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on 25 November 2007
No doubt in 10 years or so I will be mocked for saying this, but it is hard for me to imagine in my lifetime games getting any better than San Andreas. No other game is as non-linear, as open-ended, as polished, as immaculately produced as GTA:SA. It sets a benchmark WAY beyond any game that has come before. The atmosphere created by the movie-quality voice acting, the camera direction, the awesome soundtracks, the A-List voice actors, the humor, the storyline and the immense playing field and variation has not been matched by any game, past or present. The PC game market is dominated by endless similar First Person Shooters. I am sick of them. They are contrived, clichéd and formulaic. I don't care whether it's Half Life 2 or Call of Duty 4 or any other highly ranked PC game. They all follow the same FPS production rules and I tire of them easily. With San Andreas, months of my life were swallowed up in pursuit of playing the finest game ever to surface. I'm not really a big gamer. I get bored with the same old, same old but I found GTA:SA jaw-dropping. I was fixated, engrossed and utterly addicted. I can't heap enough praise onto SA for it blew me away in terms of it's sheer size and inspired production. I was sucked in, hook, line and sinker into the world of SA. It's better than movies, soap operas, television and other, lesser games. It's the finest game ever produced. Buy it and shelve the next 3 months of your life. You won't regret it.
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on 3 January 2006
GTA SA is an awesome game. Its enthrawling missions build up your respect and money. Watch as Cj the main character whom you play become a criminal king pin. You can spend you ill gained cash on anything from cars to guns. New aspects of the game mean that Cj needs to eat, if you just give him fatty foods then he becomes fat. The graphics in the game are some of the best i have ever seen and the ai is amazing. If you ever get bored of missions then do something else like: race cars, go to the gym, side missions, play basket ball and loads of others but if all else fails then do a classic gta killing spree and just kill everyone in sight with a huge arsnel of weapons from knifes to shotguns, uzis to rocket launchers,sniper rifles to grenades and many more. This game is a brilliant buy!!!!
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on 6 December 2005
One word sums up this game: perfection! Yes, that's right, perfection. There is nothing bad about this game.
Although the game itself is very similar to the previous instalments in terms of looks and gameplay, it takes it much further. For example, there is almost nothing that you can't do in this game.
Steal vehicles, shoot people, run your own gang, date girlfriends, eat at restaurants, go to the gym, buy weapons, rob houses, etc. The "city" is not a city at all but rather an entire county! Three cities (Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro) are all linked together with miles and miles of countryside, smaller towns and villages, all with their own unique characteristics. Of course, you can only explore the area of Los Santos and the surroundings when you start as you need to "unlock" the other areas via missions.
However, even just Los Santos is enormous and will take you ages to explore.
The storyline is thus: you play a black American guy called Carl Johnson, commonly known as "CJ" who has returned to San Andreas to bury his Mum and take revenge on those who are to blame, restoring the neighbourhoods' credibility and power in the process.
Just as in Los Angeles, there are areas of the city of Los Santos that are controlled by rival gangs who will stop at nothing to take you down. Of course, the entire city isn't a gang-infested hellhole, only certain parts (mainly the eastern and south-eastern parts of the city) There are also extremely wealthy and aesthetically pleasing parts of the city, mainly in the north and west of the city.
All I can say is, if you've played GTA3 and GTA: Vice City and enjoyed them, BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY! If not, buy this anyway. I can't believe that anyone would not appreciate the time and effort gone into creating such a work of art. Long live Rockstar!
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on 10 June 2005
Having been out on the PS2 for some time now I think we all know how awesome a game GTA San Andreas is. However, I think the question that all PC owners want to know is how will it run on my system. Having spent a couple of hours playing about with it on my system here is my experience.
I have a Athlon XP 2200+, 1GB PC2100 RAM and a GeForce 6600GT so a moderate setup with a pretty good graphics card. I'm playing the game with a resolution of 1024x768X32 with the detail on maximum (very high), the draw distance almost full and the anti-aliasing on 2 (this can be off,1,2 or 3). This seem to run perfectly even when the action hots up. I have tried slightly higher settings and it seems to work fine on these too but I don't want to take the risk of ruining the most hectic parts of the game by pushing it too hard.
So my conclusion is that if you have a half decent PC you should get a copy of this now!! You won't be disappointed.
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on 14 June 2005
After playing GTA:SA on the PS2, i was eagerly looking forward for it to come out for PC. And, now it has, and i can safely say that it is a good, enjoyable game. My PC is above the reccomended specifications and plays quite well, with little or no slow down (i did notice that the PS 2 version had slower loading times and frame rates then that of my PC..i am also curious as to how the Xbox version runs). I was suprised to read another reviewers comment regarding the game crashing at regular intervals - i have experienced nothing of the sort over the past 5 days or so i've had it, so i do sympathise with his problems. As for the game itself well, you should know the story by now - do missions, drive vehicals, kill people etc. While some people will frown upon this, it can make for some humourous and witty gameplay and i have found myself chuckling quite a few times at the many jokes. But, you do need one crude sense of humour otherwise it will just fly past your head.
Its a great game, but if you are a GTA veteran (like me!), most of its going to feel a bit sort of repetitive (thought the'ye are quite a lot of new things which should keep you occupied) but if you haven't yet sampled the delights then this is a great place to start!
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on 10 September 2005
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a brilliantly detailed, diverse and well-constructed game, where bad behaviour is actively encouraged, and has never been so much fun! The graphics are smooth and detailed, the control system is excellent, your character is more interesting and open to development than ever before, and there are literally hundreds of story missions and side missions to keep you going for weeks, or probably months. The soundtrack is excellent, although some people may not like the amount of explicit language in the music and game dialogue.
The game is set in a huge and varied world, which takes in areas from small towns, mountains, major commercial centres, huge tracts of open countryside, and a lot more. There are 3 major cities, each with up to 30 distinct neighbourhoods, all of which have their own feel and look. You can explore this world on foot, on a bike, in one of a hundred different cars, trucks and motorcycles, in a boat, or in a helicoptor or plane (there is even a fully functional James Bond style jetpack, which is incredible fun). Take a job in a quarry, in haulage, driving a taxi, as a fireman, paramedic or all of the above and more. Or don't bother working, and go in for a life of crime instead!
Develop your character by dressing in clothes from one of six distinct shops, by visiting the gym, by getting your hair cut in one of about twenty styles, by customising your car. You will get better at the things you do most - build skills at driving cars, riding motorbikes or bikes, flying planes, using guns. Date one or all of six women you meet during the game.
For entertainment, visit the betting shop, enter competitions at the local stadium, go to a strip club or a bar, play pool for money, lose your life savings at one of several casinos, enter a triathlon, go dancing at a club, enter dozens of different street races, go base jumping, sky-diving or many other things I can't remember right now.
This game is massive in scope, and will eat your entire life for weeks if you aren't careful. All of the above examples are actually in the game, and many more besides, and I haven't even mentioned the main game missions which are superbly varied and rewarding - using all areas of the game world, and a huge range of vehicles, characters and special locations. And if you don't want to follow the story (which is richer and better implemented than in any previous GTA title) then you could spend huge amounts of time just roaming and having fun exploiting the opportunities open to you outside the main missions. Once again, there are rival gangs to rumble with - in San Andreas you can fight gangs to capture neighbourhoods from them, and this is both financially rewarding and very addictive.
This is a superb game, whether you want to complete 100% of everything, or just to spend a few hours acting like a maniac with 2 sawn-off shotguns and a helicoptor gunship. Rockstar have created a monster, a definite classic, and the only problem will be how to follow a triumph like this. Buy it today!
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on 14 July 2005
To start, I'd just like to say I'm running this on a P4 1.6GHz machine with a Geforce 4 Ti4800 graphics card under Win XP and I've had this setup for about 3 or so years, so it's hardly new. After installation there was a brief sound problem, but I reduced soundcard acceleration and it worked fine. Ok, so I can't use the top notch detail or graphics settings, but it still looks great and is totally playable, only slowing down in some of the more ridiculous pileups on the freeways...
Technical stuff aside, this game is a fantastic achievement. And it's HUGE too, this one will make you become a hermit for at least a solid week, and will likely affect your sleep patterns too. There's all the usual GTA elements: driving from place to place, meeting people, bumping them off, time limits, stuff like that that you all know. And then there's new things, such as a huge selection of outfits, girlfriend maintenance, car mods, fitness, tattoos.. all of which make a difference to your game. This game also brings back HILLS, which were all but missing from Vice City due to the setting, but enables you to have lots of fun doing ridiculous jumps all over the place.
Finally, landing in the drink no longer means game over.. you can hop out and go swimming, and go diving underwater too. On the flipside, and my favourite part of the game, you can get in all manner of aircraft that fly PROPERLY (unlike the Dodo of previous games) and zip about the entire map, which is great. And then, once you're above your destination, you didn't worry about a nice safe landing for your plane - it didn't cost YOU anything anyway - just jump out and parachute to where you want to go! The parachute can also be used as a pick-up, and you can go for a spot of BASE jumping if you fancy it.
The game has a good story to it, featuring some excellent new characters and a few very familiar ones too. This is definitely not one game for the kids though - the language is pretty obscene and the subject matter questionable - it has an 18 rating for a reason!
Once again there's some excellent music from the radio stations, and you can always add your own if you have mp3 files on your computer.
On the downside? The very open nature of the countryside and desert means it can take a while to get around sometimes, which can be a pain if you're having to repeat missions and haven't unlocked the ability to fly places or use the train yet. And some missions can be very frustrating, especially if you keep getting 10-15 mins into a mission and THEN failing a number of times. Luckily, there's always something else you can be doing if you fancy, whether it's driving trucks cross country making deliveries, street/air races, taxi missions, hidden stuff to collect, collecting cars... the list goes on!
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2005
With next-generation consoles yet to be released this could be a bit of a sweeping statement to make, but GTA San Andreas has got to be the game of this decade. Okay so we might see something better before 2010, but San Andreas really raises the bar.
This is largely down to it being the most complete game ever made. It isn't graphically the slickest looking game you can lay your hands on, but it is absolutely enormous. People say it's 5 times the size of Vice City but it feels 10 times the size, and with all that expanse of go-anywhere landscape to explore, you will always find something new.
I half-completed my first attempt at the game and, at a game time of around 40-50 hours I started over again because I'd missed something out. My second game, in which I've completed the storyline and got an overall completion level of 85%, is now in it's 66th hour (!!) which means, cumulatively, I've played San Andreas for almost 120 hours. And I still keep finding places that I've never seen before.
One very important factor one should take into account when buying GTASA is that it IS NOT FOR KIDS. The "18" certificate is more necessary than ever, as Rockstar have chosen to use it to it's full extent in this title. There's sex shops, strip bars, pimping, drug abuse, gang warfare....the whole nine yards.....but I honestly feel it's there for a reason. GTA San Andreas is set around 90's California and is all centered around it's hip-hop scene. With the whole story revolving around it's rough street-gangs, rather than the wealthy Mafiosi as in Liberty City and Vice City, it's quite a change, but is equally involving.
The storyline is superb and there are lots of opportunities to get so engrossed in it that you miss out on other features of the game. However, all these features have a purpose, and you will be almost forced to use them at one time or another to progress through the storyline.
For example, you can get your hair restyled, get tattooed, get new clothes and go and work out at the gym, and for your character - Grove Street Family man Carl Johnson, widely known as CJ - looking good is very important. To improve your stamina and thus be able to work out more, you have to eat periodically, which can be done at any fast-food joint around the state of San Andreas, but only buy salad meals if you don't want CJ to get fat! Your appearance will dictate how much respect you get from your homies, and which women you can date - there are four different women written into the storyline who you can have a progressive relationship with, and each one wants different things. If you neglect them, they'll dump you, if you treat them right, wine them, dine them, take them out for a drive-by, they'll take you home and sleep with you.
The other main features I discovered are that the more you use a weapon, the more your skill with that weapon will increase; early in the game when it's hard to earn even a hundred bucks out of a mission, you can spend half an hour earning a cool 15 grand by pimping - take the right car and it will enable you to drop off and pick up hookers, taking them to customers all around the city of Los Santos, taking a cut from each 'client' (like taxi missions); there are four schools around the state - driving school, motorbike school, boat school and flying school - where you will be taught their respective disciplines. These are really important as they get you familiar with the vehicles, their physics, and with different areas of the map. Also, you get rewards for getting all bronze medals, all silver, or all gold.
Just as in Vice City, you can buy properties and save your game there (some have garages, some are hotel suites) including an old airfield, and there's some businesses to take over too. Only this time, your weapons won't be delivered to your front lawn.
There's more vehicles, including articulated trucks, tractors, hotrod pick-up trucks, low-riders, the Banshee (! YESSS!!!) and other sports cars, tow-trucks, then there's 4 types of superbike, the scrambler, a touring bike, police bike, and the 2 Harley Davidson knock-offs, plus 3 different types of push-bike. Which shows that there's also more ways of getting around - you can now sky-dive/parachute, cycle, swim, as well as drive, sail, fly and take the train. Cycling is also really important early on, as you can keep a bike in CJ's garage and use it to travel around, increasing CJ's fitness/stamina all the time.
There are games within the game too - you can take your BMX (or any other vehicle) to the skate park and ride the ramps, or you can go to the local bar and play a wager on a game of Pool, you can play slot machines or go to a casino and gamble at a table, and there's still things like Import/Export, only this time you actually can import!
The number of missions and the number of people you'll work for is beatifully crafted, taking you through every town/city and small settlement in the game, and game characters are even worked into the (excellent) soundtrack. Another awesome point of interest is that Samuel L Jackson is cast as the voice of one of the games key characters, and does a fantastic job too.
Visually the game is still great - much like Vice City - and lighting and weather effects are fantastic considering the game's size. The physics are still great, and the environment mapping is just stunning. I found Vice City a little flat, and missed the hills of Liberty. Well, hills are back in a big way in San Andreas, with mountainous regions, hilly "San Fierro" and flat "Las Venturas" in the middle of the Desert all making for some great scenery.
Controls are a little awkward if, like me, you're still on original X-Box controller, but on the S-Controller they're better. Menus and navigation are just like Vice City - pretty straightforward. 3D sound is good, load times are excellent considering the size, and there is no longer a pause for loading as you travel between islands. I don't know how Rockstar managed this, but they did, and it's great.
I can't fault this game at all, and I'm sure I'll still be playing it long after X-Box 360 arrives, there's always plenty to do, and it has continuity with it's predecessors. You will meet familiar characters from Liberty and Vice (as well as travelling back to a part of Liberty for one mission!) and, if you followed their storylines, will see how brilliantly their plots are intertwined.
GTA San Andreas, like Halo, is an absolute masterpiece, but is certainly not for children/impressionable people/people who have a problem with morals. Claims that it is immoral are misguided - what should you expect from an 18-certificated game entitled "GRAND THEFT AUTO" with a cartoon of a driveby on the front?
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on 15 December 2007
So from what I see people like this p.c version of G.T.A sa

But I thought people might want know that the p.c version is so much better than the ps2 one. One thing I like is the mods you can download my favourite being the cars! Another thing is it's so easy to aim with the mouse which makes it better but I do sometimes struggle driving so I have just bought a ps2 controller link thing which makes it easier to drive.

Overall a brill game I'd say BUY IT NOW!
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on 30 March 2007
I have spent probably far too much of my time playing this game, and on one level really love it. The problem with it is that the missions themselves are unbelievably boring. Some revolve around achingly mundane things, such as getting your hair cut, a boring enough activity in the real world; the vast majority are based on how fast you can drive somewhere - which gets *incredibly* tedious and frustrating very quickly. I stopped even bothering after the first ten or so missions - and thankfully what makes this game so great is the open-endedness of it. You can totally forego all the missions, and just spend hours driving around the huge map, exploring and listening to your own music; you can find a bar and play some pool (in what is a surprisingly well-executed minigame). In this sense GTA SA is completely immersive, and great fun. Apply some cheats and you can while away huge amounts of time on it. I just wish the missions were more imaginative.
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