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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!
No need to go into too much detail - this relaunch of Doctor Who was the best thing to happen to television in years. The original series managed it in 1963 and this new version has managed it in 2005 - it's well-written drama with a warmth, wit and imagination far in excess of any other sci-fi show. There are some rather dull people around who have bemoaned the...
Published on 22 Nov 2005 by Good Wolf

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3.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who?
Bringing back Doctor Who, as it used to be, wouldn't have worked - for a mainstream audience. It could have come back as an entertaining Sunday tea time show with Ian Richardson, made on a much smaller scale with more imagination and mystery. A kid's fantasy/sci-fi series, with the charm and innocence of the original.
Doctor Who has grown up for 2005...
Published on 22 Jan 2006

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52 of 57 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, 22 Nov 2005
Good Wolf (South West, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
No need to go into too much detail - this relaunch of Doctor Who was the best thing to happen to television in years. The original series managed it in 1963 and this new version has managed it in 2005 - it's well-written drama with a warmth, wit and imagination far in excess of any other sci-fi show. There are some rather dull people around who have bemoaned the progress the new series has made, who seem to think that genuine, emotional drama and proper, rounded characters have no place in sci-fi (indeed, some of them have contributed reviews to this site). But anyone who's still got a sense of fun in them, anyone who's after a wonderful ride through time and space, should hop aboard the TARDIS. You'll never regret it!
The DVD extras are great, too - particularly the audio commentaries from clearly enthusiastic cast and crew.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally, some decent British Television! And sci-fi at that!, 22 April 2006
G. Francis "darth_jurious" (Lincoln, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
I was born in 1984 so I'm of that generation who really missed-out on "Doctor Who". I had no Doctor to call my own when I grew up, and little knowledge of the series outside of the cult symbols of the Daleks and the TARDIS. (When I was still at senior school we had a Christmas quiz one time and one of the questions was to name any of the actors who had played the Doctor - no one could answer, which proves the point.) But then the new series came along, and I, like many other people, became a convert. I'm a big "Star Wars" fan and I love the "Harry Potter" books as much as the next person, but forget "Revenge of the Sith" and "Half-Blood Prince" - "Doctor Who" was *the* event of 2005, without a doubt.

So, what made it work? Well, it's simple really: well-written stories, excellent casting with some superb actors, special effects better than what's usually seen in any British TV series, and a show that was as much about the characters as it was about the monsters and the spaceships. Though its eccentricity when compared to the likes of "Star Wars" and other sci-fis threw me off to begin with, I soon settled in to the show's wit and charm, and I love its ability to never take itself too seriously, which is the downfall of a lot of modern fantasy stuff. Also, the fact that it was thoroughly entertaining and accessible for both children and adults was a real bonus, especially since so many things - even "Harry Potter" - seem to be getting to that level at the moment where they're too dark for younger audiences to enjoy. How wonderful it is to safely be able to sit back with either young kids or your grandparents and still feel comfortable about watching something together!

The show's power for me lays in its characters, though, and every week, though I loved the monsters and the fantastical adventures, I wanted just as much to see what the next development might be in the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, or to see how Mickey and Jackie were getting along without them, if we had an adventure that took us back to present-day Earth. It just made it all feel so much more realistic, though it's ironically choc-full of the impossible!

Billie Piper is an absolute revelation as Rose - I had my doubts at first, but from the moment you set eyes on her in part 1, you know she's a gifted actress. Put her together with Christopher Eccleston, one of the most talented and gritty actors in Britain today, and you've got an absolutely electric combination. Talent ahoy! They're both extremely capable of bringing every aspect of the scripts - from the dry humour to heart-wrenching emotion - to life, and are the driving force behind what proves to be a very energetic, intelligent and moving drama series. Though some episodes prove to be superior to others, there's never a terrible one, and this box set is well worth the investment if you have the cash. The extra featurettes give the enthusiastic Whovian something to get their teeth into, and I guarentee you will never find some more hilarious audio commentaries than you do along to some of these episodes, which, as well as revealing the actor's thoughts, also reveal some incredibly funny asides and memoirs of the on-set hiccups.

Though there are some fans of the classic "Doctor Who" who dismiss the new series (like any fan who treasures the originals, I guess), no one can deny that the new "Who" was a huge hit and that it's an incredibly well-made drama/sci-fi series. Now showing in its second season on BBC in the UK, the first shall always be remembered as the one that set the benchmark for the rest to follow, with a Doctor of the likes that we've never seen before (I personally don't think we'll ever see another Doctor as great as Chris Eccleston, but we all have our favourites, don't we?).

So, just sit back with the whole family, relax, jump behind the sofa if you have to, and enjoy what is the best of British family drama. Thank you Russell T Davies - we owe you one.
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4.0 out of 5 stars THE JOURNEY BEGINS AGAIN WITH THE 'NINTH DOCTOR', 25 July 2014
rbmusicman (U.K) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
Over the next week or so I will add to the review disc by disc, must admit until tonight I
haven't watched 'The Doctor' since watching the 1965 Film 'Dr Who and the Daleks'
However for some time now I've been reading well written and interesting reviews that
cover both the 'TV' -Series and many 'Audio' 'Doctor' Stories written by fellow reviewer
'Timelord' frankly I've been wondering what I've not been watching these past years.
'Doctor Who' originally ran on BBC between 1963 - 1989 many fans were disappointed
when they wound it up.............and of course they resurrected it much to the joy of the
faithful in 2005, of course a new following have also emerged
This 5-Disc Box-set (Police Box) First - Series Edition with a booklet is of the Ninth
Doctor played by 'Christpher Eccleston' joined by 'Rose' played by 'Billie Piper'
Episode One - 'Rose'
The Doctor stumbles across 'Rose' who appears to being chased by Tailors Dummies'
in the basement of the store where she works, the Doctor believes the Dummies are
in fact after him, he helps 'Rose' escape.
When the problem is resolved the Doctor invites his new friend to join him as he travels
backwards and forward in time helping to solve problems throughout the 'Universe'
Episode Two - 'The End of The World'
The Doctor and Rose gate-crash a party watching the final moments of Earth in 5-Billion
years time.
The guests on-board the Space-Module have gathered from around the Universe to watch
the event.
One of the invited guests have brought metallic spiders onto the vessel to ensure those on
the Ship to perish as the Sun destroys the Earth, the innocents on board are in great danger
things are hotting up.
'Rose' has been snatched and is put into extreme danger of being roasted alive, the Doctor
try's to reach his partner, and combat the threat of the ship suffering the same fate as 'Earth'
Rose is beginning to learn being a 'Timelord' has it's advantages, the Doctor and Rose are
about to travel back in time for a new adventure.
Episode Three - 'The Unquiet Dead'
The year 1869 it seems there is a problem, the dead are not sleeping easy.
These are the times of writer 'Charles Dickens'
For Rose going back to this time is an excuse to dress the part, also a novel experience seeing
how thing were in the 19th Century.
The Doctot of course looking for his next adventure, he doesn't have to wait long as screams
sound out from a Theatre where 'Charles Dicxens' is giving a recital of his works 'Scrooge'
a ghostly figure sits among the audience.
'Rose' meanwhile has been kidnapped by the local undertaker at who's parlour the Zombie like
creatures appear to be rising from.
The Doctor along with the writer are in pursuit - when inside the parlour the Doctor' realizes
the undertakers 'Maid' has a connection to whatever is trying to transfer their being into bodies
of the dead.
A phenomenon the 'Doctor' has to try and resolve.
Must admit, I'm quite enjoying the series so far, though I'm only one disc in, obviously there are
many reviewers on the Amazon website that have a more knowledgeable insight in regards to the
Doctor and it's History........I myself experimented because of reading the many reviews of
'Timelord' 007' other reviewers I've glanced at that have wrote many 'Dr Who' reviews and are
as enthusiastic 'Tim Bradley' and 'Keen Reader' among them, all three having knowledge of
the 'Dr Who' journey down the years.....I look forward to disc two and beyond, then who knows ?
Special Features on Disc One -
* Interview with 'Christopher Eccleston' (BBC Breakfast)
* Destroying The Lair
* Making 'Doctor Who' with 'Russell T Davies'
* Waking the dead - 'Mark Gates' Video Diary
* Laying Ghosts - The origin of 'The Unquiet Dead'
* Launch Trailers
DISC TWO - Episode Four - 'Aliens of London' (Part One of two)
The 'Doctor and Rose' have returned to London after their adventures, the 'Doctor' initially believes
that they have only been away for 12 hours.
'Rose' goes to see her Mother, the 'Doctor' meanwhile notices 'Missing' posters for his travel companion
and realizes they have actually been gone for 12 months.
Meanwhile an 'Alien' ship hurtles its way toward Earth, seemingly out of control, before crashing into
the Thames it destroys much of 'Big Ben'
Panic coupled with curiosity spreads throughout the World, but, where is the British P.M at a time of crisis ?
The Doctor of course has a need to investigate the happening of the day.
A body that has been recovered from the 'Alien' ship below the surface of the River may not be as dead as first
Also there is something not quite right at 10,Downing Street, the 'Doctor' has work to do, has he met his match
this time ?
Part One - 7/10.
Episode Five - 'World War Three' (Part Two of Two)
The 'Aliens' initially appear to also be victims of their own technology as they set about killing members of the
British Cabinet, the 'Doctor' however escaped.
'Rose' and 'Back-Bencher' 'Harriet Jones' are trying to avoid detection within number'10' as the beings try to hunt
them down.
The Doctor joins up with Rose and Harriet, it seems the 'Aliens' are not actually invading Earth, so what is it they
actually want ?
Inside a sealed room within number '10' they manage to contact 'Rose's' boyfriend with access to a computer, by a
process of illumination the 'Doctor' works out who the 'Alien' visitors are, 'The Slitheen'
This information saves both 'Rose's' mother and boyfriend with the knowledge of how to destroy the one that had
tracked them down at home.
The 'Slitheen's purpose for being on 'Earth' causing mass hysteria, they want to cause the Earth's demise with
Weapons of Mass destruction using the radiation contaminated remains as a fuel-source to trade.
Part two 6.5/10
Episode Six - 'Dalek'
'Rose' decides not to remain on Earth and re-joins the Doctor on a new adventure....
The 'Tardis' doesn't arrive where the 'Doctor' had intended, the 'Doctor' and 'Rose' find themselves in 'Utah' beneath
the Salt-plains, strangely in a museum owned by billionaire 'Henry Van Slatten' who collects 'Alien' artifacts.
When 'The Doctor' is shown a chained-up metallic robotic item, the billionaire has not identified, the Doctor comes
face to face with his oldest and deadliest enemy....a 'Dalek'
Until now, the 'Doctor' believed all 'Daleks had been destroyed in a battle with the 'Timelords' years past, a battle
only the 'Doctor' had survived, or so he'd thought.
The billionaire wants to repair and preserve the 'Dalek' to serve his own agenda, the 'Doctor' knows a rejuvenated 'Dalek'
can destroy mankind....the battle is on.....
The Dalek demonstrates it's power (it can now levitate also) strangely 'Rose' has made a connection with the killing machine,
will that connection save the day ?
Special Features on Disc Two.
* Deconstructing 'Big Ben'
* On Set with 'Billie Piper'
* Trailers
Episode Seven - 'The Long Game'
The 'Doctor' has an extra companion from his previous adventure for his and 'Rose's' next adventure 'Adam'(Brian Langley)
they surge tens of thousands of years into the future, they have landed on 'Satellite 5' which broadcasts to the entire
'Earth' empire.
The 'Editor'(Brian Grant) appears all-knowing, the 'Doctor' soon suspects manipulation on a grand-scale, trouble is there
is a power beyond that of the 'Editor'
The 'Doctor' sets out to get to the bottom of 'Satellite 5's' secrets.
Will the 'Doctor's' new companion 'Adam' step-up to the mark or is he a self-serving individual ?
(On 'Satellite 5' you really don't want to be promoted)
A well crafted 'Doctor' tale - 8.5/10.
Episode Eight - 'Fathers Day'
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' continue their travels having despatched 'Adam' back to his home, they have arrived on earth the year
1987 which is when 'Rose's' Father she never knew died in a hit and run.
'Rose' try's to interfere with the course of events, this against all the principles of the 'Doctor's' guidelines.
Trouble is, the interference has cheated the 'Grim-reapers' who now wreak vengeance upon Earth for their loss.
What, if anything can the 'Doctor' do to put things right, there is sadly an obvious answer, one that 'Rose' will find difficult.
Great Special Effects, captivating tale - 8.5/10
Episode Nine - 'The Empty Child' (Part 1 of 2)
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' have followed a stray 'Cylinder' to London 1941 during the blitz.
It soon becomes obvious there is strange happenings, 'Rose' hears a child calling from the top of a building, she proceeds
to investigate somehow finding herself dangling from a rope attached to barrage balloon, to the rescue 'Jack Harkness'(John Barrowman) a new 'Hero' perhaps ?
A group of homeless children living in the ruins of the blitz are seemingly being cared for by 'Nancy' however they are being
terrorised by an unearthly child who keeps asking after his 'Mommy'
Who or what is this child really.
Meanwhile the 'Doctor' try's to get to know 'Nancy' who not only cares for several homeless children she also seems to know
about the cylinder and it's whereabouts, what else does she know ?
The 'Doctor' has a series of yet unknown mysteries to both uncover and resolve.
A creepy beginning to this two-part tale - 8.75/10
Episode Ten - 'The Doctor Dances' (Part 2 of 2)
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' form an alliance with the self-proclaimed traveller and con-man 'Jack Harkness' it seems the 'dead'
are walking, including the mysterious child, 'Nancy's' younger Brother 'Jamie' ?
All wearing 'Gas' masks and all seemingly asking 'Are You My Mommy' ?
It seems 'Nancy' still has many answers that the 'Doctor' needs to learn of, what is causing the 'Zombie-like phenomenon ?
Answers have to be found, what is the secret of the cylinder ?
Can it be stopped before it affects the whole of mankind.
The second and concluding part of 'The Empty Child'
Certainly holding your attention throughout...9/10.
The use of Special-Effects improving all the time.
Special Features - (in addition to commentary on each episode)
* Mike Tucker's' Mocks of Balloons.
Episode Eleven - 'Boom Town'
The 'Doctor' and companion 'Rose' along with new-fellow traveller 'Jack' are taking a break from saving the Universe - A
However whist sitting in a 'Cardiff' café the 'Doctor' spots a headline in a paper, a new mayor has been elected, it's the
face he'd encountered on an earlier adventure, he thought all the 'Slitheen' had been killed.
In Cardiff a new Power-Station is being built, however the Construction is being used as cover for the 'Aliens' plot to
destroy Earth.
The 'Slitheen' is captured, now the 'Doctor' is preparing the 'Tardis' to return the captive to her native planet, where she
will face certain death.
'Jack' continues to prepare the 'Tardis' using a component taken from the 'Slitheen' to enhance it's performance, meanwhile
the 'Doctor' takes the captive to a restaurant for what could be called her 'last supper' while 'Rose' and 'Micky' who had
met up with the returning travellers, go for a drink, and catch-up.
At dinner, the 'Slitheen' gives the Doctor food for thought with a reality check, suddenly a thunderous noise rocks Cardiff the source - The Tardis'
The power panel they had taken from the 'Slitheen' for their own benefit proves to be the culprit of the phenomenon opening a 'Rift' as the 'Alien' had planned all along.
Can the 'Tardis' crew advert destruction ?
Episode 12 - 'Bad Wolf' (Part 1 of 2)
The 'Tardis' has taken our crew to a strange place this time, it appears to be run by 'Androids'
They have strangely become part of a futuristic reality-shows, 'Rose' finds herself on 'The Weakest Link' hosted by 'An-Droid' the 'Doctor' is taking part in 'Big Brother' and 'Jack' is being submitted to a TV make-over.
They are on a 'Game-Station' - but what is really going on, it seems failure within the games result in disintegration.
'Bad Wolf' run the Station, the inhabitants of Earth are in great danger.
The 'Doctor' realizes that 100 years earlier he and 'Rose' have encountered the 'Station' before, they are back on 'Satellite -5'
Has an old-enemy resurfaced, what had the 'Doctor' created 100 years before.....what is being hidden ?
Episode 13 - 'The Parting of the Ways' (part 2 of 2)
A couple of Thousand years ago the 'Doctor' and his kind had destroyed their fiercest enemy leaving just the 'Doctor' are they really back, how did the 'Daleks' survive ?
The 'Emperor of the Daleks survived, the Army of Daleks have been reformed in their thousands, how are the 'Doctor' and his
companions going to resolve the crisis.
The 'Daleks' are closing in on 'Satellite 5' prior to completing their purpose of destroying mankind....the 'Doctor' has sent
both 'Rose' and the 'Tardis' back to 'Rose's' own time, fulfilling his promise to keep 'Rose' safe.
However 'Rose' back in her own time has no intention of leaving her friend to die on 'Satellite 5' at the hands of the 'Daleks'
It's the 'Doctors' time to change.
Special Features -
* Commentary on all Episodes.
* Designing 'Doctor Who'
* The adventures of 'Captain Jack'
* Trailer.
A series of documentaries that examines the bringing back of the 'Doctor' explanations into the background of each of the
thirteen episodes, character building, 'Christopher Eccleston' becoming the Ninth Doctor and building his personality into
the role, the introduction of 'Rose' and the decisions she has to make to become the Doctor's companion.
The Tardis it's deceptive size on he outside and the reality's of within.
An examination into constructing each of the Thirteen Episodes, the how's and why's involved in the story lines and
characters within the story's.
The C.G.I how it was used and how it was portrayed by the cast, the monsters and strange beings the outfits and make-up.
The workings of the characters within the stories including that of the 'Daleks' - where would 'Doctor' stories be without
them ?
Lastly a look at the Christmas edition with the Tenth Doctor - ''David Tennant'
Disc Five's line - up.
* Bringing Back the Doctor
* The Good, the Bad And The Ugly.
* Tardis Tales
* I Get A Side-Kick Out of You
* Why On Earth ?
* Dalek
* The Dark Side
* Time Trouble
* Special Effects
* Weird Science
* Unsung Heroes And Violent Death
* The World Of Who
* The Last Battle
PLUS - Take a look at the new Doctor, David Tennant in backstage at Christmas, an exclusive look behind the scenes of
the the BBC Doctor Who 'Christmas Invasion'
The Bonus disc well worth taking time out to watch, if you haven't already of course, it's a great insight into the series.
Like I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I've sat down and watched 'Doctor Who' for many a long year, I have to say
overall I enjoyed the experience and thank those who encouraged me to take time out to do so, many of whom have participated
in the Comment/Discussion at the foot of my review........(I enjoyed it enough to order series Two)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Back with a Bang, 23 May 2009
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
I was extremely excited that Russel T davis was taking over Doctor Who. He is an excellent Writter who adds so many twists and turns that its hard to predict what is going to happen.

Series One (of New who) is a good taster of what is to come in later seasons. It is funny, scary and thrilling to watch and can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Doctor Who has somewhat matured which is so nice to see. I enjoy watching new doctor who episodes better then classic doctor who episodes from the 60's to the 80's. (and thats saying something as I was a huge fan of the classic series and barely missed an episode)

Rose is a Great companion that (at first) seems to be slightly thick but she grows on you and matures as a character which is great to see.

Christopher eccelston is a fabulous doctor! He is darker then his previous incarnations but he makes a huge impact on the show. Himself and Rose make a perfect pair.

I didnt realise that almost all the episodes were earth bond. That didnt bother me though! They are all still amazing.

My top 5 episodes from the series:

1. The empty child/the doctor Dances
2. BAD WOLF/ The Parting of the ways
3. Dalek
4. Fathers Day
5. Aliens of London/ Wor;d War Three

My least favourite being 'the end of the world' but thats not to say i didnt like the episode. That was just the poorest (in my opinion) although it had its moments!

An excellent box set! BUY IT!
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5.0 out of 5 stars This series that converted me!, 20 April 2007
Kermit (Doncaster) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
Growing up i found Doctor Who to be very dull, i never got in to it.

when this series was on TV i didnt bother with it as i remembered not being interested as a kid. Then after some persuasion to try it form work mates i gave it a try. I was instantly converted to a Doctor who addict desperate to see more and more.

Despite the doubts people had about him not having the humour or charm necessary to play the doctor Christopher Eccleston makes for a fantastic Time Lord. When faced with danger rather than getting scared or worried he becomes as excited.

Rose is brilliantly played by Billie Piper and provides an excellent counterpoint to the Doctor. Rather than being overawed by events around her and fearing the unknown Piper's Rose is confident and strong when faced with the unknown and is not frightened to disagree with the Doctor when she feels he is wrong (a good example is an argument over the morality of an alien race using human dead as vessels in the unquiet dead).

The two parter of The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances is genuinly chilling and scary. It combines easy humour and genuine suspense seemlessly blended together.

The running theme of the words Bad wolf appearing in each episode gives a great basis for you to theorise as to who is behind bad wolf and who is guiding the doctor and his companion through the series to the final showdown in the parting of the ways.

All in all i would recommend this to both fans of the Doctor and people who have never had an interest in his jaunts through time previously.

This series converted me to the genius of this program. Who knows it may do the same for you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Utterly brilliant., 7 Oct 2005
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
With 42 years of history, and a 26-year long TV show to match up to, the BBC have braved the wrath of millions in bringing back this historic show. It could have been done with top of the range effects, distracting from the storylines, or it could have been done with wobbly sets and cheap costumes, which seems to be about all anyone can remember of the classic series. Instead it nicely covers the balance, Making a fine distinction between being able to use top quality effects, and actually using them.
The storylines, in general, have been faultless. A trip to see the end of the World, fighting the remains of an alien civilization with Charles Dickens, creating a tear in time which can only be solved by a sacrifice, and a child moving around London during a World War 2 air raid, looking for his mummy, and not stopping for anyone.
I suppose that now is the time I should mention the Daleks. These have been brought back bigger, better, and shinier than ever. The episode "Dalek" is pure class. Incredible drama is provided by Chris Eccleston, and the Dalek scenes are well handled, without looking tacky or predictable. My only complaint (and it is stupid, but it's the only way I can really fault this episode) is the overuse of "Exterminate". In the very first Dalek story, that word was never even used! Once a Dalek said "They shall be exterminated", but that was it. Now, it seems to be its entire vocabulary! What possible reason did it have for using "Exterminate" as its last word?
By far the best episode though was The Empty Child. Physical injuries acting as a plague, moving from person to person, infecting everyone the Child touches, turning them all into mindless gas-mask wearing zombies, looking for mummy. Creepy on every level, highly dramatic, and superbly directed. The risk you often run with a longer story is making the second half live up to the first. "The Doctor Dances" remains highly dramatic. The horror of the first episode is gone, but the thrill is still there. Chris Eccleston has his finest hour, and it's hard to stop smiling when he is so cheerful at the end. He has reason to be happy, and when he so gleefully cries out "just this once, everybody lives!" it's a magical moment, showing just how fine an actor Eccleston really is.
As with any TV show, there are both ups and downs, but such superb episodes as "The Unquiet Dead", "Father's Day", and of course "Dalek", "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" make this boxset worth buying even if you didn't want the others. In all honesty, I can't stand the last three episodes, but the others are so wonderfully done that it doesn't matter.
Buy this. You won't regret it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great show, 19 May 2006
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
Like many of the other reviewers of this series, I loved the show. As a fan of the previous Doctor Who series I was hoping for much. I was not disappointed. A small number of reviewers have given the series a rough time. They fail to appreciate that in trying to make the show accessible to everyone the BBC were bound to make it inaccessible to some. Look at all the modern sci-fi shows out there today, how many are really suitable for the entire family to watch? The answer - very few.

Admittedly I do agree that Russell T. Davis' episodes tend to be worse than the others and I too find the epsiodes dwelling on Rose's family to be boring. I can't wait to see the back of her mum and Mickey. I guess we'll have to endure them all the time that Rose is the assistant.

I bought the individual DVDs as they came out during 2005 and recently sold them to "upgrade" to the box-set. In some respects I wish I hadn't bothered. I enjoyed having Doctor Who - Confidential included but we should have been given the full versions and not the "cut-down" editions which are dull. The best part of confidential was getting the opinion of the past Doctors. This is absent from the cut-down editions.

So if you're thinking of getting the series for the first time - buy this box set. If you have the individual DVDs - keep them and skip this.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who - Better than Ever!, 30 Nov 2005
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
When it was revealed that the BBC and Russell T Davies had plans to revive Doctor Who, which ended in 1989 I was somewhat worried and sceptical about the idea. I remember thinking that Doctor Who is a national institution, and if the BBC got it wrong and messed it up, then the millions of Doctor Who fans would never have let it go. I was also a bit concerned about Billie Piper playing the role of the companion, Rose Tyler, but thankfully it transpired that all of my initial quibbles were completely baseless because the series turned out to be far better than I ever could have hoped for. I thought Doctor Who was at its peak during the 1970’s with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, but Christopher Eccleston’s doctor was just as good. I can’t recommend this box set highly enough, and due to the fact that Doctor Who has received nothing but praise this year, as well as a stack load of awards, you can’t go wrong buying this. It makes for great viewing for the whole family, and its definitely been the highlight of 2005 television for me.
Christopher Eccleston manages to put so much energy, humour and action into his Doctor, and as well as making him accessible to the Doctor Who fans, he has a kind of manic appeal that will make him instantly popular with new Who-fans. Billie Piper proved everyone wrong, and turned in a brilliantly consistent and emotional performance as the Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler. The TARDIS looks great also, especially the interior, which won’t disappoint fans at all. There are the return of some old enemies for the Doctor to fight, such as the dreaded legends that are the Daleks, as well as the terrifying plastic/dummy-model Autons, that made two appearances in 1970 and 1971. This set also pioneers some brand new adversaries such as the Slitheen, The Gelf, etc, which all prove to be thrilling, and will keep the children hidden behind the sofa. The special effects are also great; and make big improvement on the laughable sets and models used in the original series.
There are thirteen episodes; and here they are: (* rating out of 5)
ROSE (disc 1, original airdate: 26/3/05): In the first episode of the series, Rose Tyler meets a strange man and battles a cavalcade of plastic shop dummies. ****
THE END OF THE WORLD (disc 1, original airdate 2/4/05): In her first trip through time and space, the Doctor takes Rose to a strange space station, thirty minutes away from the end of the world. ****
THE UNQUIET DEAD (disc 1, original airdate 9/4/05): The setting for this episode is a Cardiff Christmas in Victorian London back in 1860, we sees the Doctor, Rose and Charles Dickens (Simon Callow) take part in a sinister séance when the dead begin walking. (Note: This episode is given a 12 certificate for scary scenes) *****
ALIENS OF LONDON (disc 2, original airdate 16/4/05): A UFO spaceship crashes into Big Ben and lands in the Thames, and the Doctor meets the Slitheen. ****
WORLD WAR THREE (disc 2, original airdate 23/4/05): As the threat of the Slitheen intensifies, planet Earth is plunged into its first interplanetary war, and Rose takes on a dangerous assignment. ****
DALEK (disc 2, original airdate 30/4/05) Its what we’ve all been waiting for… the return of the Daleks; and they’re better than ever! The Doctor meets his most infamous enemy. ***** (Note: This episode is given a 12 certificate for scary scenes)
THE LONG GAME (disc 3, original airdate 7/5/05): Rose and the Doctor arrive on Satellite 5, a sinister television complex, ruled by a hideous creature and the Editor, played by Simon Pegg. ****
FATHER’S DAY (disc 3, original airdate 14/5/05): Billie Piper gives a thoroughly tremendous performance in this emotional drama-based episode, in which Rose goes back in time to meet her deceased father, but unleashes a deadly threat upon Earth as a consequence. *****
THE EMPTY CHILD (disc 3, original airdate 21/5/05): The character of Captain Jack is introduced in the first of a two-part episode set at the height of the London Blitz, where a strange gas-mask clad child is stalking the streets in search of its ‘mummy’. *****
THE DOCTOR DANCES (disc 3, original airdate 28/5/05): The child plague spread in the concluding part. *****
BOOM TOWN (disc 4, original airdate 4/6/05): The Slitheen are back in an episode where the Doctor questions his right to kill. *****
BAD WOLF (disc 4, original airdate 11/6/05): The penultimate episode of the series and the first in a two parter, which sees Captain Jack, Rose and the Doctor trapped inside some horrific ‘games’ and the return of an evil foe. *****
THE PARTING OF THE WAYS (disc 4, original airdate 18/6/05): In the last episode of the series, Planet Earth is involved in a horrific war. This episode is particularly moving, and features an ending you won’t forget.
In terms of special features, there is plenty to enjoy. All thirteen episode are accompanied by optional audio commentaries by members of the cast and crew, such as creator/writer Russell T Davies and Billie Piper. There lots of nice features, including all 13 edited editions of Doctor Who Confidential on Disc 5, Billie Piper’s video diary, Mark Gatiss’ writing journal, Russell T Davies on the first week of filming, The Adventures of Captain Jack, features on the special effects such as Deconstructing Big Ben and much more besides. The discs are presented in a lovely TARDIS box, and there is also a Collector’s Booklet included too. In conclusion then, I can’t recommend this set highly enough, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved for bringing back Doctor Who bigger, better and bolder than ever before. I can’t wait for the Christmas Special!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just a little bit of information for prospective buyers, 5 July 2005
David Walshe (Nottingham, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
I have contacted BBC DVD and they have confirmed that this set is in widescreen and has 5.1 Dolby Digital (unlike the individual volumes), as it seems that there has been very little information available for it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Saturday nights seem empty without it., 7 July 2005
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
I'm not particularly familiar with the previous doctors - having only seen the odd repeat every so often on channels like BBC2 and UKGold - so this was really my introduction to the whole Doctor Who universe. Like many, I was sceptical about the whole thing at first, sure that the hype surrounding the programme's impending broadcast would only spell failure - added to the fact that I'm no great fan of writer Russell T. Davies or the acting skills of Ms. Billie Piper - however, by the time episode three rolled around I was completely hooked, and for the first time in what seemed like a decade, Saturday night telly was actually an interesting place to be.
Despite the natural excitement factor in brining back such a much-loved and culturally important programme, the main draw to the show for me was the charismatic lead performance from Christopher Eccleston, who I'd always admired from his performances in things like Let Him Have It, Shallow Grave, Cracker and Jude. He does exceedingly well in his performance here, managing to seem likable, almost comedic, without ever losing that air of authority and intelligence so central to the role. It was also nice to have a Northern doctor - even though this was mentioned far too many times during the first few episodes - which allows Eccleston to create a more natural character, devoid of flashy acting tricks and distracting mannerisms. As well as carrying the show, often delivering extremely complicated lines of narrative exposition, he also carries the big dramatic scenes perfectly, eliciting a certain degree of sympathy from the viewers without becoming overtly sentimental (I'm thinking of the episode Dalek, and certain elements of Father's Day).
The first two episodes, Rose and The End of the World, were both great introductions to the new characters and the general direction of this series, though for me, the whole thing didn't really take off until episode three, The Unquiet Dead. This was the first episode not to be written by Davies, and it acts as further evidence, along with Father's Day, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, to the criticism that the best episodes were the ones NOT written by R.T.D. The Unquiet Dead was penned by Mark Gatiss - who perfectly combines comedic elements with moments of tense horror, in a way that isn't too far removed from the style of the League of Gentlemen - whilst Simon Callow puts in a great supporting performance as the author Charles Dickens. This leads us perfectly into the first two-part episode of the series, the Aliens of London and World War Three. This was probably Davies at his best in terms of storytelling and characterisation, layering the actual story involving an alien family known as the Slitheens intent on destroying Earth in order to save their own planet, alongside various other themes and events that would reoccur in later episodes (notably Boom Town and Bad Wolf).
After the eagerly awaited Dalek episode (...which introduced the character of Adam, who would have a more pivotal role in the following episode) we saw The Long Game, which is very important to the final episodes and features a great supporting role from Simon Pegg as the mysterious "Editor". The writing here, again, was exceptional, even though I felt that the episode suffered slightly due to rushed CGI effects (...a criticism which, thankfully, cannot be said about the other episodes). Then, we came to three of the best episodes back to back... the one off Father's Day (mentioned above), which had a great performance from Eccleston, as well as supporting actor Shaun Dingwall (as Rose's dad, Pete) and even a strong and emotive performance from Piper (her best in the series, in my opinion). Then we got the second two part-er, with the abovementioned The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, both of which have excellent direction from James Hawes, perfect writing by Steven Moffat, a fantastic Blitz-era setting, the introduction of the flamboyant (and highly pivotal) Captain Jack and a fine set of performances from Florence Hoath (who should take over from Piper in series three... or at least, in my worthless opinion!!) and Richard Wilson. I'm not sure how die-hard Doctor Who fans would rate these two episodes, but for me, I'd say that they're probably the best examples of outstanding 21st century TV that we've seen thus far.
From here we moved onto the last three episodes; the rather slight Boom Town (a real divider for fans, with some relishing Davies' witty dialogue-heavy script and wry plot layering, whilst many complained about the lack of real story, the Cardiff setting, and the fact that no episode could really live up to the wonderment of the three or four proceeding shows). Then we came to those big, dramatic final episodes (Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Waves); a real talking point for audiences, as the proceeding Bad Wolf references finally became clear (...although admittedly, when combined with the somewhat dubious Big Brother/Weakest Link references not everyone was impressed!!), with Davies bringing Eccleston's reign to a close and introducing us to our new Doctor, David Tennant.
This new incarnation of Doctor Who has been everything it needed to be to regenerate the character for a new legion of fans, with strong writing, acting, production and direction all coming together to create one of the very best TV shows of recent years. Hopefully the second series will advance on this, taking the Doctor further into the outer-reaches of the universe to confront even-more deadlier villains!!! At any rate, I think it's safe to say that this has been THE television event of 2005.
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