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4.4 out of 5 stars57
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2006
The L Word is HOT !
My god ... where can I start? OK, from the beginning. I'm 21, straight and I brought the box set from only to see what all the fuss was about (as the series was dubbed the new "Sex in the City" and being a fan I thought I would check it out).
When it arrived I sat down and in one night I watched 6 episodes ... yes 6 episodes. I could'nt stop. Never have I been so captivated by each episode since being introduced to the world of ALIAS.
The L Word centres on Bette and Tina a Lesbian couple living in LA. After 7 years together they believe they are ready to start a family. Bette is the career minded (stressed) one and Tina recently quit her job as an movie executive to have their baby. They have a relationship in which all their friends envy.
Shane is the heartbreaker of the group, sleeps with all the girls then leaves them. She does have a good heart, but is longing for the togetherness that Bette and Tina have.
Alice is the funky blonde writer for LA Magazine. She created 'the chart' in which Shane is the centre of the universe. She can link any person (including herself) back to Shane within 6 moves (sometimes less!).
Dana is the closeted pro-tennis player. Very smart, witty and very sexy but has no gay-dar. She develops a crush on Lara (an assistant chef at her Country Club) but will not act on her feelings. When she does she pushes Lara away. In my opinion, 'Showtime' needs to use Dana more - give her something to get her teeth into like ... Alice!. Use her, she's a really talented actress.
Tim and Jenny live next door to Bette and Tina. Jenny has just moved to LA to be with Tim. She saw Shane and 'her latest conquest' in Bette and Tina's pool and was intrigued. She later encounters Marina.

Marina owns 'The Planet' the hip, up and coming gay bar in West Hollywood - where everybody hangs out. She later starts a little somethin’ somethin’ with Jenny ... the seemingly straight Jenny.
Believe me - it’s compulsive viewing for anyone - gay, straight, bi or whatever ... its good.
'Get out ... and stay out'
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on 15 October 2005
This is an amazin series from beginning to end!! it will have you on the edge of you're seat, you won't want to stop watching it. All the characters are great. You will be able to relate to them all in some way. It's funny, sassy, sexy!! Its a series about love and friendship. Don't watch it if you get offended by lesbiens having sex because its all the way through it, but its not tacky. Seriously though, its a brilliant series, well written and well acted. I can't wait to buy the second season on dvd because that was also excellent!
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on 24 January 2006
Well I'm afraid i have to admit my friends had been going on at me for ages to watch this so called amazing new programme called the L Word and Me being me was like Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! its just gonna be another one of those crap soap style programmes that are weak on script and the acting pappy poo pants.
WELL It's January 2006 and I can say ((she says with a big smile) that i've finally given into my stubbon ways and have happily watched the first series. Actually happily is the wrong word (Appologies to the people who saw me running down the street shouting in Julia Roberts Pretty Woman stylie WO!! WO!! WO!! It's without doubt in my opinion superb man it's sooooo good you must order a copy straight away. Mind you you probably already have seen all 3 series as it seems i'm the last to know. oh well I'll have fun catching up. BIG FUN!!! ENJOY!!!
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2005
If you've not seen the L word yet, then I suggest you pick up a copy as soon as possible. If you have, then I don't think I need to say anything to convince you that the DVD is worth getting.
In response to the comments another reviewer made, the show has by no means promoted an anti-Christian message. The art piece in question was clearly an expression of longing for God and not meant as blasphemous. If you'd paid attention to the show, you'd know this. As a matter of fact, the episodes dealing with that art collection had more to do with homophobia and closed-mindedness than anything else. The message conveyed was both powerful and very real.
Anyway, the only reason I've not given this 5 stars is that the region 2 version has one less disc than the region 1 version, missing out on some very interesting and funny bonus features. On the plus side, the cover (which is NOT the one displayed here - it is in fact in full colour and without the big pink L) looks much nicer.
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on 4 January 2006
My best friend kept telling me to watch the L Word when it was on tv, but I never got round to it. She loved it, so I bought it for her for Christmas. She showed me some of the first episode and I thought it looked pretty cool, so went out and bought it.
Why did I wait so long to see it!!!!
The L Word was so fantastic and addictive, that I watched the whole of series 1 in 2 days. The women in it are all unbelievably gorgeous and you go through all the emotions.
The story of Bette and Tina was extremely moving
I loved the storylines, I loved the acting, I loved the fact I loved everything about it.
I am now desparate to get hold of the 2nd series!
Buy will love it!!!
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on 8 February 2006
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!! Coming from a straight girl's perspective this series is brilliant. For everyone who loved sex in the city, this has to be your replacement. Same sex, different city, it's brilliant! If you straight women out there are figity around gay scenes, ignore them, but they arent that bad or intrusive. The acting is superb and just like sex in the city i found myself drawn to a particular character. Ask anyone and i guarantee most people will tell you its the strange behaviour of Jennifer Beals (a.k.a flashdance!!) and Shane. There is something strangely attractive and ever growing up about the sex crazed hairdresser from L.A.
Watch it, you'll really enjoy the humour and witt that the writers have created with this show it's a definite re-watcher!!
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on 13 November 2006
A great series. The characters are hot, the storylines interesting and the sex scenes (and there are quite a few) are really steamy. You will love Shane and Alice, laugh with goofy Dana and probably get fed up with 'oh eviscerated me' Jenny, but the fact is these ladies won't leave you indifferent. I don't know if they manage to represent all the kinds of lesbians out there (probably not), but they are funny and witty and in each episode will give you 50+ minutes of real entertainment.

It's a pity that there are such few extras in this pack. A word of advice: buy this pack and the season 2 pack together (as I did). You don't wanna be left hanging (plus season 2 is even better than this one, so it really is worth it).
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on 19 July 2005
The L word is a truly groundbreaking project. It is perhaps the first mainstream TV exploration of Lesbian sexualities, and I will bet my oven toasty, will stand the test of time as a major queer text. Apart from all that epic stuff, it is of course downright sexy! I seriously adore these characters and await the third series, literally, rather precariously I imagine, on the further most edge of my seat...
I have my beefs however. Don't get me wrong, this show had me glued to the screen for weeks, Wednesday after Wednesday I did not go to the club. Nope not once.
Now I personally do have enough critical theory up my sleeve to not even bother rising to the juvenile remarks made below re. religious right etc., - and I'm afraid to say, I really do hate to say it! That The L word fails the test of making it anywhere past 1970's white middle-class lesbian feminist notions of girls in the City done good.
Not that I expect ugly, let alone poor characters (Yes Shane is a hairdresser orphan, but she hangs out with rich and pretty people now so its ok), let alone more than a nod to questions of ethnicity, let alone the odd transgender character out on a limb to break the binary (Yes there is a male-id'd lesbian... progressive): this is Hollywood afterall. But I get real sick of hearing about how nice it is that there are "No stereotypes!" Yes the L word transcends stereotyping. Rich, professional, Cosmopolitan sipping, power suit wearing femme characters it seems are not stereotypes at all. They are just like straight women in fact!
There is some relief - await the second series. There is some actually quite decent exploration of Shane's masculinity, and not just cos she gets the girls (against of course the token straight male waiting patiently to be emasculated...) where the writer actually makes the point of saying, "Hey look this is not derivative of male masculinity," She really comes into her own, and I totally applaud this.
Which brings me rather neatly to the crux of my beef: Whoever writes this seems to really care about the characters and the importance of this for the visibility and legitimacy of the lesbian "community" (who have given up nights in playing scrabble it seems, for nights in with this beloved box set). But whoever directed and produced it (and indeed marketed it) has done something to make it into a shiny, hyper-packaged look at lesbian sexualities - not because its marketed to the "male gaze," its not, and it's a tired concept anyway - but because there's not so much as a nod to the multiplicity of gender identities performed by women day in day out all over the Western world. The show has deified the androgyne and the femme.
Politics aside tho, enjoy the show! I know you will!
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on 8 April 2007
A lot has been said about how The L Word does not represent "the real" life of lesbians out there. I have no idea about that, but most television shows distort reality in one way or another.

I picked up The L Word not sure of what I was going to find - some pseudo-intellectual commentary on lesbian society and culture but I was pleasantly surprised to find a group of women with lives, loves, jobs and problems, albeit in a pretty fashionable, upper middle class package (where they hardly ever pay for coffee or actually eat anything)all of which are supremely interesting.

About the only negative thing I would have to say about the show is that I find Jenny to be a bit tedious.

Straight or gay - The L Word is good fun, very provocative and thought provoking.
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on 23 April 2009
Okay so I felt compelled to write a review of this series because i found it so fascinating!
I first came accross The L Word on YouTube, a friend recommended a funny clip and I watched it. From that moment I was hooked (we are talking only a few weeks ago!).
So I decided to buy the first series, and I loved every minuet of it!
Can I just point out that I am a straight woman and found this series just as brilliant as I would have had it been about straight couples and their troubles!
The writing is very good, the series is very funny at times, we are talking belly laughs here. The characters are superb and ones that you can connect with straight away.
I really couldn't recommed a better series to buy!
By the way, people have said that these women don't represent Lesbians in real life because they are too pretty, too perfect, but the characters are so good you don't notice! Besides, where on television do you ever find realistic representations of everyday people?
Just a thought!
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