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4.5 out of 5 stars45
4.5 out of 5 stars
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 25 July 2005
I don't give a lot of 5-star reviews, but this gets one. Starting from the 1980's reruns on PBS in the U.S., I've watched Doctor Who for a long time - but we haven't HAD any Doctor to watch for an equally long time! This series more than makes up for it.
After watching the first six episodes, I can honestly say that Christopher Eccleston is the best Doctor yet. When we first see him in "Rose", he's apparently just recently regenerated - he makes reference to his face being "not a bad job - except for those ears!" - and shows the same post-regeneration instability and confusion we've come to expect from our Doctors. Which, if you think about it, is similar to the disorientation you'll experience when you see things like the Internet and cell phones in the world of Doctor Who.
Eccleston combines sharp wit with similarly sharp dramatic flair, yet often he shows the same wide-eyed amazement that Tom Baker exhibited.
Billie Piper's Rose is, so far, the typical Doctor companion - easy on the eyes and often getting into scrapes that the Doctor has to pull her out of. But in "Rose", she also saves the Doctor's life - something you couldn't say about most of the prior companions. Some have complained that Piper is a one-dimensional actress, but as the show has developed, she has exhibited a considerable range of skill. So, don't write her off as another screaming, useless companion.
So far, the series has everything - honesty to the original concept, humour, wit, and action. Wit? Yes. Lots of it. The shows are sprinkled with clever jokes (and a repeated meme) which will make you chuckle and sometimes even laugh out loud. You'll also understand why the Doctor has a northern accent...
Oh, yes, and I should mention the special effects. While I will always have a special place in my heart for the foam boulders and rubber monsters of the original series, it's nice to see this show with the effects and graphics it always deserved. Hopefully, they will at some point film some of the scripts Douglas Adams wrote which were never shot because they called for effects far beyond what the BBC (or any network) of the 1980s could produce.
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 14 June 2005
I'm old enough to have watched the very first Dr.Who and to have largely abandoned it after Tom Baker left. The hype generated by the new series meant I switched on to see how a 21st century version might play. I was enthralled.
The DVD enhances the television experience. The first episode, with its animated shop dummies, was hardly a leap into originality - it fact, it echoes a previous Doctor's experience. But it combined the familiar and the unfamiliar new faces, establishing a new cast of characters and situation for wholly new viewers, the old guard, and the curious (and I'm not sure where I fit in there). It also translated the Doctor to a world of much newer technology than the older series ever dreamed of - computers, Internet, mobile phones, etc.
Christopher Eccleston is excellent. He stamped his authority and personality from the very first - a lesser actor would have been more hesitant, less original, might have ended up as a pastiche of earlier Doctors. Eccelston plays the part assertively. He steals the show.
Billie Piper? I'm still not convinced. I couldn't believe she'd been given the part, and I don't think she has particularly stamped her personality on the screen. She's a bit too big mouthed and cor blimey to convince.
The stories, however, have been growing in sophistication. They blend some serious science fiction with intelligent drama and a leitmotif of humour. While each of the first three episodes is complete in its own right, they take on a sequential flow, building into integral parts of the whole series. The first three episodes are stand alone stories, but two-parters will follow ... and there will be themes which dog, or wolf, the rest of the series.
The DVD translation is excellent - good visual and sound quality aside, having the first three episodes playing reel-to-reel emphasises the sense of continuity in the series. Watching a fresh episode each week has its quota of excitement and anticipation, but then being able to play the episodes serially enhances your experience and enjoyment and gives the whole series a dynamic, enduring flow.
An excellent start to the series, well performed, well scripted, well directed, well shot, Doctor Who has proved itself capable of capturing the imagination of both audience and the acting fraternity - there are some seriously good actors appearing in the series, not least Simon Callow performing as Dickens in episode three. It's just a shame that Eccleston has opted not to return. Quality television and a DVD to treasure.
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on 8 November 2012
The DVD took forever to arrive, at least 2 and a half weeks which was a great inconvenience. I am a huge fan of doctor who but these episodes didn't quite hit the spot. Christopher Eckleston is a great doctor but i think that episodes later in the series were much better.
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34 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on 11 April 2005
As this version is extras free this review refers to the televised versions of the episodes featured.
If you're reading this in the uk, then you already know what's in store here.
Forget the impressive special effects (doubtless they'll date soon enough anyway as these things are wont to) and concentrate instead on what always made the series what it was when it was firing on all cylinders: good interaction between charismatic leads and good, entertaining writing.
It's funny and - most surprisingly - quite emotional in places, without being sentimental. Episode one introduces the characters and the concept, episode two takes them into the future (to witness the end of the world) episode three into the past for a Dickensian ghost story told at a modern pace.
It stands up well to repeated viewing too.
Good clean impressive fun, though be warned that there's three more discs issued to complete the season or a box-set (with extras) due in the autumn.
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55 of 77 people found the following review helpful
This rush released DVD has the first three episodes of the new Dr Who and jolly good fun they are too. Episode one written by the omnipresent Russell T Davies is a ripp off of an old episode called "Spearhead from Space" and features the Autons, aliens who can control plastic and render it a living entity. So we get the glorious sight of shop dummies jerking to life and running riot down Cardiff high street. The second episode is set at the end of the world where the privileged few including the last human alive have the best seats in the Galaxy with which to view this momentous event and is basically a murder mystery.The third episode reverts to Victorian Cardiff and is written by Mark Gattis of "The League Of Gentlemen" and is suitably darker of tone with gaseous aliens animating the dead.
The scripts are tremendous with some sparky one liners and as every story is a contained episode in itself of 45 minutes they move at a fair lick but still allow for moments of quiet introspection where the characters reveal more of them selves. The excellent Christopher Eccleston is surprisingly light of touch in his portrayal of The Doctor, dispensing witticisms with acute timing and after an overly eccentric start adding a welcome touch of steel to the role. Witness his almost callous dispensation of Justice in Episode two. Billie Piper will never be a fantastic actress but has easily enough natural charm as his assistant Rose and their relationship has a welcome erotic fission and it is hinted that The Doctor is a man not entirely at ease with his own company.
The special effects are nothing err....special but are certainly passable though the set design is often at odds with the period that they are supposed to represent. Five million years in the future and the place still looks like an Eighties telephone exchange?
Shame on the B.B.C. for not tying Eccleston to a longer deal but they were obviously nervous about the series reception and audience figures and only commissioned this one series, only deciding on a second when this one was such a success. Fools. As long as they gave the production values and the character a contemporary twist (No more silly garish costumes and idiosyncratic quirks for the Doctor) it was bound to be a success. Imaginative intelligent entertainment never went out of fashion; we just forgot how to do it well.
Personally I'm going to wait for the extras packed Box Set which I believe is scheduled for November but for those that can,t wait that long this is ideal.
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on 4 December 2012
I only bought this dvd because the box set that we have had for some time, has worn out as it has been seen so many times. I guess that makes dr who brilliant.
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on 2 January 2014
The other copy of this that I own did not have the last episode on so I was really pleased when this one was delivered as it completed my set
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on 29 December 2012
I love the old episodes and these are some of my favs, the postage was a bit slow, but that was to be expected - it was Christmas
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on 31 January 2014
Great price! Bought for the nephew who loves Dr who. Was a little stocking filler! Old series but that's Ok
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6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 2 September 2005
I live in America, and have been waiting for Dr. Who to show up on BBC America. It hasn't so far, but I have a laptop computer that will play Region 2 DVD's. I bought the New Doctor Who season disks, and I love them. The stories are great, and Christoper Eccleston is great as the Doctor. It's a shame that he's only on for one season. Hopefully BBC America will pick up the show, and all of America will be able to enjoy the season
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