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4.8 out of 5 stars17
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2005
Without doubt the best r'n'b album this year so far.
Magical,dreamy and truely a work of art, by an up and coming artist and a star to watch out for.
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on 15 May 2005
What a beauty! I bought this album solely based on "Slow Down," which is an absolutely top tune but the rest of the album... it does not disappoint!! Valentino has obviously been blessed with beautiful vocals and as a debut album, the boy's done well. "Give Me A Chance" is also a very good listen, as is "My Angel (Never Leave You)" but the album mellows out towards the end and offers some smooth RnB, which is absolutely perfect for ANY RnB lover! I have to say "One Girl To Love" stands out for me, all you men...have a good listen!! This album is a great buy and has to be one of the best I've heard so far this year.
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on 31 July 2005
Bobby Valentino has been heard in the US for ages now. His smash hit single "slow down" reached the No1 spot in the middle of april this year. now, still in the top 20, many many weeks later, the ablum "Disturbing Tha Peace Presents.." is now, finally out in the UK.
1. SOME BOBBY: the intro. gives the feel to the album. "we all need some bobby v". speack volume. 7/10
2. SLOW DOWN: the slow jam, smooth lyriced single that set this star in the spot light. a bit bland for lyrical content and definatly not the best song on the album. if you brought the cd just for this, you're going to be shocked. 7/10
3. GIVE ME A CHANCE FEAT LUDACRIS: the only colabo on the album, and with the ceo of DTP reacords. would be kind of stupid not to have chris on here. keepin it in the record family. got a great beat and brilliant chorus. great verse from luda. love it. 9/10
4. NEVER LONELY: a slow jam. Bobby does these kinda songs the best. has the same sort of beat as give me a chance. good lyrics. good idea. 8/10
5. MISTA VALENTINO (INTETLUDE): alright as an interlude. sets the rest of the album up. doesnt make the best of sense, kind of makes Bobby out to be a pleaser, if you know what i mean. lol 6/10
6. TELL ME: the forthcoming new single. yes, this is the best song on the album, even though it sounds too much like "slow down" with the beat. good idea, but a bit used up by the beat. not exactly orginal. too much about "get that in those jeans" like genuwines "in those jeans". oh well. 9/10
7. MY ANGEL (NEVER LEAVE YOU): this is alright as another slow jam. conintuing love is the subject and Bobby delivers it well. Bravo! 8/10
8. WANT YOU TO KNOW ME: like this tune alot! is about settling down with one girl, from being a player. "want a baby that looks just like you girl" is really sweet. sharing everything someone you love, makes the best of Bobby's vocals. 10/10
9. GANGSTA LOVE: this isnt really a stand out track for me. sounds too much like other songs. like jagged edge "shady girl" and 112 "na na na na". has the same vibe as many other RnB songs before him. nothing new. 6/10
10. COME TOUCH ME: this is another track that is abit "blah blah" but it has a good beat and bass line. i like some of the lyrics, but doesnt really show Bobby to his best. 7/10
11. I'LL FORGIVE YOU (INTERLUDE): sets up the next song. nothing to much to say, just sets the mood for a heart break that gets mended. simple. 7/10
12. I'LL FORGIVE YOU: very slow. good beat. an alright idea for a song, but a bit weak and soppy. shows the other side of any man, that he can get a broken heart. "i'll forgive you, but you really hurt me" REALLY?? lol 7/10
13. LOVE DREAM: now i cant tell if this song is good or not. i like the song, but is that Bobby's very high pitched voice i hear? i dont know. lol 6/10
14. LIGHTS DOWN LOW: i liked this song the best when i first brought this album. not just because i like a slow, "lay you down" kind of jam but just because of the first few lines. "2 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, phone calls, emails and the games". 9/10
15. ONE GIRL TO LOVE: this is my tune! has the best lyrics, has meaning and strength to be a single. i love this. cant get enough of it. 10/10
16.THANK YOU LORD (OUTRO): for an outro, it speaks for itself really. 6/10
17. SLOW DOWN [REMIX] : after the long airplay of "slow down" i was glad that they made a remix. but i was disappointed with this. it sounds too much like the orginal for my taste and i thought it would of promoted more of the DTP artists! well, we cant have everything. 8/10
18. YOU & ME: this as a UK bonus is good. some times, us brits get the worst bonus material, so much that is can ruin the whole album! but this, Bobby V entertains me. i like this. is a good jam to listen to. 9/10
overall, i like the album. i was a bit weary when buying this, but i guess it was worth my hard worked money to buy. lol. if you're looking for another RnB smash album, buy it. if you think that "slow down" was the end of Bobby V, you're very sadly mistaken! with him featuring on Ludacris' "The Red Light District" album track "Pimpin All Over The World", and other colabo's for the next album in the pipe line, be sure he wont be a one hit wonder!
all us brits have to do is wait for AGES for the new single!!
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on 13 May 2005
I love Bobby Valentino's First Track 'Slow Down' So I had to get the Album. This Album is HOT it ranges from Upbeat R&B to Soft Soul. For Bobby's First Album this is a Great way to start out. He is not only fine but has the talent to face up to the like of Usher in due time.
If your a HUGE fan of R&B/Soul then this is an album you can listen to it over and over and when you need to chill by yourself or with your love one this is the album to listen to!
My Ratings
#1 Some Bobby - Intro 3/10
#2 Slow Down - R&B With a mix of harps & Indian Drums 10/10
#3 Give Me A Chance Feat Ludacris - Upbeat R&B, with Indian Drums & Ludacris Raps on the song 10/10
#4 Never Lonely - Reminds Me Of Jodeci V. Soulful 10/10
#5 Mista Valentino (Interlude)- A Bit Corny 0/10
#6 Tell Me - Snappy Drums with Original R&B Feel 10/10
#7 My Angel (Never Leave You) - Soulful Slightly Upbeat R&B - 10/10
#8 Want You To Know Me - A Soft Soulful Song With Meaningful Lyrics 8/10
#9 Gangsta Love - A Jagged Edge Feel Soulful Slightly Upbeat R&B 9/10
#10 Come Touch Me - Most Upbeat Song on the Album but still R&B 10/10
#11 I'll Forgive You (Interlude) - 4/10
#12 I'll Forgive You - Smooth song with mature lyrics 9/10
#13 Love Dream - A Relaxing smooth song with soft snare. Bobby's Voice Sounds slightly different though. 6/10
#14 Lights Down Low - A Sexy, Soft, Smooth Inviting R&B Song with soft harps and snare 10/10
#15 One Girl To Love - A Mature almost Acapella Sweet Song With Meaningful Lyrics 9/10
#16 Thankyou Lord (Outro) - 5/10
#17 Slow Down [Remix][*] - This Song has a Jodeci Feel & even has the Lyrics 'Baby I'm Beggin' Baby I'm Beggin' Beggin Beggin Baby'. However most Remixes are just as good as the Original Version almost more Upbeat whereas this Remix is'nt - The Lyrics & Beat are Weak I much prefer the Original Version!
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VINE VOICEon 6 May 2005
I have to say Bobby Valentino is a refreshing change. Yes its RnB, but it has that sound reminscent of the days of Jodeci, R Kelly and even JE. The single 'Slow Down' is a cool mid tempo groove that is just right for those late nites. The album has to be 1 of this years hottest slow groove CDs. If u r a fan of the JE slow jams, then just think of this guy as a missing member, brilliant! This summer is all about Bobby V!!!
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on 30 April 2005
I heard 'slow down' and i thought this guy has a voice. That tune is worth buying the album by itself! The album is great with a nice mix of real slow jams such as 'one girl to love' and the more club appreciated tracks. Collabarations with ludacris on 'gimme a chance'and production with timbaland on 'tell me' make this album special. This guy will definately be big time, no doubt.
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on 22 June 2005
Bobby "Valentino" Wilson used to be one fourth of the short lived R&B group Mista back in the mid-ninties. But it wasnt until the start of this year really until he got his big break by being signed to Disturbing Tha Peace record label better known as the home of Ludacris & Shawnna. Bobby has impressed me so much he has a great voice and this album is great especially for a debut.
1.Some Bobby - Its ok for a really brief intro 4/10
2.Slow Down - His breakthrough smash hit that did big things for him in the U.S by reachin Gold status just from 1 single is good especially for a new artist.The video was a bit straight forward and boring but this song is amazing i know that sounds a bit corny but its such a pretty lil' song.I love the eastern-type drum backbeat he sounds really good as well 10/10
3.Give Me A Chance (Featuring Ludacris) - Rumoured to be the next single alot of people are feelin' this i love the beat the pan pipe sorta beat is cute and really cool Bobby sounds kinda good on this one.The chorus is proberly the strongest past of the song Luda is good on the track as well its a bit different for him as well great track 10/10
4.Never Lonely - I love this song alot is such a sweet mid-tempo song about his singin to a girl about he'll make sure shes never gonna be lonely seems like a Jagged Edge song though but its not exactly a bad thing is it 10/10
5.Mista Valentino (Interlude) - I find this discustin' 0/10
6.Tell Me - My favourite song on the entire album the violins are so damn heavy!!! Tim & Bob are excellent producers the lyrics are really good as well i hope its gonna be one of the singles.The chorus is a bit silly but the beat makes it so strong and he sounds'll always need a bit of a sexy club song 10/10
7.My Angel (Never Leave You) - A Donell Jones sounding song the lyrics are a bit extreme when he says he'll die for his girl but i get over that lyric love the beatas well 8/10
8.Want You To Know Me - He even sounds like the Casey twins from JE on dis tune and it sounds like a tune they would do as well i love one of my favourite tracks cute and deep on a level 10/10
9.Gansta Love - The beat sorta sounds like Truth Hurts song "The Truth". But this song is just so...well predictable its the usually materialistic stuff your used to listenin' to he does sound good but thebeat sorta saves it 7/10
10.The worse song on the album cant stand it he shud stick 2 slower songs 2/10
11.I'll Forgive You (Interlude) - Nice laid back 'lude that goes well for leadin' up to another fav of mine 7/10
12.I'll Forgive You - A beautiful ballad a lil bit of a heartbreakin' song as you can gather he gurl broke his heart hes taken her back but still a bit cautious around her as far as his feelin's r concerned great track 10/10
13.Love Dream - The beat is melodic and dreamy vocals are a bit squeeky not a favourite of mine but its nice its listenable 5/10
14.Lights Down Low - So damn sexy i really like this a real baby maker or if your a bit 2 young for that jus plain good ol' fashion love the beat is pretty love the harp sorta beat 10/10
15.One Girl To Love - Not a favourite kinda poor production 3/10
16.Thank Your Lord (Outro) - Aww his lil' ode to the most high just thanking him for his blessin career so far its sweet 9/10
17.Slow Down (Slowed Down Remix) - As Jodeci are one of his inspirations he samples one of their best tracks "Cry For You" which was such a sweet song.Even though this is and excellent remix and kinda different 'coz remixes are usually faster updates of the original. But the original of this is better 10/10
Top 5
1.Tell Me
2.Slow Down
3.Want You To Know Me
4.I'll Forgive You
5.Lights Down Low/Slow Down (Remix)
A refreshing new artist who is definately worth the hype around him support yo' boi lol
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on 13 March 2008
How Bobby V managed to escape my attention I will never know. Having left the clubbing scene many years ago not many tunes catch my attention but I do vaguely recall Slow Down from about 3/4 years ago, and like the 1st review says if you're buying this album for that tune - you're gonna be shocked. Theres not one tune I don't like on this album.. NOT ONE! I do remember thinking that Bobby V sounds similar to many other artist - but I happen to rate all them other artists too.

Best RnB album I've heard in a long time, off to buy his new one now.
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on 4 October 2006
This is a great album, full of good tracks, with some memorable tunes that stand out, however the album would have benefited with being a little more mature. The album is well produced, but after listening to it a few times you become used to it and therefore a little bored, whereas you would rather hear Donnel Jones's album that extra time say..i would reccomend it but its not anything legendary. Bobby should look at some of the general album tracks in future and step them up a notch or two, then the album as a package will become much better.
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on 18 September 2012
its very seductive album. I think this is one of best albums where he showed he was a true r&b artist.I hope in the future he can produce a very good album like this.
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