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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2005
The first time I heard this I thought it was a total bunch of noisy crap with unintelligible screaming for vocals. As I listened more and more, I got drawn in by the tight musicianship, bizarre but strangely entertaining lyrics and the originality (I've certainly never heard anything like it). After seeing them live this confirmed that they are a pretty awesome band doing something original, which doesn't happen too much these days.
Listen to this band with an open mind and you might love it, or completely hate it.
A couple standout tracks are 'Trash Flavored Trash' and 'Rats Rats And Rats For Candy'.
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on 16 December 2005
This album is so good! I remember the day I got it,it was just out,some how I managed to get it for £8 at Avalanche which was great cause I only had 10. Me and my friend sat on these stairs and listened to a track each and would tell each other about them as it happened.
This album is not as crazy in a hardcore sense as Burn Piano Island Burn but it has so many weird affects andstuff that makes up for it. You should definatly buy this album before Burn Piano... because its not as good and then you will get Burn Piano... and be blowen away as I was!
Great album!
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on 29 November 2004
Some people were concerned that for the Blood Brothers' first major label release that they would be made to tone down both their lyrics and their ear destroying rhythms. They were wrong.
Crimes, if anything, is an even better album than the fantastic Burn, Piano Island, Burn. On this album they show that they can do the full range of songs; from almost acoustic on the title track to the drum rupturing final part of Rats for Candy. Burn, Piano Island, Burn was at times difficult to listen to all the way through, and even more difficult to perform live, leading perhaps to a more balanced album this time.
The lyrics are spectacularly dark and disturbing; the images that the band create through their songs are perhaps similar to Monkey Dust or Chris Morris's Jam in the way they set out to show a deeply fractured and dysfunctional world. The chorus of first track Feed Me to the Forest sets out its stall for the remainder.
It is lyrics such as these which make Blood Brothers different from your typical emo/screamo band which sing about nothing more than love, relationships and suicide. There are defintely some political undertones to this album, whether they are intended as that or not. These become apparent on the title track, which seems both a mission statement by the band and an angry shout at the destruction caused by consumerism and its effect on the most vulnerable: "We're just like condom wrappers, used up, torn up, thrown away." "And the children, in the subway, eating applecores. They're breathing paint out of plastic bags. Their mumbled mouths say, 'is anybody listening?'"
The song Celebrator, which has lyrics I doubt I could get away with repeating here, seems like an angry reaction to the war in Iraq. Devestator, perhaps though, is the key to the message in the whole album, probably intended ironically: "Everybody needs a little devestation."
I couldn't agree more.
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on 13 October 2004
Well well well...It would appear that the Blood Brothers on their fifth outing seem have out done themselves once again..On 'Burn Piano Island, Burn' We witnessed them for some reason take their ease of making the short sharp visceral 2 minute songs take a turn into what seemed like epic 4 minute frustrated pieces..
This time making a turn around all together in the respect that they've taking in mind that theyre both awesome singers together and have played on that aspect alot more.Jordan seems to have taken his voice up a few notches and makes his voice appear alot more high pitched..Is this the album he's been training his voice for?? .Also theres more of the weird keyboardy thing they use throughout this album which often laces tracks together for that brooding 'party' mellow they seem to pull off so well. This in comparison would appear alot more mellow but it isnt..This is so hard to express in words.. I guess its not as chaotic as the others but there are still catastrophic moments when everything theyve built up just melts down in a spastic flare. Alls I can say is if you like Blood Brothers you'll still love Blood Brothers and if you didnt this would be the one to check them out on..
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on 2 January 2005
I've only listened to this little bugger twice at the time of writing, but it gets five stars simply for being the Blood Brothers. Sinking rapidly into what I assume is an 'old person's' reactionary attitude, I couldn't think of any "new" bands I really like - The Libertines? Dizzee Rascal?? Do me a favour!...until I remembered these guys. Intelligent, arty, flamboyant, radical, politicised, manic, brutal and insane; "Crimes" has it all in one garish package, and I'm rapidly becoming obsessed with it, just as I did with the mind-bending "Burn Piano Island, Burn". Imagine the Beastie Boys, Prince, XTC, Shudder To Think, Brainiac, "Real Thing"-era Faith No More and Elvis Costello at his most irretrievably screwed-up all thrown into a blender (with some sulphuric acid on top) and you're KINDA close to the BB experience. Plus, Johnny Whitney has the most unbelievable vocal range; someone else has already nailed it as "the squeal of a rutting fox".
One of the precious few examples of original, or at least imaginative, music there is at this dismal time. Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust and Converge may particularly want to get sucked into its orbit...
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on 10 January 2006
well, i loved the single Love Rymes With Hideous Car Wreck, it basically made me rush down to the shops to buy it, and its a pretty good album, but it just doesnt do it for me to be honest. i try not to judge an album to quickly, i've had it other 6 months now, listen to it from time to time, and its good album, but not good enough to make me wanna buy any of their other stuff.
its a bit too squeaky for me, in small proportions it sounds amazing, bit like fall of troy, but just annoying after a while. though 3 stars because it is a good album, all the songs are good, just not my cup of tea for listening to whole album at once.
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on 20 November 2005
Why? This album is absolutely ace. Catchier than their last one, but with lots of bite still.
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on 16 November 2005
This is typical of all the rubbish that is popular on daytime radio at the moment.
Its just trendy guitar nonsense with no soul.
Find an album by Pig Destroyer and really open your mind and your ears to what a real guitar band sounds like xx
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