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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2009
This was Sony's first SKU that launched in the U.K nearly 2 years ago and in my mind is their greatest system. It has everything. Backwards compatibility, memory card slots, 4 USB ports and SACD playback.

It's such a shame that Sony had to discontinue this SKU but if you can pick it up from anyone who dosn't want the 60Gb model I would suggest you take it, as it's well worth every penny you spend.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2007
first off, i dont own a 360 but some of my friends do.

any way.

its a beautiful design, bigger than any other console yes, but looks amazing under your big tv. the card inputs are handy for mobile phone memory, digital cameras etc. the four usb ports get used by me regulary. i hook up my sony HD walkman and hey presto i can play it through my tv/hifi set up with nice visuals and complete control. i can also plug in a mouse/keyboard and surf the web with ease (can use pad if you want)
the XMB sytem looks ace, and the background display changes with the time of day, you can add your own background if you want.
the system is quiet in running., more so than my old "big" ps2 and xbox 360.
come with HDMI output and digital optical as well as the Playstation AV standard hook up for older tv's.
wirelss works well, no problems for me, i would say the internet browser is a tad slow.

games wise its not the best at the moment. people moan, but there is plenty of choice just not compared to the 360 (has had a 2 year headstart) playing online is ace and i'd reccomend warhawk to anyone.
programmers say its hard to program for, thats laziness, they said exactly the same thing about the ps2 in its early days, developing for that console soon became industry standard.

comparing it to the xbox elite you get in my opinion a better deal.
£300 for the elite with 1 game. or £350 for the ps3 with 2 controllers, 2 games and a blu ray film (not amazon i add)
ok so you dont get the 120gb hard drive of the elite (you get 60gb) but you do get a far more reliable machine (xbox has a 30-40% failuire rate, my mate andi has had 3!)

plus you get a blu ray player (the ps3 has one of the best blu ray players - fact) blue ray is currently the winning format due to sony owning columbia pictures etc. true xbox plays HD dvd but you need an add on drive (£100) a la sega mega-cd. no thanks.

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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2008
Having had the first generation PS1, then the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox in the second generation; we now come to the "next" gen. The Playstation 3.

If you ignore all the hype and the recent crying and moaning between the so called "fanboys" about exclusives and what not. You will be able to see what this console actually offers.

Firstly, there is the price. If you live in the UK is quite expensive I will be the first to admit but also remember that the PS2 was not exactly cheap at launch. What you are paying for is very advanced "CELL" technology as well as a good future investment in the form a blue-ray DVD player.

The PS3 offers you the ability to access the PSN or Playstation Network. Which is totally free, you are able to download movie trailers, game videos/trailers, demos and game addons. Unlike microsoft's XBL service you are not constantly charged a monthly fee. Download speed's are fast and you are able to make accounts for different regions which means you can access EU, US and Asian PSN items. PSN allows you to create a friends list, send messages. The PSN along with Sony's coming "HOME" will allow seamless integration of the PSN, Games and video/music on the PS3.

Graphically the Playstation 3 so far has matches the Xbox 360 if not surpasses this on some games. Where the PS3 excels is its CPU it can handle far more complex physics and numbers of AI and even more advanced AI if the Cell processor is used correctly than the Xbox 360. It also functions as a computer. You can watch movies, slideshow photos and browse the internet.

The PS3's controller is similar to the fan favourite Dual shock 2. However, it now is wireless (charged via USB occasionally) and is lighter. It also includes the "Six Axis" which for games such as F1 allow you to use the controller like a steering wheel.

Reliability wise unlike the PS2 there have been no disc-read errors, and its failure rate is so far a VERY tiny fraction of a percent. Compared to the 10-33% failure rate of the 360 (Red Ring of Death again).
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 15 September 2007
I've had a few console in my time, not all of them admittedly, but each time a new generation comes out we hear people who have concerns with the price - not just of the hardware, but of the games themselves. I got myself a Nintendo Wii some time before the PS3 and I love the Wii - it brings a whole new level of immersion and fun to multi-player gaming. Yet, I still ended up with a PS3 as well. This is surely the height of technology - it's like a Formula 1 racing car. However, I'm not going to try and review the games, or the Wii - I'm going to concentrate on the PS3 itself and the potential it offers.

The price might put some people off, but (certainly if you take advantage of one of Amazon's deals) you are getting an awful lot for that initial outlay. The PS3 is a marvel and exceptionally well put together. It is reassuringly heavy when it comes out of the box - you know there's a lot inside. The appearance is not exactly to my liking, but I can't say it isn't stylish and it takes pride of place on any deserving equipment rack.

The connectivity and equipment of the PS3 is something to be in awe of - USB ports, HDMI, Sony proprietary connections, card readers, 60GB drive, Bluetooth, wired and wireless Ethernet, optical audio - it beggard belief really. Yet, what's inside is the most amazing - remember that this beast contains the unbridled power of the IBM, Sony and Toshiba Cell chip - bringing a whole new dimension to computing power. For today's games, when the developers are still getting their heads around how to program for this chip - which is different from previous chips by a long way - we will see pretty standard ports I guess... but as the months and years pass by and the developers get more proficient, we will start to see PS3 titles outstrip titles on other formats... the power under the hood promises that at the very least, nothing else can match it in terms of brute processing power. Take a look at the Folding@Home statistics page to see how the PS3 clients are outstripping many other clients in terms of work completed.

Then, consider the fact that you can put Linux on the PS3, consider the fact that the hardware API is a version of OpenGL, consider the fact that there is a Cell SDK available - the options are pretty breathtaking.

On top of all that - consider the Blu-Ray drive you get too. That's worth the price of the console alone still today and once you get a Sony Bluetooth remote, you will have no real need for a separate DVD player in my opinion.

Usin the PS3 is a very good experience. The wireless controllers are better than any generation of controller I've used, save the Wiimote. The landing screen is easy to navigate and provides all the options you could ever want. The network setup is simple and just works. Addition of a Bluetooth Blu-Ray remote is simple. Installation of software (like Folding@Home and even Linux) is made simple and pretty straightforward. Running of PS3 games just works, of course, and I've not really noticed any interminable waiting... you're into the action pretty soon.

My review has tried to concentrate mainly on the hardware and the options you will have in using the PS3 to its abilities. I have tried to give my view that the price is very good, when you take into consideration what you get for your money.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 14 August 2007
The Sony Playstation 3 has come in for some heavy criticism since its launch and rightly so. The audacious price point has turned away many gamers at least until the inevitable price drop. So for £400 what exactly are you getting?

One of the first things you'll notice is the machine is well built runs quieter than maybe you'd expect. Out of the box you've got one wireless controller plus a 60GB hardrive. For the average gamer this should suffice unless you're going to be putting lots of music on it etc. Sony have changed the handset for the Playstation 3 taking away the dual shock functionality in favour of motion sensing directly copying another company's idea. It's a great feeling to have a Playstation controller in your hands without wires although you do have to charge it with the supplied USB cable but the bonus is it's included which helps. Battery time is average and not any worse than its competitors.

One of the most important things is obviously the games available to play on the system. That is something right now the PS3 lacks in. The PS3 hasn't been out all that long so you can't be too critical yet. However talk of programmers having a hard time working with the system is worrying. If you're wanting a complete home entertainment centre then the PS3 isn't a bad buy. You can play DVD's, CD's and the new Blu-Ray format on the console. Whether you want Blu-Ray is another matter entirely but the console's success relies on it and if it bombs then Sony goes down with it.

---Good Points---
+ It's the only console that's region free
+ Untapped potential

---Bad Points---
- Price point
- Lack of games

The Sony Playstation 3 is a good console and has the graphical prowess of it's nearest rival. The problem is it dosen't have the games and personally as a gamer that's what matters most to me. I don't care about movies etc. I want games. The PS3 has a lot of potential and if Sony decide to cut the price and when the games start to come out they can turn this thing around. But if you're wanting a console straight out of the box with lots of games you're better looking at the other two. The PS3 is what might be in the future rather than what's now which is a little dissapointing considering the price point. 8/10. Thanks for reading John Mitchell.
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252 of 277 people found the following review helpful
on 27 November 2007
OK, while i'm not going to tell you to run out and buy a PS3, or advocate burning all Sony merchandise, or give some speech about anti-microsoft, I just want to clear up some misconceptions about this console.

Firstly, as has already been mentioned, the price tag for a PS3, while hefty does not compare directly with that of the 360. The main thing is that a PS3 comes with everything already built in while the Xbox 360 shaves off some price to get you more likely to buy it but to get this cost cut in place they have to leave out some heavy duty technology. You will have to buy wireless network controllers, an external HD DVD drive etc... the PS3 does not have any hidden extras.

Secondly, while the XBox live campaign revolves around existing memberships, this comes a a monthly cost to the subscriber. The PS3 online community is a free subscription. Sure you still need an account created and there is nothing to stop them putting a fee on in the future but for the time being it is a free sign up.

CAUTION!!!! Just as a quick note to anyone considering buying a cheaper version of the PS3 (i.e. the 40Gb version) just be aware that while 20Gb is not the end of the world the big thing to note is the fact that the 40Gb version is not backwards compatible - this means all those loveable PS2 games will not work, so your choice of game is going to be limited to what you can afford to buy brand new for the PS3.

About Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD: This is being compared to the war between VHS and Beta. While at this stage it is impossible to tell what will happen with the new formats as there is already some concern over a new format realtively soon after DVD's were main stream, remember that no matter which format is technically better, the winner (if there is one) will be the one with the best marketing ploy, not necessarily the best technology. Beta was technically better than VHS but went the way of the dinosaur due to bad marketing...but both new formats are nice, hold a lot of data and have vast potential in the gaming market especially due to the extra content this inevitably will brign to the gamer of tomorrow.

In the end it is a personal choice, and neither the 360 or PS3 will dissappoint in graphics. It is still early days in the game market to compare game titles yet but the Wii will be a favourite among younger gamers and familys while the PS3 and 360 will hit it off more for the hard-core gamer. Whichever you choose - enjoy!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 September 2009
The PS3 has done everything I have thrown at it excellently - Playing games - Tick, Playing Blu-Ray - Tick, Backwards compatibility with PS2 - Tick, Internet - Tick, Wi-Fi auto flash updates - Tick, Good looks - Tick, Bluetooth remote controls - Tick, Storing and showing pictures on the TV - Tick, - It does what is says on the tin and it does it well!
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297 of 329 people found the following review helpful
on 7 January 2007
Get ready, this is gonna be a long one but I'm sure you'll find some good points and useful info here...

After browsing through the various reviews of the PS3 here, it has become apparent that a comparison to marmite would be fair. Love or Hate. But why? Well looking at the haters it seems the the problem is not infact the console, but infact a great deal of impatience and a lack of knowledge. Firstly many have said their PS3 is overheating and freezing, however these people have also mentioned that their consoles are imported...and there you have the answer. In Japan and America the mains voltage is around about a mere 100-127 Volts compared to the 240 volts of the british mains, add to that the the fact the PS3 sucks a massive 380 watts of power (almost twice as much as the 360) then you can see why there are overheating problems. The answer? Simply buy a 500 watt step down converter; I'm guessing the overheating complainers have failed to do this. Also bare in mind that the 360 also had overheating problems in its first few months; thankfully I waited.

Secondly, from a hell of a lot of hindsight, a consoles launch, in terms of games at least, is generally duff. At most a console has one and if your lucky maybe two good sometimes only decent games at launch. Giving up on a console so early on is ridiculous, especially one with so much promise as the PS3; Devil May Cry 4, Heavenly Sword, FFXIII, Killzone, MGS4 (and no it wont be available on 360, not for a good long while after the PS3 at least if ever) these are the types of games that will define the PS3. My point is a console can only really be judged towards the end of it life, not as soon as it hits the shelf; only now can we really pass fair judgement on the passing generation. Again bare in mind the 360 has seen a year on the shelfs and only now is it starting to see some defining titles, namely Gears of War. The Wii, to be fair, has probably had the best launch of the 3, this being down to the fact that Zelda and Wii Sports are TWO fantastically fun games in their own rights. However the Wii cannot be compared any further with the other two as to do so would simply not make sense; it would be like puting a strawberry in an apple variety contest between royal gala and granny smiths - all three are fruits but a strawberry is quite clearly not, in any other sense, comparible to an apple.

One thing that does annoy me to the point of leaving my unbias approach here is the 360's DVD Drive, an act of shortsightedness if ever I saw one. Many people moan that in buying a PS3 they are being forced into a format war they do not want to be a part of, saying that microsofts approach of giving you the choice (and thus cutting the cost) is far better. I do not agree. What people forget is the the Blu-Ray drive is not for movies alone but for games that require the superior space a Blu-Ray offers (25Gb single, 50Gb double). Think about that for a minute. A DVD holds around 9Gb on a dual layer, now think of GTA: San think of the potential of a superior console combined with an extra 41Gb of space and you get the picture; wether it be GTA4 (note: exclusive 360 content likely to be the stuff that wont fit on the disk) or any other game for that matter. Hold it a second you say, the 360 has an HD DVD add-on drive does it not? Correct, however microsoft has stated it is merely for high definition movies; thus either the problem remains of inferior data storage, or, microsoft haven't yet dropped the bomb that in the future you will require the HD DVD drive to play certain games (after watching a conference with Peter Molyneux, producer of Fable, and hearing what he plans to do with Fable 2 (it sounds unbelievable, lets hope he's not lying this time) I reckon we have the first potential HD DVD game for the 360). Anyway apart from that minor annoyance I haven't much to complain of the 360 so far, nor of the Wii and hopefully the same will apply to the PS3 if I manage to get my hands on one in March or at least when I do get my hands on one.

The main niggle I can see with the PS3 is the hefty price tag (of the 60Gb version at least), but what must be taken into cosideration is that a Blu-Ray player alone (movies only obviously) will cost around £1000 already making the PS3 sound like a steal. Furthermore however, when you think that to bring the 360 to similar spec as the PS3 it will cost you around £460 (£280 for the premium pack, £130 for the HD DVD Drive + £50 for the WiFi adapter) compared to the PS3's price of £425 - £480 (and thats with a 60Gb hard drive and a state of the art not yet on the shelves CPU (The Cell) and GPU (nVidia's RSX)) and you can see the PS3 is infact, if anything, quite cheap to be honest (remember sony makes a loss of around £120 on every PS3 sold at the moment, so we should be thankful!).

In my opinion I don't think there'll be any losers in this generation, especially and I mean especially, for us gamers. The Wii will most likely sell best for the next two years due to its low price (and it's genius controls), however after this initial period I'm sure we'll find (especially after a PS3 price cut) everything will more or less level off, which is probably the best result for everyone.

To finish all I will say is that give each console time and patience, try for yourself and look at the bigger picture before you love or hate...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 15 October 2007
this is gonna be a long one, but very informative and worth the read.

ps3 is the future, plain and simple, the technology and sheer amount of processing power that the cell processor inside of the ps3 is capable of is yet to be harnessed by developers.

games that you would miss on without getting this wonderful console are metal gear solid 4, uncharted, wardevil, final fantasy 13, heavenly sword, gran turismo 5, ratchet and clank, god of war 3, white knight story, folklore, heavenly sword, heavy rain, killzone 2, lair, resistance fall of man 1and2, the getaway 3, tekken, motorstorm 1and2, haze, LA noire, warhawk, InFamous, eight days and many many more, and believe or not those were from the top of my

and when not gaming you can surf the internet, watch bluray movies at 1080p with 7.1 uncompressed surround sound, then there's HOME(an online community) coming as well, downloadable high def movie and game trailers, connectivity to your psp(so much so that you can play ps3 games on your psp e.g lair), playTV is coming to europe where you can view live digital television and sky and record programs onto your ps3's harddrive and transfer to your psp and there's an american equivalent called mega tv coming as well, the ps3 also has SD, memory sticks and compact flash memory slots for photos, videos etc and many more multimedia functions as well as more to come in the future e.g there's the playstation eye so that you can have video chats with other ps3 owners with clear picture and stutter free at 60fps and of course the playstation eye has alot of intuitive gaming features as well.

when high definition has penetrated the market the only console that would support every high definition feature e.g blu ray playback, 1080p native resolution, HDMI 1.3, uncompressed 7.1 surround sound etc is the PS3. it's truly as good as it gets. and in terms of people saying that multi platform games run and look better on the 360, first off the difference is negligible at best and it is due to the fact that they were built on the 360's architecture first which is similar to that of a conventional pc, but that trend is soon going to come to an end. and the 1st game to really show this would be UT3, which is made by EPIC, the same company that made gears of war for the 360 and is using the same game engine called the unreal3 engine, but now it has been optimised for use with the ps3's cell processor and it's runs and looks visually much more superior to gears of war.

so now that you know that's it's definitely worth getting, another bonus is that it's now cheaper(from £425 to £350 with 2 free games and an extra controller).
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 12 October 2007
Having been reluctant to buy a PS3 at launch due to the cost and lacking games selection and the fact I already had a 360, I finally took the plunge this week after the price cut was put into effect, managing to get a 60gb machine for £280, and I was shocked by how good the console actually is. I actually feel misled by those who so desperately try to convince others it is 'crap' in fact.

It is huge and heavy, moreso than I expected, and the games selection is still rather sparse, but honestly, these are the only two drawbacks I have encountered, as the good points far outweigh the bad.

The machine itself runs incredibly well, being incredibly quiet when performing any actions, even playing games, which was a welcome change from the jump jet engine noise of the 360 every time I use it. Even the Wii makes more noise than this. It gets just as hot just as quickly as the 360 when in use though. So long as it doesn't break down like my 360 did, I can forgive this.

The myriad of functionality on offer is almost overwhelming as well, with so much to do and so many options to explore, this is easily the most versatile console I've ever owned. Offering(Among others) really impressive HD functions, a decent web browser, the ability to attach numerous devices to the machine for use(even a printer), and most important for playing FPS titles: keyboard and mouse support. Very pleased with all it can do.

Of course the games are the real issue at hand, and while the selection is somewhat weak right now, it's still a damn sight better than the last console I bought(The Wii) for games right now, with the dozen or so games I bought with the console likely to keep me busy through to 2008, which looks to be a far better year for games for the console thankfully. Another thing I will add is about the online gaming aspect of the console. I had long been led to think it was somehow poor, or not worth my time. I am pleased to say this is far from the case, as the online has been a lot of fun so far, especially Resistance, which is easily as much fun as any 360 online game I've had, at no cost. A pleasant surprise.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. It turned out far better than I expected, and I can see it getting just as much use as my 360 for the foreseeable future. I admit, it probably wasn't worth the £425 initial price tag, but for less than £300, it really is well worth it in my opinion. There are, of course, people who are determined to hate the thing no matter what, as evidenced by reviews by people on here who have never been near a PS3. All I can say is to ignore those with their own agenda(Which you can take to include me if you so choose), and try yourself before making up your mind, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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