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3.8 out of 5 stars520
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Over the years I have had a Megadrive, Amiga CD32, PS1, Gamecube and now the Xbox 360. I am not a fanboy nor am i loyal to one brand. I make my purchasing decisions on the games I like playing and what friends have, so that I can swap games later down the line. I have had the 360 for 16 months now and still play on it nearly every day.

To make the most out of it, just like the PS3, you will need a HDTV, such as an LCD and Plasma TV to display the higher resolution. Trying to watch the game on a standard TV is useless as you cannot see the text on screen and you will be missing out big time. My machine does not have the HDMI socket, so the picture comes through component cables. My TV can only display upto 1080i via HDMI and component, so am not missing out on resolution, it just means instead of 1 small lead, I have a larger lead splitting into 5 smaller leads, no problem because they are hidden at the back.

The positive points:
The graphics are superb when compared to my previous consoles. Oblivion is amazing with the wide open space where you do whatever you want, no linear gameplay. Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty 4 are stunning.
The controller is easy to hold and use, with the numerous buttons. Sometimes you can forget what buttons do what if you keep changing games, but you soon remember. The rumble feature on the pad is essential. It was there on the PS1 and GameCube, so have been used to it. The games make full use if this feature, and it does make a huge difference in playing. Sony take note, please start shipping the PS3 with the rumble joypad!
The online experience is great. You can download demos, trailers, games with ease. You can also talk to friends and invite them to games you are playing. It is far more fun playing against another human rather than computer AI.

The negatives are:
Boy is it noisy. It is not so much the fans, but the DVD drive. When there is no disc is the drive, you can hear the fans, but they are not that loud. However, insert a game disc and it sounds like its ready to take off. A cheap DVD drive probably is to blame.
Online play. Although a plus, the minus is it costs and extra £40 per year. This however is a small price to play for a good fast service. The other drawback is the trash talk from little brats. The verbal abuse you can get when you beat them is unbelievable, and sometimes there is swearing as well.
Reliability is an issue. I have sent mine for repair for the dreaded RROD. It was all back repaired within 8 days and there is a 3 year warranty, but it is still an issue wandering whether it will break down again.

I made the right decision in buying one and would recommend the system if you can see through the faults, because the gaming experience you get will out way the negatives.
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on 21 February 2006
OK, well, having had a 360 Pro since launch day I think I can give it a fair hearing. The graphics are, by and large, great especially with an HD TV; they look a bit ordinary through a SCART cable though. The launch lineup was strong - Kameo and Call of Duty 2 stand out for me - but there has been the usual post-Xmas drought since then. I have completed all six games I've purchased and a new challenge would be nice! The future games lineup does look great, so something to look forward to there with some truly next-gen titles. The console itself looks good once you hide the powerpack and the wireless controller is really comfortable to use. It's also easy to get online and with XBox Live Silver being free you can still get demos, add-ons etc without having to cough up. The much-publicised stock shortages have been ironed out and it's fairly easy to pick one up now, although some accessories are hard to find.
So why not 5 stars? Well, Microsoft have slipped up badly by releasing a console that has failed many of its customers. Having spent the best part of 300 quid, you don't expect your investment to go belly-up within a couple of months. I was one of the lucky ones up to now; my 360 is currently under repair by Microsoft (in fairness, a smooth enough process). The courier who picked it up said that returned 360s were practically their core business at the moment! Don't get me wrong, I know that only a minority of people have been affected and I don't regret my purchase, but the failure rate seems higher than at most other console launches. Most of the units shipped since Xmas seem much more reliable, however.
In summary: if you're a gamer, you really should buy one. It's an impressive peice of kit, there are some great titles coming out and PS3 is looking like a 2007 release, so what else are you going to play until then? But keep the Microsoft helpline number handy, just in case...
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on 13 September 2007
This is my second 360 hence the 4 stars my first one stopped reading the discs after a couple of weeks amazon picked it up and gave me a new one in two days great service as it was in there 30 day return guarentee.
Anyway the new one is ok so far as i have kept it upright and well vented
the graphics on some games are outstanding i have a hd tv on 1080i and the console set to this with the hd av lead the sound is great too just through my telly.The dvd is great i watched lord of the rings and the picture sound was amazing,some reviews have said the console is noisy i have had no problems with this when the console boots up and the game starts it i can hear it then it goes quiet once you start playing, on dvds there is no noise at all.X box live is good there is loads of demos so you can try before you buy which is a good thing.Overall this is a good piece of kit that has a few teething troubles but the graphics and the fun factor from the games more than makes up for this.
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on 21 November 2007
i do really love the 360 its games library is vast and wide ranged, online is brilliantly done with xbox lives fool proof interface, demos videos all availible free, the 40 quid 12 months membership is well worth the money for online gaming the free silver membership still aloows demos etc (i think) looks good on standard def and high def , vga cable works best i feel because you get better dvd play back and a sharper image on most older generation hd lcds to my knowledge anyway, i bought both a component and vga and the vga is far superior on my samsung hd tv but if you have a top end tv i think component does add abit of something i cant explain but makes it look even better. the only reason i gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the hardware failures which are pretty common my first xbox had the ring of death which microsoft fixed free of charge and got a new one back to me very fast witin 7 days, i got a second one because my old one was chipped and got banned from xbox live and that has run nice n steadily for about 7 or 8 months all in all best console about for gaming especially online, you wont regret buying one im off to play call of duty 4 online laters
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on 13 September 2006
I picked up my Xbox 360 in June and I have to admit, what a fantastic machine. Its not just the games that make this console great, the whole set up is fantastic but not without its problems.

First the positives:

The new dashboard - provides easy set up for Live and networking, I purchased the wireless adaptor with my xbox, and was on line in no time. Xbox Live marketplace is great, download demos, videos and classic games like Street Fighter 2

The wireless controllers are great so neat and tidy, I do recommend buying the play and charge kit or the rechargeable battery packs.

You can now turn the console off and on from the comfort of your armchair from the controller. I love this just because I'm lazy.

Link to your Media centre PC - I can stream all my downloaded music and videos from my pc to the xbox

You can also link your Ipod or digital camara to the console to play even more music or show photo's.

Finally theres the games, hook the 360 up to a HDTV turn on the surround sound and it is like nothing I have seen before, playing GRAW like this is just incredible. Games like Oblivion will just take over your life, especially as you can now download extra content from Live

However the 360 is not without fault and that is the only reason I haven't given it 5 stars

First don't let the price fool you, to get the most out of this machine you need to spend a lot of cash on accessories, even if you buy the premium system.

Second - The noise it makes - especially whilst gaming the console does sound like a hovercraft in the corner of your room.

Third - the reliability issues. The console does crash - mine is in a well ventilated space and the console is still prone to crashing. Only this week I had the three red rings of terror, as they have become known on many xbox forums, came on, indicating a hardware failure and I have had to return it to Microsoft. After 45 minutes on the phone to their no help, help line.

Overall a brilliant piece of kit but not without it's drawbacks. If you have the cash its well worth the money, in truth the positives of the machine far outweigh the faults. The 360 has certainly set the bar high, its going to be interesting to see how both the Wii and PS3 compare when they are released.
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on 8 February 2006
First impressions as I unwrapped the 360 console was the quality of the construction and the beautiful design - much more pleasing on the eyes than the original Xbox and the proposed design of the PS3!
The Console has a separate power supply unit that has a really beefy locking plug that attaches it to the back of the 360. Despite the alledged reports of the console overheating, I've never had the problem with my 360 and the power pack is nowhere near red hot even after several hours use.
The wireless controllers are a fantastic idea and are really comfortable and seem to be slightly smaller than the 'S' Type controllers on the old Xbox. Battery life is pretty good also.
My only gripes with the controller are that the white and black buttons on the old Xbox controller have been moved to form extra shoulder buttons (almost PS2 style) and take a bit of getting used to. You can switch the 360 on and off from the wireless controller, and open and close the disk tray to load a disk, but you can't open it with the controller once there is a disk inside the 360 - you have to use the universal remote control or actually press the disk tray button on the 360 itself.
The 360 dashboard allows you to copy tracks off of your audio CDs and play them back during play of your 360 games. The console can rip an entire CD in about 5 minutes and even copies the album title and track names if they are there. You can also plug in a USB keyboard (not supplied) and type the track names in if you want to, instead of doing it by means of the controller or remote control.
The harddrive at 20GB seems a bit small, especially as the 360 'uses' 8GB for some reason leaving you only 12GB to store your game saves, CD tracks, and content from Xbox Live. It is easily detached/reattached to the 360 and fits in well with the design. The hard drive is necessary for the old Xbox game compatability.
The old Xbox game compatibility software will prompt you to download an update when you connect to Xbox Live and installs itself onto the harddrive. The emulation software at present allows you to play a selected catalogue of old Xbox games - see [...] for details. The emulation is a bit of a let down and is not what Microsoft had originally promised. Most popular games work but if it isn't on the compatibility listing then it won't work. The games that do 'work' (such as Halo/Halo 2, Forza Motorsport for example) have graphical glitches and on occasion sound effects muting intermittently. Until Microsoft address this issue I would hang onto your old Xbox if you can.
The new Xbox 360 dashboard is stylish and can be customised with your own wallpapers copied from a CD-R or the themes available from Xbox Live Marketplace. You can also download videos, demo games and old-school arcade games direct to your memory card (not supplied with 360 console) or harddrive.
The 360 comes with a HD TV compatible video cable, but you can flip a switch on the connector and use the cable's other connectors to hook your 360 up to a standard TV set. The cable also has a port on the back where you can plug in an optical cable to output the sound to a surround sound system.
You also get an ethernet cable so you can connect to Xbox Live straight out of the box - provided you have the broadband setup already in place.
The headset supplied with the 360 seems to be of a more sturdy construction than the microsoft version for the old Xbox. It attaches to the back of the controller and has the mute and volume controls built into the headset connector, unlike the previous Xboxes' version which had a separate 'puck' which you had to connect to the controller before you attached the headset.
In summary, the Xbox 360 looks and feels like a great piece of hardware. The problems with backward compatibility are a disappointment, but when the new games come out that will push the machine's capabilities further - e.g. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - I don't think that you will be so bothered about that feature.
Games such as Project Gotham Racing 3 look so good, even on a standard 16:9 widescrreen TV (4:3 normal tv is also supported), but to get the best of the graphical capabilities, then hook the 360 up to a High Definition TV set.
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on 6 September 2006
The big arguement is, can PS3 be better than the xbox? well if there was a PS3 in which this could be compared to then maybe we could look at this. I was considering about 6 months ago whether to get an xbox or wait until november to get a PS3, and im so glad i chose the xbox, with the PS3 being delayed until march and the chances of getting one off the shelf then are not great.

The xbox is a very good console, even better with a HDTV, the games that are coming out are just as good, there are some problems, it is very noisy the fan makes sone hell of a raquet and you need to make sure that it is kept stable or it tends to crash. Apart from that there are no real drawbacks.

On the up side the wireless availability is excellent, and the online game play is something that i dont think that sony is going to be able to match. My overall verdict to you is to trade in your PS2 for an xbox, for half the price of the PS3 i garentee it will entertain you at least until the price of the PS3 has fallen and we can see if it is going to live up to the hype surrounding it.
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on 30 October 2007
OK - this is just my very quick contribution specifically targeted at people trying to decide between the 360 or PS3

I plumped for the xBox as I couldn't justify the extra expense of the PS3. But - I'm regretting it just a bit.. Whilst I didn't have an HD TV and so thought the Blu-Ray capability was something I didn't need, I now wish I had it built in, as the HD TV is on the way..

But more crucially, both machines come into their own with a fast broadband connection and online play - even if only to compare your lap-times to other people's in racing games. The PS3 has built in wireless, but not the xBox, so that was an extra £60. (I know you can hardwire the connection, but not easily in my house just due to the router position being nowhere near the xBox) Then there's the £40 a year xBox live membership - where as far as I can make out, the Sony version is free..

So after a couple of years (and once you've signed up to xBox live it's pretty tricky to quit!) the xBox will have cost me £140 more than it's purchase price.. So this is the point of my quick review - when basing the decision on price don't forget to take into account the fact that you might end up paying for the wireless thingy and £40 a year subscription. That makes the PS3 look much better value, as you can consider that you get a bigger hard drive and Blu-ray for free!

That said, Forza 2 is fantastic (and released, unlike Gran Turismo..) and I love the xBox controller. Anyhow you can read fuller reviews on amazon on those topics already - I've made my point!
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on 1 December 2007
I had a 360 pro delivered today from Amazon and it also had the HDMI port. It's a shame that they don't make it more evident in the description.
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on 23 November 2007
Just a heads up, while not advertised as such, these seem to be the
new XBox 360 Pro units with built in HDMI. Not sure if that guarantees
you the falcon chip or not but if you were considering an Elite for
the HDMI out, the one I just bought has it.
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