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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2005
I never give a 5 star rating to albums and if you read my review of the "Lyla" single you shall see I was not biased, I did not look forward to this album in the least, so to say I am very suprised is an understatement!
Firstly the whole album sounds unlike Oasis, in fact the only song on it that sounds like the Oasis everyone knows is "Lyla".
"Turn Up The Sun" kicks the album off and is one of Andy Bells best offerings for Oasis to date, a ballsy song with a vocal Liam delivers with conviction! Such a huge change this song points a new direction for the band and also fires you up like old songs like "Morning Glory" and "Rock N Roll Star" but this does it in a different way, it is bulky, it is brash, it is BALLSY!!! As Noel has said the intro and outro are unlike Oasis totally, and for once he was right! Don't expect loud guitars for the solo.
"Mucky Fingers" the song Noel wanting as the first single and Liam wanted to sing on. Personally I can't get over the HUGE Velvet Underground rip off in the music, but a strong song nonetheless, sadly the Velvets shine through a lot on this song and therefore to people who are familiar with them this song will be hard to digest. Great lyrics though!
"Lyla" we all know well enough now. First single from the album and #1 too, no suprise. But this is possibly the worst song on the album, it is very Oasis of old and could well have fitted on Heathen Chemistry. Just read the reviews of the single for this song.
"Love Like A Bomb" is Liams first offering on the album in terms of songwriting and quite a summery feeling song. It does ooze 60's Beatlesque sounds but it doesn't have any direct "steals" from songs. Not a bad little number but after 1:21 you REALLY hear The Beatles shine through on this song.
"The Importance Of Being Idle" one of the albums best songs easily. Noels songs on this lp are totally unlike what he wrote in the past, they stray away from the well paved path Oasis have made style-wise and meander through the scrub and hills a little picking up a different direction. Brilliant lyrics and again with the no noise guitar solos!! This song is a strong album track.
"The Meaning Of Soul" is an all out 2 minute Liam-penned rock n roller that sounds much better than the much bootlegged Glastonbury performance. Not much can be said about this song as it is just simply rock n roll without the noise of Oasis of old. Great little harmonica solo too.
"Guess God Thinks I'm Abel"
Here we go with another of the albums best songs and again Liam written, this song simply is a perfect album track and is well written and built up. Liams lyrics are interesting and not as crude as SOTSOGS "Little James", but this is such a strong song it can't go un-recognised. Ending with a huge loud noise ending after such a peaceful acoustic driven number too, typical Liam there. Great song!
"Part Of The Queue" has got to be the next single on the album... or at least a single somewhere down the line. This song is beautiful, it has shades of a well known song from the 80's but it's not as blatant as I thought it was originally. Noels lyrics on this song as on "The Importance Of Being Idle" are very strong and his singing is spot on perfect. Up-beat acoustic arranged song with a well placed gritty guitar followed by a haunting piano solo and sends a direct statement to the listener. This HAS to be the next single!
"Keep The Dream Alive", well here is Andy's second song, not bad either and could possibly be a single... maybe. It has a somber mood hiding underneath it's exterior and almost like it's a turning point in a life, song, or whatever. It is definitely a thoughtful song and actually quite emotionally delivered by Gallagher Jnr. A soaring loud guitar solo rips through towards the end, lifting the song to another level.
"A Bell Will Ring" is Gem's only song on the album and it's very Revolver era Beatles (as much as I hate comparing anything by Oasis to The Beatles) as Noel said in an interview. This song is such a good way to close the album and is very positive. It could well have been a good song if it was arranged similar to others on the album, ie in an acoustic driven format without the electric rhythm guitars. But this is still a great song and I am glad it got included on the album after hearing the Glasto performance I knew it had potential.
"Let There Be Love" is a song from Noels little book of songs that dates back to 2000. But this version is MUCH MUCH different from that version. New lyrics and a new arrangement, compared to Noels acoustic guitar demo. This is such a great way of ending the album, a beautiful song sung by both Liam and Noel it is a fitting way of ending a truly inspiring album from Oasis. The song will not dissapoint the majority, I am sure. Really good stuff.
All in all this album is the album Oasis have been promising since Be Here Now, it is what they should don't a long time ago and will wipe away any doubters thoughts. It's a new Oasis, it's a new sound and it's NOT Oasis of old. This is a new era in Oasis history, I just wonder where they can go from here...
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on 5 June 2005
I was very expectant waiting for this new album to be released, and am totally pleased with the band's latest release.
Everyone has visions of what a new album should sound like, and I was just a bit disappointed when I first listened to the CD. However, I have purchased albums before that take a couple of playings before I gel with what a band is putting forth.
This happens to be one of those cases.
I listened to the CD the first time sitting in traffic on my commute home and felt a little let down. However, I decided to give the album another shot and proceeded to pop in the CD and put on the headphones in the evening.
The second time round, I caught all the different nuances of the songs, and really started to get into it. The third time through I was absolutely sold.
The band has taken a slightly different turn, but it is unmistakably an Oasis album. I now cannot stop playing this new album.
Definitely worth the money. Go out and buy this CD!
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on 20 July 2005
This album is tricky to review, as reviews of Oasis albums these days are generally useless, fans will buy anything the band put out.
For people new to the band, go out and buy Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory? These are classic albums which everyone should buy, or at least hear in their lifetime.
Then, if you like what you hear and want more, go and buy the B-Sides collection - The Masterplan.
Still can't get enough Oasis?
Oh dear, this is where the back catalog gets a bit sparse on good music, for the honest truth is that Oasis haven't made a quality album since 1995.
Until now.
With their new album Don't Believe The Truth Oasis have reasserted themselves as a musical force again, it begins strongly with dense opener Turn Up The Sun and visits many sounds and ideas in the 42 or so minutes (yes, it is a tad short) till closer, Let There Be love.
The sound of the band has changed - gone are the layers upon layers of electric guitars and feedback that made them so exciting in their heyday, to be replaced by mellow acoustic sounds and a heavy 60s vibe. All through their career Oasis have been compared to the Beatles, despite sounding nothing like them, but now they really do sound retro, but fresh at the same time. Many of the songs here do not sound like 'classic' Oasis, but that does not matter, as this is a very satisfying and well produced album.
A step in the right direction then...
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on 27 June 2013
I truly believe that Don't believe the truth is a top album and we can see how the rest of the band members get involved with the songwritting. Turn up the sun and a bell will ring are my favs and they were not even written by NG. Andy and Gem are quality.
And of course we have lyla, TIOBI, and let there be love that are also top tunes by mr Noel. Guess god thinks i'm able another proper tune, i guess people don't give Liam enough credit, but he is a pretty good songwritter. So yeah, I love Don't believe the truth, and as an Oasis' fan that I am I can say that is one of my favs albums of the band.
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on 19 June 2005
On first listening, not a bad album, but after a couple of loud replays the music really started to unfold. Some really new sounds on here, and a really pleasant change from some of the the Gallaghers tried and tested formula. Many parallels to Coral, Stranglers and of course, no surprise, The Beatles. Rather than just 2 or 3 good tracks as per recent mediocre albums there are about 10 really tunes. Particularly loved the 'Let their be love' ballad and 'Guess God thinks I'm Abel'. In my opinion, in terms of innovation, originality and good listening, a close second to WTSMG.
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on 9 June 2005
I've had the album for a few days now and listened to it 4 times. The first time was similar to another reviewer - in the car on the way home from work and it didn't really work for me then. But the next day i had it on in the house with nothing to do but listen and it just all made sense. Yes, there are bit's of other peoples music all the way through the album, but so what? It's an Oasis album through and though and one of the best albums I've listened to in a long time.
Mucky Fingers - what a tune!
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on 2 June 2005
I wasn't expecting much after the last few albums and ok its not as good as the first album but how many bands can ever replicate the sucess of their first album. If you discount the first album and don't compare it this is awsome it sounds like Oasis have got the buzz back and there are a lot of influences on this CD but not bad ones. Buy it now if you haven't already ordered. After the disappointing last couple of albums Oasis have found their saviour LONG LIVE THE BURNEGE BOYS
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on 27 June 2005
This is a great album, full of great song writing. This is definately Oasis mark 2 finest hour and in my opinion Oasis's best album since definately maybe, yep in my opinion this surpasses What's the story because this album doesn't have a duff track and WTMG had at least 2! Even my least favourite song A Bell will ring is a really catchy song. This is an album that grows on you, from the mighty Turn up the sun, to the delicate Love like a bomb this album flows like coctails by the pool on a hot summer's day.
This album is not a collection of songs for dicecting on download sites, it's an old fashioned LP, put together in a way that works. Every time I hear it, I want to hear it again. Too many album's these day's are put together without thought and without depth of character. when you listen to the album every song sounds different, from the Velvet Underground inspired Mucky Fingers to Liam's in your face rant on the meaning of soul, this isn't a band who are on the way out as some people want us to believe!
As for the DVD extra, it's hillarious! Forget all those dull Coldplay clones Oasis are a band with personalities, they're interesting and funny to listen to, especially Noel he certainly speaks his mind.
Quality from start to finish, BUY IT NOW!
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on 22 September 2005
Oasis' 2002 album Heathen Chemistry began with 5 of the best tracks Oasis have recorded in recent years and then tailed off. But with 2005 the quality remains throughout the album, and with Gem Archer, Andy Bell, Liam Gallagher joing Noel in the song writing credits each track is fresh and powerful. And Each Song writer has produced an excellent moment on the album.
The Opener, 'Turn up the sun' (bell) is brilliant, Liams 1 1/2 minute stomper 'Meaning of Soul' swaggers neatly into the beautiful 'Guess God thinks im abel'. Gem Archers catchy A Bell Will Ring not as good as his 'Lyla' b-side 'Eyeball Tickler' but is still welcome. Take Your pick from Noel Gallaghers modest but still brilliant contributions my personal favourite is the Kinks inspired 'The Importance of Being Idle'
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on 16 June 2005
Excellant offering, my favourite song is the importance of being idle can guarantee this will be the next single. The album is really good , obviously its never gonna be wtsmg but its still bloody awesome go buy it!!
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