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3.6 out of 5 stars19
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2005
William Regal and Eugene vs Christian and Tyson Tomko: A card filler really but still a good match to warm up the audience. Christian should stick to singles action from now on. 6/10
Lita vs Trish Stratus WWE Womens Championship: If Lita didn't injure herself it could have been a better match. Trish is probably better at wrestling. 5/10
Shelton Benjamin vs Maven Intercontinental Championship: What happenned here? Maven complains that he never gets a title shot then he loses, TWICE! Shelton Benjamin's definitely gonna be awesome in the next few years. 4/10
Gene Snitsky vs Kane: WWE gave us a crap match between these two at Taboo Tuesday so they owed us a thriller! And we got one. Gene Snitsky gave it everything he's got but Kane's experience was separated these two evenly matched super-stars. And what was with Snitsky biting Kane's ear, is there gonna be cannibalism in the future of the WWE? I hope not. 10/10
Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Batista vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho vs Edge (Shawn Michaels special guest referee) Elimination Chamber World Heavyweight Championship: This was WWE at it's best, ELIMINATION CHAMBER! First edge spears HBK and gets sweet chin musiced and lion saulted, he's out. Then after some amazing moves and fights (including Benoits diving headbutt off the top of the cnamber and the double submission crippler crossface and walls of Jericho both on Triple H)then in comes a fresh Batista who dominated. A few powerbombs later Jericho and Benoit are gone and we're down to three. Randy Orton got rid of Batista with a low blow and an RKO but then lost out in the final two thanks to a Batista clothesline and a Triple H pedigree. Suprise suprise, Triple H has won it again thanks to Evolution! This was the birth of a whole new Batista who can't be stopped by anyone, him or Orton should have won. 10/10
Who cares about the other matches when you've got an Elimination chamber! That's what got this payperview 5 stars, Ekimination Chamber should definitely be around more often! This is a must buy for any major WWE fan!
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on 28 June 2011
Taking advantage of the recent, seemingly random, price cuts in WWE PPV's I picked this up for about £3.99 and wish I had'nt. It is the first PPV in my wrestling collection which truly stands out as unworthy of re-watching.

The matches themselves, excluding the main event, do not stand out as being particularly special and this is worsened by poor booking and simple misfortune: the event features two matches cut short due to injury.

Here is the match card [dont worry, I hate those who post results too, I will just be commenting on quality]

1. William Regal and Eugene vs Christian and Tyson Tomko

This is the type of match you would see on RAW. Solid performers all round doesn't save the match from being slow paced and generally dull. It is further hampered by a very weak ending: the result of a legit injury. 4/10

2. Lita vs Trish Stratus WWE Womens Championship

Barely a match. Lasts five minutes maximum. Again, halted swiftly due to an injury after a 'nothing' contest that couldn't even get going. 0/10

Shelton Benjamin vs Maven Intercontinental Championship

By this point, the crowd is understandably quite dead. However, WWE Creative steps in to ensure that gets worse. This, again, is not a match. Two moves and two pinfalls and about 10 solid minutes of promo from Maven will further send you to sleep. 0/10

Jerry Lawler Vs. Muhammad Hassan

Utterly awful. All criticism of Hassan's gimmick aside, this match is painful to watch. Prepare to witness umpteen different ways in which Hassan can scoop slam a commentator. This is a lousy effort from WWE, its a turgid, boring bout that doesn't end soon enough. You will also have to sit through it in utter silence as J.R is at ringside. As someone once said, 'try watching pro-wrestling with the sound cant'. 0/10

Gene Snitsky vs Kane

It takes this long into the card for us to be given our first real, uninterrupted match. feels like RAW level filler. Coupled with another awful story for Kane, once you are treated to the cringe inducing recap of the 'plot' you will be treated to a typical big man match. It certainly is not awful...but it is certainly nothing special. 4/10

Elimination Chamber Match:
Triple H v Randy Orton v Batista v Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit v Edge

Match of the night...which on this PPV means nothing but this bout sticks out like a sore thumb. All of RAW's main event talent is here [and missing from the rest of the awful card] and we are treated to an excellent Elimination Chamber, full of all the spots, fury and finishers you would expect. 8/10

I would also like to make special mention of two things: the girls & and commentary. We all accept that J.R is quite possibly the greatest commentator ever and made the Attitude era very memorable. His commentary here, throughout the entire show, is bafflingly bad. Competitors are called incorrect names, moves are called wrong and all on a frequent basis. I can only guess Vince was too busy screaming in his ear for him to be able to concentrate on the horrid show he was tasked with calling. Either way, it drags the show down even further.

The show has its share of pointless backstage bits etc however it also has the usual hot girls wearing not very much and as much as I usually hate this pointlessness...for once its actually quite fun. Christy Hemme get suntan lotion applied...I enjoyed looking at her tush and then there is a jiggly, fun 'chicken' fight in the pool and it is all mercifully short.

Dont buy this PPV. Buy 'The Great American Bash 2006' instead as it is a FANTASTIC PPV from WWE. This, however, is awful. Worth a purchase only for the main event and Christy Hemme's bum.
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on 16 December 2005
The set out was good, with a couple of palm tree's and the San Juan crowd was better than most American crowds of 2004, behind the matches from start to finish.
1. World Tag Titles
Eugene & William Regal Vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
Good opener, it always is if Christian's involved, Eugene legitamitly dislocated his knee cap after a drop kick. 6/10
2. Intercontinental Title
Shelton Benjamin Vs. Maven
Maven was injured for this match so he did alot of talking and Shelton finished him quickly with a t-bone suplex twice! 3/10
3. Jerry Lawler Vs. Muhammad Hassan
Lawler still proved he is one of the best in this match with his legendary wrestling abilities, Hassan also made this a very good match. 7/10
4. Gene Snitsky Vs. Kane
Not a bad match to say both men are 300 pounds or above.
5. World Hevayweight Title
Elimination Chamber Match (special guest referee - Shawn Michaels)
Batista Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Edge Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Triple H
Good match, best of the night, Triple H still showing he's the best in the business at the moment.
This was a very good pay-per view to start 2005 and better than any 2004 Raw event.
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on 16 December 2013
New Year's Revolution 2005 was a Raw only Pay per view from January 2005. WWE was short on talent at the time and this is made all the more noticeable by the fact that most of Raw's top wrestlers are in the main event. This results in an under card that features some poor wrestlers and some that WWE obviously has no faith in.

Tag team titles: William Regal and Eugene vs Christian and Tyson Tomko 4/10
Christian was wasted in this match, he was one of the finest wrestlers on Raw at the time and could have had a quality singles match which would have improved the under card, but instead he was lumbered in an instantly forgettable tag team match against comedy character Eugene. To make matters even worse Eugene suffered a serious knee injury and so the match had to go to a weak improvised finish.

Women's title: Lita vs Trish Stratus 1/10
Second match, second serious knee injury. This match had to be cut short when Lita suffered a torn ACL when she landed badly when executing a Thesz press off the apron shortly after the match began.

Intercontinental title: Shelton Benjamin 0/10
The only good thing about this match was that no one was injured in it, but then again it would have been virtually impossible for either man to be injured because this match was almost entirely devoid of action. Instead it consisted of Maven cutting a promo then running into the ring and immediately being pinned by Benjamin with a roll up. Maven then challenged Benjamin to a rematch but was again humiliated and pinned by Benjamin after a T-bone suplex. Why did WWE book Maven on the pay per view if it wouldn't let him wrestle? Benjamin and Christian could have had a great match like they did at Survivor Series 2004.

Jerry Lawler vs Muhammad Hassan 2/10
This match was really dull. It doesn't help that Hassan is one of the worst wrestling characters ever. The match is made to seem even worse by the fact that JR is stationed at ringside, meaning that there is no commentary.

Kane vs Snitsky 2/10
This match was awful. When will WWE realise that pitting two large, lumbering, unathletic wrestlers together never results in a good match. Still at least they both escaped injury.

World title Elimination Chamber match: Triple H vs Randy Orton vs Batista vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit (Special referee Shawn Michaels) 10/10
This match was outstanding, in my view the finest chamber match ever. The booking and the execution were both fabulous since several different feuds were advanced (Triple H vs Randy Orton, Edge vs Shawn Michaels) and WWE expertly built up to the Batista babyface turn. It was a fine effort from all six men (seven if we include Michaels), credit has to go to Batista who played the unstoppable monster role well. However one has to question why Triple H was stripped of the World title in December 2004 if he was only going to regain it a few weeks later. Nevertheless this is still a thrilling main event to a lacklustre show.

While the chamber match is glorious, it's the only good match on the card; the under card is dire. One great match does not make a good show. Approach with caution.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2010
Here we have the first WWE show of 2005, New Year's Revolution. At first glance, the card looks bland, aside from the main event; this perception is largely right, but this is still a PPV worth buying. There is a great crowd, decent announcing (mostly) and a smashing main event that all help this event.

World Tag Team Title Match
William Regal and Eugene vs Christian and Tyson Tomko 6/10
Regal and Christian are great wrestlers, and Tomko isn't bad either. As for Eugene, he's a great seller, but probably the less said the better. The match begins well, with the crowd firmly against Christian and Tomko and some good moments. The pacing is as usual for WWE and any fan should enjoy the majority of the match. Eugene, however, dislocates his kneecap in the middle of the match, causing the match to end abruptly with an extremely weak (but understandably so) finish.

Women's Title Match
Lita vs Trish Stratus 4/10
Two of the best in the women's division square off in what on paper should be a brilliant match. As it turns out, not so much. It begins usually, but not very long into the match Lita injures her leg also. To their credit, they do slug it out for a few more minutes, but it is hardly hard hitting action. The finish is believable though.

Intercontinental Title Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Maven 3/10
Okay, so this isn't really a match. Maven comes out and cuts a promo ringside that pumps the fans and does a fairly good job of gaining some quick heat. The match then ends in all of thirty seconds. Another match begins, which ends with one move, albeit a great T-bone suplex. Not a match, but Maven's promo is OK and I'm a sucker for the T-bone. WWE are wasting Shelton though, which is a great shame.

Jerry Lawler vs Muhammed Hassan 4/10
We all love King, but he's past it now. The crowd are into it, but the moveset is so limited, the finish poorly executed and the lack of an announce team only detracts from the spectacle. In face, the most entertaining portion of the match is the dialogue between JR and Daivari at ringside.

Kane vs Gene Snitsky 6/10
Standard monster heel/monster face fare, but with a good story behind it. Kane hasn't been that good since he lost his mask, and I just plain don't like powerhouse vs powerhouse matches (with an exception). Good enough for a powerhouse match (why does Vince think that this is what we want?) and worth a watch (just).

World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Batista vs Triple H 8/10
It's not a classic, but it's quite close. The Elimination chamber, at this time, was a real rarity in the WWE, which only adds to the spectacle. So many story arcs come crashing into this one (Evolution vs Orton, HHH vs HBK etc.) that there is certainly no lack of intensity. A great story and good action create a match that really saves this PPV from tedium. A decent ending, if giving a slightly predictable winner, really marks this out from the rest of the PPV.

In concluding, here we have a very solid PPV, only due to its main event. We have a great crowd and the announcing is good, but some unfortunate injuries and badly booked matches (give Shelton a break!) really harm this PPV. If I could, it would be 3.5 stars, but this certainly isn't a 4 star event.
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on 14 April 2008
With the exception of the main event this event is rotten,i can be no clearer on that,this is a shoddy,lazy event with some of the worst tripe i have ever been served,i am hurt in truth,some like this event and even some like this as a whole but while i am only one opinion ,i feel mine is the right one,sorry if i sound elite there hey.
The event opens with a match so bad i feel ill,granted eugene suffered a real injury here so i guess that made me smile at least,i know thats harsh but his character was no different than luke or butch,the bushwackers and that makes wrestling fans like myself look like melons to the outside world,anyway,the opening match featured eugene and will regal,i never liked him as a face,going up against christian and tyson for the tag team championship,this match was poor with eugene hamming it up and regal allowing him to steal the limelight against two men who could have killed eugene had they been afforded such a luxury,not good enough in terms of an opener.
Another real injury followed in the next match,which again was dull when the womans champ lita went up against trish,this time lita hurt herself when she botched a move and thats about the most memorable thing in a match that didnt raise the pulses in any manner.
Next up was the intercontiental match,when pat patterson first won this belt in the late 70s,(i think),he certainly couldnt have imagined that a match this crap would be contested over this belt,in fact it wasnt a match at all,maven,the challenger,thank you wwe for releasing this wannabe,against shelton benjamin in a match that was really about trying to turn maven into a heel that we all hate but secretly love,it didnt work,for what seemed like an eternity maven shouted obscenties at the audience and benjamin pinned him twice in a matter of a second,a farce and i never want to watch this time waster again.
Next up was a match with no commentary,when you consider that jerry the king in his autobiography stated that try and watch a match with the sound down and you cant,then why did he expect us to watch him fight in a match that had none and this lasted over ten minutes to boot,the match we got here featured jerry lawler going up against muhammad hassan,this was terrible as well,jim ross on the outside cheering on lawler and all the while no commentary,but the match was tired as well,so drawn out that it felt like i was decomposing in my seat,terrible.
Next up was a match featuring kane and snitsky,this feud was a dull one and this match proved that,in taboo tuesday 2004 they had a lame match and this was just as bad,i didnt see the point in this match,the winner deserved it though.
Next up was the saviour match of the night,without this i would feel cheated,i would feel that i was ripped off as i bought this dvd,i would go to my lawyer and seek legal advice,this match was the elimination chamber,i like those,six men,an unforgiving cell that demands blood,and a title up for grabs,no one owned the title going into this,one man did when it was said and done,the men involved included randy orton,triple h,chris benoit,chris jericho,batista and edge with shawn michaels as guest ref,this match dazzled and there was blood and no cheap pins,i was very content with this match,a 35 minute or so epic that had me glued to the screen,i was transfixed,this was glorious in fact,so one match worth a pinch of slat then on a card so bad that a sick bag should be attached,is that value for money,no,not at all but you must see the main event,how will i rate this,ok,two stars ,maybe thats generous,my pal king jackie rates this highly enough and his opinion on these matters counts but today our opinion shall differ,who will you believe ?
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on 30 September 2010
To just viewing this PPV for a second time, I have to say that reliving the elimination chamber main event, put a smile onto my face.

The elimination chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship was awesome, nearly every single superstar tasted and felt the brutality of the chamber, especially Triple H and Chris Jericho. I can remember rooting for Randy Orton to win, but at the time Batista was still part of Evolution, who helped Triple H on becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. This elimination chamber match has to be my second favourite with the original elimination chamber match as my number one favourite.

I'm giving the main event a ***** rating, but the start and mid card matches weren't brilliant, especially Shelton Benjamin vs Maven and Lita vs Trish Stratus.

Again this PPV is worth it for the awesome and incredible elimination chamber main event for the World Heavyweight Championship.
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on 2 November 2007
world tag team titles match william regal and eugene vs christion and tyson tomko
6/10 ok some good moves

intercontinental title match shelton vs maven
2/10 pointless

muhammed hassan vs jerry lawler
7/10 good but a bit slow

womens title match trish vs lita
5/10 good for womens title match

kane vs snitsky
8/10 a good fast match

elimination chamber for world title triple h vs batista vs orton vs edge vs beniot vs jericho
10/10 great match

overall it was a great ppv
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on 13 March 2008
World Tag Team Title Match
William Regal and Eugene vs Christian and Tyson Tomko 7/10

Women's Title Match
Lita vs Trish Stratus 2/10

Intercontinental Title Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Maven 4/10

Jerry Lawler vs Muhammed Hassan 6/10

Kane vs Gene Snitsky 7/10

World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Batista vs Triple H 9/10
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on 26 June 2005
N.Y.R. was the first PPV of 2005 and showed that WWE was going to be a Hell of a lot better than those of 2004 (ie. Unforgiven and No Mercy).
World Tag Team Championship Match
William Regal & Eugene vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
A good match that got the PPV off to a good start. Some good technical and power moves, though Eugene was injured during the match and this would put him out of the WWE for a few months. Christian is so much better on his own and hope he wins the WWE championship tonight at Veneance! William Regal was being dominated by Christian and Tomko, then Eugene knocks Tomko over the ropes and rolls Captain Charisma up for the 3 count.
Winners: William Regal & Eugene
Women's Championship Match
Lita vs. Trish Stratus
Far better than their Survivor Series match which was horrible, however Trish damaged Lita's leg and landed the Chick Kick to once again become the Women's champion.
Winner: Trish Stratus
Intercontinental Championship Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven
This can't really be described as wrestling because Benjamin won after about 5 seconds. Maven complained after losing and demanded a rematch; Benjamin ran back in, dodged Maven's shot and landed a T-Bone suplex to secure a second win. The second match lasted about 3 seconds. What is it with Benjamin? Orton killed off Foley, Slaughter and Michaels before losing his I.C. title to Edge, holding the belt for 7 months (at the time the longest reign in 7 years), then Benjamin became champion and beat that record! What?
Winner: Shelton Benjamin
Muhammad Hassan vs. Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Not as bad as some people have made out (although 'The King' seems to have lost all of his wrestling skills). JR had a small argument with Hassan but refused to DQ 'King' by getting involved. Hassan planted his Complete Shot to get the win.
Winner: Muhammad Hassan
Grudge Match
Snitsky vs. Kane
Compared to Taboo Tuesday this match was great. Kane was out of wrestling from October to January staring in 'Goodnight', but he made a good comeback and fought a relatively clean match for a heel superstar (the crowd actually chanted for Kane). Kane delivered the Tombstone to Snitsky to secure one of only 2 PPV wins from 2004/2005 (Defeating Matt Hardy at SummerSlam 2004).
Winner: Kane
Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Triple H vs. Benoit vs. Batista vs. Orton vs. Jericho
Special Referee: Shawn Michaels
Easily the best Chamber match of the 3, with the World title vacant meaning there had to be a new champion that night. But with Triple H losing his 9th World title reign, you could have guessed who would walk out champion.
Edge accidentally Spears the amazing HBK and recieves a Sweet Chin Music followed by a Jericho Lionsault for his troubles.
Chris Benoit, perhaps the greatest technical wrestler alive gave it everything he had, even performing a suicidal Diving Headbutt off of the Chamber.
Y2J fought well, perhaps not as good as in the 1st Chamber back at Survivor Series 2002, and went down at the wrath of 'The Animal'.
R.K.O. showed he has remained just as good inside his second Chamber match, though now considerably more popular, and should have been the man to win this match and pick up his second title reign.
Triple H gave everyone Hell, until Orton came in, and showed how he could always manipulate people (Batista, Eugene). However, Evolution was on the edge of collapsing and Batista had realized that Triple H was so obsessed with the title that 'The Animal' could never win it without 'betraying' Evolution.
Batista showed everyone how much he has improved, love him or hate him, and why he deserved to win the Royal Rumble, defeat Triple H at WrestleMania 21 and why he should end 'The Game's' incredible score of wins inside Hell-In-A-Cell tonight at Vengeance! He was the only man in the match who eliminated 2 people.
Winner: Triple H
This is not the one of the best PPVs overall, but in terms of the main event it could easily be one of the best of 2004/2005 (SummerSlam 2004 and WrestleMania 21 are perhaps the best).
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