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4.4 out of 5 stars25
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2011
This movie is wonderful. I bought it, thinking it would be a let down. I'm not a child anymore, I was about 7-8 years old when I last watched it. I used to make my brother take me the local video shop to rent it...Every weekend. I loved it!
And I have to say that I still do!
It arrived in the post yesterday and straight after work last night...I popped it into my PC and sat here...Completely glued to the screen.
I was worried that after all this time, I'd watch it again to find that it was only amazing because I was a child and now I could see through every I loved to see something terrible...But this wasn't the case at all!

The animation isn't amazing and it's not completely smooth and shiny. It's from the 90's, what do people expect?
I've seen bad reviews for this movie around and people also saying it's terrible when I've asked if they've seen it anywhere to buy but most of those people are younger than me, and I assume it's the same online.
It's a shame if this movie was before your time because now people want special effects and action. This movie is beautiful.
If you're a lover of heart-warming, fun and magical stories, this movie will be right up your street.
I'm 23 soon and the magic still hasn't left me, after all these years. You're never too old for this movie but it's sad to see that you could possibly be too young.
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on 22 March 2000
I live in the United States and I was so happy to have this video for my daughter when she was young--it is a wonderful story with strong, courageous children, both male and female. It doesn't pander with cutesy animals, and despite animation that is not as wonderful as perhaps Disney, offers a story with more depth. We have been searching for a soundtrack tape or CD forever--not available in U.S.unfortunately. But our nanny once spent a whole day transcribing the song that serves as its "refrain" because my daughter wanted to sing it all the time! It's a very pretty melody, with a message--like that of the whole movie--much more respectful of the intelligence of children than most animated movies or their soundtracks.
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on 21 February 2004
I first saw this film in 1993, when I was 3 years old. We video taped it, but now it's all fuzzy, but I'll never forget the story. I loved this film, the princess Irene is a typical princess locked away in finery, but she isn't the type to stand and wait for someone to believe her. The miners son is also really cool, in a boy-hero way. And, yup, the father/King looks and acts like Santa Claus, the nanny is a loveably spinster and all the guards and mismatched. My favourite animated 90's film of all time.
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on 29 June 2008
I remember watching this film when i was small and i really enjoyed every minute of it the music was the best for me, some great catchey songs.
So i purchased it and watched it recently i couldnt beleive that i would b glued to my seat and i even remembered the songs.The film is exactly what the title says its about a princess and goblins are trying to kidnap her and a young poor boy realises that by _ _ _ _ he manages to drive the goblins away.
its definetly worth the money
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on 15 November 2003
Although not the most sophisticated animation, The Princess and the Goblin is a colourful, magical, and delightful children's story.
I wouldn't recomend this video for modern children as it is not up to the standards of today's computerised images they're used to. But if you have memories of it as a child, You will find it charming.
I love it because it is increadibly steriotypical and cliched. A beautiful princess, saved from evil goblins that live in mines, by a hansom young minors son, and a king that looks and dresses like santa, not forgetting the fairy grandmother who lives in the attic! What more could you want if your reliving your childhood!
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on 18 April 2016
I have always loved this movie ever since childhood, so it came as a real surprise to me when, considering how easily accessible it is here on Amazon, and yet by no means a recent film, I found it in a charity shop this year! Based on the book of the same title by George MacDonald, "The Princess And The Goblin" has not by any means lost its charm for me and continues to capture the imagination with its superb voice acting, delightful musical score and beautiful animation. Princess Irene is a pampered young girl with a few airs and graces, and Sally Ann Marsh provides this character with a certain glamour in her voice. As the story progresses, Irene finds, with the help of her mysterious great - great grandmother, (voiced spectacularly by Claire Bloom) that she must draw on her own inner strengths and develop faith in herself for when she offers Curdie (Peter Murray) a helping hand after he gets permanently lost in the mines where the goblins live, and later finds out about her own part in the goblins' wicked plans. Adding to the cast of memorable characters are the hideous and repulsively mannered Goblin Prince Froglip, renamed as he is here from his original name of Harelip in the book, the better to suit his incredibly frog - like voice (and he makes it no secret that he's got problems with spit either)! The character that I love after Irene and Curdie, however, is Irene's cat, Turnip (he doesn't feature in the book and I wish he did! He's hilarious)! A hugely entertaining film for all ages and for the family, "The Princess And The Goblin" has got the right balance of the sentimental and the scary and introduces a different (and much younger) Princess figure compared to those in Disney films along with a male hero of the same age and quality as she, therefore showing that heroics do not necessarily start just a few years before adulthood and can be just as easily found in children well before they get there!
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on 25 July 2012
We came across the story originally in a book. When we found out there was a film we bought the dvd. My son enjoyed it, he is four and loves stories about goblins. It is old fashioned but engaging. Great for an English summer!
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on 10 April 2013
I bought this DVD for my friend's daughter and viewed it first. It was very refreshing to hear the well loved voices of Joss Ackland, Claire Bloom, Roy Kennear and Rik Mayall adding their own personality to the characters. Lots of whacky humour, so adults could watch as well without being too bored.The animation though not slick is charming, and children would still enjoy the storyline of the Goblin plot to take over the human kingdom above ground.
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on 10 August 2013
This is one of my favorite cartoons as a child. I love this story because of the strong female character (even if she has a boy help her out and a protective father). A curious princess, who isn't afraid of an adventure, and acts bravely to help her father. Definitely one of the only princess stories I'll be sharing with my future kids. The characters are very unique, the songs are lovely, and I still love watching this as an adult. Recommended!
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on 25 April 2005
i was sitting talking to my mum the other day about films that we had'nt watched for years and suddenly this film came up in my head, i remember small bits of the film like one part where the evil prince sneezes and boogies fly everywhere, and the woman in the attic with the spindel wheel, this film is truly a great film what i remember, i hope those of you who read this really believe these reviews it is a great film hope you watch it.
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