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4.1 out of 5 stars16
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2005
Wow. Kelly should make her future albums like this one. It's a shame there are only 10 songs, it just leaves you wanting more. On this album, Kelly has dropped the punk rock sound and has tuned into a hot 80's electro pop very adult album.
01.One Word - The most danceable track on the album. We all know this great track.
02.Uh Oh - A very great 80's type track. Kelly's vocals fit the song very well. You can hear her british accent in this song and it sounds very pleasent
03.Redlight - A very catchy techno song. Great lyrics.
04.Secret Lover - Kelly speaks the lyrics of the song like a curious child. But it sounds cute. The chorus will have you hooked, especially the way she says "Boyyyy"
05.I Can't Wait - A beautiful mid tempo easy listening track. Kelly's voice is so soothing, especially in the chorus when she holds the notes out for a few seconds. This sounds very much like a No Doubt ballad.
06.Edge Of Your Atmosphere - This is my least favorite track on the album. The lyrics are nice. But she sings the lyrics too fast for the tempo of the music. They don't match.
07.Suburbia - The ultimate party song. Very techno and laid back. This song brings you into another world. An escape world if you will where you can forget your troubles, lose yourself in the crowd and let your body just sway to the music all night.
08.Don't Touch Me - The only punk rock song that fits more on her first album, but it still has a pop/rock beat and the chorus is catchy.
09.Save Me - A depressing song about Kelly wondering why nobody in her family helped her with her drug problem. I think anyone can relate to this song. Not just with drugs, but with any kind of problem you have and thinking that you're not worth saving.
10.Entropy - Great song to end the album with. This has a great hard rock 80's edge to it, with a mix of techno dance. Kelly really nailed it with this album. It's too bad she wasn't a singer in the 80's, she'd be much more famous then. Lets hope her next album sounds just as good as this one and with at least one or two more songs!
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on 17 February 2007
This album is underrated. People are quick to assume it would be similar to her early released singles (e.g. "Shut up" and "Papa don't preach")or have already posed judgement on her by her behavior on "The Osbounes" TV show. But this album is a different kettle of fish and it's hard to imagine the same girl singing it.

This album is darker and rockier without being too 'emo'. Miss Osbourne sings these songs with reflection, the subject matters in the songs are quite personal to her and the listeners have their own connotations. The lyrics arent about fairytale love or blind hatred. They are songs about direction, thoughts, trials and tribulations.

This is music to listen to on your own, while some other tracks are good played out aloud.

My favourite tracks are "Save Me", "One Word" and "Suburbia". "Suburbia" reminds me of Madonna's "Hollywood" song because of the simular song themes.

Listen to this album in context to yourself and you'll soon be singing it off by heart. Give it a try, its worth a chance!

I'd recommend this album to anyone having a girls night in, the only thing I'd say is don't listen if you're feeling quite down, the track "Save Me" is especially thought provoking.
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on 28 June 2005
Considering she's loud-mouthed, aggressive, too rich by half, inexplicably hates Christina Aguilera and only sings in tune about 30% of the time, Kelly Osborne has managed to make rather a good pop record.
Possibly a case of 'daddy, please buy me a hit album', ubiquitous big-haired hit-maker Linda Perry has been drafted in to do her thing, and it's her sure touch (even if most of the output is phoned in compared to some of her other brood) that ensures Sleeping in the Nothing remains bouncy and listenable all the way through.
It isn't entirely great however. Don't Touch Me Whilst I'm Sleeping is completely bonkers, a revenge song on a date rapist. Whilst Kelly's spirit and defiance on this issue are admirable, the 'issue song' nature of it makes it completely ridiculous. And the bonus track remix of One Word is too fast, removing the vaguely threatening nature of the original mix.
Good stuff is much more plentiful however. The aforementioned One Word is really effective, camper than Christmas and extremely catchy. Uh Oh, Redlight and Suburbia all hit the right 80s synth buttons too, and the remaining tracks are by no means bad.
All in all, better than was probably expected. She's also no worse than Madonna on her first couple of albums, which is worth bearing in mind for the future!
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on 19 May 2005
Love her or hate her, she's back! After a flop (but fun) first album, and a stint in rehab due to an addiction to prescription painkillers, Kelly finally returns...and with a bang. This isn't just an ordinary pop album. This album, chock full of fun electro 80's style club tracks, is how pop at it's best should sound. Stripped down, honest, and instantly catchy. Kelly wrote the vast majority of the tracks on here (with help of hit maker, Linda Perry) and it shows. Many tracks on here tell a story, whether it be about drugs, restlessness, anger, or human society. Here is my track by track review of this pop masterpiece.
One Word - First single to be released off of here. Pure mesmerizing electro goodness. Stunning track. The lyrics are brilliant and tell a story somewhat related to the philosopher, Nostradamus.
Uh Oh - This will be the third single to be taken off of the album. 'Uh Oh' tells the story of a guy who denies his girlfriend in public, pretending he doesn't like her and so on. This one is instantly catchy with a heavy guitar hook that stays in your head for days.
Red Light - The second single to be taken off of the album. One of the more personal tracks on here. It tells how Kelly felt stuck (or waiting at a red light) while she was on drugs. Like the song before it this one is instantly catchy and has an amazing chorus. Lots of little bleeps and bloops - very Blondie.
Secret Lover - Funnest song on the album. Awesome dance style hook. I'm pretty sure she wrote this one about her ex-boyfriend (lead singer of The Used) Burt McCracken. Kelly's voice is loud and brash and she hasn't sounded better.
I Can't Wait - Kelly slows things down a bit for this one. Can best be described as a catchy 80's ballad. Not sure what this song is about though. Kelly's voice is soft and easy on the ears for this one.
Edge of Your Atmosphere - Probably the most diverse song on the album. It starts out very sentimental but instantly starts with a jumpy beat and various clapping bits, soon enough Kelly kicks in with lyrics about restlessness and love.
Suburbia - This will be the fourth and final single to be lifted off the album. Catchy right from the start. I interpret the song as an ode to pop lookalikes such as all the Britneys, Christinas, Avrils etc.
Don't Touch Me While I'm Sleeping - This one is interesting... Kelly covers a very touchy subject in this one, date rape. But thankfully she pulls it off in true fashion with a pulsating electronic beat and blaring guitars thoughout. Lots of swearing in parts (but it wouldn't be Kelly without the language would it?), which is probably what scored this album a parental advisory warning in America.
Save Me - Definetly the most personal song on here. Kelly sings about all the people who knew about her drug addiction but didn't do anything to help her for selfish reasons. One of the slower tracks on here. The beat kind of jumps around with a smooth sounding chorus.
Entropy - In my opinion this is the best song on here for various reasons. A bit like 'Don't Touch Me While I'm Sleeping' with the guitars and hard beats. This one is extremely intelligent and sounds extremely futuristic with lyrics about the degration of human society. Amazing.
In conclusion, this album definately won't have any trouble topping my best of the year list and possibly my all time favourites list as well. Kelly really pulled it off with this one, I'm proud of her. Let's hope it does well - she sure deserves it.
Good on ya Ms. Osbourne.
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on 5 May 2005
The opening track, 'One Word' is a relation of Visage's 'Fade To Grey' - only with better production and a more punchy chorus. 'Uh-Oh' sounds distinctly 80s Blondie and works really well for Kelly - definately a potential single. 'Redlight' is another slice of perfect electro-pop - it's fat full of synths and equipped with many vocal hooks. It is sure to be a hit on it's enivitable release. 'Secret Lover' slightly lowers the standard - for, although it's not bad, it's not in the league of the opening tracks. However, there is a very interesting sample at the end of the song - it has to be heard. 'I Can't Wait' is a mid-tempo pop song. It's quite beautiful sounding and plods along nicely. It has one of those choruses where you find yourself echoeing along. 'Edge Of Your Atmosphere' is out of this world, in terms of blandness. It just sounds very unpolished and lacks that certain something to make it sound good. Never fear because 'Suburbia' appears and is another bite of perfect dance-pop. It's perhaps the most pop sounding, in that there is no sign of a guitar and the vo-coder takes centre stage. The less said about 'Don't Touch Me' the better. 'Save Me' on the other hand is an excellent track. Kelly's vocals have this lovely melancholy tone and the lyrics give an insight into Kelly's past from her point of view. 'Entropy' wins the award for best title as it just sounds incredibly futuristic and intelligent - as does the music in the closing track.
Kelly should be proud. She stuck to her guns and has released an excellent pop album, albeit a little short, but still, it's quality not quantity.
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on 1 February 2016
WOW Album number two for me from sweet Kelly Osbourne More fantastic music that will keep fans
I Been playing this album to death the songs just seam's to draw you in to play it again an again...?
" Sleeping In The Nothing " ( yes but in my dreams sadly )....
Fantastic songs and singing I just love this album the band makes her singing stand out
She sound's just like a... emo gothic angel with a heavenly band to back her up
like when she sings " Secret Lover.....Boyyyy "
Has I have said her songs and music just gets better all the time
So again I Give five Gold stars for this album and content

And for those who don't like her singing and songs... Buy some think different....
review image review image
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on 31 October 2005
This CD has to be my favourite this year. As soon as I heard the brilliant 'One Word' I had to buy the album.
1- One Word.
The new sound by Kelly. Fantastic beats, an 80's sound. The verses are better than the chorus, I must admit, but still the chorus (It's not the way that i want, It's just the way that I need it, Day after day) keeps in your head for hours.
2.- Uh Oh.
It's talking about your lover denying you in public. A great hook. One of my favourites.
3.- Redlight
The second single. It's such a good song. Carrying on with the 80's sound. The chorus is one of the catchiest on the album.
4.-Secret Lover
It sounds like something Blondie should've done. It's a fun pop song. The chorus is simple, but effective.
5.-I Can't Wait
The slowest on the album. Not my favourite. But the lyrics on this song are the best on the album. I think it's about when Kelly missed her family while in Rehab.
6.-Edge Of Your Atmosphere
A strange sort of song, but really cool. It starts slow but soon gets reved up into a fun, futuristic pop song. The clapping gets kind of annoying but except from that it's probably my favourite.
This is about celebrities and how they get criticised for changing their image. The lyrics are very meaningful. And is great for clubs.
8.-Don't Touch Me While I'm Sleeping
The rockiest track on the album and the most powerful lyrics. It is about getting victimised by date rape. This is why their is an explicit warning, because of the swearing in the song. It's nice that although Kelly has changed her music, that she goes back to her old roots sometimes.
9.-Save Me
The most personal song on the album for Kelly. Listening to it, makes Kelly cry. It's about when she was on drugs and that none of her friends helped her. It's a sweet song and it's probably my second favourite.
A bit of rock thrown in i guess, but mainly a more electronic sound. This is a great way to end this fantastic album.
This album is an instant classic, and i hope more people see how good it really is.
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on 1 May 2005
This album was a shock to me. After hearing the brilliant one word, i had to bye the album. I dint know what to expect, i thought it wood be the dissapointment that was 'Shut up' but how wrong was I. Below is my review of each song:
1. One Word- Samples 'Fade To Grey' by Visage. Brilliant song, very dancey and electro. 10/10
2. Uh Oh- Great guitar riffs and vocals,Very catchy one of the best songs on the album. 9/10
3. Red Light- Very Blondie. Synthisisers, catchy chorus and a gr8 beat. Another gr8 song on this album. 10/10
4. Secret Lover- Great. Will make you dance! 8/10
5. I can't wait- This song is more slow, but will have you humming along to it. 7/10
6. Edge of Your Atmosphere- This song is weird..It grows on you tho. One of the weaker osngs on the album. 5/10
7. Suburbia- A dance choon..Lots of synthesisers, catchy vocals and a thumping beat. 10/10
8. Dont touch me- This song is rubbish.
9. Save Me- About Kell's addiction to drugs. Very rock and slow. Probably the best song after one word. 10/10
10. Entropy- This song is gud, catchy and uplifting. 8.5/10
Hope this helped!
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on 30 May 2005
wow, what a fantastic return from kelly osbourne.
this album does not sound anything like her 1st, it has a more grown up feel to the tracks and the album was written by linda perry from the pink "missundaztood" album.
the tracks that stand out word, it's the best track i have heard all year, edge of your atmophere and redlight oh and the track don't touch me while i'm sleeping!
all in all i have to say GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW you won't be dissapointed!
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on 11 September 2009
a suprisingly good album with brilliant music and vocals that suit this electronic 80s sounding album with a hint of her rock roots
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