physical moments, and some great high risk spots such as Rey hitting a Corkscrew plancha onto Eddie on the outside. Eddie dominated most of the match with some great submissions and wrestling, but it was Rey who pulled out the victory out of nowhere as Eddie teased a heel turn on his partner. A classic, and sadly forgotten encounter that was also the last Wrestlemania match in Eddies career, and what a way to bow out-9/10

Look at the amount of 8.5 or higher ratings, jus astounding. No doubt that this is a great Wrestlemania, with a great coming out party for the new breed of superstars, mainly, John Cena and Batista, two men whom will finally battle at a Wrestlemania 5years after their first title wins. The DVD extras are great in this, with all of the great parodies included. The Hall of Fame ceremony was arguably the best and Hogan was left speechless by cries of "One last match" by the live crowd. Also included was a good battle royal i rated a 7/10. All in all this is an event that should no doubt be among the elites of your Wrestling collecting, an epic event that is still talked about till this day for numerous reasons. A definite must buy!
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on 18 March 2008
Some of my fellow reviewers have stated this is the best wrestlemania of them all,they arent far of the mark in all fairness,this has a great card and lives up to the expectations of that card,i aint gonna say its nailed on perfection but i rate this event highly.
The tagline was mania goes hollywood as that was the location of the event,plenty of promos were shot with a homage to films with WWE stars playing roles and this built up the interest levels to feverish highs,the promos all feature on this three disc boxset so dont panic.
The event started off with a bomb with eddie guerrero going up against rey mysterio,this feud in some ways at this point had run its course but this match was mint and the feud went all the way to summerslam on the back of this great performance from both men and yes this was only the beginning.
Next up was a six man ladder match for money in the bank title opportunity to be used anytime within the follwing twelve months,this was a superb match,didnt last too long and was just great and engaging and everyone played their part,everyone.
After a brief time for hulk hogan to come out and whip the crowd into a frenzy we got a great match between the undertaker and randy orton that was again very good,the match changed and shifted accordingly and in the end the outcome although expected was good.
Next up was the ladies match that didnt move blow back anyones hair with its quality really,trish fough christy hemme in a pretty low key match that smacked of filler yet again,oh no.
But,wait a second,an order of majestic heights was about to be restored when kurt angle went up against shawn michaels in a match that many cite to be one of the best of all time and they have a point in saying that,what a contest,what a show,what further proof could you need of the brilliance that the wwe has when all the stars are alligned and the heavens get involved,brilliant.
Next up was a fun pipers pit,not world class or anything but fun with piper interviewing stonecold and carlito coming out to say hello,we then get a match that had some hype but wasnt that great but then again that depends on whether sumo wrestling ticks all your boxes,this was a contest between big show and sumo legend akebono,not my cup of tea really.
Next up we have a title match between the champ JBL and john cena,this is a quick enough match but is high enough in quality even if the ending didnt entirely convince me,that showcased the quality of both athletes.
Finally after the hall of fame ceremony,we get the world title match between triple H and his once evolution partner batista,this was a great match,simple as that really,triple h does not do average very often and he doesnt do it here,batista busts his gut here giving his all in making a match worthy of the occasion,a great all round wrestlemania when you think about it,well done.
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on 19 July 2005
Having read some reviews already, I have to say there are some match reviews I don't agree with. So please allow me to have my say on proceedings:
1. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
As the was the start of their feud, it wasn't a bad start. Lately their feud has gone into the stratosphere but as this was the catalyst they can be excused if it wasn't pitch-perfect. I felt some reviewers have been very harsh on this match so I will award it a little higher.
Mark: 7/10
2. Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Many people have lauded this as superb but although I liked it, it wasn't up there with two other matches on the bill. This was quite good with some supreme spots but the match was over too quickly and the finish was a little disappointing.
Mark: 8/10
3. The Undertaker vs Randy Orton
Given that The Undertaker had recently been saddled with jobbers like Heidenreich and Luther Reigns in his last few pay-per-views, it was only fitting that the legend was given a proper outing against the future of the WWE Randy Orton. The match was absolutely superb from start to finish and the only reason I haven't awarded full marks is that Orton should have won the match and definitively earned his 'Legend Killer' tag.
Mark: 9.5/10
4. Women's Championship Match, Trish Stratus (Champion) vs Christy Hemme
Abysmal. As someone who has seen proper women's wrestling in Japan with promotions such as GAEA, women like Christy Hemme just don't cut it. Trish can pull off a good match given a decent opponent but this well short of anything good.
Mark: 2.5/10
5. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle
What can I say about this match that hasn't already been said? This match was flawless as everyone predicted it would be and was a perfect example of how breathtaking wrestling can be if you get two men in the ring who can work properly. As an old-school fan of Michaels I was surprised to find myself rabidly willing Kurt Angle on to make Michaels' tap - which he duly did. The best match on the card, just edging out Taker vs Orton.
Mark: 10/10
Piper's Pit
Wasn't an actual match but I suppose it was good to see Austin and Piper back, even if the useless Carlito diluted the nostalgia. Although Piper's slurring of his words did make me feel quite sorry for him.
* No mark as this wasn't a match
6. Sumo Match, Big Show vs Akebono
Another huge (pardon the pun) waste of time. For it's purposes the sumo contest was well constructed but as this was a wrestling extravaganza it made it feel flat and out of place. You'd think Vince would learn by now - although the money he must have generated from Japanese buy-rates would have been big given their sport being broadcast on a major American telecast.
Mark: 4/10
7. WWE Championship, JBL (Champion) vs John Cena
Pretty bad, even by their low standards. These two can't work but because Layfield is McMahon's pet (well, one of them) and Cena is currently hot property in merchandise sales they are allowed to contest a main event. This match proves how far down the card they SHOULD be.
Mark 5/10
8. World Heavyweight Title, Triple H (Champion) vs Batista
This match was better than a lot of people give it credit for. The criticism of Batista is sometimes warranted but Triple H is, and always has been, one of the best workers on the roster. As far as this match goes perhaps it did drag on but they managed to make it look decent and Batista came out of it looking like the monster they've billed him as. Plus, this was the culmination of a 3-month storyline which was well worked.
Mark: 7/10
All in all, a very good pay-per-view with two matches in particular worthy of being billed as world-class.
Overall Mark: 8/10
If the WWE can keep producing PPV's like this throughout the remainder of the year, then perhaps they can start to make the money and the ratings they had from 1998-2001.
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