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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2005
As a long-term fan of one of the greatest recording artists of all time, I am very enthusiastic about the release of this album. The general quota is that people are expecting this album to imitate the strength of 'Butterfly' (1997), the album that most Mariah fans would agree to be her last great album. That was 8 years ago and so it is high time to repeat that success. However I believe it is unfair that Mariah Carey after 'Rainbow' (1999) has been blasted for loosing her 'shine' as an outstanding artist. I am tired of people summarising her as a 'has been'. People need to understand that it is nothing more than 'music industry propaganda' that has spoiled her chart success along with her credibility as the greatest talent in the music world. When Mariah Carey released 'Glitter' (2001) with Virgin, it flopped not because it was a bad album, but because of bad promotional and marketing mistakes surrounding the release of the movie in conjunction with the album. In addition to this, the bad press she received as a result of the huge deal with Virgin and the critics' scorn of Mariah's acting abilities certainly didn't help. Contrary to popular and established beliefs due to the critics, 'Glitter' was actually a fantastic album, dare I say slightly stronger than 'Rainbow'.
After Glitter's unexpected flop came Mariah Carey's much publicised breakdown. This again caused a field day with the many critics who love to hate her. Instead of wishing her well and congratulating her on her recovery after the ordeal, they decided that they would contribute to the failure of her next album 'Charmbracelet' (2002). It was by no means her strongest album, but it was good enough. 'Charmbracelet' contains some excellent R&B tracks.
This brings me to express my glee that 'The emancipation of Mimi' is free from external controversy and that Mariah Carey has been left to do what she truly does make excellent music. The debut single 'It's like that', a collaboration with one of her faithful producers Jermaine Dupree is an excellent song! Those perfect silky smooth vocals and that inspirational modern sound should ensure that once again Mariah Carey is at the top of her game and that it is she who will continue to lead the way. Other songs from the 'emancipation of Mimi' that I have heard are 'Tonight' featuring Nelly and 'Say Something' featuring Snoop Dogg, both co-produced by Mariah and the Neptunes. They are also two of the freshest sounds I have heard for a while, and I am just delighted at Mariah's selection of collaborators and producers. I mean Mariah Carey and the Neptunes - that voice and those beats! You cannot get much better than that! The executive producer is said to be LA Reid, which for me is a remarkable 'seal of quality'. Other producers rumoured to be collaborating with her include Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis along with Damizza who have been producing successfully for her since 'Rainbow', and Swiss Beats. A new venture for her will be the work produced by man of the moment Kanye West. Again I am expecting this to be a brilliant combination.
I am so happy that the focus of Mariah Carey stands primarily on her music, and so subsequently she should receive the success she thoroughly deserves. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE WHOLE ALBUM!
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on 24 April 2005
This album signals a return to Mariah's winning style. For the younger, less discerning of her fans..treats like the current radio-friendly "It's Like That" and Neptunes-blessed follow-ups like "Say Something" are there to satisfy. However the true jewels are tracks like the love-lorn "Mine Again" and idealistic "Fly Like A Bird." Her emotive voice evokes a feeling of sweet melancholy, the type of feeling when you're sad and wallowing in it. "Joyride", "I Wish You Knew" and "Circles" also resonate on the heart and serve as an excellent vocal playground for Mariah's inimitable voice.
Note to detractors: When purchasing a Mariah Carey album expect the following:
1. A Lesson in Vocal Versatility and Range. - Don't buy it, and then complain that she uses her voice to its optimal potential. Buy a Britney album instead!!
2. She likes Hip Hop Music - Get used to it!! It adds diversity to her album, so don't hate that she hasn't collaborated with Oasis or some other useless UK non-entity.
3. Ballads (Love Songs) - Too soft for you, she's been doing it for years. Don't buy a Rolls Royce and expect a Ford engine!!
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on 20 November 2005
Wow! Another superb album from Mariah Carey.
She has been bringing us chart topping singles for 15 years now, and her talent is as good now as it was in 1990 when she released her first single "Vision of Love."
I can honestly say, this is one of her best albums that she has released so far. Almost every track is a delight to listen to.
It features 3 hit singles "It's Like That" "We Belong Together" and "Get Your Number"
The top ballads in my opinion on this album are "We Belong Together" "Circles" and "Fly Like a Bird"
The top fast tracks are "It's Like That" "Shake it Off" "Get Your Number" "Your Girl" "To the Floor" "Sprung" and "We Belong Together Remix" which makes in total 10 brilliant tracks out of a possible 19, not bad.
This album is a real must have for Mariah fans
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on 2 June 2005
I have to say im not the worlds greatest Mariah Carey fan, but i decided to buy 'The Emancipation of Mimi' album anyway and she has won me over. What an amazing album!! She really does have a fantastic voice. There is nothing negative i can say about it, really is a good album. Good variety of songs which makes it interesting to listen to.
I wasn't really sure whether to get it or not but im so glad i did!!
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on 1 July 2005
I've never bought a Mariah album before, but I loved "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" so much, I had to have it. And I must say that this is the most pleased I have ever been with an album!
Every song is fantastic, if you like the singles you'll love the rest.
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on 11 April 2005
I have to say, before I bought this album I thought I would be disappointed, but I love it! Ma fav tracks all have a star next to them so look out...
1. It's Like That 10/10 *
2. We Belong Together 10/10 *
3. Shake It Off 9/10
4. Mine Again 5/10
5. Say Somethin' (with Snoop Dogg) 8/10
6. Stay The Night 4/10
7. Get Your Number (with Jermaine Dupri) 10/10 *
8. One And Only (with Twista) 5/10
9. Circles 8/10
10. Your Girl 7/10
11. I Wish You Knew 7/10
12. To The Floor (with Nelly) 5/10
13. Joy Ride 10/10 *
14. Fly Like A Bird 5/10
15. Sprung (UK Bonus Track) 5/10
Well, the album was very impressive and I enjoyed listening to it, the best track is Get Your Number (with Jermaine Dupri), I recommend if you liked It's Like That then you will like the rest of the album. Also, the album shows off Mariah's very beautiful voice, Joy Ride is also really nice to listen to if you need to kinda slow down and relax. Buy this album!
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on 23 January 2005
We have been waiting patiently for 2 years, eagerly awaiting the return from one of the best female singers of all time! Finally, after scoring a couple of hits appearing on tracks with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss, multi million selling songstress Mariah Carey returns with perhaps one of 2005's most anticipated releases, 'Emancipation of Mimi'
So far the new millennium hasn't been to good for Mariah. 2001's 'Glitter' the first release by her on Virgin Records was also the sound track to her first outing in a leading role in the film of the same name. Based losly around her own life experiences, the film was panned by critics world-wide and subsequently the album flopped too. Shame because the album contained some of her best vocal performances of her career ('Lead The Way'/'Never Too Far'). Her partnership with Virgin (reported to be the biggest paid contract in history) ended, with Virgin's parent company EMI handing out a very large payout to terminate the contract.
2002, after recovering from a serious breakdown, Mariah returned with 'Charmbraclet' the first record to released on the Island Def Jam label and her own shoot-off label MonarC. The album wasn't quite the comeback everyone was waiting for, although it did contain some excellent tracks like 'Through The Rain'. What I wasn't too keen on was perhaps the general production of the album. Jay-Z' regular producers - Damizza, Just Blaze and "7", were perhaps not the best of producers to chose. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Mariah' regular producer Jermaine Dupri offered the better cuts on the album. Although both couldn't surpass their superior efforts on Mariah's 'Rainbow Album'.
Keeping both 'Butterfly and 'Rainbow' in mind, how will 2005's 'Emancipation of Mimi' fair? From what i've heard so far, it certainly sounds promissing. 'It's Like That' feat. small cameo's from JD & Fat Man Scoop is an up-tempo R&B/HIP-HOP/POP crossover containing 80's beats. Mariah's vocals sound sharper than anything she's done this century, and it's catchy too. Production wise, it's better than anything on 'Glitter' and 'Charmbraclet'.
'Tonight', a collaboration with Nelly, is an excellent long awaited production between Mazza and the Neptunes. It may not be to all tastes as Mariah performs the song using her silky smooth vocals. However, what many don't understand is that an artist doesn't have to sing a song belting it in their full vocal range to make it sound good. Mariah's 'whispery' vocals have evolved somewhat since the last album, and Nelly' contribution is a plus. It's 'HOT'!
The second Neptunes produced track is 'Say Someything' feat. a rap from Snoop Dogg. Out of the three tracks that were leaked to the internet, this is the one I haven't heard much of - and when I did get the chance to hear it, it was on a poor quality digital radio station. However, it didn't sound at all bad to me, but it didn't instintly grab me like the other two did on first play. It'll be a grower. Originally it was to be the first release from 'Emancipation of Mimi', however I think it was a good decision to scrap it in favour of 'ILT'. To me it doesn't have first release material stamped over it. Perhaps second or third release would do it and the album justice.
As of yet, there is no official track listings for the album, although rumoured titles of tracks include 'Stay The Night', 'Yur Girl' and 'Mine Again', amoungst others, and according to Mariah, is likley to be about 15-16 tracks long.
So far, just from these three tracks alone, it appears Mariah is definately returning more so towards R&B than Hip Hop, and the quality and production is probably likely to be similar to that of 'Butterfly' and 'Rainbow', or hopefully even better. I will post again once the album finally arrives, hopefully with a bag full of positive comments.
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on 27 March 2005
after finally hering the full album, i must say its quite impressive, however it has nothing on the masterpieice's that were Daydream and Butterfly etc.
that's the reason why it gets 4 stars, because i only give albums 5 stars if they are masterpeice's.
anyway ill review each song indivually, out of 5.
1. Mine Again- 5/5 this is deffinetly one of the albums highlights, the song that is predicted a grammy, the song features mariah's full voice, her whistle note register in what she's most famous for, its very 70's soul, and laid back, and is by far her best vocal performance in years.
2. Its Like That- 4.5/5 her amazing comeback single. TGhe soing that earned her a top 20 hit (16) US, the song has become a massive hit on rasdio, it became her biggest radio hit since my all, in 97.
3. We Belong Together- 5/5 *STANDOUT TRACK* 2nd single to be released, this song truly is amazing, it sounds like old school, mariah, and is very addictive, the harmonies are great, and its a really good song that should become a massive hit.
4. Say Something feat Snoop- 4/5 i really like this song, it has a 70's kind of feel again, and reminds me of Let's Get Blown, Snoop sounds really good on this, and it has a very laid back feel.
5. To The Floor 0/5 this song is terrible, its all over the place, rappers everywhere, and it doesn't blend, the only fl;aw on the album.
6. Joyride 6/5 *STANDOUTTRACK* this is by far the best song on the album, i can't explain how amaizing it is, the voice, everything, its just like a old school ballad, like We Belong Together, htis is the best song on the album.
7. Can I Get Your Number 2/5 this song is just ok, it sounds too poppy, and the lyric s are childish for what she can write.
8. Circles 4/5 best written song on the album, again really 70's which is whather aim was for this album, really good song.
9. Stay The Night- 4/5 the song that everyone keeps hyping up, produced by Kanye, everyoner thinks this is the best song on the album, its good but not a hughlight.
10. One And Only- 5/5 this song is really good and features Twista, its really cool.
11. Fly Like A Bird- 4.5/5 at first i didn't like this song, but its grown on me, very gospel, with a choir and listen to those notes at the end, however it doesn't compare to the gospel effect, anytime u need a freind had in the 90's.
12. Your Girl- 3/5 this song is ok, the chorus is the best bit.
13. Shake It Off 5/5 *Standout TRACK* these are my confessions j/k but it resemblesd the melody of Usher's Confessions part 2, but its really good and catchy, deffinetly single material.
14. I wish you only new 5/5 brilliant song, its a live track, with a live audience, where she talks through it, sounds very Alicia Keys esque.
i think this album was deffinetly an improvement, and is deffinetly a good album and worth the purchase, this is the only of 2005, its very different and although 90's mariah is gone, this is the best work mariah has done, i hope this is a success for her she deserves it.
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on 14 November 2005
With the added tracks and Videos this is the ultimate MIMI!
Dont Forget About Us 9/10, an updated "We Belong Together"
Makin It Last All Night 9/10 really good song, very catchy.
So Lonely 10/10 this is FAB!! No1 writen all over it.
The only down side is the interview isn't really an interview just some random mariah moments, and it can only be accessed via the internet.
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on 5 April 2005
THE VOICE IS BACK, AND I'M GLAD TO FINALLY HAVE A NEW ALBUM FROM MARIAH! I only just got the album on the 4th April but after listening to it it's denfinately growing on me :)
1. It's Like That - 5/5 (The first single)
2. We Belong Together - 5/5
3. Shake It Off - 5/5 (My Fave right now)
4. Mine Again - 5/5 Great Vocals
5. Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg - 4/5
6. Stay The Night - 3/5
7. Get Your Number featuring Jermaine Dupri - 4/5
8. One And Only featuring Twista - 3/5
9. Circles - 4/5
10. Your Girl - 4/5
11. I Wish You Knew - 4/5
12. To The Floor feauturing Nelly - 5/5
13. Joy Ride - 5/5
14. Fly Like A Bird - 4/5
Unfortunately the limited edition digi pack doesn't include the bonus track Sprung :( Great Album Mariah, Shes back and even better! U Better Know The Voice Iz Back! ;)
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