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4.5 out of 5 stars89
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2007
I bought this in a box set with two other films - JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK & CHASING AMY. I had heard great things about this film and when I finally watched it last night I was not let down - I thought it was really funny and to be honest not a lot of things happen so the comedy is in their conversations to each other and how they interact with customers. All the story is about is a day in the lives of Dante & Randle, Dante works in a corner shop and Randle works in a video rental store next to him.

Randle comes in to talk to Dante and basically spends all day there. While there they engage in stupid conversations about the Death Star in Star Wars or stupid questions customers ask in their stores. Jay & Silent Bob are in this too - as two youths that hang out outside the shop doing nothing (and thats all the way through the film) One of the funniest scenes in it was when Randle was ordering loads of porn videos infront of a customer.

The DVD its self is brilliant what you have is 3 DVDS - Disc 1 is the theatrical version with a cleaned up picture and clearer sound, Disc 2 is The Extended Cut with about 20 mins extra at the end of the film and thats it so your not really missing much, Disc 3 is jam packed with special features and there is too many to mention.

Last night was the first time I had seen the film and to be honest was the first film I had watched that was directed by Kevin Smith. So all I can say is buy yourself a copy and have a good laugh at it and yes it is black & white but don't let that put you off, I can't wait to see CLERKS II because if this is anything to go by then I'm in for a right laugh.

Thank you for reading my review.
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on 30 June 2005
Made in 1994 for $27,000 on Kevin Smith's credit cards, shot almost entirely at night in the store where he was working, oddball friends roped in for every job on both sides of the camera, and possibly the funniest script ever written specifically for 18-25s makes Clerks one of the greatest achievements in indie filmmaking.
We see a day in the life of downtrodden slacker Dante (Brian O'Halloran) who gets called into work in his convenience store in Anywheresville, New Jersey at dawn on his day off. What follows is the weirdest day in the history of low-end retail. No spoilers, but Dante is harassed both physically and mentally by his boss, his boss's wife, customers, friends, colleagues, sales reps, corpses, lovers, ex-lovers, ex-lovers of his ex-lovers and the two local drug dealers. He lurches back and forth between earth-shattering revelations and bizarre crises until someone from the past turns up and he makes his worst decision yet. The earlier events of the day are as nothing compared to what fate has in "store"..
Many of the sublime setups revolve around his best friend Randall (a seminal performance by Jeff Anderson) a video store operative who makes Dante look like a Lexus Dealer, and who is the source of Dante's chagrin on more than one occasion. The film also introduces Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes, Smith's muse, and Smith himself) as the local substance wholesalers with wisdom beyond compare when Jay is not abusing the local community.
The script has just as many quotable lines as Withnail and I - grotesque, cringeworthy, profane in the extreme and very, very funny. Kevin Smith would never reach the same heights again, getting closest with Dogma, although all his films are watchable. Clerks does not appear on TV very often in the UK, and has not been available on R2 DVD before, so if you've only seen his more common recent work this film will put it those films in context. See how Jay and Silent Bob started out, and see all the characters that are referenced in "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", and "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back".
Just remember - NEVER walk into your local video shop and try and rent 'Happy Scrappy Hero Pup'...
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on 22 February 2000
Customers come and go, are insulted, abused and served. An incredible high number of weirdos seem to pass through the shops doors all of whom try the patience of Dante (our lead character) the man behind the counter. Dante's best friend Randall works next door at the local video shop, and regularly pops by to impart his observations on life. Written and directed by 23-year-old Kevin Smith, the film was made on a shoestring budget in grainy black and white. A superb first film for Kevin, shame that some of his mates weren't better at acting. (aaoow).
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 July 2011
If you have any interest in this movie, you've probably already seen it. I happen to be a Kevin Smith fan, therefore I love it, if you don't like Smith, move along now, nothing to see here. The idea of a film this cheaply made on blu-ray is somewhat laughable I will be the first to admit, but if you're upgrading your collection, why the hell not! There are lots of great extras on the disc, including an alternative cut, documentaries and a Q&A session, this is all the same as the 10th anniversary DVD set Clerks X, but you do also get "Oh What a Lovely Tea Party", a feature length documentary about the making of Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. I had heard this was on the US release but for some reason it is not listed in the extras on the UK box, however if you were considering purchasing this blu-ray for Tea Party, it IS on there, and it is worth a watch if you're a fan. Overall a worthwhile edition to your Blu-ray collection if you love the movie. If you have no interest in Tea Party though, you may as well stick with the clerks x box set, because there's nothing else new, and the visuals are not improved any!
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on 23 November 2001
Having seen 'Mallrats'(1995) a long time ago and recently watched and enjoyed 'Dogma'(1999), a friend informed me of 'Clerks' as being the original. It's incredibly entertaining and if you've ever liked any of Kevin Smith's movies you'll love it. In my case it has spured me on to watch all of his other films again and I look forward to the upcoming 'Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back'. Not exactly family material but hugely enjoyable and a worthwhile purchase.
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on 30 June 2007
Nothing stands more importantly than a debut of a famous star, it represents the core element of the person before they come well known. Hence Oasis, Hence Quention Tarantino, Hence The Sex Pistols, their debuts are justified.

Another justified debut is the low budget flick Clerks by Kevin Smith. Based on personal events in Smith's life, Clerks is about life through the eyes of two convenience store workers. To anybody this would sound like a dull film and with the black and white colour it adds to the suspiscions but for anyone who knows Smith's work knows how great a writer he is.

So instead what you get is a story about two guys with no ambition in life, trying to deal with all the prejudices and situations, in different ways whether it be standing back and letting it go over your head or being confrontational. This is exactly what you get with Dante (Brian O'Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson), a real sense of reality.

Although the majority of it is vulgar and offensive, it makes you stop think that reality is no different and Smith captures that within 90 minutes. So if you happen to stumble onto this film, this edition is the best thing you could ever buy. Included is the first cut of the film, grainy and lacking in sound quality, but is good as a historical piece, then there's the Snowball Effect documentary, talking about how Clerks came to be.

Add that along with some Jay and Silent Bob MTV snippets, an animated Clerks cartoon of the lost scene, trailers, commentaries and a flying car short film, this is a bumper pack.

Buy it now, it'll forever change your perception of films.
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on 12 September 2005
the subtle sick humour of this film will really appeal to you if you like watching a day in the life of the dregs of american society selling packets of cigerettes to four year olds and pushing over caskets at funerals.No really,its good.luckily the dubious jay and silent bob duo dont feature hugely in this film despite the fact that one of them wrote and directed it...the main charecter of the film being the annoying pushover,Dante,and his wisecracking co worker,Randal. The latter providing the comic relief when the boring Dante becomes too much to bear...
This film could be described as overrated,but i disagree,its not very often that a super low budget (kevin smith sold his car to make it) film is released and grasps the sick sad comical reality of working in video store/supermarket,where old men ask for softer toiletpaper because their haemorroids are acting up...but i wont reveal all..and guidence councellors look for 'the perfect dozen'..filled with plenty of sexual innuendos....37! probably wont see a film quite like it for awhile.
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2007
Imagine your name is Kevin Smith, you're about 21, you work in a video store and you decide to make your own film. Here is the result. Witty, zany, outrageous, foul-mouthed, black & white and well worth two hours of your time. It's not a perfect film, it has a couple of bits that don't work, but it's deservedly a classic.
"Clerks" is the day in a life of two losers, both determined to break free but doomed to loserdom. The action centres on the convenience store where a succession of grumpy, demanding and middle-aged customers run the gauntlet of the loser-heroes' idea of service, while girlfriends ramp up the chaos and the neighbourhood druggies play a foolish chorus. Each comic episode builds towards a gross-out finale that wraps the losers' day up to a perfect finale.
This film is basically about loser teenagers in dead end jobs. If you are a loser teenager in a dead end job, you will still find this hilarious, but you may not get the joke.
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on 2 August 2008
I first saw this film more than a few years ago on filmfour and was so impressed I tracked down and bought the only available copy which was a £17 VHS tape. Though I thought it a worthwhile purchase at the time, had I known that just a couple of months later they'd bring out a 3 disc special edition I probably would have held out a little longer.

What you have on the first disc is the theatrical cut (basically the 'final' version) of Clerks complete with commentary and some other fun bonus features (audition footage, additional scenes), then the second disc houses the original version which was shown at festivals. This cut is probably most notable for its shock alternative ending, though its somewhat less pacey that the later version.

The extras-packed third disc was just brilliant, especially the "Snowball Effect" featurette. It really unravels the underlying structural elements of the film and takes you step by step through the production process. As an aspiring film-maker I found this very insightful, but its great viewing material even if you're just curious how one of the 90s best comedies was made.

Overall, I'd say this package is a must buy for any fan of offbeat comedy or independent films.
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on 28 June 2002
This film is one of the best i have ever seen, writer/director kevin smith's first film is very funny and very rude but you must still buy introduces the best double act in modern film Jay(Jason Mewes) and his hetro life mate Silent Bob(Smith) it also has the wonderfully funny Randal as the main charecter Dante's best friend.Smith wrote the script so that randal had the funniest lines because he was going to play him but he decided not to because directing and producing was hard enough.
This is in black and white which may actually put some people off it but if you do watch it you will not be disapointed.
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