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4.0 out of 5 stars
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The Road to WrestleMania in 2005 was a hot one. Batista's star was on the rise, involved in a legendary storyline with Triple H. John Bradshaw Layfield's incredible reign as the WWE Champion was still ongoing, John Cena was determined to main-event his first WrestleMania and of course, the seeds had been sewn for Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle.

Alas, No Way Out 2005 is a huge disappointment. The premise of JBL defending the title against THE BIG SHOW in a BARBED WIRE steel cage match (of all environments!) sounds like a sure-fire bloodbath that will leave folks talking for years. But it falls flat. Other bouts on the card feature true, bonafide legends (Booker T & the Undertaker) reduced to trying to get good matches out of generic muscleheads (who've long been released and forgotten) like Heidenreich & Luther Reigns. And of course, there's the tedious SmackDown Rookie Diva 2005 competition, which is just about the biggest waste of time on this show.

Mind you, No Way Out does offer SOME worthwhile moments. Just don't hold your breath.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Basham Brothers (Champions) vs. Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero.
Because Eddie and Rey were real-life friends and awesome in-ring rivals, they would make a great tag team. The Bashams were a solid duo and worthy champions. The result? Only decent, lacking fast-pace and high stakes drama that we've come to expect from SmackDown. Still, some great moves from Eddie and Rey, the Bashams' tandem offence and Eddie's HILLARIOUS antics do make this a nice - if somewhat lacking - opener. (6/10)

SmackDown! Rookie Diva 2005 Competition (hosted by Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie)
Featuring Rochelle, Lauren, Joy Giovanni & Michelle McCool
Throughout the night, interlude segments consist of this whole `Diva Search-esque' thing. The four `trainee' Divas here just showcase what they have to offer in evening gowns and swimsuits, as well as demonstrating what `talents' they have. WHY?! Out of all the contestants, Michelle McCool was the ONLY one who showed confidence, talent, charisma, personality, sex appeal and a chance of succeeding as a genuine star/wrestler. All the others were just eye candy. Worth watching for Torrie & Dawn (and Michelle), but is there any other point? (2/10)

Booker T vs. Heidenreich.
For a main-event class wrestler like Booker T being expected to work with HEIDENREICH was insulting. No build-up, sloppy work from Heidenreich, and a cheap disqualification finish? Frankly, this was ridiculous. Booker delivers excellent execution which is squandered by the opponent and booking. Whoever was match-maker for this should be ashamed of themselves. (3/10)

Cruiserweight Championship 6-Man Elimination Match
Funaki (Champion) vs. Paul London vs. Shannon Moore vs. Akio vs. Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero
I REALLY MISS the Cruiserweight division. We need it back in 2011. Anyway, I'm sad to say that this is spoilt by a rushed pace, some illogical eliminations and an ultra-cheap finish. Nevertheless, there're some fine efforts and superb moments. Shannon Moore and Akio in particular deserve praise for their hard work, but Paul London was clearly the most outstanding. Worth watching for him alone. (6/10)

The Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns
Hmm, this was another match-up that didn't make sense. Although unlike Booker T vs. Heidenreich, there was actual build-up invested in this contest. Still, it's highly forgettable with Reigns failing to make a real impact in perhaps the most high-profile match of his entire wrestling career. The Undertaker again handles himself like the consummate professional he is, and the result is watchable thanks to him. (5/10)

WrestleMania No. 1 Contender's Tournament Finals
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena
The evening was well below SmackDown par...until THIS match. Featuring a superb promo video recapping the excellence of this tournament, the two wrestlers' history and high-stakes make for a fantastic collision. The contrast in styles doesn't matter, as the result is simply spectacular. Here, Kurt's mat-wrestling and technical expertise were as phenomenal as always. Cena worked hard here, showcasing wild action and explosive intensity. Exhilarating stuff and match of the night by a mile. (8/10)

WWE Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
John `Bradshaw' Layfield (Champion) vs. The Big Show
After impressive victories over Eddie Guerrero, the Undertaker, Booker T and Kurt Angle, JBL found himself defending the title against perhaps the most monstrous giant of all an unthinkable setting. But as I said earlier, the idea isn't pulled off like it was hyped. The barbed wire doesn't even come into play, rendering it completely redundant. With such a crucial factor eliminated, the crowd had every right to be dead, no matter how hard the two participants work. It's not a total flop, though. There's some decent action and blood, but the only genuine moments of excitement are the devastating chokeslam through the ring, the clever outcome, and the awesome aftermath featuring Batista and Cena. FINAL moments, which you might as well fast-forward to THOSE! (6/10)

While this event can essentially be called a one-bout show, the Special Features on hand are surprisingly plentiful for WWE pay-per-view DVDs. In fact, there's a fine assortment of promos, extra-interviews, press conference highlights, moments from Sunday Night Heat and the absolutely excellent "Enemy" music video from Chris Jericho's band Fozzy, backed up a quality behind-the-scenes look.

But even these extras don't entirely compensate for what is mostly a poor, poor show. Cena vs. Angle, and the events at the night's end, are really the ONLY things that prevent WWE No Way Out 2005 from being a complete failure. There's simply too much mediocrity and downright bad content to overlook. If you choose to buy this, just be sure you know what you're letting yourself in for. This is one chapter of 2005's Road to WrestleMania you can afford to miss.
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The final event before wrestlemania 21 was an all smackdown brand affair and it wasnt that bad,it was let down by some shockingly average matches that would have still looked out of place on thursday night smackdown but there were some matches that deserved special praise.
The event opened with the WWE tag team titles up for grabs as the champions rey mysterio and eddie guerrero went up against the basham brothers.My first thought was that the bashams would mess this match up but they did well,eddie and rey of course worked perfectly and created what can be viewed as an innovative,well structured and well paced match that had some comical moments but also retained a good level of quality.
Heidenreich fought booker T next in a match that no one wanted to see,there wasnt much hype going into this and this is not a match worthy of a pay per view,the ending was lame and there is nothing more to say other than avoid like the plague,a real disgrace,whoever booked this match should come on television and apologise to us all.
There was a 6 man elimination match for the crusierweight title next and the men featured included the champion at the time funaki,along with shannon moore,spike,paul london,akio and chavo guerrero.This match was good but slighly rushed,there was plenty of quality shown and a real desire to win,there werent too many cheap falls and the entertainment value was maintained.
The undertaker went up against luther reigns next,the crowd werent that happy with this as they felt,as i did,that the winner was never in doubt.This match was sluggish and went on longer than necessary,luther was well out of his depth but the undertaker carried him well at times so at least he made a fist of it in places,the undertaker wasnt perfect either though as he fluffed a few punches and oversold the odd move,two men that didnt work together then,ah well.
John cena fought kurt angle next in a very solid match,both men shared alot of ringtime in 2005 and this wasnt the best of the bunch but it had lots of endurance and clever moves and both men showcased their undoubted talents very well,hard to seperate the two in the end but their was one winner and that man deserves credit,a fitting tribute to the WWE and the smackdown brand at that juncture.
The main event was next,the WWE championship was the prize,the champion,JBL had it all to do against the big show in a barbed wire steel cage match.I must state though,that those bloodhounds looking for skin being torn from the bone by barbed wire may feel cheated as it hardly features,that is a shame but what can we do,there is still blood and some bad intentions showcased and a will to win that defies logic at times,this was a good match,not a classic but the ending contains a genuinely brilliant moment that will be talked about forever perhaps,i was happy enough with this event for the most part so three stars is a good rating.
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on 12 July 2005
2005 Rookie Diva contest: It gave the audience what they wanted, if Michelle Mcool looked better she would'vw won. 8/10
Cruiserweight championship Funaki vs Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero (now known as Kerwin White) vs Shannon Moore vs Akio vs Spike Dudley: Cruiser weights aren't always that good but this had exciting (and predictable) moments all the way through, I don't know why they made Chavo win! 8.5/10
Undertaker vs Luther Reigns: Wow i wonder who's gonna win this! It had some mildly exciting moments but I'd fast forward through tis one if i was you. 4/10
Booker T vs Hiedenreich: No buil up whatsoever and it didn't have a proper ending, IT WASN'T EVEN SCHEDUELED!! 2/10
John Cena vs Kurt Angle: Two great superstars went head to head in a no.1 contender match for the WWE title, it was a great match and Cena survived the Ankle lock! 10/10
WWE Championship JBL vs Big Show Barbed wire steel cage match: It's not just a steel cage match, it's a barbed wire steel cage match! It had action all the way through and who would have thought that JBL,ok i won't tell you what he did to win if you haven't watched it yet) but he got thrown through some steel poles and stuff by John Cena after the match for it! 10/10
A great payperview but it may not be remembered because Wrestlemania was right after it and it was ruined by two card fillers!
Booker T vs
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on 16 March 2008
SmackDown! Rookie Diva 2005
Rochelle, Lauren, Michelle McCool, Joy Giovanni
Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Talent 2/10

6 Man Elimination Cruiserweight Title Match
Funaki vs Paul London vs Shannon Moore vs Akio vs Spike Dudley vs Chavo Guerrero 6/10

Booker T vs Heidenreich 4/10

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Bashams vs Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero 7.5/10

Undertaker vs Luther Reigns 5/10

Number 1 Contender Tournament Title Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs Kurt Angle 8/10

WWE Title Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
JBL vs Big Show 7/10
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on 9 October 2013
Good all round ppv the first ever barbed wire steel cage match was good and how JBL won was not expected. John Cena beating Kurt Angle to go onto the main event of Wrestlemania at the time was brilliant as it is good to see them giving a youngster the chance to headline Wrestlemania and we all know how his career took off from then onwards!!!
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on 13 October 2014
Great main event, featuring the first ever Barb-wire steel cage match between John 'Bradshaw' Layfield and The Big Show, for the WWE Championship. Plus, a good two matches:- 1. Undertaker vs Luther Reigns 2. John Cena vs Kurt Angle No. 1 contenders match for the title.
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on 22 June 2014
Not a ba pay per view. could of been alot better. but it is watchable. some good spots in the event., worth checking out
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on 27 January 2015
If it wasn't for the barbed wire steel cage match this PPV wouldn't have been so good !
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on 24 July 2014
this was bought as a present for my brother and he thoroughly enjoyed it
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on 2 November 2010
WWE No Way Out 2005 in my opinion was a fair enough decent event with some good matches and it delivered a lot of hype for the next PPV known as WrestleMania.

JBL Vs Big Show in the first ever barbed wire steel cage match for the WWE championship had to be the match favourite for this PPV. I mean we witnessed both competitors getting a taste of the brutality on what barbed wire can do to slice and dice your body, was really impressed with the in ring action that took place. The best moment of the match was when Big Show gave the JBL the chokeslam off the top of the turnbuckle, where JBL crashed through the ring mat. We all thought Big Show won the WWE championship when he busted the lock off and escaped through the steel cage door, but JBL again survived by escaping under the ring so that he could retain his WWE championship, but he had a little more to worry about when Batista made an appearance laying out all of JBL's cabinet members e.g. Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers. When JBL thought he escaped the wrath of Batista, the number one contender John Cena made an appearance as well by attacking the WWE champion, by destroying him near the stage of the arena. *****

Other Matches I Liked
1. John Cena vs Kurt Angle ****
2. Luther Reigns vs The Undertaker ***

Worst Match
1. Booker T vs Heidenreich **

Overall WWE No Way Out 2005 did deliver and fans all hyped up for WrestleMania 21 which took place in good ole Hollywood :).
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