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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars191
4.5 out of 5 stars
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185 of 187 people found the following review helpful
on 13 May 2005
These workouts are fantastic. They work you really hard but are not all jumping about. They really work your muscles, and are toning you all the time you are burning calories. Ideal. Billy is a really nice presenter, and seems to be a genuinely nice man. Other reviewers have commented about some of the workouts being the same, but as this is the first Tae Bo DVD's I have bought, (and it was good value for 4 discs) it didn't really matter to me. The first time I did the advanced session I could not believe how many calories my heart rate monitor had said I'd burned. I always had to be running before to produce this, so I think that as I get older this will certainly be gentler on the knees and joints, but just as good for weight control. I could not recommend this enough. Even if you are not fit, you can start with the basic workout and work your way up. As soon as you see how much good it is doing you, you will soon have the motivation to work towards the advanced workouts.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 28 May 2009
I just had to make my comment about this even though I bought it back in 2004. I was a size 16 and weighed 13 st. I did Biily Blanks workout everyday for three months and in that time I lost 2 1/2 stone and went down to 10 1/2 stone. Its is amazing as day by day it's like the fat just melts off you. And whats good is that you can mix and match or do 1 workout and feel like you have really worked yourself. I would definatley recommend this collection.
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201 of 211 people found the following review helpful
on 7 January 2005
If you are new to Tae Bo then you will find this a very good selection of the Tae Bo workouts already available. Tae Bo is a fun, brilliant way to get fit and lose weight.
However, if you already own Tae BO DVD's beware that this contains the previously released Tae Bo 4 (Abs + Glutes), Tae Bo 5 Active, Get Ripped and Tae Bo Energise and nothing new!! Another point: Tae Bo 5 and Tae Bo Energise are the same DVD - just with different titles! Energise does contain an 8min workout not found on Tae Bo 5 but the basic and advanced sections are the same.
I gave this 3 stars based on the fact it doesn't contain new workouts (though I do realise it isn't advertised as 'new') but the workouts that are in this pack are excellent! You get a variety of 30 min basic and 1 hr advanced classes as well as 8 min workouts and instructional classes. Good value for money and a great way to get in shape but only if you don't already own the DVD's in the pack!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 27 August 2009
In the 80s I was a Jane Fonda fitness freak, jumping around on a step and sweating hard. Age and extra weight have caught up with me and I kept being told the only alternatives were things like yoga and stuff like that - not exciting at all. I need to feel like I have sweat pouring down me to feel satisfied that I have worked out and even with the 8 minute Tae Bo workout you get in this set you will feel like you have worked out hard - but without the pain!

These videos are exciting to take part in and make me want to exercise. Seeing "real" people working out - young and old, fat and thin - all kinds of different people, not just the super fit beautiful people you usually see in workout dvds!

I may have over 4 stone to shed but I don't care - I have been jumping around in front of my TV nearly every day since I bought this (I give myself weekends off!) and am feeling better for it already (I think I have had it for around 4-6 weeks) so it doesn't take long. I have mainly stuck to the 8 minute workout and mixed it in with the 30 minute beginners too.

This is so worth the money if you are looking at improving your fitness and your health isn't great right now.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 13 February 2010
I bought this set for my wife as she had the some Billy Blanks workouts on VHS. Since we had long got rid of the VHS machine i thought i get the DVD set to use. The thing is although it is a DVD set and even though it mentions the original release dates (all 2000+) it doesn't point out that the quality of the image and sound is of a very well used VHS tape. I'm sure if you can get past it the workouts are fine but for me buying a DVD you expect the quality to match everything else on the market and this doesn't
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40 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on 9 March 2006
Brilliant work out, extremely well explained as to what your doing, and how to do it correctly, energetic workout and lots of fun at the same time, guarrenteed to get you fit, and more interesting than your basic workouts, as it is a combination of keep fit and martial art techniques. fantastic, dont waste your money trying others, this is the one for you, and brilliant value for money to.
I highly recomend it.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 2 March 2008
Energise and Active are basically the same DVD. Incuding them both is the most pointless thing I've ever come across in my entire life (well, kind of). For this reason alone I give it 4 stars.

BUT! I have exercised on and off for about five years, and have mainly gone through phases before stopping because I find exercising so boring. Tae Bo is the first exercise I've ever really enjoyed and I actually look forward to. It doesn't feel like you have been working out for an hour. I am getting great results too, especially on my thighs. I have also lost a few pounds, even without making too much of an effort to clean up my diet.

The abs and glutes DVD is way too challenging for a novice like me though! But there is a lot of floor work in the Energise/Active DVD so I'm working on my abs too.

Get Ripped is my favourite, usually to work that hard I have to go out jogging. Sweating that much makes me feel like I've really done some work!

Bily Blanks is my hero!
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79 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2006
IF it's motivation that you lack this DVD will certainly give U exactly that to go that extra mile. The four DVDs combine to give you a little bit or shall i saw a lot of everything. My favourite out of this whole box set is the ABs and GLUTES 30 min workout. I never knew I could feel so motivated and burn so much calories in 30 minutes. IT's AMAZING!!!. I have Nell McAndrew's Ultimate challenge, Ultimate Results, which is quite good but its quite boring after a while and only contains a little of each workout to target core areas. Billy's box set is the future. you will definately get results, its fun, tonnes of motivation and energy and targets every lump and bump, and the people in the video are not all toned and tanned, they are old some young and they look just like you and me and they are having fun and getting results. I just started this morning and i can feel that tummy and butt tightening, honestly!!!
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35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 19 January 2006
If you can summon up the motivation to make a change to your routine and incorporate more exercise in your life, you will find this a very satisfying product.
Billy Blanks is an excellent instructor and carefully explains and demonstrates correct techniques to prevent self-injury.
He continually motivates you throughout the discs to work to your max input.
The discs are up-beat and good for people like me who have no wish to go to a gym but could use the discs in the comfort of your home either alone or with a group of like-minded friends.
The exercises are thorough and quite demanding, as with all instructional tapes/discs you will only achieve good and lasting results if you're prepared to put in the effort. You will definitely feel the groups of muscles that you have worked on significantly even after your first sessiom.
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46 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on 15 January 2007
I'm normally a gym bunny rather than a home exerciser, but decided in an economy drive to swap my expensive club for a cheaper workout. I chose this DVD because

a)it had really positive reviews

b)I used to enjoy Body Combat classes and this looked similar

c)this 4-DVD set seemed like good value with plenty of different workouts to keep me interested.

I would highly recommend it: all the workouts I've tried feel like they're doing something and the time flies. The Basic workouts are about half an hour and quite easy if you're familiar with boxing moves; the Advanced are about 45 mins and offer more complex combinations plus some toning exercises. They all combine a cardio workout (put as much or as little energy in as you want) with toning for your arms, stomach, bum and thighs. My favourite is the 8-minute workout on the "Get Ripped" DVD - I've been doing it most mornings and I'm sure it's the one thing that's saved me from turning into a wobbly blob this winter! As for the "Abs and Glutes"... what a killer, I'm sure no one can do all of this except the scary washboard stomach women at the front of the class!

Billy is a bit cheesy but his energy and enthusiasm are infectious and you find yourself getting really into it and feeling part of the class. Even the American counting is ok once you get used to it you'll find yourself joining in!

I've not given it 5 stars because of 2 small downsides: the music is a bit rubbish (aimless tinny dance music, no recognisable tunes!), and sometimes I think Billy goes too fast. This can make it hard to do the exercises properly and you could even injure yourself if you're not very experienced. Now I'm more used to the exercises, I put on my own music and do the moves at my own rhythm. That's enough chat: buy this DVD and start kicking ass!
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